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This week we’re taking a look at something very basic - the whole roasted chicken. I’m going to teach you how to elevate it and make it crispy, juicy, and flavorful. Then, we’re finishing it off with a delicious gremolata.
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Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/2017/10/23/sauces-9w5tm-2njph-5ahwj-hsl7s
Grocery List:
Whole chicken
Fresh herbs (like rosemary and thyme)
Kosher salt
Black pepper
Butter (softened)
Bacon fat (optional)
Olive oil
Special equipment:
Microplane grater
Chef’s knife
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    I hope you were serious about that amount of salt or I just ruined a perfectly good chicken

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan

    The actual ratio for dry brine is a .5% salt by weight for a well seasoned bird. People are having issues with the salt content because they are using a whole damn box of kosher salt LOL

    • Rune Møller-Madsen
      Rune Møller-Madsen

      well looking at how he salted it, do you blame em' ?

  • Ian Walker
    Ian Walker

    I’m having Julia child’s flashbacks!

  • Gigi T.
    Gigi T.

    Do you wash off the salt off the chicken before cooking? Won't it be too salty? I'm a cooking noob...

  • Rabbits HMD
    Rabbits HMD

    My wife’s boyfriend is making me this when I come back from kindergarten :D

    • Guido Mista
      Guido Mista

      your wifes boyfriend? kindergarden?

  • Jelekmen

    Is square space better than wix?

  • Sam Salem
    Sam Salem

    بابيش أنت رائع، شكرا على هذا الفيديو.

  • Theoriginal1981

    Is there anyway to rewatch the live stream. Is it recorded somewhere? I’d love to see the longer version before I attempt this. Any answers appreciated

  • Jonathan Vernon
    Jonathan Vernon

    Salt cure & bacon fat, my new basic. Thank you.

  • Outskirts of Infinity
    Outskirts of Infinity

    Holy... salt...

  • Quinn Clayton
    Quinn Clayton

    Why you gotta make our mouths water so much? Trying to drown us?

  • Newton Boy
    Newton Boy

    Mine was good. Really salty though. Next time I'll put less salt on the chicken for 24 hrs

  • Ree Ree
    Ree Ree

    Butter and bacon fat yumm

  • Angus Lau
    Angus Lau

    E R B S

  • Jade Elise
    Jade Elise

    just remade this today (skipped brine, too salty). Soo delicious! Thank you! I will be making this once per week 💕

  • Steve Tollefson
    Steve Tollefson

    So are you going to make another video where you apologize for all the ruined, over salted inedible chickens that are sitting in trash cans all over the English speaking world because we took your word for it? Because that amount of Diamond kosher salt is beyond absurd. My dinner was ruined and you're a dickhead.

  • AlexisGarcon

    Tried it, and it was incredible! Don't like the acidity of the lemon juice that much tough, so I'd reduce to half, or balance with more parsley than what I used. Loking forward to trying more basics!

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand

    I just made this and it's way to salty. Like so salty it hurts your tastebuds. And I used way less salt that what babish used in the video. I'm going to stick with brown people spices. Rosemary and thyme smell good but they taste like Christmas decorations.

  • Drew

    I bet vegans are pissed. 😂😂

  • Carolina Pradel
    Carolina Pradel

    Best chicken i ever had, my whole family loved it! Served it with an artichoke and leek bread pudding and green leaves.

  • Tyler Hendrick
    Tyler Hendrick

    I've made this with the addition of sage. It was honestly the best chicken I've ever had

  • Alex Hodson
    Alex Hodson

    I'm curious whether you baste this or not when it's in the oven. I'm making it and going to not baste, because the video doesn't mention it and talks about crispy skin a lot. But hopefully my shit doesn't come out dry AF!

  • Siera Antmann
    Siera Antmann

    does the same go for cornish hens??? SHOW US!

  • MisterKee

    You don't cover the chicken when it's brining?

  • alan Rosado
    alan Rosado

    use Adobo

  • Raysjon Clark
    Raysjon Clark

    Made this twice so far and both have been amazing, even fed my family for Christmas but this time my gf wasn't feeling the gremolata on the chicken. So I felt like it would be great on pasta so I made the sauce as suggested and put in two tablespoons of flour to make into a roux. After that went blonde I coated it on linguine noodles and afterwards I was the man of the hour. Thank you Mr. Rea!

    • Raysjon Clark
      Raysjon Clark

      Also the linguine noodles were boiled in the home made chicken broth from the spine.

  • Ibad Kain
    Ibad Kain

    to much salt

  • samuel c.
    samuel c.

    cut lemons vertically, you get more juice

  • Em Vambell
    Em Vambell

    So do you rinse the skin and then pat dry or just dump/brush the loose salt off?

