Trevor Noah Roasts Musicians | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
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From R.Kelly to Drake, Trevor Noah loves poking fun at musicians. Here are just a few of his best roasts.
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  • Comedy Central UK
    Comedy Central UK

    Which artist would you like to see Trevor roast next?

    • KillaStarsOngwediva


    • Samira Said Ahmed
      Samira Said Ahmed

      Trevor should roast the kardashian Jenners also Wendy Williams

    • L. A. Gothro
      L. A. Gothro

      Pablo Picasso!

    • visa solomon
      visa solomon

      Try eminen lets see who win

    • Silvia X
      Silvia X

      Kanye West nonstop please

  • KillaStarsOngwediva

    Yoh Trevor! What if Tekashi six nine met Leon Schuster?? :)

  • Amx x
    Amx x

    Why have you started cursing? Doesn't become you.

  • Dina Noreena
    Dina Noreena

    Trevor is a guy,y happiness when I watch him

  • Food Delivery On Bike
    Food Delivery On Bike

    Low quality humans

  • Racheal Musiime
    Racheal Musiime

    I believe I can fly 😂😂😂😂

  • Hazel Chieng
    Hazel Chieng

    Don't judge people what he's looking if he believe ur self just stand up and be confident ur self

  • h2o h2o
    h2o h2o

    He stupid


    Dude when he said "the knicks". I was like..yup somes bouta happen

  • PearlVictory


  • Nermin HBasic
    Nermin HBasic

    Why dont you make event like this : you put scenography for Daily show, and bring celebrities from few parts of modern culture (music, movies, sports, maybe even politician ) . Then daily show crew uses footage and based on footage roast people in it. Celebrities could sit in audience and come to stage when it is their turn. Also with that you make humanitarian help for groups that support vulnerable. Maybe even each celebrity could comit no less than like 10 k dollars. Everybody wins, TDS gets more attention,celebrites some kind of marketing and people in need at least in few places get important financies.

  • Nermin HBasic
    Nermin HBasic

    This was funny

  • Timothy Mwape
    Timothy Mwape

    As a Drake fan that Rihanna part hit me hard. 🥺.

  • Maninform

    The daily show is a joke now

  • Des Prenty
    Des Prenty

    Drake president ? of what, a fan club ? Canadian, eh

  • Tza Oriana
    Tza Oriana


  • Robert Muckle
    Robert Muckle

    "Musicians"??🤣 These losers aren't "Musicians"👎

  • kalachuchaii

    that knicks joke was savage 😂😂 much love from the philippines, trevor 😘

  • Joanna Leacock
    Joanna Leacock

    Mr. Noah, you have a nice singing voice

  • K X
    K X

    His accent is so batty... Stop trying to be so american... Stick to your south african pop culture

  • Wassily Kandinsky
    Wassily Kandinsky

    I believe I can drive!

  • shut up Meg!
    shut up Meg!

    Bunch of idiots...😂😂

  • Crystal Morrison
    Crystal Morrison

    69 affi wear make up every day and cut and dye his hair black to blend in

  • Jed Hawkins
    Jed Hawkins

    Yo Plankton I got the kraby patty secret formula.

  • Nahyan Suleman
    Nahyan Suleman

    Marshal: "Hey y'all! Please welcome your new neighbor, Jake Voorheese, Jason's petite & tame cousin. Yeah, the ski mask runs in the family but he is harmless, I promise" Neighbors: 😶😑😒🤨😯🤔 T69: 😛

  • maanu sati
    maanu sati

    Hey Trevor he looks like u😂😂😂😂 Be careful bro

    • Am Blessed
      Am Blessed

      drake Joshua so true. I don’t know if Trevor knows he looks likeTekashi🤣🤣🤣

  • Tian Lan
    Tian Lan

    Daaaat Snitch!!!

  • Shiro Mutero
    Shiro Mutero

    Smuggring indeed. 🤣🤣

  • Davld Morand
    Davld Morand

    So glad to see this. these guys are a big reason racism exists.

  • bxxx9

    NBA wants Drake to tone it down but bends over backwards to China

  • Alex Dwaye
    Alex Dwaye

    Where is usher he was messing with the same girl with R Kelly?

