Top 10 4K Blu-rays | Digital Movies of 2019
We share our top 10 picks for the best looking and sounding 4k movies of 2019. The List can be for either physical or digitally streamed movies.
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  • SpareChange


    • SpareChange

      My equipment list is in the video description.

    • michael w
      michael w

      What 4k Ultra Blue ray player do you use or recommend?

  • Jay Sony
    Jay Sony

    Hey yall. I know it wasnt released in 2019 but what do yall think of Ghostbusters on 4K??

  • BFHC

    Mmmmmm... crispy.

  • Tom

    I rewatched the first avengers on Disney plus and I was very impressed with the picture

  • Bradley McLamb
    Bradley McLamb

    I’m not one to comment but I have to say not having any/all of the Batman remasters on the list is just wrong. Returns especially is probably my all-time #1 and blows away Aquaman in my opinion.

    • SpareChange

      I've seen both. Aquaman made the list for audio and video.

  • Aww bollocks then
    Aww bollocks then

    John wick lasted about 9 minutes on my AV, "lol' please tell me the movie only made it to your top 10 for sound effects otherwise I'm gonna unsubscribe, lol

  • Nathan Campbell
    Nathan Campbell

    I watched blinded by the light on bluray last night it has a surprisingly decent Atmos mix but still sad they canceled the 4k Blu-ray

  • Dirkschneider

    Shane, I want to compliment you on your articulation. You speak very clearly and are easy to understand. I appreciate that.

  • Mr. Sin
    Mr. Sin

    Godzilla wasnt that great looking

  • koi7925

    Brightburn PQ is only very ,very slightly better than the blu ray. Im certain most people at home would not be able to tell any difference between the two! Same goes for AQ. Virtually no difference between Atmos and Neural X on the blu ray. There is a dead pixel ( just slightly high and right of centre of the screen) baked into the movie at the 1hr 20min mark,for around 1 min in the barn. Not mentioned in reviews, but very noticable.

  • Jeffery Berg
    Jeffery Berg

    A great list even with some bad movies (Hell boy, MIB 3) I would have added Endgame? better movie visually impressive.

  • Robert B
    Robert B

    2 good movies, and 8 garbage.

  • Robert Schuster
    Robert Schuster

    I would have to say the best movie for Dolby Atmos has to be the Diamond Luxe version of Gravity, to bad not on 4k.

  • moja moja
    moja moja

    where to dload 4k quality movies? 😅✌🏿

  • Gamer Tagged
    Gamer Tagged

    Really surprised Avengers: End Game didn't make the cut.

    • dnbtrooper

      Best in 3d

    • Danny Schoe
      Danny Schoe

      Because that movie should of been a IMAX version and the sound was inconsistent to me.

  • bob zealand
    bob zealand

    Honestly I regret buying Godzilla the only part I liked was the beginning scene for the bass

    • VulturePilot

      It was a terrible movie rip

  • John

    Well odd stuff. You like the quality of the discs but the movies are crap. Oh well.

    • SpareChange

      You paid attention to the disclaimer at the start of the video I take it?

    • John

      I think I quickly looked at this video and made the comment. Yes they like the pictures but the content is lacking.

    • Dustin Lang
      Dustin Lang

      some of these AV nerds don't understand the concept of anything beyond pretty colors.

  • George L
    George L

    Anyone here seen "Shadow"? It's an Asian film. I heard looks great on 4k

    • Montgomery Cowlbeck
      Montgomery Cowlbeck

      One of my favorites of the year.

    • Ray Audelo
      Ray Audelo

      Good movie and it looks great in 4K.

    • NYCLJ34

      Good Movie.

  • Prem Kr Prashant
    Prem Kr Prashant

    Joker deserved to be top 3

  • Scott Tilden
    Scott Tilden

    How did Alien not make your list ? The black levels were great compared to the blue ray. Also the James Bond D. Craig box set that just came out in hard DVD format is great, though all the J. Bond have been in 4k steaming.

