Shakira & J. Lo's FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show
Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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    • Jhoana Ocampo
      Jhoana Ocampo

      @_11200415_ t

    • loves2 loom
      loves2 loom

      Luis goliat 😱😱

    • loves2 loom
      loves2 loom

      Grettel G Seria buena idea y asi demostramos el poder que tiene Shakira

    • Cenderella Cenderella
      Cenderella Cenderella

      Latinos presente en el Súper Bowl 2020💃🕺🏻👯‍♂️

    • Fabián Méndez
      Fabián Méndez

  • wasabia yo
    wasabia yo

    Nobody: Shakira: 5:29

  • David Quintero
    David Quintero


  • YASKME007

    Quite a good piece in such a long long time! Haters gonna hate

  • Lyla Zander-Lane
    Lyla Zander-Lane

    These ladies KILLED IT. Hands down hottest and absolute best halftime show ever!

  • Ivana Getace
    Ivana Getace


  • yulieth Rodriguez
    yulieth Rodriguez

    Sencillamente espectacular

  • Fausto JK
    Fausto JK

    Is it normal to see this twice everyday HAHAHAHHAA

  • E C
    E C

    I need this in Spotify

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson

    Wow, salsa dancers who can also play horns, they must have been a hard find. LOL

  • Lisa Miller
    Lisa Miller

    I loved the whole performance they integrated several cultures together . and people are right the Latino culture dance style is the most honest and beautiful style putting your heart and soul in to dance to tell a story . And if people didn't like the show then turn the channel no one made you watch it there are fare more TV shows out there that these days that show 100 times worse things then a authentic cultural dance . And for all the God fearing bible people ( it's called free will to not watch or let your children watch ) and if you think your children or members of your congregation are not watching far worse else were then you my friend are blind to the world . there is a proud history of cultural dace around the world and if this half time show offends you then maybe you should never travel from your time capsule of a town . I"m not Latino but i have respect for there culture and so should you .

  • Laura Noelia Moyano
    Laura Noelia Moyano

    me encanta

  • Mari Alexandra
    Mari Alexandra

    Omg solo vengo a decir que Shakira tiene una fan base super grande, hay muchos comentarios de sus fans.

  • Avocado with toast
    Avocado with toast

    Vivan los latinos!!!!!!!!!

  • tito jackson
    tito jackson

    I want to be the guy that grabs j los ...

  • Aeria Cross
    Aeria Cross

    Someone said there was a mistake with JLo’s performance because of a dancer. Anyone mind pointing it out? Cause I can’t see it

  • Man I Can
    Man I Can

    Im not sure what just happened

  • Rubin Krakow
    Rubin Krakow

    We take over the world! #latinomovement hehe

  • Christine Thornton
    Christine Thornton

    Great Show Shakira Im like!!!! Go girl!

  • Christine Thornton
    Christine Thornton

    Great Show Great Show Go Jenny Go Jenny yall talented Yall Go!!!

  • aaednnrf


  • Da Fonse
    Da Fonse

    All talks about the show but no one mentions how Eddie Guerrero's name was mentioned in one of the songs, the man, even after death, is still a legend, que viva la raza.

  • ThePrincx

    That is not’s Kelbo

  • Jen C
    Jen C

    Surprisingly JLo was more innapropriate than Shakira. I think the Shakira portion was fine, but JLO was a little too skanky for a family event. I thought it would be the other way around and its nothing to be proud of.

  • RBIG

    STREAM | BUY *STUPID LOVE* by *LADY GAGA* on Friday Midnight ET | Feb 28

  • You Farted Bitch
    You Farted Bitch

    There's some crazy ass conspiracy theorists that are making up videos on SEsoft hating and saying that this was Halftime was satanic. A bunch of crazy retard* with no lives or culture

  • Aleia Clemons
    Aleia Clemons

    Loved this!

