Top 10 4K UltraHD Blu-rays
Films At Home
Check out my Top 10 4K UltraHD Blu-rays as of March 2018!
Let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite!
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    Films At Home

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    • Hey U
      Hey U

      you got red eyes

  • told smith
    told smith

    can you do a video of older movies that you know is coming to 4k and steelbook?

  • Dave L
    Dave L

    I really thought Lucy would have made it..The Shallows was another stunner...maybe you forgot about that one

  • Scott Tilden
    Scott Tilden

    Like Passengers on 4K, Alien, Apollo 13, Apocalypse Now final cut,

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill

    Great video! I'm starting out my 4K Blu-ray collection soon, so I'm gonna get some of these.

  • keepitclean

    Hacksaw Ridge is right up there with Saving Private Ryan? I don't think so. Hacksaw was an average movie at best.

  • batman144

    It's too bad Nolan does not allow the studios to master his releases from the camera negative. His movies could actually look better than they do.

  • batman144

    Are all 4K players 3D capable?

  • nicholas azak
    nicholas azak

    Hey like the improvements you’ve made! I like watching SEsoftrs growth by watching their older movies. Keep the videos coming

  • Bob H
    Bob H

    I have a very good 4K UHD TV & 4K player. I really don't understand what the purpose of HDR is. It totally changes how a movie looks & not for the better. It's not how the movie looked in the the theater. It's not realistic looking. It punches the color & alters the color that is nowhere near how the movie was shot or meant to be seen. This makes no sense to me.

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson

    i think you missed out on Saving Private Ryan in 4K, aswell as schindler's list and Braveheart

  • Plato

    I’m surprised The Revenant isn’t on the list.

  • TJ King
    TJ King

    I’m waiting for 16k before I switch from regular blue ray. 😂

  • TJ King
    TJ King

    John Wick I was shot in 4K. The 2nd & 3rd not.

  • allen0088

    Jurassic park fallen kingdom is the best looking 4k disc I've seen

  • Ari

    It's not a 4k release but its my favorite blu ray in my collection, Its the Taxi Driver digibook, its my favorite movie of all time and this blu ray is perfect, and the bonus matirial is amazing.

  • dewdorama

    hey bro, i hate to say this, but, reruns....seen them all

  • michael w
    michael w

    Avatar 4k my #1

  • Christopolis

    What 4k Blu-ray player do you use

  • atimtg

    How bout the blu ray discs that are remastered in 4k - are they real 4K?

  • Alex Weberg
    Alex Weberg

    Dang. The Logan movie is really tempting. Might have to get it someday. It's a great movie

  • Cody Greenly
    Cody Greenly

    u hve a good voice I like to listen to and great picture in video I subscribed for ur next video

  • Jromins

    Do a top 10 4k for older movies

  • Cody Chavarria
    Cody Chavarria

    I wanna see all Bruce lee film on 4k

  • Rich Lummy
    Rich Lummy

    What 4k player should I buy?

  • Will

    I don't believe Passengers was shot on film, let alone 70mm...

  • Gabe

    You're a terminator

  • Ellison Horne
    Ellison Horne

    The Blade Runner movie is complete crap. Ugly view of the future. A real waste of time.


    Red eye alert!

  • Bruce Marmelstein
    Bruce Marmelstein

    My favorite movie by far is still Terminator Judgement Day. Have you seen the 4K version and if so what are your thoughts?

    • Gazzoid

      Save your money until some studio does a decent job, currently available 4K versions have a multitude of problems not least overly aggressive use of DNR

  • Todd Gatesh
    Todd Gatesh

    I completely agree. Blade Runner 2049 in 4K is my favorite. I've watched it four times so far. I own quite a few 4K movies and that one is by far my favorite.


    Enjoy your top ten picks. I don't have the Blade Runner 2049 on 4K yet, I have it on bluray but I haven't seen it. As I recall when I started collecting 4K movies the first 3 that I bought were, Battleship, Cabin In The Woods and Star Trek. One of the movies that I enjoy a lot on 4K was The Gods Of Egypt. Would love to see Star Trek: The Motion Picture on 4K. On the scary genre Train To Busan and The Autopsy of Jane Doe.


    As you were explaining in one of your videos the difference as to why the older movie transfer look so good on 4K one of my favorite war movie that I would love to see on 4K is The Guns Of Navarone.

  • Zac Quitzau
    Zac Quitzau

    Not sure if hacksaw should be there if its not there for the quality but rather your interest in the movie...

  • The Grim Reaper
    The Grim Reaper

    I call bullshit on Arrival. Most your other choices were good but Arrival was neither great looking or a great film. It was an OK film most people will only ever watch once. But that is just my opinion

  • Nareg Aghazaryan
    Nareg Aghazaryan

    your eyes are red.... REPLICANT !!!!!

  • ICA Mitchell
    ICA Mitchell

    Jeff, in December do a Top 10 4K Releases of 2019 man.

