Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Hands-On Camera Review
Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 living up to the hype? We take the phone around Seattle putting it through the wringer, from 108MP to 100x zoomies, we look over all the features Samsung boasted about. What do you think?
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  • Moment

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    • Flo Knödl
      Flo Knödl

      Hey guys! do you have plans to implement real log (like filmic pro) to the moment app in the near future?

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo

      I really want to give u 9999999 dislikes, this is not a test video. But 3 stupid guys vlogging and reacting to Samsung's new camera. Just show us all mode, dont talk to much, dont show us ur ugly face when u take fotos, show the phone display, not ur stupid face, damn!

    • Jivan Moulandi
      Jivan Moulandi

      got the new case for the S20+ together with the anamorphic lens however this last one it won't ship until the case get release and sent it together until April :/

    • kiosh

      i own a note 10 +... im debating: fold vs s20 ultra, what do you recommend?

    • hubdarali masoomi5
      hubdarali masoomi5

      yeah but no money may be in 2025 😀😇

  • Sammy Judeh
    Sammy Judeh

    100x ...that's that spy camera. 😆

  • Nikolaj Lapkovskij
    Nikolaj Lapkovskij

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, could you make a video about: Are samsung galaxy s20 series, ESPECIALY s20 ultra, compatible with DJI osmo moble 3? Aren't they too big and heavy?


    Nice video. I also just released a camera zoom test of the S20 Ultra on my channel. Have a look for comparison 😊

  • booya850

    Which is better for film making, pixel 4 or s20 ultra?

  • Mint BLUE
    Mint BLUE

    Its kinda sad cause you went to apple

  • Ronald Pontuya
    Ronald Pontuya

    Hi, I am thinking of buyer your case and wide angle lens. Can you test the S20 Ultra with and without the Wide Angle lens and other lens please? Appreciate it!

  • Steven Tirado
    Steven Tirado

    Hi Guys! I hope you can review the S20 Ultra again with the new Camera update

  • iy A
    iy A

    I'd use the 100x at stadiums or concerts 🤔

  • Party Harty Kidz
    Party Harty Kidz

    How is the audio?

  • destardi

    Shave that mustache man...this isn't the 80's and you're not a porn star.

  • N VR
    N VR

    Hey Buddy, Thanks for the review, How do i record calls in samsung s20 ultra ?

  • SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack

    Man, I’m chopping at the bits to see you guys use your lenses on this beast!!!

  • Austin Adams
    Austin Adams

    The 100x zoom sounds fun to play with but I think I'm going with the s20 or s20+ because the ultra is huge and the regular s20 and s20+ are $200-$300 cheaper

    • Austin Adams
      Austin Adams

      Also they're supposedly fixing the focus issues via update but we'll see


    🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> 🔥🔥💙 👇👇🔥

  • Sonny Zamot
    Sonny Zamot

    Is there a video of the S20 Ultra with the moment lenses?

  • Merlin Aerials
    Merlin Aerials

    Plz guys show us a video with the Galaxy S20 Ultra zoom AND your Moment lele does it work together? In combination with the new momnt case for this phone?

  • Virgilio Hinojosa
    Virgilio Hinojosa

    Hey guys, all you videos are great but i was wondering if you are planning on doing a video with the galaxy s20 ultra and the lens you guys would be the most benefical to that phone?

    • Virgilio Hinojosa
      Virgilio Hinojosa

      @Music orner thnx for the info, I thought we were going to be able to use it in other lenses

    • Music orner
      Music orner

      Well i just found out that there is only one mounting point for moment lens on the S20 ultra which is their main cam, nothing on the wide and telephoto..

  • Subhasish Bhattacharya
    Subhasish Bhattacharya

    Great job

  • Tom Duff
    Tom Duff

    Why is the 100x being projected for photos. It will be used as a telescope... see things your eyes can’t see..

  • ValDrin Mehmeti
    ValDrin Mehmeti

    I mean 108 MP is all you need!

  • narco agen
    narco agen

    I wonder how amazing it is to attach a Moment Zoom Lens on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Maybe 200X zoom. Could you upload that video?

  • Craze Dhark
    Craze Dhark

    still thinking if I should get this or huawei mate 30 pro, any thoughts considering what's better camera?

  • Aldorino Adhisasmita
    Aldorino Adhisasmita

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a> It's not the AI thing. It's the large sensor of 108MP Take the part in. Same as FullFrame vs APS-C.

  • Tyler Dorsey
    Tyler Dorsey

    Only 1080p 😭😭

  • Seyit Ertürk
    Seyit Ertürk

    he looks like photography educated barney stinson

  • The Lava Lab
    The Lava Lab

    It's Space Zoom... Don't do the S20 Ultra and sell it short Calling it Super Zoom lol #LavaLab™

  • good night moon
    good night moon

    people in moment looks like a bunch of pop punk dudes who skates a lot

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    Watching on my 4K monitor, the 8K footage quality is nowhere near the IP11's 4K quality I own a N10+ and have watched a couple of iphone footages. Photo stills wise, I think it nailed it. Except when subjects move the slightest and become all blurry.

  • Alan Afeev
    Alan Afeev

    what kind of tripod in the video?

  • chris kim
    chris kim

    Why 100x? Possibly catch a glimpse of Donald trumps dickkkk? Even then, 100x may not be enough for that hahaha

  • kent vun
    kent vun

    what about low light? any sample on low light?

  • Stefan Morris
    Stefan Morris

    Is there gonna be any moment lenses or case for the ultra

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz

    I really want it but i cant justify the price..

  • Mustapha Riaz
    Mustapha Riaz

    Which moment lens do you recommend I get for the galaxy ultra?

