Sheer Qorma | Official Film Trailer
Sheer Qorma | Official Trailer
Starring Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta, Swara Bhasker
Written & Directed by Faraz Arif Ansari
Produced by Marijke deSouza
Co-Produced by Keshav Suri, Lotus Visual Productions, Darya's Mirror & Rajesh Parwatkar
A Futterwacken Films Productions
Coming Soon to a Film Festival Near You
Instagram & Facebook: @SheerQorma.TheFilm #SheerQorma

  • Angel

    I actually cried for a full five minutes after seeing this. I'm a lesbian and to see my community being represented like this from my home country is so beautiful, especially to see that there is a non-binary character because non-binary folks are barely ever represented in media. Hats off to every single person who is involved in the film, you have my forever gratitude

  • Noor Hatem
    Noor Hatem

    When the movie will be released and can be viewed..؟

  • Tushar Shukla
    Tushar Shukla

    Please😫🙏🙏💓 full movie.uploed

  • The Wander
    The Wander

    Brought tears to my eyes ant wait.🏳️‍🌈

  • Rasmi Khan
    Rasmi Khan

    Very nice 👌❤️

  • Zafar Sadik
    Zafar Sadik

    Agar mohabbat Gunah nehi,,,Her umar main,her gender main, her rishta main zayej hain to Incest ko lekar koi film bollywood kyon naihn banati,,,Tab kuch log bolenge nahin beta Incest zayej nahin hain,,, Social aur God duno ko manjur nahin hain,,, har dharam ki god ko to homosexuality ko taboo kaha,,,dharam ki khilaf kaha tab Special kuch social logo ne nahin mana,,,khudrat ki niyom ko torke yeh chijko zayej banaya,,, aplogo ne America,,, Italy,,,Spain,,France,,,japan unka copy kiya aur nam de diya pyar ka,,,Pyar mein sab zayej Hain to incest bhi india main zayej kardo

    • Adnup Attum
      Adnup Attum

      samajh gaye, tujhe incest pasand hai

  • Afsar Abir
    Afsar Abir

    🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮ইসলাম পুরণাংগ জীবন বিধান।ছবিটা অনেক বিচ্ছিরি

  • Tejinder Singh
    Tejinder Singh


  • Rima Khullar
    Rima Khullar

    Looks like a great film. Cant wait to see it x

  • Uma

    What a beautiful trailer eagerly awaiting to watching this movie

  • seher azmi
    seher azmi

    so excited :D

  • Mirza Sarkar
    Mirza Sarkar

    This is against law of nature...Why didn't God create Adam and John or Rose and Eve.....he created Adam & Eve specifically....this movie is shit...and must be banned....Going by today's trend incest & paedophilia will be normalised in few years....Sick people who say love is love... Tomorrow they'll say I love my dog/cat....These crazy people need treatment...not support.

  • ahmad khan
    ahmad khan

    After fire , now again Muslim lesbian story . LGBT live long 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎉🎁🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎄🎄🎄

  • saikrishna siripuram
    saikrishna siripuram

    Oh fck again please Yaar this change shud come within their family common guys please don't rub this things. Do swara agree to have Same sex relationship? Stop this non sense.

  • Shabnam Bano
    Shabnam Bano

    One more effort to tell this Indian society that love is beyond gender... Hope for the best response towards LGBT....I'm also a soldier of this fight. ♥ 😘


    I m biological female and identifies as non binary,...thank you so much for highligt our identities, never expected 😭♥️

  • dave smith
    dave smith


  • Nefeli Louka
    Nefeli Louka



    Thank you. Just....thank you.

  • Fatima Ch Fatima Ch
    Fatima Ch Fatima Ch

    Waoooo nice

  • Athirah Auji
    Athirah Auji

    I'm a Muslim nb who is currently dating my gf and I cried during this trailer. I hope my parents could accept me but not now, it isn't safe yet. I hope my gf knows she's absolutely worthy of being with me and if we have to wait millions of years to finally be together forever, I will fight for it. Thank you sm for making this film❤❤

    • S S
      S S

      Prophet Muhammad you have enjoyed all kind sex adventure during stone age whats problem when muslims can marry child girl and keep four wife and many sex slave in name of allah which you started you are proud of muslims sexual adventures

    • Yasmeen Ansari
      Yasmeen Ansari

      @Prophet Muhammad Yes

    • Athirah Auji
      Athirah Auji

      @Prophet Muhammad Thank u❤ (also ur username made me smile)

    • Prophet Muhammad
      Prophet Muhammad

      All the best sister. Allah is with you❤️

    • Yasmeen Ansari
      Yasmeen Ansari

      @Safrt Frwsh yes 😔😔

  • The Faizer
    The Faizer

    I identify as non binary. USe the pronouns them, theirs, they....... Jordan Peterson wants to know your location.