    • Alex Dwaye
      Alex Dwaye

      Olga Carolle Kasinga r Kelly want u to visit him in prison lol

    • Alex Dwaye
      Alex Dwaye

      Haha no

    • Olga Carolle Kasinga
      Olga Carolle Kasinga

      @Alex Dwaye 😂😂😂 nope! No way...even then Rkelly would have been too old for me 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️

    • Alex Dwaye
      Alex Dwaye

      Olga Carolle Kasinga I think they was messing with u lol

    • Alex Dwaye
      Alex Dwaye

      Olga Carolle Kasinga LoL

  • NeoVision

    Ignition remix: It's the remix to ignition, throw R Kelly in prison, He'd been touching all them girls whilst he had no permission. 😂😂😂😂

  • MsSumii

    "Yoo Drake, did Rihanna ever call you back" 😂😂😩😩

    • Donna Edward
      Donna Edward


    • Olga Carolle Kasinga
      Olga Carolle Kasinga

      Yo that was savage af 😂😂😂

  • Martin Chitembo
    Martin Chitembo

    I can't believe the gravity of R Kelly's fall from grace.

  • Licht Spiel
    Licht Spiel

    They're all black so of course nobody wanted to accuse them or say anything for fear they would be called racist. RKelly, it was SO obvious, but their people just downplayed it.

  • Mak Nazarka
    Mak Nazarka

    Hey you need to watch the video of swat team gets confused of the launch control of by ak47 its amazing #Trevor Noah

  • temmy laju
    temmy laju

    You don't see me acting the fool when they score cause they don't score.. I really wanna see you when they do score Trevor.. 😂😂

  • temmy laju
    temmy laju

    Gee.. Always late.. Trevor notify me next time?

  • Nicholas Musana
    Nicholas Musana

    Sex predator,, laugh,wait for the system coming for you.

  • Night shade
    Night shade

    R. Kelly gets arrested for exposing himself to kids....AGAIN?! 😮

  • J Bennett
    J Bennett

    first, please stop watching my show! lololol

  • Neo Kgatla
    Neo Kgatla

    People who stopped watching at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> are the the dislikes.

  • Justin Gulley
    Justin Gulley

    R. Kelly was arrested in polk county a long time ago .our sheriff is more worried about arresting people for Mr. Meaners possession of marijuana then a rape. Release a man for raping a young under aged girl but would Chase of grown men around for position of pot. could of stop R. Kelly from raping these and 4 new women. But I'm pretty sure hes not worried about that though for women didn't have marijuana on them.


    R Kelly I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky Me un no bitch I believe u can take the bus

  • Mad Dog The OG
    Mad Dog The OG

    I love Trevor's dark sense of humor 😂😂

    • Kwame Tweneboah
      Kwame Tweneboah

      I'm guessing you haven't seen his Comedy Roast. He's a savage 😂

  • Bilal Qamar
    Bilal Qamar


  • ghost Ali
    ghost Ali

    I believe I can fly.. No according to your bank statement no you can take the bus 😂😂😂

    • sewpahmon

      I wish it wasnt by him :/ i actually like the song :(

    • Olga Carolle Kasinga
      Olga Carolle Kasinga

      @Todd Judd 👏👏👏 good one!!!

    • Todd Judd
      Todd Judd

      What about Spirit airlines, the public bus of the sky

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK


    • mac 187
      mac 187


  • menelick bowizzy
    menelick bowizzy

    Why don't you (comedy central) roast Harvey Weinstein

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK


    • Mohit Singhania
      Mohit Singhania

      @Comedy Central UK this wasn't that funny either mate still enjoyed it

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK

      It wouldn't be very funny

    • your majesty
      your majesty

      AND the oscars🙄

  • Real G
    Real G

    Smuggurrin! 😂😂

  • pearls204

    Why the name of this channel is comedy central UK? When it's a USA show?

    • Rhas Pody
      Rhas Pody

      @NJC they don't do fake news

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK

      We don't do fake news

    • Rhas Pody
      Rhas Pody

      You must be fun at parties

    • NJC

      @Comedy Central UK i got big dick bruh wanna cover that in news?

