The Try Guys Eat $1,200 Of Gourmet Seafood • Try Australia
Watch us shuck a ton of oysters and taste some of the finest seafood delicacies Australia has to offer in our journey down under the SEA!
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys

    How many of y'all like Vegemite? Should we give it another try???

    • Schae Lewis-Jones
      Schae Lewis-Jones

      Why did you guys put the butter on top?! 😂 you use it like you would peanut butter or jam (jelly) Loading the toast up with butter first helps the vegemite to spread so you use less of it and it’s much more palatable. If you decide to try it again, try it with cheese. Most Australian bakeries will make what’s called a “cheesymite scroll” which is kind of like a savoury cinnamon bun

    • Angela Cook
      Angela Cook

      Ok so you need to put the butter on first and let it melt a little and then a THIN scrape of Vegemite!! You put too much on!!

    • Nightshade - Warroir
      Nightshade - Warroir

      ok you need to try it again. One: Butter first never second holy shit. Two: THIN layer of vegimite, so that it mixes with the butter and turns a browny colour. THATS how its done. Like, you killed my aussie heart when you all had it the way you did

    • Rachel Uhlmann
      Rachel Uhlmann

      Yes it’s a staple of an Australian Diet

    • Tereza Howard
      Tereza Howard


  • Nelson Corbyn
    Nelson Corbyn

    Come to my house I will teach you how to really eat vegimite

  • Mel


  • Mel


  • Anonym Anonym
    Anonym Anonym

    We all are having fun while these animals are getting killed

  • Christina

    *Keith keeps unleashing his inner gay as he gets drunk* 😂

  • Riley Crease
    Riley Crease

    But the butter on first.

  • Emilee John
    Emilee John

    Is no one going to talk about them putting butter on top instead of underneath??

  • Julia Taganas
    Julia Taganas


  • Kafka Bishop
    Kafka Bishop

    For some reason, I felt uncomfortable looking at the Western marron since it looked like spider or cockroach legs

  • Kaitlin Haese
    Kaitlin Haese

    they put it on in reverse omfg lol

  • Dalethegamerite 11
    Dalethegamerite 11

    I hate seafood but I like pies and steak Btw I'm Australian

  • nyssaa84

    You kind of ate Vegemite as a seasoned Aussie would eat it. You made the layers too thick. You needed more butter and a lot less Vegemite. It really is nice, even better with cheese or avocado.

  • Darcy M
    Darcy M

    “Thin layer”, dude that’s so much 😂

  • Darcy M
    Darcy M

    Thin layer, dude that’s so much 😂

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui

    Cool video try guys! The food looks bomb! I would eat it all and drink all the wine. As the courses kept coming and the wine kept pouring, someone was liking the chef with the man beard! 😆😍😁🤣😂

  • Gundam-Knight-Chris

    The Marrons are like... "Oh shit! They ate our boi!!! SCUTTLE FOR YOUR LIVES!!!"

  • dueeh nyyu
    dueeh nyyu

    Me: Why am I watching this, I don't even like seafood. Keith and Zach: talk about going down on God. Me: Ah, that's why.

  • SkijeuBerry

    That's waaayyyy too much vegemite on your toast, mate.

  • designmagick

    GUYs Eugene is a true Aussie

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf

    they see the bill. Eugene: I'm out. Ned: W-whaaat? Keith: Yeah same! Zach: *sighs as he slowly gets up leaving Ned*

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf

    What I like about try guys and other youtubers doing these tasting videos... Is that their reactions are real, and not snobby. I feel like that's incredibly valuable for cooks, to cook things that their customers will like instead of pleasing the critics.

  • Armani Audisho
    Armani Audisho

    U guys have also done the vegemite wrong ur suppose to put the butter first

  • Ashley Reusora
    Ashley Reusora

    Heeeeeey guys! Did i mention CUP STACKING? :D

  • Ashley Reusora
    Ashley Reusora

    Eeeew vegemite! Yes I've tried it. I was laughed at by my Australian friend lol.

  • Ale Bear
    Ale Bear

    Okay bit disappointed SA didnt get any sort of mention, we are the heart of the Australian wine culture

  • shades of laae
    shades of laae

    the food looks so good😍

  • marcus

    i want crab so bad right now

  • Abbey Bishop
    Abbey Bishop

    all the wa representation gives me LIFE

  • Mr. Beard
    Mr. Beard

    "were going to do the Vegemite correctly" *still spreads way too much on*

  • Eva Ward
    Eva Ward

    As an Aussie I cringed when they said shrimp :(

  • Josh Cripps
    Josh Cripps

    you have insulted the hole of australia vegimite is life and ya poot to much on the bread

  • Erica Lee
    Erica Lee

    Zach holds his utensils and glass like a toddler.

  • di butler
    di butler

    The Jew eating shellfish, "This tastes like ham." is tied with "God's cum,"" as peak blasphemy on Try Guys. Bruh.

  • Ouranor

    "Looks like we vegeMITE have a good time!" NED NO (Also, the Swiss equivalent to Vegemite is Cenovis and it's INSANELY good if consumed properly)

  • GypsyInFenra

    This whole video feels like an infomercial. Not all that fun or creative.

  • Julian

    that guy went to yale and doesn't know that oysters are served alive?

  • fellon mellon
    fellon mellon

    1:22 1:24

  • Teona

    They even said what their favorite meal was at the end. Goddamn trolls 😂😂🤣 Tell us what the price point was lmao

  • calci

    Broke: Eugene is Samantha Woke: Keith is Samantha

  • Acacia Myers
    Acacia Myers

    I’m PISSED I’m now allergic to shellfish bc I love seafood.

  • just another account
    just another account

    Vegemite Is a delicacy. Have it on toast, spread it on THIN, you can always add more if you feel there isn't enough.

  • Shabelly Corona
    Shabelly Corona

    Try guys: sea food! Hosts: and wine! Try guys: O.o

  • Jeannette Desmond
    Jeannette Desmond

    The Try Guys as Sex in the City characters-Eugene is Samantha, Keith is Carrie, Ned is Miranda and Zach is Charlotte

  • Lauren Nolen
    Lauren Nolen

    I can't stand seafood

  • Kat M
    Kat M

    I think im vegan now

  • Edyn Hudson
    Edyn Hudson

    The most Canadian I ever thought was that the dishes would be so good with some maple syrup

  • Straddllw

    Welcome to Australia, Come for the food, Stay because there's fire everywhere and you can't get out.

  • Katie Luv
    Katie Luv

    Try Guys are so awkwardly out of place in high-end dining

  • 3795lizzie

    Pretty sure Keith is bi or pan at this point 😂 last time with was james, now colin xD

  • Jenni From the Cul De Sac
    Jenni From the Cul De Sac

    Ned is my favorite.

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue

    This is amazing

  • kissmysass215

    I think all four try guys wanna go down under on that chef

  • art of a weeb
    art of a weeb

    vegetarians left the chat

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      I think I know what zack and keith try next…

  • Jess Atkinson
    Jess Atkinson

    Tag yourself - I’m the chef at 15:55 The awkward laugh is iconic 👌🏼

  • Zoe Smith
    Zoe Smith

    Ned at 17:20 really showed me how good the food is


    15:52 Keith praying in the background 😂🙏

  • Pip 1984
    Pip 1984

    Hope you are enjoying Australia! P.S If you want to try something awesome, try TimTams

  • William Ellis
    William Ellis

    this is what happens when you give uncultured Americans money...

  • Ordinary Mary
    Ordinary Mary

    I’m Australian and avoid seafood at all cost lol