This guy has a PROBLEM - Tech Hoarders
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What happens when you combine a tech nerd with means and storage space? Tech Hoarders! Let's see what wonders await - Featuring Brian the electrician!
Maybe start a tech hoard of your own - They'll be retro, too, some day!
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  • Fabijan Kadi
    Fabijan Kadi

    paying cash to buy cache

  • Jarryd Watts
    Jarryd Watts

    Wow. That was a trip down memory lane for me. Just made me realise how long ago I started in computers. 28 years ago now. And funnily enough. While things have changed a lot, they actually haven't changed much at all.

  • Moritz Mückenmüller
    Moritz Mückenmüller

    *me waking up in cold sweat at 3 am* Linus at the end of my bed: "now this cable management is gross, who build this PC? and are you using HDMI for a 4k display???!!!"

  • Clairvoyant81

    I had one of those Cyrix CPUs.... terrible thing. Note for around 16:10: Games back then didn't have physics. Also saying "tied to the clock speed" of the CPU makes it sound as if someone put additional work into that, while it was the opposite of that. The code just didn't care for the actual time that had passed since the last frame and instead assumed it ran roughly at a certain speed based on the systems of the time. If your PC a few years later was a lot faster, the game ran a lot faster.

  • Zain Habib
    Zain Habib

    My grandpaa still uses an iPad 1

  • Dee Ee
    Dee Ee

    i need a vga capture card :/

  • Tim

    my wife would freak out if i had all that stuff around, i have 1 cupboard in the whole house 😂😂😂

  • ImCoyy

    4:29 - Holds iPad one “DAMN THATS A THICK ASS BOY!”

  • Mr Z
    Mr Z

    He has a love of ancient relics from bygone eras in history. That is a museum Linus walked through. Linus just starts grabbing shit and concocts a master plan in his head of what to do with it all XD

  • Megat Fitri
    Megat Fitri

    yaa.. why its sound soo familiar?

    • Megat Fitri
      Megat Fitri

      age of empires probably

  • G4BE1245

    2:16 everyone needs a little

  • David Martinez III
    David Martinez III

    My Gravis pad was my go to for all of my PC games back in the 90s! One of the features it had was you could flip a switch on it and it, the buttons would invert and someone who was a lefty could turn it around and use it just like someone who was a righty because of its radial symmetry. It did not come with a game pc card to play or plug into, so you had to have a sound card that had a midi port for it to even connect to your machine!

  • Shock2k5

    Yall should have a whole Scrapyard Wars where you build a computer out of his extra shit! OMG!

  • Superlative B
    Superlative B

    this isn't even hoarding. its all clean . and organized. the hell clickbait man

  • Joey Burgess
    Joey Burgess

    This was like a guided tour through a one of a kind tech museum... I'm all about it

  • Edran Rowland
    Edran Rowland

    This guys basement is my childhood dream room, paradise

  • Spyder Web
    Spyder Web

    I didn't see any one mention MMX chips.

  • Outlaw1001

    His house is my nightmare come true

  • ALL Entertainment Videos
    ALL Entertainment Videos

    not yet...100x heard in this vid

  • Gbcoco

    Supreme commander was life

  • bill m
    bill m

    I have a 5 inch drive of you want to add it to your collrction..

  • Snarky . Live
    Snarky . Live

    Hobbyists today are moving from building CNC machines and robots with 8-pit processors to 32 bit processors. I honestly can see those old processors becoming semi useful in the future for one off projects. They are way more powerful than many robots need you can strip the supporting hardware down to the bare minimum, especially on processors with only a few hundred pins.

  • Maynes ,Thermeus
    Maynes ,Thermeus

    No one Absolutely no one Him ima build NASA’s super computer

  • Brian Bendiksen
    Brian Bendiksen

    Classic lazy stoner.

  • HUNter

    Scientist 1: so we got a new button that makes your pc slower. What should we call it? Scientist 2: oh yes. The TURBO button!

  • Zero The Serious
    Zero The Serious

    its like linus became gordon ramsay except its not food related but its techs and pc lol


    I'm so happy for you for being sp successful with this channel. I'm aware that a lot of work goes into all the things you guys make, and that it sometimes may seem like it's all about you, but hopefully, most people know that you're not alone in this. Sometimes I miss a couple of videos and then catch up and realize I've kinda "missed you". Your vibe is great. The only channel where I don't even mind the advertisements. Good days to you all!

  • Evan Quigley
    Evan Quigley

    Just asking for my pc: Is the NVIDIA Rtx 2060 super a above average gpu?

