The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)
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  • Ege Yiğit Pişkin
    Ege Yiğit Pişkin

    Media: 👌 is now a hate symbol Me: OK boomer

  • willow 01
    willow 01


  • Don’t Watch Gay
    Don’t Watch Gay


  • SGaming7000 _
    SGaming7000 _

    This is weird, but at the end of this video I got an ad, and this ad is about a PewDiePie figure, yes an ad that's made by you.

  • mark rasak
    mark rasak

    He scared me for a minute. Had me thinking the bro fist was no ling allowed in society.

  • Niklas Fritzell
    Niklas Fritzell

    Just make a new logo where one man is fisting another. Problem solved!

  • FoxInFlame

    Since when has pewds worn glasses? Damn, he looks like Harry Potter but just really grown up

  • Loathe Life
    Loathe Life

    Ah humanity has done it again lol!

  • Dillicopter

    If people could honestly think that the “Ok” hand sign is a symbol of white supremacy, then I believe that serves as proof that we’re all doomed as a species ngl


    so will COPPA kill PewDiePie ?

  • NickTheAwesome100

    how to advance the world into a space faring race: destroy all socialism. Change my mind.

    • AltoLox

      Lmao did you just forget that the soviets actually won the space race? They put the first man on the moon in 1961, way before the americans did.

  • Montey Bourne
    Montey Bourne

    Clickbait title but good content

  • Scotty

    Ahem 👌

  • Laserpea2003

    I sit sometimes and truely wonder. What is wrong with today's world? What happened that it all went so terribly wrong? With all the violence, hate, extremists, supremacy. Where did it all go so horribly wrong.....

  • DolfelzMC

    @everyone give Decrypting the Alt-Right: How to Recognize a F@scist | ContraPoints a watch

  • Michael

    the budist sun symbol is diffrent then the swastika felix do your homework you pleb

  • thought criminal
    thought criminal

    So.. when black people fist bump, it's a hate crime?

  • Alexx Moreno
    Alexx Moreno


  • Master Hunter80
    Master Hunter80

    This is a good video, but I can’t ignore that clickbait title 😤😤😤

  • Janjoul29


  • JJbeastko

    ATTENTION post from Karen: ExCuSe Me. ThE 👌 iS bAd

  • Vampy_Rhombus5006

    The Swastika is from Hinduism. Buddha grew up as a Hindu and later in life brought it over to Buddhism.

  • Liam Harper
    Liam Harper

    Hate=what ever the left's mildly disagrees with

  • Josiah Yelverton
    Josiah Yelverton

    I love how it's mostly nine year old kids who watch him but he spits straight facts all day

  • Aiden Arciga
    Aiden Arciga

    hate feeds on attention so if we stop paying attention to it, itll go away😂 people emphasize on racism, sexism, and hate in general so much that its grown out of control and the people fighting to stop the different types of hate are just making it worse😂

  • WhyTestify

    OK is ok stop falling for orwellian newspeak, easy as that

  • The limo Driver
    The limo Driver

    3:03 cont duko what are you doing here?

  • khan EL-angel
    khan EL-angel

    Western countries problems. Lol everything is a problem

  • Mikey T
    Mikey T

    I got a Pewdiepie store ad before this vid lol

  • Matthieu Simard
    Matthieu Simard

    5:10 ...Uhmmm... Okay :o

  • Blake McBride
    Blake McBride


  • Flamebros. Music and gaming
    Flamebros. Music and gaming

    Me:walks Media:that's a hate symbol Also me: Nani?

  • Dominic Lombardi
    Dominic Lombardi

    Omfg I never heard about 👌🏼being a hate symbol wtf

  • Krampus

    White Supremacists use the Okay sign to dogwhistle, but that doesn't mean any one who uses it is a white supremacist. I don't understand how anyone doesn't get this.

    • Notyours Biznez
      Notyours Biznez

      Krampus it’s a mess. Trolls, genuine ws, dishonest media. It’s just gonna get worse till Jesus comes back.

  • NaomiMagus

    Me: signs F in American Sign Language Boomer: WHITE SUPREMACIST

  • Alex OConnor
    Alex OConnor

    Me: sees all of the people doing the ok sign and calling it a hate sign* Also me: Send them to the f**king moon Someone: we're out of suits Me: good

  • Chibi

    I thought this was a joke video until pewdiepie showed up

  • MattTheWaffleCat

    now the media is trying to paint "ok boomer" as the new n word

  • Viktor TheGuy
    Viktor TheGuy

    I have to say, I really enjoyed this format, I hope to see such videos again sometimes.

  • The Mighty British Empire
    The Mighty British Empire

    Don't mind me just coloniseing this comment section

  • pizzaguy

    The ok sign is also the sign made by a referee in basketball to signal that a made basket was behind the 3 point line and counts for 3 points and it also just means the number fucking 3 like it means a lot of things lol. But I guess no more 3s from now on

  • Abdega

    6:45 demonize other people *B L U E C H E C K M A R K*

  • Ryan Harkin
    Ryan Harkin

    Dude apple is a white supremisist look 👌🏼

  • *-WaffleCake04-*

    Yikes. I loved using the ok hand sign. :c

  • Nemesis

    Lets make the ADL a hate symbol

  • d.j Harden
    d.j Harden

    Astute observations. Social engineering at its finest. God help us.

  • Freddo Castro
    Freddo Castro


  • zeldagurlfan1

    Pepe was on 4chan from 2006......

  • zeldagurlfan1

    Pepe was on 4chan from 2006......

  • Moyses Nessim
    Moyses Nessim


  • milo robin
    milo robin

    Love this new anime

  • AwwwhYyyyeah

    its a symbol. and they hate it. lmfao. BROFIESTA

  • The 72nd Assassin
    The 72nd Assassin

    'the ok symbol is not the ok symbol' just listen to what you just said there bud.

  • CS TV
    CS TV

    Now what is John Cena gonna do?!

  • Jamesminicooper

    I think this vid is *ok*

  • buddy camp
    buddy camp


  • Kendrah Whyte
    Kendrah Whyte

    Pewds I never received that I-phone I was promised.

  • buddy camp
    buddy camp

    PewDiePie for Trump

  • Toby Rens
    Toby Rens

    Well i did the ok symbol on my class picture, am i in trouble now?

  • Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald
    Sarah-Jayne Mcdonald

    I always thought the OK sign was 666.