  • ClaudiaBon

    Jlo got it 👏👏👏

  • Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi
    Arsene Di Nzau Mbudi

    Shakira is the only singer I know that you hear her accent when she sings. Have you ever noticed like when British singers sing you cant hear the accent or French it's weird that happens sometimes

  • RachLyna

    I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

  • Ayu Puspa
    Ayu Puspa

    Whats all the song ??

  • ClaudiaBon


  • Ashton Suane Almocera
    Ashton Suane Almocera

    Guys On February 27, 2020 Taylor Swift will release The Man Music Video let us stream it everyone💖 Let us celebrate Equality and women empowerment with this Bop💖 Please Help us stream. Love From Swifties.❤️ Please Help Spread the News💖

  • Charlie Villagrana
    Charlie Villagrana

    Bravo!! Latinas!! 🥰👏

  • ClaudiaBon


  • Helena Judge
    Helena Judge

    I don’t know who told J Lo that she could sing but they did her and the whole world a great injustice! She sounds just like my cat when I accidentally stood on his tail. On the other hand, Shakira is a very talented artist. She sounds and looks fantastic!

  • takingbacksunday913

    Watched this to see why people are upset. All I got from it was Shakira is an amazing performer.

  • facts medina
    facts medina

    The people complaining bout this really mad cause its Spanish driven and these people rather have Garth Brooks instead of the electrifying performance them beautiful talented woman did salute to them aids needle to the people hating

  • ClaudiaBon

    Waka waka Eh eh 😊

  • dana jaramillo
    dana jaramillo

    This was sooo good. I watch it every morning when i feel tired and puts me in a good mood.

  • underratedhypechannel

    They complaint don’t have time for peeing because of the show.

  • ClaudiaBon

    Thailand is ALREADY dancing CHAMPETA😉❤️

  • ClaudiaBon


  • Bangswift

    Were are all the racist people that complaint?

  • riptorn

    Se me antoja darle un besote.

  • ClaudiaBon

    Jlo and Shak queens of superbowl👏👏👏👏.. Please repeat‼️💓

  • Rian Hanrian
    Rian Hanrian

    Love Shakira and JLo...

  • Ratunda Hawkins
    Ratunda Hawkins

    Awesome! The folk that is complaining so much, maybe you should have taken your children out of the room for the so called adult show! It is what is shown on tv and the airwaves today. I have issues with all the changes we are expected to deal with, but I have to either ignore or conform. Raise your children however you like, but once they leave your home and get with their peers out there its a wrap.

  • Kevin Stanford
    Kevin Stanford

    Really???🤔 So nobody's gonna say it???...🤦🏾‍♂️guess I'll have to...(clears throat) uh umm um 🗣 GENITAL WARTS #FamilyGuy

  • Jiga

    Now how are they gonna top this next year 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ClaudiaBon


  • Lou Contino
    Lou Contino

    I didn't watch this on Super Bowl Sunday. But now that I hear all this hoopla about it, I got curious just to see how far they actually went. Well, I can't tell you though, cause after the rip of Kashmir at the 1:54 mark...I bailed. Jeez Louise, write your own material.

  • Angie yuliana viafara
    Angie yuliana viafara

    Definitivamente si iré a un concierto de Shakira algún día.

  • ClaudiaBon


  • Malisha Fuller
    Malisha Fuller

    What happened to modesty?

  • ClaudiaBon

    🇵🇷 Is Latino Gang 😎💓

  • Casila Adela dumo
    Casila Adela dumo

    Is that jlo daughter???

  • ClaudiaBon

    🇦 🇲 🇦 🇿 🇮 🇳 🇬 🇱 🇮 🇻 🇪 🇸 🇭 🇴 🇼 🇪 🇻 🇪 🇪 🇪 🇪 🇷 💯💯💯

  • Leslie Sanderson
    Leslie Sanderson

    Disgusting Performance, unless your at a strip club.

  • ClaudiaBon