Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max!
Full comparison of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max, including camera, battery, specs, features, and price! Giveaway link:
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  • jaymac3113

    IPhone fan boy.

  • jggroupon

    I watched many reviews, yours is the only one that gave me the info that I actually needed! Thank you keep up the good work 👍👍

  • sobat singh
    sobat singh

    Full display and nice design

  • Cyrus Celis
    Cyrus Celis

    for me the samsung s20 ultra is better than the iphone 11 pro max

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez

    Wait for the iPhone 12 then compare them

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! iPhone hasnt made a phone yet that can withstand any kind of drop test. Let alone built better than Samsung Galaxy phone. Not gonna happen. Never gonna happen! I dont understand why people keep trying to compare iPhone to Samsung. Just stop, there is no but, Samsung is better in every way .!!!!

  • محمد نساج
    محمد نساج


  • 짱지우지우지우

    노치가 너무 싫어서 ㅠㅠ 이전쓰던 6s로 돌아갔다.. 삼성z사고싶어ㅠ

  • naderabegum ruma
    naderabegum ruma

    TF 9:37

  • Debajit Adhikary
    Debajit Adhikary

    Kool review. Here is the details

  • Joseph Buchanan
    Joseph Buchanan

    Well with the 5G you're going to have to wait about another 5 years before it's available everywhere. so dropping loads of cash into a phone that has 5G capability and you're not in an area that has 5G that's just money wasted in my opinion. Also that doesn't sound like your real voice.

  • Daily_Smoker

    I have been dreaming of a new phone for so long, and I love your videos! I hope I will get that S20 beast :D

  • Jessie Sarabusing
    Jessie Sarabusing

    My dream to have one before but whenever i tried to save money for it samsung release new one hahaha hope to have one hahahaha

  • 【Hirotara】

    It's gonna be the S20 Ultra for me.

  • enforcing rules
    enforcing rules

    i love nokia old mobile 3310 😊

  • Ashish Chaudhary
    Ashish Chaudhary

    Excited for the giveaway I have completed every entry

  • Shadow hound
    Shadow hound

    Dude Apple breaks.

  • Chandan Gupta
    Chandan Gupta

    Very very nice smartphone Samsung S20 Ulta

  • Wilfred Mayor
    Wilfred Mayor

    Galaxy S20 has no headphone jack but has usb c earphones... Imma go with that rather than nothing...

  • Clarence Salabao
    Clarence Salabao

    ughh.. Im so sick of S20 lineups but have no money😥😍just doing things with my borrowed oppo 1201 in my studies😊

  • realtrap

    You will get games earlier on the iPhone Android bricks:Hold my Beta and Apks

  • TechDove

    Arun, the S20 Ultra is in fact stainless steel as well. There's just less physical frame, that is likely the weight disparity

  • Larry Blackburn
    Larry Blackburn

    Bullshit.....#Samsungkights #S20Ultra

  • couch ?
    couch ?

    Ok you have to pay for a faster charger on the samsung, like if iPhone hasn't been doing that for years

  • Nook Nook
    Nook Nook

    Am i the only one who liked the curves

  • Dina Galal
    Dina Galal

    Phone cameras are getting crazy!

  • Vincent Paula
    Vincent Paula

    In my humble opinion, Samsung makes amazing phones. The problem with Samsung phones I’ve concluded is Android. If they owned more of the operating system I believe it would run smoother...LONGER. What happened to Tizen?

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub

    I think that despite the spectacular specs of the Ultra, Apple will not be impacted by this device. The scary proposition is that if Apple wants too they could launch the next iPhone with slight bumps in specs and overtake the Ultra. If they went 8GB of RAM with a minimum 128GB offering, 120Hz refresh, USB-C and ditch the notch with an ultrasonic fingerprint reader, we are no longer talking about this phone anymore. 5G is great, but low-band 5G is just faster 4G and 5G mil-wave will take forever before it becomes significant. With Apple's marketing, following and past incremental upgrades a slightly better spec bump will crush Samsung and any other Android manufacturer. This is coming from an Android purest. I love Samsung and the Android platform. But until Google and/or Samsung gets better at educating consumers thru marketing of the benefits of the platform and its features, it will only be the tech junkies buying these devices. That isn't the majority of the consumer base.

  • Reden Viernes
    Reden Viernes

    Woah phone for nuts 🤩

  • Mark Dominguez
    Mark Dominguez

    I want the s20 ultra

  • jimbo
    jimbo least i can now afford an s6😂😂😂😂😂

  • Senitas Pentagon USA
    Senitas Pentagon USA

    Who else noticed Arun’s eyes in the thumbnail?

  • spike378

    iphone weight feel premium? They basically same weight

  • Cristian Bugtong
    Cristian Bugtong

    samsung is always better

  • TheBassAckwards

    You have to lower the resolution on the s20 to get 120hz

  • Mohammad Ghazi Naeem
    Mohammad Ghazi Naeem

    I love to have this Gift by you arun, I gonna be mad if i won this amazingly amazing best phone. Finger cross, best of best phone till now

  • Ascope 6969
    Ascope 6969

    Very impressive

  • Sweet Jejoo
    Sweet Jejoo

    2.4k iphone supporters who disliked have changed there side

  • Ben The Ripper
    Ben The Ripper

    The thumbnail looked like Labib from FBE

  • Eahsan Fahim
    Eahsan Fahim

    I Entered The Giveway.. Now Hope 😑

  • David Tran Media
    David Tran Media

    Samsung for life I got the ultra pre order

  • Inconsistent Gaming
    Inconsistent Gaming

    I just wish there was a middle ground for the display, hopefully they give us a 90Hz option in the future.

  • Jason Dranoff
    Jason Dranoff

    I must of watched 15 videos on the Ultra and you by far are the best. You speak about things I care about such as the haptic engine, materials used such as the upgraded aluminum on the sides etc...And just your overall flow of the video is top notch.

  • Ribon Patil
    Ribon Patil

    PlllzZZZ...... DUDE send me your gi ve away plsz , PLZZZ

  • Martin Clay
    Martin Clay

    Samsung to Apple: " Now darkness, the tables have turned! "

  • sohel khan
    sohel khan

    gelexy s ultra givaway

  • jon mar
    jon mar

    Let's keep this simple. People only have iPhones cuz it days Apple. Samsung has been better for quite some time

  • Khavish Soobah
    Khavish Soobah

    Samsung: Now you know who the boss is!

  • good tap sugar
    good tap sugar

    I love this channel bcs l love flagship ship devices even though l don't have . Every one who enjoys himself here should pls subscribe to promote it channel

  • Beard Man Shifu
    Beard Man Shifu

    Man the s20 ultra is just insane. It's like Iron Man

  • smit patel
    smit patel

    Comment about Dex that is one of the great Feature . I use it every day

  • Philip Jumaa
    Philip Jumaa

    Just because you're an iPhone guy you don't have to say "buts" on every great Spec on Samsung. The S20 ultra is a beast...period! But😂

  • Live With Tech
    Live With Tech

    When it will be launched in Nepal S20 ultra

  • SZScold

    My pc has 8 gigs of ram.. it's a gaming pc.

  • Shaheed C181
    Shaheed C181

    Cute kittie

  • GinkGo Family
    GinkGo Family

    when u have no money to buy a new phone but still watches reviews about phones😐

  • Jun Aldeza
    Jun Aldeza

    iOs wins me over android... support upto 5 years, great ecosystem, very stable.

  • Jubayer chowdhury
    Jubayer chowdhury

    i love samsung


    I need one

  • Zki Gaming PH
    Zki Gaming PH

    SD865 is my dream chipset😍