    • Poon 29
      Poon 29


    • Poon 29
      Poon 29


    • Poon 29
      Poon 29

      What is your average gpu



  • Cary Gordon
    Cary Gordon

    So, I think I had that Sound Blaster that was pulled out of the sound card drawer. I might be mistaken, as mine was the model with the SCSI-2 controller. Pretty sure the sound portion of the card was the same as the SB-16 of that generation though. Mine had the Creative Wave Blaster daughter card though, because at the time I thought I was some kind of audiophile. And I definitely had the Gravis gamepad. Might still in the bottom of a box somewhere. Oh, and I'm sure someone else has mentioned it, but the 5.25" floppy maxed out at 1.2 MB. And I am proud, and humbled, to say I had one of these disk hole punches so you could actually flip it over to get twice the capacity. Oh yeah. that's high tech.

  • Top UK Photographer
    Top UK Photographer

    Wow - the Compaq transportable - I also recognised it immediately - I used one when I was training... 35 years ago...

  • REB Pipes
    REB Pipes

    The capacities on 5 and a quarter floppies (for IBM/clones) ranged from 360 kB to 1.2 megs. We used to cut our own write-protect notches into SS disks and format the other side to double capacity (which shouldn't have worked, but usually did).

  • Dominique Eybers
    Dominique Eybers

    he beats me.. I used to be like that. got one or 2 stuff, can still hide out of site for the wife. Moved to smaller house. so I cleared out all unused stuff.

  • Steve

    Funny vid

  • Vulcanerrr TV
    Vulcanerrr TV

    2:45 We have these in my school

  • Mark Giannone
    Mark Giannone

    out of the box superhero please see this I really need that monitor

  • Bla BlaBla
    Bla BlaBla

    I still have my old fully functional Gravis Firebird 2 joystick.

  • Zaus


  • Yaser Espino
    Yaser Espino

    Domicile Linus loves that word

  • JohnClaude Taylor
    JohnClaude Taylor

    DUDE that was awesome. Brought me back to my first compaq when my dad taught me some basic command prompt and boot menu bios stuff.... I miss those days of doom and shooters that got me hooked. good times

  • George Paulsen
    George Paulsen

    I feel better now about using Cyrix 486/586/686 chips in 93 - 95'...

  • buildIT.

    Are you actually going to say yeahh every time? -Yeahh

  • Member of Incel
    Member of Incel

    the supreme commander risk map comes up on the forged alliance forever client in "vaults" if you search for it.

  • Mackenzie Garland
    Mackenzie Garland


  • Ahmad Nasriya
    Ahmad Nasriya

    I don't see the purpose of this video, you've just wasred my time

  • dsolash

    This video is so nostalgic

  • Jukka Långström
    Jukka Långström

    Some memory sticks from sound cards, worked in display adapters too. and vice versa.

    • Jukka Långström
      Jukka Långström

      Gravis ultrasound and ATI... correct if I´m wrong.

  • Eric C
    Eric C

    EGA TREK!!!!!!!!! YAAASSSS

  • spectrex1972

    Never know what someone will need when they bring an old pc that needs some TLC.

  • A B
    A B

    I thought Linus was going to gift new tech after roasting all the old stuff. But no. Lol

  • fatin sabki
    fatin sabki

    cache is integrated? new info

  • fatin sabki
    fatin sabki

    to be correct, electronic! tech also can

  • Loose String
    Loose String

    this guy is lain but organized

  • Delicious_Lunch

    Legitimately super jealous of the workshop. And also, if Brian wants to offload any of that excess cat 5e or that Toughbook, I'm super game lol.

  • MakeItBasic

    I see a hunt for red october 5 and a quarter floppy. This man is a legend, I approve.

  • Christopher Schmitt
    Christopher Schmitt

    I can probably top that. I've got like 12 or 13 desktop pc's in total from Pentium MMX's, to Pentium 4's with some AMD Athlon, and XP's thrown into the mix. As well as 9? CRT monitors lol

  • Adrian Wujtowicz
    Adrian Wujtowicz

    I don't have as much stuff in my house but I do buy older parts on eBay. My recent purchases are Asus Crosshair II Formula, AMD Phenom X4 9950 CPU and ATi Radeon HD 4850 reference design card. I do have Pentium II in my collection, a GeForce 2 and 4 MX cards, GeForce GTX580 3GB, Radeon HD5770, Radeon R9 290X, ASUS Rampage II Extreme with a Xeon CPU, and few other bits I need to have a look at it again.

  • Tallik

    On the positive side, that fella's got a LOT of historical-ish PC stuff, possibly enough for a micro-museum of his own.

  • Validity

    Somebody PLEEASEEE make a montage of him saying "Ya"

  • Andrew Konhauser
    Andrew Konhauser

    You never know when you need 300 feet of Ethernet cable I need like 20 feet for my PS4