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  • SSSniperWolf


    • Sarah Kuruvilla
      Sarah Kuruvilla

      That women in very weird in the video

    • SharablePlayz

      That lady is stupid... Keep on Gaming SSSniperWolf! AAwwwwoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    • George Holloway
      George Holloway


    • • Eliana •
      • Eliana •

      How dare she talk unholy in my Christian server

    • Breanna Sweigart
      Breanna Sweigart

      I want to report her so bad so she's kicked out of youtube

  • angel_logic21 UwU
    angel_logic21 UwU

    She 40 And dont got common sense

  • Bobster 234
    Bobster 234

    You know I think she is seeking attention and u know how to get youtubers you have to have gd humour and be a good gamer that's how sssnipperwolf did it

  • Kinsley Benight
    Kinsley Benight

    19.9M so close to 10M

  • Honeyxsafarii

    Atleast you make good video’s and she not

  • Ailin Garcia Alvarenga
    Ailin Garcia Alvarenga

    she so dumb

  • Logan Tabor
    Logan Tabor

    its so painful to watch i'm embarrassed every time she speaks a letter

  • Beau Boels
    Beau Boels

    She is gelly lol

  • Beau Boels
    Beau Boels

    I hate that stupid lady sniper wolf don’t lisen to her ! Cause this is what we all think of potato : 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤢🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Willow price
    Willow price

    I want slap that lady in the face.

  • Jamie Knoebel
    Jamie Knoebel

    That girl should be ashamed of herself because you are one of the best games ever

  • Ella Harwood
    Ella Harwood

    You aware

  • Tabitha Richardson
    Tabitha Richardson

    she is so weird

  • Jules :D
    Jules :D

    i am a loyal fan U^U

  • Lilli Sanchs
    Lilli Sanchs

    I love your videos. 😍😍😍👌👌😎😎😎

  • Gacha_mochi

    She has the WORST Acting I’ve ever seen

  • Pol Cumaku
    Pol Cumaku

    You tubers don't need permission to react

  • Pol Cumaku
    Pol Cumaku

    Go back to school Huh Literally every yt I know has finished school

  • Pol Cumaku
    Pol Cumaku

    Maybe cuz that lady is dumb

  • Arlene Pasternak
    Arlene Pasternak

    I know I am supposed to be focusing on the video but... Sssniperwolf.. THERE IS A BUG ON YOUR FLOOR IN THIS VIDEO

  • Kateryna Chykhradze
    Kateryna Chykhradze

    this woman is crazy!!!

  • Johann Glaesel
    Johann Glaesel


  • wormy worms
    wormy worms

    Love your comebacks you showed her😆

  • Alexis Northrip
    Alexis Northrip

    tomato trish: i need money for my child's tuition :( the next day: Drinks and lobster:)!!

  • Theparanormfam _13
    Theparanormfam _13

    Wow. She is a complete Idiot😐

  • Ortho_vesel FN
    Ortho_vesel FN

    This girl is so old when she Brest feeds a baby all that comes out is baby powder and I know I’m a year late to this

  • Dani Lony
    Dani Lony

    Wat the hellll

  • Dreams to Catch
    Dreams to Catch

    Me wuttttt

  • Cianna Gregory Squad
    Cianna Gregory Squad

    If 10 M unsubscribes from you you would have 9.9 M left

  • Nyah McGuire
    Nyah McGuire

    So dumb!

  • A s y a C h a n n e l s V
    A s y a C h a n n e l s V

    this is so cringey to watch.. My brain

  • Vivian Fraga
    Vivian Fraga

    Anyone else see at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> bottom left corner a spider crawling 😐😱😵

  • تSleepy Senpai ت
    تSleepy Senpai ت

    This is random but every time someone says her name “Trisha” I think of Most Popular Girls In School 😂

  • Hauwa Ahmed
    Hauwa Ahmed

    I gotta tell u this,this woman right here is really jobless for sitting right here and pointlessly trying to roast an awesome gamer when she has issues and needs attention😂

  • Lynn Ghayyad
    Lynn Ghayyad

    Can she just take care of her children and shut her mouth 😕👍

  • Julian Flores
    Julian Flores

    Me waching this during quarantine:DUM BUTT

  • Jackson Lowery
    Jackson Lowery


  • Julian Flores
    Julian Flores

    Aww shut up yt mom

  • Bella nisa
    Bella nisa


  • Bri Colon
    Bri Colon

    Beat her Donkey behind

  • Chaos YT
    Chaos YT

    Can anyone tell me the name of her channel?