    • dibanez _
      dibanez _

  • Carl-Fredrik Sundström
    Carl-Fredrik Sundström

    You need to make another one of these for 2019

  • andrewthacollector

    @drewelmatero thanks lol

  • Mike P
    Mike P

    I think people miss the point that 1080p Blu-ray still looks really very good.

  • Danny

    great list but dunkirk not one of nolan’s best?

  • TunesDoneByOne

    Hi I enjoyed your video. Right now I have a 1080P projector in a home theater set up and I am looking to upgrade to a 4K projector, but you would be the perfect guy to ask this. Is the 4K Blu-Ray format dying a slow death? I hope not. I was happy to see all your physical media behind you. I too, am a collector but I've been hearing because of streaming that 4K would soon be gone. I would like your thoughts.

    • TunesDoneByOne

      @Films At Home good news, yeah, the quality's not as good with streaming right?

    • Films At Home
      Films At Home

      4K won’t be affected by streaming. Streaming in 4K has a LOOOOONG way to go to catch up to 4K Discs. True enthusiasts won’t mess with 4K streaming compared to a disc

  • One More Riff!?
    One More Riff!?

    Wow no 4k transformers movies?!


    You can buy 4K HDR ultra short throw projectors on Amazon for around $2,300.

  • Stève SIKATI
    Stève SIKATI

    i do n't understand bluray without bonus disc... or are the bonus always in the movie disc when they are not on their own support?

  • Krishna Prasath
    Krishna Prasath

    wow I am totally excited to hear that Blade Runner 2049 is on your top 4K Bluray disc....I'm thinking of buying the regular bluray for Blade Runner 2049, but now will definetly buy this 4K version instead.....:)

  • Happy Hopping
    Happy Hopping


  • The Kareful Koala
    The Kareful Koala

    It's actually pronounced "Denny Vill-eh-noov" but great video man, loved it

  • Julian Langan-Fox
    Julian Langan-Fox

    Love the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge on display here. Very well presented. You know the framing issue...but for me, the content and presentation well and truly overcomes that small gripe.


    Thnx for this might check out Planet Earth 2 and the Dark knight. Just want to add , Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom are great 4ks too I own Blade Runner 2049 and Passengers 4k. I agree they are great 4k movies but my favourite is Guardians of Galaxy 2. They look amazing in 4k. I believe they were also shot in 4k!

  • Poltergeist

    Please don’t ever try and pronounce a name in French again PLEASE! Blade Runner 2048 looked good but is far, far away from being the best looking title on 4K UHD. I think one of the older titles like Schindlers List or the Deer Hunter look far better. Certainly much better movies at any rate..

  • Thomas Wynne
    Thomas Wynne

    Mad max fury road ?

  • JinxMoody

    Blade Runner 2049 is an absolute masterpiece. It was my first 4K movie

  • Maxstrmus

    Most of the Nolan movies are shot in film so they are not technically shot in 4k. Native 4k only applies to movies shot in digital. Movies shot in 35mm film have much higher resolution than 4k. You can even make a 8k or 16k version of it.

  • Fino Caraco
    Fino Caraco

    Where would you rank The Matrix, the original Blade Runner and Mad Max Fury Road??

  • squee zex
    squee zex

    “Top 4K “ (most not true 4K) lmao

  • Saeed A W Siddiki
    Saeed A W Siddiki

    Dude AWSOME list 💪🏻

    • Films At Home
      Films At Home

      Thank you! And thank you for the donation!

  • butch1976 locket
    butch1976 locket

    I think that the hitcher from the 1980s would be a good 4k transfer mate, and good video too

  • Aaron Ornelas
    Aaron Ornelas

    Spirit orbs, is your home haunted?

  • Aaron Ornelas
    Aaron Ornelas

    You pupils are red and looks as if you have spirit anomalies around you, kinda cool!

  • Punished Brendan
    Punished Brendan

    This list is pretty bang on the money. The Nolan films are stunning. I started my 4K collection a couple of months ago with an Oled TV and Dunkirk, Dark Knight and Interstellar are all top picks for sure. BR2049 and the OG Blade Runner are also winners. Great list.

  • Charles Bloomer
    Charles Bloomer

    Needs updating to include Black Hawk Down. Stunning.

  • Joseph Rothberg
    Joseph Rothberg

    Is Arrival really that much better in 4K HDR? Never seen it yet and just bought the BluRay. I only buy movies on 4K HDR that are either MCU movies or movies I really think are worth it for HDR. I haven’t even taken the plastic wrap off yet so I can still return it. Obviously I didn’t think this movie was worth HDR, but I see it on your list here.