    • SpareChange

      All is explained in the beginning of the video and the pinned post.

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown

    Alien and Apocalypse Now aren't even mentioned.

    • SpareChange

      All is explained in the beginning of the video and the pinned post.

  • Apipoulaï

    TLDR: these movies all SUCK (except John Wick), but they splurged on the production values

  • Robert Boyd
    Robert Boyd

    You missed Alita battle angel

  • Home cinema 4k
    Home cinema 4k

    Top fantastic

  • Paul joseph
    Paul joseph

    In my opinion Avatar should be top two amazing visuals in HDR

    • Scott Tilden
      Scott Tilden

      Avatar is not out in 4K.

    • SpareChange


  • Dan Montenegro
    Dan Montenegro

    What bunch of crappy movies...

  • Pascal Veger
    Pascal Veger

    Thanks for all your good work!

  • Dapper Coon
    Dapper Coon

    You kinda look like the guy John wick fought in JW3, nice video btw. 👍

  • Johnny SE
    Johnny SE

    Wasn't House With a Clock in its Walls from 2018? Released in December

  • iNeverHad Mercy
    iNeverHad Mercy

    Why did Alita: Battle Angel NOT make your Top 10 ? It had it ALL.....why ?

    • Whaley Anthony
      Whaley Anthony

      I agree 100%.

  • Corey Conway
    Corey Conway

    Mortal Engines was in your top 5 on your podcast with Brass Tax you said this year. It was the best looking by a mile

    • SpareChange

      Yes it was.

  • Ty Lee
    Ty Lee

    Thank you for the Brightburn suggestion. Movie sounded great. When he knocked on his aunt's door, it made me jump. It paid to have a sub in the rear!!

  • VJL

    Subscribed. thank you

  • Dirk504

    Great list! I totally agree with Aquaman being number 1. I'm only surprised Batman Returns didn't make the list.

  • A B
    A B

    It would be nice to make two lists: top ten best image and top ten best sound

  • Reginald Owens
    Reginald Owens

    Shane, great list! "The house with the clocks on the walls" is a must own! Keep up the great work!

  • Jim Cameron
    Jim Cameron

    Wait a minute Shane this piece of movie Robin Hood on your 4k Top 10 instead of the reference 4K (4K DI!) Ridley Scott's Robin Hood movie????

  • WPorta1969

    BTW, there was a good $4.99 digital 4K sale on VUDU. I picked up West Side Story, Silence of The Lambs, and Casino. The first two are not available on physical copy 4K yet. I own them all on blu-ray already including the Criterion “Lambs”. Figured for $4.99 to take the plunge on digital 4K. I also picked up It’s A Wonderful Life 4K for $4.99 off the AppleTV Store. However, since it was $7.99 on the Vudu store I can only play it on my AppleTV app on my living room 4K RokuTV. Certain movies I buy digitally on certain digital stores won’t work on other digital platforms even though I have them linked through Movies Anywhere. This is only annoying when I want to watch something in my bedroom on my Vizio SmartCast 4K. Vizio doesn’t support the Disney+, AppleTV, or FandangoNow apps. I’m also extremely appreciative Apple finally dropped an AppleTV app. It’s great to finally have access to all my digital Apple video content I purchased years ago on my living room TV without having to get all that expensive Apple TV hardware.

  • Robert Alker
    Robert Alker

    Recycled garbage over and over and over and over. Hollywood is a trash factory full of lazy, uninspired, and un-creative leeches, with rarely an exception to be found.

  • EatSomePizza

    I may not know the next Top 10 4K movies of 2020, but I’m predicting and hoping Joker and Lord of the Rings trilogy will be on the list.

  • Chuck Fortier
    Chuck Fortier

    Happy new year dude John wick great martial arts movies 👍😎👍

  • Miners cat
    Miners cat

    nice. But john wick 3 is so pathetic full of bad cliche trash. Omg, gipsy from Belarus?! Stupid idiots, there are no gipsies in Belarus, they are mostly in Romania.