  • Helene Louis
    Helene Louis

    oh heck no WHEN SSSnipperwolf was roasting her I'm yes girl keep going

  • Harper West
    Harper West

    I'm sorry

  • Alyssa Fuentes casillas
    Alyssa Fuentes casillas

    She probably drank to much hater rade that’s why she is u hater

  • Danielle Stevens
    Danielle Stevens

    Sssniperwolf/Lia I think you are awesome your my queen 👑

  • Mary Little
    Mary Little

    i am not talking about sssniperwolf. she is not the one who is cringy

  • Kinsey Wright
    Kinsey Wright

    Okay but her insults made me laugh they were SO BAD

  • Valentine Gaming
    Valentine Gaming

    She has 5 girlfriends and then shes like:iM nOt a LeSbIa! shut up everyone let's go in her comments and roast her. she's doing is half the job by embarrassing herself. I would rather rub a cats butt than hug her.get a life u dont earn MONEY u are an idiot.

  • Robin Nogueira
    Robin Nogueira

    this is so funny xD that woman is so crazy AF hahaha , btw i think she has borderline personality disorder

  • Ciyonna Johnson
    Ciyonna Johnson

    that lady dumb is hell

  • thoseBUNNIES


  • Beyond Technologies
    Beyond Technologies

    Ohh god she will get roasted in the comments and I will show her hows boss

  • Carlos Luna
    Carlos Luna

    My gramma rosts better

  • Gacha COOCKiE
    Gacha COOCKiE

    Lia: aGaIn WiTh ThE RoOOoSe. Me: looking at her shirt

  • Ariana Alarcon
    Ariana Alarcon

    What she doesn’t know is that there are people in this world are poor and don’t have money she lucky she even getting money from her videos

  • agnieszka sierpinska
    agnieszka sierpinska

    your wrong because i stream to entertain people not for money ps:you dont get money for streaming but you get it only if you put a donate button

  • Andrea Gray
    Andrea Gray

    She’s stupid

  • Xzeldax Xzodiacx
    Xzeldax Xzodiacx

    She's mad

  • MacKenzie Luft
    MacKenzie Luft

    She needs to stop! She is making her self sound stupid. It does not look like she had a true panic attack. A panic attack feels like you can not breath, you feel like your helpless, and yes you may laugh like a maniac and then you tend to just break down and cry.

  • Emmy Peasley
    Emmy Peasley


  • Sienna Smith
    Sienna Smith

    when that crusty lady song I died laughing bc I suck no cap

  • Zophia Leflore
    Zophia Leflore

    her laugh tho

  • Anime Gabe
    Anime Gabe

    i'm 9

  • Sienna Smith
    Sienna Smith

    if I was that women's daughter I would unadapt my self man she insane with her Cheetos dust fingers.

  • Anime Gabe
    Anime Gabe

    acualy i'm a cild

  • Chuchu Maboul
    Chuchu Maboul

    She is f*** up in the head

  • Mary Karash
    Mary Karash

    I hope she watching this is so stupid

  • Michelle Harp
    Michelle Harp

    Who would sub to her?

  • Emily Risko
    Emily Risko

    i dont like that mom at all because you my fav youtuber

  • LPS Unicornzoo
    LPS Unicornzoo

    SSSniper wolf 🐺 I don’t hate you but I absolutely HATE the woman who you are reacting to.

  • whyte X skys
    whyte X skys

    Its 2020 and Im watching this, that was 2 YEARS AGO people still watch these

  • eleen milad
    eleen milad

    What the heck is she saying I don’t understand anything like literally nothing and by the way did she even play video games does she even know what is video games she looks like a grandma

  • Troshauna Marcelle
    Troshauna Marcelle

    She sound like a dam walrus

  • Adele Krebs
    Adele Krebs

    I'm laughing at every word she says what is wrong with this lady

  • Tehillah Woldson
    Tehillah Woldson

    Omg you almost about to hit 20 million subscribers! Yay 😁!

  • ♡LpsMoon♡

    α кαяєи мσм ιи ∂ιѕgυιѕє......

  • gisselle olivas
    gisselle olivas

    Why is she roasting you if she is like 43 and making her self look like a fool

  • Yong Xin Ru
    Yong Xin Ru

    I hate that ohhhhh ohhhhhhh it is so 😣disgusting😨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Macycat 1345
    Macycat 1345

    Woman ( GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN ENGLISH) Me ( :/ girl you have to learn English *and the carona is here*)

  • Jaytubing

    This was really hard to watch, because Tomato Trish just needs to get her act together. Can't she see she is seeking attention??? When she was making fun of gamers it was kind of frustrating to watch because it was like she wasn't functioning 😒😒😒🙄