Would LGBTQ Voters Elect Mayor Pete? | The Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Jaboukie Young-White chats with LGBTQ voters to gauge their enthusiasm about the prospect of Mayor Pete potentially becoming the first openly gay POTUS. #TheDailyShow #JaboukieYoungWhite

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  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg

    I loooooooooove the black girls response to the ass eating comment. This is why my best friends in life have been big black girls .

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg

    Jaboukie needs to be a total regular on this show

  • Zion Sime
    Zion Sime

    So now you separate gay whites and black whites. gay racism???? SMH

  • August Abraham
    August Abraham

    I cannot judge someone who is born the way he/she is born because am not god.


    Shit is Funny Fuck Corona

  • Kurt Sudheim
    Kurt Sudheim

    I'm glad to see that most of the comments from people couldn't give a fan about whether he's gay, why does a leader of a group have to be the same gender, age group, religion, etc. as you. I hate that Americans (or at least their media) have done this because it's spreading to the rest of the world

  • Clarisse Russell
    Clarisse Russell

    watching this i just realized that i really do not care that he's gay at all. kinda funny how the whole interview was meant to be about his sexuality but they kept talking about his policies lol

  • Karo Lina
    Karo Lina

    Oh man, I missed this segment ...

  • BG AH
    BG AH

    America becomes more stupid than ever

  • edwardinchina

    I love that the model from the early Daily Show years that pits a stereotype against real genuine people still gets a positive conversation going. Although I used to work with a guy who acted just like the anchor in real life. What does that mean?

  • Alicia Gonzalez
    Alicia Gonzalez

    Lol I ain’t gone lie I thought he was gay and he gone say did Kevin tell u 😭😭

  • VikramR '
    VikramR '

    What's Dailly Show trying to stir up?

  • mikes campfire
    mikes campfire

    Pete is a good smart man and a veteran. He would of brought morality back to the office. I’m straight almost 61 and a white veteran. Pete’s More of a man than trump will ever be.

  • Miriam M
    Miriam M

    The lighting in this video is amazing

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    Well...this whole video is moot now, isn’t it?

  • Lynn Meiger
    Lynn Meiger

    Excuse me Berlin !?!?! Hell no. Cologne is the gay capital !!!

  • Sakura Moore
    Sakura Moore

    LGBTQ community are challenging some very basic and strongly ingrained ideas, including how we use pronouns…to be honest, it is not easy to warp my head around all this…

  • Sofa

    If these people put as much time into their finances as they did their feelings they’d be millionaires lol.

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis

    No gays in office

  • mightierthenthesword

    I really don't care, all I want is a competent administrator. They can be as gay as they want, so long as they're an effective and capable leader.

  • Jo S
    Jo S

    Nothing is ever good enough. Not gay enough??? Come on people!!!

  • Oskar Linke
    Oskar Linke

    I’m bisexual and I wouldn’t vote for Pete if I was American. I’d vote for Sanders no doubt

  • Caryn D Prescott
    Caryn D Prescott

    I wonder how many people are going to blame him dropping out on "Black homophobia". That shit happened in 2008 when the gay marriage ban was upheld in California 😒

  • Caryn D Prescott
    Caryn D Prescott

    Easy on the eyes and the police 🤣🤣🤣

  • Peter Danior
    Peter Danior

    Too bad he's out of the race. And too bad these pieces only focus on the fact that he is gay. They could have done a piece on him being a Veteran. A piece on him wanting to abolish the Electoral College. A piece on him wanting to restructure the Supreme Court so it was no longer a tug of war between the two parties. To make it seem like he is trying to win the "gay vote" is dishonest.

  • Andy Silva
    Andy Silva

    I love Jaboukie's segments.

  • *Uptown*

    Darn, guess they won’t have the chance now.

  • nonexistent

    Just a note: We've actually had a gay president? Our 15th president, James Buchanan, is the only president to have lived as a "bachelor". However, he did live with and attend all events with William Rufus DeVane King. *They even adopted a fucking child.* (Harriet Lane) The most solid proof of his queerness is a quote from one of his letters saying: _"I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them."_ Just some facts for ya :)

  • shukezi

    this is stupid. pete is gay enough. as a lesbian, i think it’s absolutely frusterating that the LGBTQ community thinks that pete isn’t gay enough. like jesus, being gay doesn’t have a look or a personality or anything. the whole point of it is that LGBTQ people are the same as straight cis people. can’t we just celebrate that a gay man has gotten this far in the presidential race?

  • enrique mas
    enrique mas

    So when Tommy on Power moved to California he became gay??? (The guy in the pink blazer totally looks like Jason Sikora).

  • Thad Wuj
    Thad Wuj

    Pete Buttigieg, considered racist because he didn't solve racism.

  • Charlie

    Conclusion. Why the fuck does his orientation matter. He's not a good politician. Bottom line.

  • heytheredollfacex


  • Ashley Sarimana
    Ashley Sarimana


  • D. V. Crystal
    D. V. Crystal

    I love the people in that focus group

  • Red King
    Red King

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="32">0:32</a> What ? How gay be women or (whatever she is) be a sexist.

  • phanders

    I hate when people are like "hes is hiding his gayness and appealing to cis hetero norms", tf does that even mean? Just because he is not wearing a rainbow boa on him all the time and throwing rainbow sprinkles everywhere he goes does not mean he is proud of who he is + he can still understand trans issues even if he is not trans.

  • antonio volpe
    antonio volpe

    Former candidate Buttigieg is backing Biden - case closed

  • Ishaan Menon
    Ishaan Menon

    This is such a sad interview. It could have been so much more. Jabookie fucked up with this. But damn does he look good

  • wadha A
    wadha A

    The white gay man with red jacket looks to the transgender women said I all

  • Timothy O'Brien
    Timothy O'Brien

    Damn! We ate own worst enemies.

