Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer
The saga will end, the story lives forever. Watch the final trailer for #StarWars: #TheRiseOfSkywalker in theaters December 20. Get your tickets now:

  • Giticomi

    I consider this 3 movies noncanon.

  • 한 국 어Marcus
    한 국 어Marcus

    Please no Disney+ promotions....

  • Lance Dooley
    Lance Dooley

    Another feminist movie and forced diversity.

  • Kaito

    So hyped

  • Lior D
    Lior D

    Who's here have hype?

  • Javier Alexandro
    Javier Alexandro

    No me esperó nada, solo no me decepcionen:(

  • Villamor78

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: How to bleed your brakes by yourself using an empty Gatorade bottle, A Star Wars Story.

  • al amin
    al amin

    Is this will be the last movie of star wars?

  • Saikat Chatterjee
    Saikat Chatterjee

    Why is Ray's mouth always open like a Guppy?

  • King Meed Spin
    King Meed Spin

    finally a star wars movie that made wanna watch it

  • InFeSs

    I beg You. Just do Old Republic times. SO many amazing characters, possibilities about stories. C'mon Lucas. DO IT.

  • xvitasx

    I've had some bad breakups but nothing hurts as bad as seeing Starwars be ruined.. this is complete trash :'(

  • Shi Gao
    Shi Gao

    When will they reboot Star Wars 7-9 ?

  • Paul

    2019: The saga ends 2020: Dew It: A Star Wars Story

  • Adam Carloni
    Adam Carloni

    Disney: Let's bring Palpatine back to milk the last ounce of spare change we can from the original, and now frustrated, fanbase. Fans: Not interested. Opinion: When the 'star' of Star Wars (Luke) died, as did people's interest. No one can relate to a Mary Sue character (Rey). Good visual and sound effects, with big corporation marketing ploys, will only go so far without an original script.

  • HK10

    Anyone else thought the girls name was Riley Reids

  • Andy Cervantes
    Andy Cervantes

    So this is how it ends with woke thunderus applause

  • CrazyJesse

    This looks like it’s going to be better than the last Jedi

  • 0lley

    Disney you ruined Star Wars

  • Davi Schachnik
    Davi Schachnik

    2019: the saga ends 2020: sand: a star wars story

  • Christian Dote
    Christian Dote

    Why does the beginning music sound like the trailer on the first IT

  • James Nagle
    James Nagle

    Disney: endless ideas from the stories written after the prequels. Disney: screw that lets do nothing original.

  • GotizeDB

    When it said the Saga will end but the story will live forever really got me, Star wars is such a huge thing and has been for many years, this movie better send the saga off well, And i know there is an Obi-wan series coming but i still think this one should have a good ending.

  • Joseph Sada
    Joseph Sada

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: It’s Still Not Ogre - A Star Wars story

  • DeadsetFor

    Pls somebody tell me who reys parents ?

    • Dew It
      Dew It

      Palpatine is her grandfather

  • Chronos Chris
    Chronos Chris

    Star Wars: The Rise Of Mary Suewalker

  • SimonPlayz

    2019: the saga ends 2020: the saga starts: a Star Wars story

  • Charles Dempsey
    Charles Dempsey

    1977-2018: Star Wars 2019: Horses exist now

  • SMEY Tickles
    SMEY Tickles

    Anyone notice how in betwen 0:35 and 0:36 the ship clips right through that tree?

  • Nikolai Bird
    Nikolai Bird

    You have to admire Disney for being able to make money. Shame about the story though.

  • wraithette01

    I have a bad feeling about this....

  • Adib TxC
    Adib TxC

    When you dont see anything at 0:54 but you can see EMPEROR PALPATINE at the subtitle

  • Hansyzza

    1:46 they got horses Or something that looks like horses

  • Cole Roberson
    Cole Roberson

    Disney: Make more Star Wars movies Lucasfilm: I shouldn’t Disney: DO IT!!!

  • Gilbert Banks
    Gilbert Banks

    I ❤️ Star Wars Forever! This last episode is going to be epic! ⭐

  • Navid Pey
    Navid Pey

    1:49 Vader???

  • Allen Evans
    Allen Evans


  • Deltic_RBLX - Roblox & transport
    Deltic_RBLX - Roblox & transport

    2019 : the saga ends 2020 : Finding the power converter : A star wars story

  • Proest Default
    Proest Default

    “No ones really gone” 2020: Star Wars Episode 10: C3PO returns

  • Michael Lyngholm
    Michael Lyngholm

    God bless princess Laie not a general to me god bless you always

  • Menacing Sheen!
    Menacing Sheen!

    Disney: this is the final film Disney in 2025: Cody: a Star Wars story

  • Joey Adcock
    Joey Adcock

    I hope at the very end of this movie after the credits , Luke wakes up right before episode 4 and realises the last 3 movies werea bad dream Edit :. Seen a comment that summoned it up perfect Still have a no clue what this trilogy is about , they're just movies for the sake of bring movies

  • tury 5O8
    tury 5O8

    i really wished that star killers ship would have been in the spaceship scene i mean if rebels got a appearance why not star killer im not joking ezera is nothing compared to starkiller in the force

  • Shawn

    Sad to see so many thumps up

  • Michael Lyngholm
    Michael Lyngholm

    They need a jedi to lead them no matter the cost!

  • ann Craig
    ann Craig


  • Bernardo Reyes
    Bernardo Reyes

    2019: the saga ends 2020: “Ok boomer” a Star Wars story

  • Tally

    why stop when its a cash cow??? lies

  • SpetZemas

    Ok honest opinion: I’m worried. Rian Johnson messes up really big with the last Jedi. He took everything JJ Abrahams worked for and threw it away and instead choose to go a whole new direction and obviously you can’t do that because it breaks the rules of basic story writing. I really don’t know if they are going to be able to recover and make this movie good now that all major conflicts and problems have been thrown away. It’s so sad that this series gets so much hate these days but I can see where those people are coming from.

  • Xejerym

    The only powerful thing about this saga is the music composition.

  • hash force
    hash force

    Why did Lukes Light Saber call for Rey ? She is the Daughter of...

  • hash force
    hash force

    The Animation Has Come Along way in 42 Years . Watching New Hope and the CGI Waves . Its all just breath taking . We all have different reasons for watching Star Wars . I loved the prequels for the CGI - wish for More

  • spooky geeses
    spooky geeses


  • hash force
    hash force

    We are Happy to See the Return of Palpatine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C-Rags

    2019: The Saga Ends 2020: "I HATE YOU!" A Star Wars Story

  • beyerch

    Someone get C3PO a USB stick so he can perform a system backup......

  • Eduardo Mendoza
    Eduardo Mendoza

    We need... Delta 38: A Star Wars Story

  • Howie

    I'm not giving a dime or any kind of 💰 to see this movie.

    • hash force
      hash force

      Cant wait ! im excited

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin

    The end of the Saga Has Begun.

  • Rizky Arifin
    Rizky Arifin

    2019: Saga Ends 2020: (Title) a Star Wars Story???

    • SpetZemas

      Well it might be the end of the Skywalker saga but they are probably going to find ways to make new Star Wars movies. Like maybe set during the old republic. Now that is something I personally want to see