    • Ferociously Malicious Rain
      Ferociously Malicious Rain

      I would think you'd rinse and pat dry. If you don't remove the salt left on the skin, then it would taste way too salty. This is just my opinion. So, it might be wrong but if I remember my superficial knowledge on cooking and my fairly ok knowledge of science, then it should be it.

  • Pounds Cake
    Pounds Cake

    My kids are weird. They don’t like chicken unless it’s fried. Did this exact recipe and now everyone is in a food coma. With all the praise I only said, “Don’t thank me. Thank Babish.” Wife told me to post this comment.

  • Devin Lavoie
    Devin Lavoie


  • Jonathan Geier
    Jonathan Geier

    When you pulled out the spine, in my head, I heard "FATALITY!"

    • Berenger Christy
      Berenger Christy

      Jonathan Geier FINISH HIM!!!

  • D Kratz
    D Kratz

    looks good but this ain't basic

  • markchd

    Made it. It's GOOD and surprisingly juicy. The wings seemed a bit salty, so I may be more judicious with the dry brine in the future. The rest of the bird had enough meat to balance out the salty skin.

  • Jade Elise
    Jade Elise

    this sauce is simple & AMAZING! thank you!!


    You've only had 30 plus years to learn HTML. Maybe it was too complicated and you had to go back learning how to boil water.

  • Dudagraphy

    i just made this and "wiped" the salt off like advised...it was so salty it was almost unedible. it was disappointing

  • Shrimron Denny
    Shrimron Denny

    So when you use the salt on the chicken and refrigerate do you wash the chicken the morning after to remove the salt.

  • Edmar Joseph Antolijao
    Edmar Joseph Antolijao

    i like this guy to narrate my life.

  • peachies

    I'm using this video for Thanksgiving since my family doesn't rlly like turkey but I was wondering, was the salt sure supposed to make it THIS salty? I used even less salt than babish and mad sure to brush as much of it off but it's really REALLY salty :/

  • superkitten211

    How do you get the salt cute off after? Just swipe it off?

  • Outnash

    Is roasting baking or Broiling ?

    • Outnash

      Also, do I need to put salt underneath?

  • Jete B
    Jete B

    Made this last night (without doing the 24 hour cure) and it was the most delicious, juiciest chicken ever. Thank you for raising my cooking skills +3!

  • Anonymous

    Kenji suggests to cook the breasts to 150 for optimal juiciness, why are you taking them all the way to 165?

  • Michelle El Khoury
    Michelle El Khoury

    Do peanut chicken from Phineas and Ferb please!

  • annagilda1

    I made this, this evening and it was fucking epic. This is my way of roasting chicken from now on.

  • RV X EV
    RV X EV

    Dry salt brine = super crispy skin + super crispy arteries. Totally enjoy your tutorials but the amount of sodium used is unhealthy.

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    That was the saltiest chicken I have ever tried to eat. Dude, seriously, mine turned out so salty we couldn’t even eat it. And not just on the skin where the salt was. The meat all the way to the bone was salty. It permeated the entire chicken. What did I do wrong?

  • Amelia Davidson
    Amelia Davidson

    Thinking of trying this in the winter time for a nice hot meal.

  • Hùng Cường kẹo kéo
    Hùng Cường kẹo kéo

    ngon qua

  • Michel Alzualde
    Michel Alzualde

    I never thought I'm having a boner watching a man in SEsoft. No Homo.

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner

    My mom always put butter under the breast skin, especially for turkey. I hardly ever saw that on cooking shows. And there's no such thing as too much butter mixture. If you have leftover, save it and use it on something else, of course.

  • SambabaL

    For the people who end up with over-salty chicken and think rinsing the chicken after brining defeats the purpose : The purpose of (dry) brining is seasoning the meat (so not just on the outside) and changing the structure of its muscle proteins so that they’re better able to retain their own juices. When salt is applied to raw meat, juices inside the meat are drawn to the surface. The salt then dissolves in the exuded liquid, forming a brine that is eventually reabsorbed by the meat. So rinsing will only wash off the excess salt while the meat itself will stay seasoned. If you pat it dry after rinsing and place it back in the fridge for an extra hour the chicken will be dry enough to get it nice & crispy after roasting.

  • ariana ghandi
    ariana ghandi

    Should I rinse the chicken? Or should I just dust the salt off?

  • Warren305

    You totally omit how to remove the salt cure. Rinse? Defeats the purpose of drying it out. Brush? Unbearably salty.