  • shilpiraj garewal
    shilpiraj garewal

    Ye kB ayga market mein

  • aziz Ali
    aziz Ali


  • Smiley Rakeshh P.
    Smiley Rakeshh P.

    Movie के trailers TV pe air होंगे? Multiplex me आएंगे??

  • Diyaah Mimi
    Diyaah Mimi

    Pls i want to full movie

  • Brain Justin
    Brain Justin

    Wow this was needed thanks for unloading

  • Bhupendra tomar
    Bhupendra tomar

    शाबाश ऐसी ही फ़िल्में बनाओ ! कम से कम मौलानाओं को फतवे जारी करने का मौका तो दो ! बेरोजगार हो गए हैं !

  • Munna dev
    Munna dev

    Waiting for this movie..

  • Rishi bhatia
    Rishi bhatia

    Swara bhasker kashmiri pandito ko baat nahi karti ? kyu baap chutiya tha kya uska ? haa chutiya baap tha uska

  • Rishi bhatia
    Rishi bhatia

    Bhen ki lodi swara bhasker

  • irfan9828


  • MR々COOL 72
    MR々COOL 72

    I think i m the only one who is commenting (disliker) like my comment if u oppose it

  • Robin

    Looking forward to this film. Love this kind of non mainstream art n live. Keep up the good work. 👍

  • tannya

    Where to watch this ? Plz bring an uncut version on some ott

  • Gajanan Bolkankar
    Gajanan Bolkankar


  • still_here

    Loved this, except for the nonbinary pronoun part. Lets not confuse this...these are two women in love. Lets please just have that for once.

  • sazid

    disliked the video, why do you need to show muslim characters? why didnt you choose Hindu, Christian, Buddhist characters side by side? just to make a controversy in islam and again target Muslims for this type of bullshit

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh

    Sheer Qurma cooked on "Fire." Earlier Surekha Seekri was going to play the mother.

  • Rajiv Tyagi
    Rajiv Tyagi

    can't wait.. can anyone please tell when will this movie hit the screens ?

  • Farheen Darwesh
    Farheen Darwesh

    WOW! These are the kind of films we need. With a proper representation of characters, instead of the joke that Bollywood makes of same-sex couples and of course, the prevalent use of homophobia for cheap laughs. I can't wait to watch it! Kudos to the entire cast & crew! :)

    • Mayank Dixit
      Mayank Dixit

      But homosexuality is haraam in islam????

  • mouli

    these are the kind of films india needs

  • Manita Chettri
    Manita Chettri

    So fucking excited for this!

  • Borna Himu
    Borna Himu

    Just feel a cry

  • Lais Sabry
    Lais Sabry

    Maaaki choot Gand bhargi bollywood waloo ki chutiyee saale Homosexually and lesbians are Haram on islam ....Nikal Lodee Nikal phale fursat mai nikal...! lodi Saliee...! director faraz Dozak mai jaa...!

  • g sun
    g sun

    in tears

  • neo got my uwu
    neo got my uwu


  • Mandar .M.M.
    Mandar .M.M.

    Hope the movie gets a big release and box-office success in atleast the cineplexes of urban India.

  • Samuel Mathew
    Samuel Mathew

    God Bless this movie! We need to see more of these in our cinemas!❤

  • Yashi Shukla
    Yashi Shukla

    In muslim culture same sex marriage is haram Good that they slapped this muslim stereotype hard

  • Kefkaownsall

    Lesbian Muslims flirting: you want to hold hands during salat jk unless

  • Nusrat Faras
    Nusrat Faras

    No one knows that what happened to prophet Loot swt's followers, when they commited sin like this, Google it and try to find out Qissa e Loot qaum

  • Maria Ansari
    Maria Ansari

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Amit Makwana
    Amit Makwana

    Boycott swara bhaskar.she is one of the culprit of delhi riots loss of our muslim Hindu brothers for her speech without having any knowledge.She has only done this for being in limelight as she is flop artist in Bollywood.i m working in film industry so I know everybody & I m proud be an Indian muslim.

    • tannya

      If u r a muslim why using fake name

  • Jason Borne
    Jason Borne

    See i was exicted to see some lesbians pussy licking but i am disappointed

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar


  • Rajkumar Chavan
    Rajkumar Chavan

    All the Best for your super creative work. I request everyone to understand all human beings irrespective of the gender

  • p s
    p s

    It's such a dull trailer

  • Abdallah Bin Saleem
    Abdallah Bin Saleem

    Is this the official trailer?