  • Tim Holm
    Tim Holm

    Mostly bad movies and no classics? That's a bit disappointing...

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi

    What? No The Shining or It chapter 2? Both have all the HDR formats and Dolby Vision is amazing on both.

  • Jason Koestner
    Jason Koestner

    Sorry I think 2001 a space odassey and John wick 2 also once soon a time in Hollywood

  • Gui Bil
    Gui Bil

    A 2K DI on first place ? :/

  • rahimtx

    Im surprised hunter killer didnt make your top ten. You gave it 9.0 audio and 9.0 video.

  • Andreas Lehmann
    Andreas Lehmann

    I'm sad about how many bad movies content wise have been released in 2019. Luckely, there are some shining perls underneath it.

    • SpareChange

      @Andreas Lehmann that comment was directed @BirdArvid

    • Andreas Lehmann
      Andreas Lehmann

      @SpareChange Hi, yes I fully understand your statement. I'm following your channel for a long time, since I'm belonging also to the tech enthusiast like you are. That's why I've specifically mentioned "content wise" bec. I knew you don't make content movie rating. Anyway, looking forward to 2020 - I love your channel!

    • SpareChange

      You understand this isnt a movie review channel? There's a ton of channels like that. Collider, Jeremy Johns etc. We're here discussing the technical merits and how they perform on our home theater sytems. If you need to know how enjoyable a movie is then this isn't the channel for you.

    • BirdArvid

      ..and you feel all these choices are great content-wise?

  • Hi-Fi Haven
    Hi-Fi Haven

    Great list of movies Shane! I own all of the ones that you featured on 4k disc, and totally concur with your findings!

  • Tha_VillaMan

    Kinda unrelated but I like the PQ. New camera?

    • ThunderSprint

      @SpareChange You should upload your content in HLG HDR like VillaMan

    • Tha_VillaMan

      SpareChange agreed.

    • SpareChange

      @Tha_VillaMan it's a great lens.

    • Tha_VillaMan

      Ahh, very nice. I got one recently too.

    • SpareChange

      New lens. Picked up the 24mm g-master.

  • Seb K
    Seb K

    Always cool to see what’s the top of other people 👍 merry Christmas

  • Darrin Bentley
    Darrin Bentley

    I guess I’ll have to take your word on these transfers because almost ALL of these movies are awful and not worthy owning. No First Man? No Spiderman Into the Spiderverse? C’mon man.

    • Darrin Bentley
      Darrin Bentley

      Demon Returns Sure thing👍

    • Demon Returns
      Demon Returns

      Why don’t you go create your own list? 🤷‍♂️

  • SpontaneousWeasel

    Interesting list.... feels like the measure and merit of quality you deem to a movie wavers between the 4k /atmos reproduction standard and the actual viewer enjoyment factor (although the dislcaimer is always present in your intro you still add hints as to good or bad film and can feel that pulling you in and out of a recommendation) .... Tough job! I'm glad you're doing this for us! Keep up the good work!! Happy new year mas

  • blSwagger07

    Thanks for the video Shane!

  • Freakguy666 _
    Freakguy666 _

    When is your Top 3D of 2019 list gone be released?

    • badgastein2

      3D RELEASES here in the UK the studios still release the major films in 3D Bluray so a Top 5 would be useful

    • Freakguy666 _
      Freakguy666 _

      SpareChange there were over 20 high profile 3D Bluray releases this year. A top 5 woulda been nice...

    • SpareChange

      I don't think there was enough 3D's to make a worthy list.

  • Scott Richardson
    Scott Richardson

    75% if those films are garbage.yes great audio and video but who cares if the films are terrible.hellboy omg!!!!!

    • Scott Richardson
      Scott Richardson

      SpareChange fair enough I no that I love good transfers

    • SpareChange

      It's not about how good the movie is.