    • Berenger Christy
      Berenger Christy

      Warren305 in case you didn’t read the comments, you rinse it off and pat dry. Also check if it was brined before packaged

  • SuperNova999

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">7:18</a> OOOOOR, save it for next time I get hungry, I just moved out of my parents house and I can't aford to be fancy

  • Michelle Maier
    Michelle Maier

    This was the first meal I attempted from Babish and it was a hit! I have a son who is extra picky, but he enjoyed it as well

  • Dave Su
    Dave Su

    Banish, I cooked this on Thanksgiving, and this is the best chicken I've ever had. And yes I've had too many chickens. But on 450F actually burnt the chicken skin in 20mins. So I dropped the temperature to 375F after 20mins, and same 45mins total time, it came out perfect. Everyone should roast their chicken like this😋😋

  • Robert Ingram
    Robert Ingram

    $15? How much does chicken cost in the US? That is like £5 here.

  • Mike Friesen
    Mike Friesen

    Why the dry brine vs a brine in salt water?

    • Mike Friesen
      Mike Friesen

      @Alexander Shepherd I think I get what your saying here, thanks!

    • Alexander Shepherd
      Alexander Shepherd

      Dry brine makes it "chicken juicy". Wet brine (salt water) makes it "tap water juicy".

  • Mr Son
    Mr Son

    Bacon fat is so good... I've started saving it and I add a spoonful to my chicken soup when I make a pot. It really adds a lot of meatiness and some smokey flavor.

  • PSpurgeonCubFan

    the only true way to cook a whole chicken - beer butt on a grill with good wood for smoking. 1.5-2 hrs. brine beforehand if desired - makes it salty

  • Aleisha Pyralspite
    Aleisha Pyralspite

    I've started doing the butterflying thing, but I leave the spine on because it's sacrilege to not leave all that incredible back meat intact.

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell

    Could we Thanksgiving turkey this?

  • skeet the yeet
    skeet the yeet

    Peta, approves?

  • morgan ebbe
    morgan ebbe

    Looks at thumbnail, Me: Lord forgive me for what im about to do

  • Cam And Minnepeg
    Cam And Minnepeg

    I’m now responsible for feeding myself and after gaining some weight by living on takeout, this channel has single handedly taught me to cook. I’m able to get most ingredients at Aldis and I’ve had some truly delicious, inexpensive meals.

  • Tristan Nygaard
    Tristan Nygaard

    This makes me want to start buying whole chickens! I can spend $10 and have the entire thing or $6 and have just two cleaned breasts. Do the work and get more!

  • The Youtube Rookie
    The Youtube Rookie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="133">2:13</a> Babish's recipes explained in little than 2 seconds.

    • Nathan Knight
      Nathan Knight

      This is what it looks like whenever he says a pinch of kosher salt

  • Alpha Velez
    Alpha Velez

    No one is gonna ask if he cleaned the chicken ??????????!!!!!

    • Melanie Hanning
      Melanie Hanning

      Most cooks don't advise people to wash chicken as the 'dirt', germs and stuff, splatter everywhere this way and you don't really get them off anyway. Apparently it's much more likely to get food poisoning this way.

  • Devin Boomgaard
    Devin Boomgaard

    Could I use orange or grapefruit juice in place of lemon? For whatever reason I absolutely hate the taste of lemon or lime and it seems like lemon is in so many recipes.

  • Casey Glawson
    Casey Glawson

    I cant find the video of the chicken break down I'm so sad 😭 *ik I could find another one, just prefer this show*

  • baasmans

    There is an "h" in "herb". How often must we tell Americans?

  • Tori-Jay

    Okay honestly didn't have the time to make this specific recipe but it did help me prepare a pretty delicious whole chicken for my friends. I usually avoided whole chicken because cutting it was a nightmare but with it butterflied it was SO much easier. Plus the salt bath to get the crispier skin. I did not have 24 hrs but I salted it about 4 hours prior the meat came out juicy and flavorful with pretty crispy skin still.

  • Chas Howard
    Chas Howard

    This is how I prep all my whole chickens now. I just changed up the spices here and there.

  • Umair Khan
    Umair Khan

    Hey Babish you please do the Nomad chicken for two, and what would be very exciting is if you could do it with a pheasant

  • 7752a

    I just cooked my first whole chicken, a task I’ve spent my adult life not feeling competent enough to do. It was awesome, thanks for breaking it down!

  • Evelyn Lairsey
    Evelyn Lairsey

    how long does bacon fat usually last in the fridge?

    • fart

      Are you patiently waiting for an answer here, or did you discover Google?

  • Jade Elise
    Jade Elise

    the chicken turned out salty 😓... but sauce is amazing 🙃

  • Flubbagut

    imagine being a sentient chicken and seeing <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a>