  • asad khan
    asad khan


    • tannya

      Allah is fictional not real

  • Anshul Dedha
    Anshul Dedha

    I really like the beautiful way they portray the love.. Eventually it's love ❤️


    When is realising date ..?

  • Vivek 2020
    Vivek 2020

    Hahaha all the ANTI CAA protesters will be against swara now.. you know what i mean

  • pankaj verma
    pankaj verma

    समाज को बस यही दिखाओ..... कभी उंगली करना तो कभी दूसरे के उंगली करना। थू

  • wannabe 4590
    wannabe 4590

    My heart just leaped out .... And those glimpses of the Sisak track.... mesmerizing trailer... watching and re-watching again!!!

  • Shajeeda Ahmed
    Shajeeda Ahmed

    Beautiful...... I was simply recovering from the mesmerizing beauty of the film "Blue is the warmest color".... But I'm again drowned in the simplicity of the movie..... after Sheer Qorma i'm planning to watch RAFIKI a film from Kenya, which was banned their just for showcasing a beautiful love story of a forbidden love.... Let's just stop addressing people as "lesbians or gays." It's just a preference, a preference to love, to share a life with someone and it's not just a sexual preference...... I think it's high time when we should stop addressing them as LGBTQ or homosexuals...... It feels so demonizing when we say "homosexuals" as if it is some kind of species meant to be kept in a Lab/ botanical garden...... Why do we need a vocabulary for people who are in a forbidden love ???? Just... let them be who they are and just ACCEPT them as the they are.......

  • Ri Ri
    Ri Ri

    As an Ally to LGBTQ+ I just want to say I love and appreciate you all. Love is love. Love is not a sin.🌈

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar

    This is a disease and not love........ Kindly visit psychiatric.......

  • shilpiraj garewal
    shilpiraj garewal

    Background music is awesome,please do share.

  • Moin

    My life my choice....mtlb jahan mrzi aaye wahan gaand mraao

  • Firdous Parveen Jhansi GIO
    Firdous Parveen Jhansi GIO

    What is this.. musalmano ko kitna bigaadne ki koshish ki ja rhi.. humare quran me homosexuality ko bhuutttt bada Gunah kaha gaya hai.. ek poori ki poori qaum ko Allah ne tabah kar diya tha qki wo homosexuality me indulge the.. kahani nai sach hai ye, jakar dead sea dekh lo.. usi basti lar azab aya tha jisse dead sea ban gaya.. Muhabbat gunah nai magar Aisi muhabbat Gunah hai, bbut bada gunahh.. please muslims isey appreciate na karen..

  • Rk Singh
    Rk Singh

    Buri Tarah pitegi ye movie kiyon ki iss me swara randi hai swara tu bhosdi wali pakistan se itna pyaar hai to pakistan kiyon nai jaati tu bhadwi

  • A STUDIO 5
    A STUDIO 5

    Lgbt aisa kuch v nehi h sirf jism ka nasha h mere hisab se mai nehi manta LGBT ko... k agr koi lesbian ya gay h to kudrat se h aisa nehi h sb phle ki jamane mai v hota h aur wo sb jism k liye krte the aj v wahi h syd Vrna khuda ne jis tarah se logo ko banaya h ladka ladki aur ek ladka aur ladki ka hi rishta jo khubsurat rishta h ussi se sbkuch hota h ..dunia mai insan ka surat v ek admi aur aurat se huyi na ki gay aur lesbian se ...

  • Sanjay Gupta
    Sanjay Gupta

    Sali Pakistan chalija

  • shoHan Official
    shoHan Official

    Fucking trailer! India always watch to low musilm, bt why man. Musulman ne toh kabhi aapko chota nihi kiye bt aap log aisa keu karte hoo 😭

  • Shatadal

    Couldn't there have been a development of another term for non binary people? Using 'they' is very confusing as it already has a meaning to it which have been taught to us. Why can't all of us go by 'he' and 'she' and still identify as non binary if we want to? Let 'he' and 'she' be the indication of which set of reproductive organs we have attached to our body at birth. We gotta simplify this, not complicate this....

  • Rahul vinal Narayan
    Rahul vinal Narayan

    Wow a another masterpiece by this Director

  • job sure
    job sure

    Ye bachho ko bigadne wali film hai

  • shashank sharma
    shashank sharma

    Boycott Chappak / Thappad / SheerKorma

  • Pravin M.
    Pravin M.

    I think all leftist in one movie...... Who thinks same?