  • Mario Duncan
    Mario Duncan

    Great List merry Christmas Shane

  • Albert Myles
    Albert Myles

    It's still a shame Disney doesn't give their Marvel releases the IMAX <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="68">1:8</a><a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="301">5:1</a>/Dolby Atmos discs they deserve. The Spider-Man Far From home was so spectacular and bombastic in theater but completely dulled down for the 4KUD release. The Best MCU 4K disc is still probably the 1st Avengers film.

    • Albert Myles
      Albert Myles

      @ThunderSprint Even if that's the case my point still stands with the other Marvel releases. They continue to have muted audio and never feature the IMAX clarity and ratio they have in theaters.

    • ThunderSprint

      Spiderman far from home is a Sony release.

  • D Rivera
    D Rivera

    wait a minute what happened to madmax fury road ???

    • SpareChange

      The title of the list should explain it.

  • Adam Byrne
    Adam Byrne

    Great list! House with the Clock in its Walls... it’s great. I liked the movie and the presentation is excellent! Totally missed it on my list.

  • musa kasim
    musa kasim

    It was time! But, damn,I still don't understand how should I interpret that '2kDI' thing

    • musa kasim
      musa kasim

      @Demon Returns Thanks for the explanation, that's more like it :)

    • Demon Returns
      Demon Returns

      Basically it’s not not native 4K Just upscaled

  • VOLT14

    Basically: Good movies shot on film - no thank you. Pieces of shit shot on digital - great quality picture. Really, Brightburn is one of the worst movies ever.

    • SpareChange


  • Mario 99
    Mario 99

    The shining in 4K is Good.

    • J.R. Brawlers
      J.R. Brawlers

      I bought it but haven't watched it..waiting on my oled.

  • isaac roman
    isaac roman

    Mortal engines was the best looking movie this year


      I need to watch it again. It was a great overlooked fantasy movie. Just like John Carter was

    • SpareChange

      Wasn't that great sounding however.


    I’m still surprised that a lot of people think the Lion King is a 4K sharp transfer. In my opinion, it’s super clean and clear but not very sharp at all.

  • Александр Котляров
    Александр Котляров

    I thought last blood has the best 4K picture in 2019

    • SpareChange

      I think so too.

  • r9800pro

    There is a funny error in the back of The House With A Clock In It's Walls on Amazon which shows DTS:X for both the 4K and BD:

  • Talal

    What’s the name of the Godzilla theme you played?

  • TheRanchSauce

    Nice update on the use of fonts and effects!

  • Talal

    Usually the worst movies have the best PQ

  • German Big
    German Big

    thank you

  • NonNy MonNy
    NonNy MonNy

    Robin Hood is the only one that I didn't have. Maybe it time to check it out lol

  • barrie

    A great year for sound and visual quality but this top ten shows just how bad a shape hollywood is in..almost all of the films here are terrible..Godzilla being the worst film I’ve seen all year apart from gemini man...

    • mentlinc

      Godzilla was great. Gemini Man was decent.


    The list of shitty movies of the year :)

  • Jorel Boston
    Jorel Boston

    Brightburn told its whole movie in the preview n it was meh. Hellboy was horrible i want to erase it from my memory. MIB Intnl sucked balls...the girl fight 🤣🤣. Lion King was good. Black Hawk down was kick ass a def rewatcher. Godzilla was a 7.8 for the monsters i didnt understand the girl was made to look like a damn boy. Aquaman was terrible....dont care it made over 1 billion

  • Tech J 37
    Tech J 37

    I purchased Aquaman 4k thought iTunes in a deal, but i'm considering the 4k bluray version now , Anyone think it will be worth it?

    • German Big
      German Big

      ITS still my Highlight Movie for Video Quality.

  • The Ef
    The Ef

    Great video. How about a top 10 for 3D movies?

  • Mojo Movies
    Mojo Movies

    Hey Man, do 6 underground 4k review

  • Preston Hansen
    Preston Hansen

    The 4k blu ray release edgar Wright cornetto trilogy looked really good!

  • Ty Lee
    Ty Lee

    Merry Christmas to you Shane. Nice present to wake up to. Cheers! LOVED the Luchi De Jesus sample!!!!