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant

    I’m gay. I don’t trust Pete. I only trust a heterosexual Jewish man. 😊

  • Las Vegar
    Las Vegar

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> i axed him, ha hell no she din’t

  • Colabuss

    He's gay enough ffs, he's just not good enough.

  • Gautam Sarathy
    Gautam Sarathy

    I always viewed him as the gay guy your grandparents can be comfortable with. I'm straight, so correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Tamara Motola
    Tamara Motola

    This kind of BS is why I quit going to community events!

  • ghluedmo ghlued
    ghluedmo ghlued

    He needs to lip sync for his life , 😂 a flip and a death-drop too

  • openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM
    openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

    It is totally wrong to be gay.....

  • Haxicle

    Girl: “The takeaway is also that for a lot of voters you can’t just choose gay...” Me: YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT POLICIES Her: “you also have to think about your race” Me: 😡🤬😡🤬🤬🤯🤬🤦‍♂️

  • Patrick Carroll
    Patrick Carroll

    This was terrific.

  • Rodrigo

    People did not complained that Obama was not was not black enough?

  • kliudrsfhlih

    gay or not gay it would've been hard to vote for a pro-corp candidate

  • Edwin Szeto
    Edwin Szeto

    He's so adorable

  • Fiona _
    Fiona _

    Aaaaand, now he's out of the race!

  • SuperSydz

    no need to watch the video. yes they would. jaboukie is just a pete hater.

  • Hass Hagelyemen
    Hass Hagelyemen

    Bunch of mental patients

  • SnowAlex

    Outdated already

  • Rebecca Ramirez Quinonez
    Rebecca Ramirez Quinonez

    easy on the eyes and the police

  • D J
    D J

    This showed up on my homepage after Buttigieg dropped out

  • Pogan pey
    Pogan pey

    This guy is funny

  • Derrick W.
    Derrick W.

    Black voters confirmed in 2020 that homophobia is still very prevalent in urban communities. Mayor was an outstanding candidate and would have been a breath of fresh air in a roster of senior citizens. Pete has become a rockstar in the democratic party and I am sure he will be accomplishing great things in the near future,

  • baby ai
    baby ai

    I'm trans and I'm bisexual. When I first heard about a gay candidate I thought, "That's really cool, maybe he can stand for the community". Then I decided to learn more about him and was like "fuck that". I'm voting for Bernie, case closed.

  • Mg (Meagan)
    Mg (Meagan)

    I’m bisexual.., and although I have respect for him for feeling the need to take on that huge role as an LGBTQ+ member himself, it doesn’t change the fact that his and my stances on certain things don’t align... so therefore I’m going to do what I do with every candidate no matter your sexuality, race, or religion.... I’m going to choose who I believe is the best fit for my wants... and Pete just isn’t it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s as simple as that.

  • Lina J
    Lina J

    Well, that whole video just went to waste

  • Hugo

    Well, it's pretty obvious we shouldn't be voting for someone just because of his or hers sexual orientation. Representation and diversity is really important, but it cannot be the decisive factor. The racism issues around Pete can't be obscured by the fact that he's gay.

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn Bidness

    Lol did she just say gays are not a monolith? Im pissed. Royally pissed!

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn Bidness

    I didnt even know he was gay!

  • John

    With him winning will be least watched President inaugural ever. Two men kissing 🤮

  • Schnyder

    He dropped out so...

  • Stefan S
    Stefan S

    This video aged like milk

  • Devin McGregor
    Devin McGregor

    People hate him because he pretends to be progressive but fundraises in winecaves and throws medicare for all under the bus. Policy is more important than identity. Daily Show's comedy is so pedestrian.

  • Fajar Setiawan
    Fajar Setiawan

    So sad this video only came several days before Pete withdrew his campaign.

  • Eden Anadyomene
    Eden Anadyomene

    no we're voting for Bernie

  • Asa Schiller
    Asa Schiller

    Oof dated now

  • Mara More
    Mara More

    Vote Tulsi Gabbard for president peace planet prosperity www.Tulsi2020.com

  • Utkarsh Singh
    Utkarsh Singh

    Here after he dropped out

  • La Chivis
    La Chivis

    I hope they join and support Biden now.

  • Margarita M.
    Margarita M.

    One shouldn’t vote for a person (an image), one should vote for policies. There’s nothing progressive in PB except the fact he is a gay candidate. We need a person fighting for our rights, not keeping the status quo. I’m a young black woman and I’m voting for an old white guy who has the record of standing up for marginalised people. Go Bernie!

    • dumb thicc wizard
      dumb thicc wizard

      The person has to be solid or you can't trust that they'll enact the policies. They can't put forth every conceivable policy before the election so you have to trust the person's judgment and resources If Bernie encounters a situation where he is out of his depth, like certain conversations about abortion for instance, I trust him to consult with people who have skin in the game so he can make the best decisions possible In general the only people you can rely on to be informed are people who have a dog in the fight. That's why gay people expect solid representation from gay candidates. It's not "identity politics" it's just probability. People like Bernie don't come along that often in politics or it wouldn't matter as much that there aren't very many marginalized people in gov positions. Because old white cishet Christian men would take some initiative and investigate things that don't apply to them

  • Clif Vaughn
    Clif Vaughn

    How about this? "Gay: It's really just who I'm fuckin..."🤣🤣🤣

  • ////

    So all I got from this is that they want to be oppressed because they feel left out