THE MAVERICK | Official Boxing Documentary
Logan Paul
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From building one of SEsoft's biggest empires to becoming the most hated man on the planet, Logan Paul turns to boxing in order to find himself again.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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This Feels Like Home - Zack Hemsey
The Calm Before the Storm - Zack Hemsey
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Seeing is Believing - Zack Hemsey
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Nate Mennel
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Anton Wisbiski
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Ari Abraham
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  • Unboxing 2019
    Unboxing 2019

    Oh I remember the push but did it really pay out when u lost u pervert

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith

    I’m so proud of you Logan

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith

    Officially the best documentary I’ve ever watched

  • Mitchliit Blog 2019
    Mitchliit Blog 2019

    Helloy friends how can I grow my channel please notify me back

  • Definitely not Me
    Definitely not Me

    I started crying

  • Colorful

    The end of this video gave me goosebumps 😂

  • Sombody547 Gaming
    Sombody547 Gaming

    U were claped

  • hk hkkip
    hk hkkip

    Go follow @u.n.r.e.f.i.n.e.d

  • Boroma

    Be for I hated Logan but now I respect him

  • Azraf Khan
    Azraf Khan

    KSI made that thumbnail HE THANOS

  • Saif AL-Rwaily
    Saif AL-Rwaily

    Shat up dad

  • Justin & Jake
    Justin & Jake


  • MarcoDeep92

    Pretty good movie

  • drv169

    the only thing i want to see Logan Paul and his brother doing is having a train run on then with no more than 12 guys each

  • Breezy Reezy
    Breezy Reezy

    I love you Logan Paul

  • Zoya Ehsan
    Zoya Ehsan

    I fucking love logan he wanted to do something and he did.

  • Johnny Patrick
    Johnny Patrick

    Slap the G in the freaking face and then lock it up

  • Trigerpoopy

    Imagine making a documentary about a boxing match and losing

  • Ducksterrr

    Looks like logan wants attention...

  • ThisGuyfj

    Shannon was right, Logan lost because he had sex with that girl when he wasn't supposed to smh.

  • Jordin Dixson
    Jordin Dixson

    I still love you 😘

  • Joshua

    This documentary is now a joke

  • Rutland Road
    Rutland Road

    You are bossy

  • Mountaindew200


  • Kodi  Harvill
    Kodi Harvill

    Can't spell Logan without an L

  • salted_waffles


  • Mason Neuenschwander
    Mason Neuenschwander

    phuck ksi you keep going be the bigger person

  • Hugo Enrique Gonzalez Vazquez
    Hugo Enrique Gonzalez Vazquez

    Logan Paul, you are an IDIOT!!

  • King Mathers
    King Mathers

    Dude should’ve waited till after the fight to post this

  • AvEryBadApPLe

    Why do folks need to respect those who leave their dying body just lying out in public places??? Fuck ‘em, lol! As for the boxing, having a trainer who doesn’t want you to keep your hands up is just complete insanity. o_O

  • Desmond C.
    Desmond C.

    That thumbnail makes a lot of sense after the fight now...

  • Mr yeet Standard
    Mr yeet Standard

    KSi got you I’m sorry bro

  • Mr yeet Standard
    Mr yeet Standard

    Dude you died

  • Linn høyås er dum
    Linn høyås er dum

    Nice w btw😂😂😂👆👆👆👆

  • Kenneth Garcia
    Kenneth Garcia

    And you jake paul go smoke more cigarettes and get some lung cancer

  • Kenneth Garcia
    Kenneth Garcia

    Go film more dead bodies at a Forrest you asshole

  • Kenneth Garcia
    Kenneth Garcia

    U Suck Ass Logan Paul you suck assssssss mate

  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea

    You will forever remember the day you got beat by ksi

  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea

    Ls all the way

  • Adrian Valencia
    Adrian Valencia

    My Top 5 called you out to a fight BTW


    Yo someone named mrtop5 just called you out and wants to box you next year search up mrtop5

  • Navigator

    No one loves you

  • Yinestriz Alcantara
    Yinestriz Alcantara

    bro punch dont just take it. I still think you are better than ksi

  • Andrew Orrego
    Andrew Orrego

    This niggas is fuccin trash period. Y’all support a clown ass nigga that isn’t even an amateur boxer KSI is garbage also but regardless he beat this niggas ass fare and square 😂💯 niggas feels salty asf cause he got slept lmao

    • Andrew Orrego
      Andrew Orrego

      KM stop dicc riding someone who doesn’t know you exist lmao goof ass nigga

    • Andrew Orrego
      Andrew Orrego

      KM lol and ? I’d still beat your ass 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    • KM

      Your name is Andrew

  • Andrew Orrego
    Andrew Orrego

    Your fuccin trash nigga you lost to KSI PERIOD if it were a street fight I promise you you would’ve gotten your shit bashed on bad, your too soft 💯 go bacc to being a blogger leave the boxing to the real niggas real shit 💯

  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea


  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea


  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea


  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea


  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea


  • Bobbie Lea
    Bobbie Lea

    Lost to ksi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ben Ingram
    Ben Ingram

    Hahah you nonce you lost

  • Ashleigh Todd
    Ashleigh Todd

    Oh my God these people are so mean


    I am a JJ fan and this is after the fight, mad respect to Logan

  • Fifajesius


  • Grant Hillberry
    Grant Hillberry

    Logan vs Desi ..Jake vs KSI let's go

  • Casperty

    who hates Logan Paul?

  • Mitch Romancia
    Mitch Romancia

    ANYONE Who talks S*** About Logan needs to take a step back an reevaluate where they are coming from. Logan Paul.. I have been watching you since the beginning on VINE DAYS.. I have watched you grow and become who you are to this day. The love you have for those around you and the world is incredible. I look up to you with all my might and will continue to follow under your footsteps. THANK YOU LOGAN PAUL for being who you are and for staying strong throughout the tough times. I love you Buddy!! Hope to hear from you! - Mitch Romancia

  • Hotze Hoekstra
    Hotze Hoekstra

    Doesn’t show any hits of ksi so it is not a vid that anyone can trust if you look at the result (draw)

  • Birb Vlogs :3
    Birb Vlogs :3

    I know the things Logan did were unforgivable I still think he deserves a second chance! I watched Logan Paul since I was 7 and I’m 11 now... Logan if you see this I forgive you! I know it hurts you but KEEP MOVING UP! YOU’LL MAKE IT! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!