Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Hands On With The Beast!
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Latercase -
The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is here. This is a hands-on video with a pre-retail Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, unboxing will come when retail units are available. Videos of the Galaxy S20, S20+ and Galaxy Z Flip will publish shortly so keep an eye on the channel.
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy

    Latercase for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra -

    • Mohammed Mostsfa kamal
      Mohammed Mostsfa kamal

      Hello Unbox therapy, I need your valuable opinion! I started my premium phone journey with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and then S8 plus which I am still using. I am very much satisfied with both the devices in terms of innovations. But still I find the display animation and smooth performance are far better in iphone and software optimisation too but iPhone has lot of cons in compare to Samsung flagship devices as you know as well but still i am in urge of buying iPhone as I have never used ios. Would it be a good decision if I switch to iPhone 12 when it launches? I am concerned with Camera quality, battery, hardware and performance. I don't play so heavy games in the smartphone and i am not a gaming freak. Thank you ☺️

    • Lj Yasay
      Lj Yasay

      I need a phone so bad

    • Aarya patil
      Aarya patil



      Shoot that phone this way I'll take it

    • Osama Obama
      Osama Obama

      Stolen design

  • John Doe
    John Doe


  • Chee hwee Ong
    Chee hwee Ong

    We see i phone doing video! coming soon we will be seeing samsung doing,the same thing ! I try once on my s 10+,on chinese new year,! 15min of wow !

  • Chee hwee Ong
    Chee hwee Ong

    I think samsung bringing all of to the f and set the standed to all phone com ! I looking at the futune

  • Andrew Corvera
    Andrew Corvera

    Anyone else like me watching this but doesn't have the money to buy it?

  • Madhvi Khunnah
    Madhvi Khunnah

    Noob alert

  • yuriy paul
    yuriy paul

    Got Coronavirus watching this

  • Exe Juarez
    Exe Juarez

    Hola como va?? Sera que le pueden agregar subtitulos en español para saber lo que dice!! Saluds desde Argentina

  • Leopold

    Wow i wasted money on a Canon 7D when this Samsung has 5x more megapixels!

  • Leopold

    Do you still have to baby the screen from burn in?

  • Feria Siempre
    Feria Siempre

    i need one way better then iphone

  • Yacht Master
    Yacht Master

    I love your videos! I've had the Moto z2 play for about two years and it is literally the worst phone. I finally decided to upgrade so I pre-ordered the galaxy s20 ultra. It seems pretty insane. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    iPhone: I have 4 cameras Samsung: hold my beer

  • Mark Blastin
    Mark Blastin

    I have a galaxy s9 and when I record a video and zoom in it becomes very blurry. Now is that the same with this phone because to me that's a down fall for me.

  • Benjamin Hackett
    Benjamin Hackett

    I definitely want this. No, I probably won't use the 8k, and I probably won't use the 100x zoom, but I love the 5G, the 120Hz amoled display, the battery, the gaming potential, the multiple cameras, the storage, so on and so forth.

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      How's the glass though? iPhone 11 / 11 Pro scratches with dust.

  • TheRealKasTrioT

    its bigger than samsung s10? damn man it`d be smaller for those ppl who have 1 hand

  • jeeneward revelo
    jeeneward revelo

    Can I have that phone please..

  • Rhaast Cc
    Rhaast Cc

    Bruh i also have 512 gb on my iPhone XS Max and its just enough

  • Jacob R.
    Jacob R.

    "8K and so it is pixelated" Japanese porn: am I a joke to you?!

  • Khaltazar

    Why did they skip 11-19? Did they decide to make the # the year?


    Still I don't like the UI of the Samsung.. That's why most people fall into 🍎..

  • Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Galaxy S20 Ultra Official Introduction Video: February 11, 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra Unbox Video: February 12, 2020. Brava guys, brava.

  • Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery if you watched till end

  • · Anna ·
    · Anna ·

    When my dad told me about this I didnt even want a iphone anymore

  • Crypto Mogul
    Crypto Mogul

    Yes everyone interested lol... Bye bye boring iPhone 11 pro max

  • bodoy euir
    bodoy euir

    Me 5 yrs ago: my phone has a nice camera Me now: my camera has a nice phone

  • Matt Willis
    Matt Willis

    You should have took the 100x zoom photo.... I didnt want to take your word for it. I would have like to see it

  • Bhima Charan
    Bhima Charan

    Now Samsung s20ultra took the no.1spot To be the most ugliest smartphone By defeating iphone 11pro

    • bodoy euir
      bodoy euir

      Drake? 6:15

  • Arman Singh
    Arman Singh

    Please go back to unboxing, this version of videos are boring. Its no longer unbox THERAPY

  • Giosaurus Rex
    Giosaurus Rex

    How's the glass though? iPhone 11 / 11 Pro scratches with dust.