  • Joseph Rothberg
    Joseph Rothberg

    Planet Earth Two is by far the best looking HDR disk out there. (You need a real HDR TV, while all these new 4K TVs can decode an HDR signal, most are not showing HDR in a way that is distinguishable from SDR) Don’t really care about 4K, it’s just that HDR is usually only attracted to 4K, in fact, HDR has to be attached to 4K. All UHD BluRay disks are HDR, some even HDR Dolby, which you need a Dolby player and TV of course. Planet Earth 2 is not a movie, it’s a documentary, but this is the disk I grab to show off my Sony Z9D, which yes, is a real HDR TV, still the best HDR TV ever made. Looking at you OLEDs, you don’t get bright enough for amazing HDR highlights.

  • Jonathon Krause
    Jonathon Krause

    Not only is Dunkirk a great 4K movie but sounds amazing on my LG sound bar.

  • W Clark
    W Clark

    Recently got my 4k tv and 4k Blu-ray player and looking for good discs, so thanks for this. I've only watched Life of Pi and The Martian. Both look great, even though Pi is upscaled. I'm saving the 4k remaster of 2001 to watch on my birthday tomorrow. I think that will be stunning and my first Dolby Vision title. I'm glad to see Dunkirk and Blue Planet 2 on here as I'm. Getting both of those. Thanks for the tips. As for your video, suggestions are to watch your framing and script things a bit tighter as it rambles a bit. Stiil really appreciate it, though.

  • Bigdaddy Watt
    Bigdaddy Watt

    Im only buying second hand 4k blurays its just not worth the full price to me anymore 95% are just upsaled from 2k.

  • Charles Savage
    Charles Savage

    Ghost in the Shell is better than a 6. I don't know what the heck you're talking about, but good list.

  • Joe Santoro
    Joe Santoro

    Ghost in the Shell in 2D? LOL! No wonder you didn't like it. (The 3D edition was a much bigger seller than the 4k, with good reason)

  • cole schubert
    cole schubert

    John wick chapter 2 is the best 4k bluray

  • azazelxxxx

    Might be time for a 2019 update to this list? :)

  • 616Haggard

    People truly do have different tastes. I thought Interstellar was great, but thought Arrival was a snooze fest.

    • Ultra Instinct
      Ultra Instinct

      movies is subjective thing after all,so..

  • Anders Bohman
    Anders Bohman

    What about Bram Stokers Dracula 4K?

  • Matthew W.
    Matthew W.

    Here's a simple guide: • Buy 4K discs with an amazing color palette • Look for the 4K 'Dynamic Range'... that shows off the spectacular colors • And stay away from the Romance movies and 'most' Comedies, that are live action (because the comedies that are animated are a much better incentive to purchase on 4K) [CAVEAT] - Just your regular Comedies and Romance kinds of movies really don't show off anything dazzling to warrant you buying those types on 4K, simply because 'comedies' and 'romance' movies will look the same - if not better - on a 1080p Standard Blu Ray disc ... just saying. Sometimes those comedies and romance ones somehow look degraded when upscaled to 4K. Standard Blu-Ray will then have better compression so it tends to look sharper and crisp. Again. You can argue that it depends on how old the comedies and romance films are for when they get upscaled. 🤷‍♂️💯 -- LIST OF 4K WORTHY MOVIES -- • every David Fincher film • all Christopher Nolan films (especially Inception, Dark Knight Trilogy, Interstellar and Dunkirk) • American Psycho • The Lego Movie • Blade Runner • Blade Runner: 2049 • The John Wick films • Mad Max: Fury Road • The Terminator and T2: Judgement Day • The Revenant • Saving Private Ryan • any Marvel movie • Joss Whedon's - Serenity (the Firefly movie) • Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse • any Mission Impossible movie (especially the last 3) • and all Pixar movies or the ones that are available

  • Colin Mitchell
    Colin Mitchell

    Mad Max Fury Road and Blade Runner 2049 are stunning in 4k. Same with Inception, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, John Wick 1 and 2, and Mission Impossible Fallout.

  • BirdArvid

    I'd be curious to see a top-ten movies of all time in your opinion: I know that only a minute fraction of all movies have been released on 4k, so there's not a lot of choice, but man; some of your choices (all?) are super-predictable and middle-of-the-road. (I'm just talking about my opinion here, folks!) If you've already made such a list, my apologies, but that would certainly interest me! But THANK YOU for putting Villeneuve's Blade Runner 2049 in the top spot!

    • BirdArvid

      @Films At Home YES! Actually, in hindsight, I was very tough on you; some choices in there are great movies, irrespective of visuals/sound.

    • Films At Home
      Films At Home

      Well yeah these are just based on the image quality. I could do a top 10 based on the movie??!!

  • Matski Toots
    Matski Toots


  • Ryan

    Blade Runner 2049 was amazing in IMAX! They need to re-release it!

  • jojjedokan

    I Think its weird that christopher Nolan, will not add Dolby Atmos on his 4k realeses, even if the sound is good as it was on bluray releases, Why dont you mention this when you speak highly of Nolans 4k releases. Think your Review was good anyway =)

  • The Accidental Druggist
    The Accidental Druggist

    @Films At Home Do you advise buying the physical disks or Apple’s iTunes version with lifetime upgrades to future resolutions and audio?