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK

      We're Comedy Central's UK TV channel 💅

  • Joffe

    Can we talk about how perfect that road runner impression is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="159">2:39</a>

  • beachtan

    Lol UK does have enough jobs so UK's royal prince is coming to USA to work in McDonald's 👍👍👍

    • Kay19 K
      Kay19 K

      With friends like Serena Williams, Beyonce Knowles and Oprah Winfrey????Lol, highly doubt that.

  • Rune Kristensen
    Rune Kristensen

    All they have to do is to say something positive about trump. It seems to bee a get out of jail freecard.

  • Andom Neraio
    Andom Neraio

    R. Kelly obviously ran out of money before going to jail. That's the world we live in yet somehow no part of me can accept this.😟😦😥

  • Terrell Johnson
    Terrell Johnson

    "Who me? No. I'm Tekashi 68!"😂😂😂 #Trevor

  • Jasmine Ryelle
    Jasmine Ryelle

    Unless he's being relocated to Adam Levine's torso 😂

    • Zeynab Ahmad
      Zeynab Ahmad

      He is Snitch9ine.

    • Jasmine Ryelle
      Jasmine Ryelle

      @Comedy Central UK yes 😂

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK

      There's worst places to be

    • Jasmine Ryelle
      Jasmine Ryelle

      @L. A. Gothro thanks

    • L. A. Gothro
      L. A. Gothro

      "Levine. He is not April's brother, lol.

  • Itz _Nid
    Itz _Nid

    Honestly this is hilarious

  • Justine Linley
    Justine Linley

    Interesting how all these minorities in public eye are being dogged by those supposedly upholding your laws. Maybe you can't fight the authority bestowed on them, but you can make them read the law right! Don't be indifferent or lax, because these Germans bombed Oklahoma City to "get rid of Americans" and their medical professionals faked check ups to remove uteri of young minorities, without consent, which meant Trump Jr wouldn't have been born to put it in perspective. Do you want to relive this under their regime again when every excuse was "it was a different time"? They don't abide by their own laws, and I don't mean Trump's pardoned contacts for whom he feels bad for believing in him when they helped. DO you want excess Permit Patties living boldly without care for your laws. Let it be known. If you can form BLM, then for sure you can do better than the alt-right's organized racism which works from pal to pal.

  • Kristel Mpone
    Kristel Mpone

    Weinstein has been discovered BEFORE Cosby and still, he is free. R. Kelly's case is sealed and we are still expecting the british paedo prince andrew to appear for FBI interrogation circus. The double standard in US is laughable

    • Kay Coutz
      Kay Coutz

      Ahh he got held up today(three days in the future to you)

    • Kristel Mpone
      Kristel Mpone

      @Michael as well. 🖐🏿

    • Amauris Fumagalli
      Amauris Fumagalli

      Nothing new! It has been and will be the same. Lol in the meanwhile let's bring democracy to those undeveloped countries 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

    • SB Beats
      SB Beats

      They're not black

    • Michael

      Don't forget Roy Moore as well.

  • jo ker
    jo ker

    Snitch 9

  • BaseManPranks

    Damn trevor you were harsh on rkelly !! 😂

  • J F
    J F

    He might not get out till he’s TEKASHI 116 😅😂😅😂😂😂

  • Lazar_ Potato
    Lazar_ Potato


  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy

    Wtf is this the bash black men segment?

    • John Exum
      John Exum

      More like the bash criminals segment.

  • shamalee ducket
    shamalee ducket


    • shani thickaz
      shani thickaz

      @shortboss Myers him too nuff man cho🤣🤣🤣

    • shortboss Myers
      shortboss Myers

      @shani thickaz 😂😂😂

    • shani thickaz
      shani thickaz

      @Still Watching yuh mada

    • Still Watching
      Still Watching


    • shortboss Myers
      shortboss Myers

      🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲

  • Colin Fielder
    Colin Fielder

    Kelly faces 70 years while Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton get left alone? WTF?

  • Medaki Iakai
    Medaki Iakai

    Comedy Central :Which rapper should Trevor roast next? Eminem:Try me!