  • kuroze

    watching this from my redmi 5A my Redmi 5A: "here, here, you had me buddy. you not alone"

  • epsilon

    I dunno how much they sell it in other places but in Korea, you can buy them around $500~600 range if you find the right place. In that case, you can't switch carrier for 2 years and have to use a $60 plan for about a year which is 200GB 5G. A bit too much data but I usually use 100GB per month which is a $50 plan so doesn't bother that much

  • a

    I’m so glad he finally stopped screeching and bouncing around like a damn donkey in heat 😂😂😂

  • Edmund Tan
    Edmund Tan

    I agree with you. 10x and beyond does not get a quality that is worthwhile as a feature

  • Mark SAVAGE
    Mark SAVAGE

    I once had an S2 and that was epic✨

  • Nemanja Vidakovic
    Nemanja Vidakovic

    2030 samsung still using the notch ..... lame

  • Liam Dorol
    Liam Dorol

    Does he keep every gadgets he reviews?

  • Sigma Geranimo
    Sigma Geranimo

    Capitalist, never ending buying. wasting our earth resources.

  • HJ R
    HJ R

    Thief will love it. $1.400 to fall on the ground and break?

  • S_H _anonymous
    S_H _anonymous

    Me : saves money for 3 month to buy note 10+ Samsung :so we made a new phone the s20 Me: being thankful because the s20 looks ugly

  • vDosc UV7
    vDosc UV7

    you know Apple's next iPhone now has 6 Camera lenses, and 4billion x zoom , while still having the same boring UI they have been running with for the last 10 years with more bloat-wear no one gives a shit about nor uses on a daily basis and a chassis design they say is different that no one can really tell where since the iphone5 ...

  • Stupid In Australia
    Stupid In Australia

    100x zoom and the quality is still trash af.

  • VexGod

    Drake? 6:15

  • MTutoriales#2018情報

    7:31 NO! STOP!! Don’t give them ideas, the RAM for PCs is already expensive because of those overpriced phones.

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Just me or did the camera look grainy at times? didn't like that. Don't like the lack of headphone jack. I don't like the look of it in general with the clunky camera on the back. What are your thoughts?

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    You can tell that isn’t Red 8k footage lol

  • Samy Sevraj
    Samy Sevraj

    This channel becomes a talk show, please stick to your genuine unboxing technique, like doing what your NAME says you're suppose to do

  • spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHell
    spongeBobGotTheSudsBecause HeDankAsHell

    Where the s12-s19

  • Babys4Rent OntheWeekends
    Babys4Rent OntheWeekends

    Thats 3x playstation 5. Think!

  • Russell Mccune
    Russell Mccune

    I sold a kidney to buy the phone but I fell just short because of tax

  • instrumentarium

    Samsung really get this one! Thanks for your daily upload Sir :)

  • Alsi Mergan
    Alsi Mergan

    Comes in 3 versions: Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy S20+ Ultra Instinct Galaxy S20+ Mastered Ultra Instinct

  • a

    Is Will a robot or something? Dude like malfunctions every time the cameras on him

  • João Koritar
    João Koritar

    Just wanted this dope case to my Mi 9

  • Yolanda Baldwin
    Yolanda Baldwin

    We basically buy these these phone for the cameras lol!! I never thought I would do this! I'm so lame!


    By then phones are gonna be flexible and u can bend them

  • Oleg Vorkunov
    Oleg Vorkunov

    So support that kind of number of megapixels, the glass should be highest quality on earth, which I doubt. More likely the glass, which is used is only good for 10 or less megapixels sensor. Specs are for clueless users.

  • plexx365

    I'd love to see actual new features like holograms or projectors built in them. Updating camera pixels is honestly pointless.

  • David Grieshaber
    David Grieshaber

    No one has mentioned the removal of the Samsung Health Sensor on the rear :-(

  • perigosu

    i might get it... in 6-12 months when there are deals. $1400 for a device that allows me to check email/instagram is a bit much lol