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL

    Review? More like three cringy soy faces toying around with a smartphone

  • Bradley Smith
    Bradley Smith

    Catching pics of surfers from shore would be what I’d use it for

  • jared allen
    jared allen

    Next time do a night review

  • jared allen
    jared allen

    I love how they kept the click sounds from the keyboard when sliding thru the photos

  • Zaniel Delos reyes
    Zaniel Delos reyes

    I would use the 100x zoom just to play around with it

  • Charlotte Chicken
    Charlotte Chicken

    Tbh all the shots looks meh 😑

  • Hoomo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="254">4:14</a> What's your opinion on S20U's auto-focus?

  • David Bird
    David Bird

    I would use the 100x lens to see the Uruks taking the Hobbits to Isengard.

  • Ryan helgason
    Ryan helgason

    #moment Can you test using the dji gimble with the s20 ultra?!

  • Rod Gonzalez
    Rod Gonzalez

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="682">11:22</a> wrong if I ever saw alien

  • Pavel Malý
    Pavel Malý

    "It doesn't look like cell phone footage" *shows a very smartphone looking clip*

    • Charlotte Chicken
      Charlotte Chicken

      Pavel Malý exactly what I thought too

  • TrexAFK

    I would staire at girls with 100x zoom

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo

    U guys are unbelievable stupid

  • Shehroze Malik
    Shehroze Malik

    Where are The Live Focus/Portrait Mode Shots??

  • Deane Calvin
    Deane Calvin

    But what can it do with the moment app, moment lenses, low light / indoors, electronic stabilization off, perhaps on a gimbal? In other words, pushed to it's limits for cinematic video? Most phones are ok outdoors these days, but the ultra's main sensor is promising for low light. The question is, how promising? I've seen other reviewers try low light with it, but no one ever turns off the electronic stabilization, which ruins the quality.

  • S Lambert
    S Lambert

    perhaps spying on who knows, and perhaps security purpose. Checking which airplane is up there in the sky.

  • Jivan Moulandi
    Jivan Moulandi

    I've read a review that RAW photos are only 12 megapixels and photos in low light come up quite noisy...

  • Steven

    Gotta have it 🙂

  • Steven

    This is cool Check it out

  • Robert Sulejmanov
    Robert Sulejmanov

    That ending though :)

  • Fong Thao
    Fong Thao

    I cant go ultra, I need the aura blue

  • OFIO 10
    OFIO 10

    Zoom moon please hahaha

  • Darren Dyson
    Darren Dyson

    you know having a Google phone is its own experience when they don't even need all of the high numbers in the cameras because the software does it itself almost thought about breaking my Google 10-year phone movement but I think I'll wait for the pixel 5xl

  • Aztec Warrior6969
    Aztec Warrior6969

    100x.... zoom in on that ass

  • prajwal kumar
    prajwal kumar

    Now witness the end of an age🤘

  • Dareyn Taylor
    Dareyn Taylor

    For 100x I would use it for wildlife far away or far enough I can't sneak up on it

  • -Eduarth _Ab
    -Eduarth _Ab

    It would be great if you put a lens on the 108 megapixel camera and try it in low light

  • Te

    You probably scratched the default screen protector cover. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of white boys dont know what theyre doing.

  • Destieani Salma
    Destieani Salma

    Such a good phone🔥👍🏻

  • RileyBoss Boi
    RileyBoss Boi

    Where has this channel been all my life! This is probably one of the most in depth reviews for the s20 ultra camera :) Also just subscribed!!

  • Lennard Blake
    Lennard Blake

    I would've loved to see some macro shots taken with it, since that's what i mainly use my phone camera for. Definitely a great and informative video that was fun to watch though, especially since you guys obviously love what you're doing!

  • MrKobernyk89

    The same parking from Mr Robot??

  • Hamza Malik
    Hamza Malik

    So on the regular photo mode (not 108mp) is it using pixel binning or do you have to manually enable it.

  • Gsmove757 got one
    Gsmove757 got one

    🤷‍♂️why video only in 1080p

  • kurd stan
    kurd stan

    SAMSUNG galaxy s20 ultra ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rick Scicluna
    Rick Scicluna

    RIP iPhone again.

  • Jatin Malhotra
    Jatin Malhotra

    Best review

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar

    I would like to see a 100X of a distance landmark building 🏢 and see the clarity 10X 🗺️ 30x 🏞️ 50x 🎆 100X🏝️

  • daghrb6

    Tips for shooting footage on an Android phone. Enter pro mode and look exposure and focus! tap screen to focus, really obvious you use iphone too much :) My Iphone 8 doesnt even have manual camera control but my samsung s7 hot it and takes 3times better photos.

  • daghrb6

    All the camera modes have no real optical zoom. s20+ has 1,06x zoom and s20ultra has 3x optical zoom. samsung fake marketing! skip all the samsung cameras and strap a Moment lens on the main camera instead!!

  • Onil Marte Navarroza
    Onil Marte Navarroza

    Lol, I believe that's a screen protector and not the screen itself.

  • daghrb6

    I must say i am a little dissapointed with all the built in lenses. With Moment lenses I would rather prefer 1 good lens, and then adapt by having your lenses. I look forward to your tests with using the ultrawide and tele mode with your lenses and see how they behave. As It stands now the specs are strange: s20+ vs s20ultra wide and tele have f 1.8-2.0 and no real tele at 76fov for both cameras and ultra has f 1.8-3.5 and 24fov on the tele. so the ultras tele lens is really bad in low light.

  • Night Parade
    Night Parade

    a phone made for paparazzos ☻

  • JohnPaul Agius
    JohnPaul Agius

    My brain/wallet = S10+ My heart = S20 ultra

  • Jacob Hoosier
    Jacob Hoosier

    100x zoom when you cant read something that's far away because your blind af