  • Tseleng Botlhole
    Tseleng Botlhole

    In our local slang 69 is toilet

    • Tseleng Botlhole
      Tseleng Botlhole

      @Kabelo Ntsala I never implied it was in SA Anyway to answer your question, Botswana

    • Kabelo Ntsala
      Kabelo Ntsala

      What country is this cuz im South African and that is definitely not true in SA

    • Tseleng Botlhole
      Tseleng Botlhole

      Even when someone is taking rubbish, they are said to be talking 69

    • Tseleng Botlhole
      Tseleng Botlhole

      @Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen no idea

    • Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen
      Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

      I'm asking sincerely fyi

  • Dan Young
    Dan Young

    indeed, the Knicks is a mess

  • Mansa Musa
    Mansa Musa

    Jeffrey Epstein is not dead

    • Rodger Hodgson
      Rodger Hodgson

      Get him a coffee and hamburger. He must be fucking hungry.

    • ExitiuM R17
      ExitiuM R17

      But the meme Sure is

  • Kwame Haze
    Kwame Haze

    Drake bitch ass do be in the way.... 🤣😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • steve the cross
    steve the cross

    I use to watch this show all the time before Trevor . Tried for the first week haven't been able to since.

    • steve the cross
      steve the cross

      @Ego Ugwu actually they're not the ones focused on identity these days . I don't care what anyone is . I am a swm the left hates us . Never good enough. Never forgiven for things I've never done , blame game 24 7 , no thanks I am walking away . Many are across the board . I am not alone .

    • Ego Ugwu
      Ego Ugwu

      @steve the cross and the right is gonna listen to your identity and be more accepting. Seriously?

    • steve the cross
      steve the cross

      @Ego Ugwu utopia doesn't exist and every government that has attempted it ends in major bloodshed . I don't want that . Trump is going to win again thanks to the protest crowd acting unhinged and emotional. Keep blaming modern people for the actions of people they've never met isn't helping. I left the left when they said my identity needs to sit down and shut up. The left is hateful and exclusionary they don't want equality they're the new supremacist . All your way or the highway is off putting. I am voting right for the first time this year.

    • Ego Ugwu
      Ego Ugwu

      ....aaaaand this is beneficial to the world how?

    • steve the cross
      steve the cross

      @Bentley Brewster it's good to check in to see if it's gotten any better . Sadly it hasn't . Still orange man bad , still lacking in self awareness , lefties aren't seeing how they're becoming totalitarian authoritarian control freak cry bullies .

  • PandemoniumZzullu


  • DeadTroperSociety

    I never rooted for the Roadrunner when I was a kid.

  • Dulaj Fernando
    Dulaj Fernando

    Did you copy these jokes too from another comedian?

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK


    • Dulaj Fernando
      Dulaj Fernando

      Yeah by Russell Peters. منير النمر

    • Dulaj Fernando
      Dulaj Fernando

      GJ Battles Nah, it’s a crime to steal someone’s joke; if you’re actually doing stand up for a living.

    • GJ Battles
      GJ Battles

      Get over it already.

    • Lanvin Kgoale
      Lanvin Kgoale

      so passé, got something else


    Hah i got the first dislike

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK



      @Comedy Central UK hah you replied! I love trevor noah, i only disliked bc i wouldve been the first lmao

    • Comedy Central UK
      Comedy Central UK

      Good for you

    ANIRBAN DEY watch this you'll laugh for sure cause I laughed

  • حافظ هارون
    حافظ هارون

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 nocoment.

  • Fire Boy
    Fire Boy

    Such a shame, that one can't imprison abusive social structures or institutions, toxic air or abusive responsible people,like doctors or supervisors, because it's not illegal to be an abusive asshole..laws are such a special thing, right ?! just like judges, advocates and cops, right ?! but hey , who cares ..?!

  • New Message
    New Message

    On the upside, after that 49 year sentence, his tattoo would finally match his age.

    • Peace Murugi
      Peace Murugi

      @Mana Ch yup, only 20

    • Mana Ch
      Mana Ch

      New Message he’s 20??? Damn