Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks - Cinemassacre
Here's James Rolfe's Top 10 Reasons Blu-ray Sucks on Cinemassacre. Well, except for the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray which you can get here:
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  • Cinemassacre

    Get the new AVGN BFG collection Blu-ray here:

    • dethraid

      Dont bother with 4k unless its HDR or dolby vision and you got a hdr tv


      You forgot to mention the load times.

    • Tom k.williams
      Tom k.williams

      Nah no thanks ...I think I'll just stream something and save $80 and shelf space thanks for the Idea

    • _ Oblivion
      _ Oblivion

      Is this some kind of out of season april fools joke?

    • Koridai011


  • Lenny Shelby
    Lenny Shelby

    White people problems, Morty.

  • Jorge Perez Soto
    Jorge Perez Soto

    yes but where´s the nerd

  • Dusty Hall
    Dusty Hall

    "unless you want to buy the Avgn blu-rays......" Bahahahahaha

  • Dan c
    Dan c

    The problems with streaming are mainly that you never really own anything They can and have edited, censor or simply taken down stuff and there's nothing you can do about that

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw

    Reasons why they don't have additional content on the same disc? Probably because they want to increase the bitrate for the main movie? I remembered buying The Matrix Trilogy on DVD. Damn, that was a blurry mess.

  • SecretlyCanine

    old man yells at cloud

  • Jonathan Bullas
    Jonathan Bullas

    There’s a link to the Headspace app under this video. Is SEsoft trying to tell James something?

  • Michael Mottolo
    Michael Mottolo

    James, have your tried iTunes for digital content? Easily accessible across multiple hardware devices and answers your concerns with categories/genres. Food for thought, love your content!

  • nusiel

    That's why I will never support Sony again...

  • 2muchjpop

    If you lived in NY I'd come to help you build and set up a Plex server for your media.

  • Docwho10th

    Streaming sucks!! The picture quality has NEVER been as good as on a disk! You are a novice..please go back and do your homework before posting garbage videos! Geeesh!

  • Scott Rodger
    Scott Rodger

    Didnt rca actually own vhs for a long while tho

  • Stephen Budzinski
    Stephen Budzinski

    So Vudu you don't have to pay to upload it from a DVD barcode. Long as youve bought the DVD you can put it on the service

  • ArtVande1ay1

    Kino Lorber, Criterion, Arrow Video, 88 Films, Shout Factory, Vinegar Syndrome, etc. Just get the right releases, my man!

  • MrBlueBrains

    1$ to transfer blurays to vudu

  • lament future
    lament future

    the menus I hate the generic menus

  • andy23r

    DVDs in 2020 with 4k TVs.....why

  • Dominic Uzziel
    Dominic Uzziel

    While i agree in some points like the amount of extras or the holders. Something absolutely important was put aside, especially if you are a collector, the protective coating. Cd and dvd scratch like crazy. So yes, I'm happy with blu rays.

  • Rusty Hausmann
    Rusty Hausmann

    What's next 4K dvd

  • David Anber Criminal Lawyer
    David Anber Criminal Lawyer

    Blue ray is the 32x of movie discs

  • Aaron Ganga
    Aaron Ganga

    do you have The ecryption Key To My VHS movie Please

  • Paul Reg
    Paul Reg

    James it must be you. My blu rays on PS3 restarts from where I left off.

  • Movie Fan Belgium
    Movie Fan Belgium

    This video is 10:57 , bullshit

  • SeisSieteTresAWSF

    you are one of the worst people on the internet.

  • Brown Stones
    Brown Stones

    To be fair about extras I think the studios discovered that the majority of those who would purchase DVDs and blurays didn't really care about special features.

  • James Bohnenkamp
    James Bohnenkamp

    I think streaming is worse than anything, paying a monthly fee to watch most of what I already own, what happened to people just buying the stuff they want

  • robrmaytry

    I just hate 21:9!

  • Andrew Marapao
    Andrew Marapao


  • Thomas Scott News
    Thomas Scott News

    Search bar? Wtf

  • Ryan Knebel
    Ryan Knebel

    When did he become Andy Rooney?

  • Logan Feeney
    Logan Feeney

    you could always burn all of you DVD's to your local server . yarr

  • thillyard1

    Physical = better picture quality. Better audio quality. Special features. And your not at the mercy of the studio who can block or remove your streaming copy anytime they choose.

  • creeper58272

    A lot of older movies aren't available on streaming

  • Craig Davison
    Craig Davison

    Try PLEX

  • michael Carey
    michael Carey

    remember when DVD menus would often have hidden easter eggs to search for?

  • voltz15

    Let the sheep stream/download, I'll be keeping a hard copy.

  • The Letter M
    The Letter M

    It's a little blue

  • Jack Minton
    Jack Minton

    I always thought that blu rays were weird. The menus would be the same as the others ( the ones that I bought), or it would function totally different than a dvd when it came to menus and pushing certain buttons on a remote would be totally different then a dvd for no apparent reason.

  • MTV.Jake

    I only buy physical copies of movies I really like so that way I actually own them and don’t have to worry about it coming out on streaming or being removed

  • Derrick Foreman
    Derrick Foreman

    Two words: Criterion Collection.

  • Harvey Bishop
    Harvey Bishop

    A long time coming.

  • NotSnarl

    Useless video.

  • J Gonzalez
    J Gonzalez

    Most of these aren't problems with BD per se.

  • Vennom Scandi
    Vennom Scandi

    ikr, like, what were they thinking

  • MegaKamandi

    i blame 8 tracks !!lol

  • Alexei Robles
    Alexei Robles

    I've no idea what brands you dvd players were, but I've never seen a dvd player that reminded where in the movie I was when I turned it back on again. With VHS was the norm, of course, it's tape. But DVDs? Never seen it.

  • 133col

    Purple Rayn

  • TheReal704Champ

    Sounds like PS4 is a sh%&ty media player

  • Chris Mauzy
    Chris Mauzy

    James, use Roku search, will let you know what's available on what service.

  • Jeff Michalowski
    Jeff Michalowski

    To look for a specific movie across all your streaming platforms get a Roku. Works perfect and lists prices as well

  • Miles

    Plex media server is a great way to organza your media.

  • bartolo5

    Vudu actually has pretty much any title you throw at it. They have a massive library of over 100k titles.


    Who sits through all the trailers ? Just hit Top Menue

  • Pumpkinman4ever

    I highly agree with #2. That's my biggest gripe with blu-rays. They don't start where you last left off.

  • isurus

    For searching for streaming content, you can either do a PLEX server or buy a PS4 and use the TV/Video app which will show you everything from services

  • Yung Cazzy
    Yung Cazzy

    nah man blu rays are amazing

  • Aidan O'Neill
    Aidan O'Neill

    #3 should be #10

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card

    3:39 I just noticed, where'd you get individual blu-rays for the heisei and millennium godzilla blu-rays? I googled it but all i see are the double features.

  • anonymous 765
    anonymous 765

    Im just sick having to rebuy everything i already own. Cant even play a ps2 game unless i rebuy it for ps4. I feel like corporations are just too damn greedy and the law helps them use us and take our money. Not to mention prices keep going up and quality keeps dropping.