Ric Bucher reflects on Kobe & Gigi Bryant's moving memorial service, talks Zion | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Ric Bucher joins Colin Cowherd to share his thoughts on the memorial service for NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi. Ric reflects on Michael Jordan's moving words during the service, a completely different showing than his speech during his hall of fame induction. Plus, Ric tells Colin why it's too early to say Zion Williamson is going to be the next LeBron James.
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Ric Bucher reflects on Kobe & Gigi Bryant's moving memorial service, talks Zion | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • Sam Richardson
    Sam Richardson

    Colin still being disrespectful.

  • Mary Crane
    Mary Crane

    Kobe loved the world... MJ does not give off that vibration..

  • Mike Waters
    Mike Waters

    Kobe RIP thanx lebron for leading Lakers back to the top

  • Opalyn Florida
    Opalyn Florida

    MJ inspired Kobe to be a better basketball player and now, Kobe inspired MJ to be a better person. Your legacy will live forever, Kobe. We love you.

  • Salve Correa
    Salve Correa

    I paused when he talked about Lebron. LOL. Do you even have to talked about Lebron when he talked about Kobe? He wasnt even in the funeral and it's ok. I just dont wanna hear Lebron for once.

  • Neville Boone
    Neville Boone

    Kobe was for the Elite relentless aggressive driven people. Man I can't believe he's gone. This hurts.

  • Did Jen
    Did Jen

    Ric Bucher so negative and has trash takes gtfoh you buffoon

  • Joey Cole
    Joey Cole

    KOBE belonged to the world!

  • AT

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> How did this segment become a Lebron d-s_cking? Man what this dude did to the media...

  • Michael Clayton
    Michael Clayton

    Colin is so Wack. Stop comparing kobe to other people stupid. Appreciate kobe for who he was.

  • peymang

    Kobe was so big in LA that a chunk of the fanbase didnt want a player the caliber of Lebron James to join the team...and this was at a time when Kobe was already retired...not even on the team...think about that.

  • fkillah

    Find another way to talk about Lebron huh...smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • PC gone mad 3142536
    PC gone mad 3142536

    Meanwhile the fed is pumping 50 billion into the repo market every night!! Wake up clowns

  • Dem Chapped Lips
    Dem Chapped Lips

    "People only die when they're forgotten" - Dr. Hilluk.

  • Loren Nerhus
    Loren Nerhus

    I thought Ben Simmons was gonna be rookie of the year.

  • itbepoetry

    It's not unimaginable. N with millions copting to games. Blockhead, nobody saying no. No, don't fly in the fog. FOH. Rich idiot.

  • Aggro QM2
    Aggro QM2

    Kobe was worldwide. And he will always be. Nuff said!!!

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page

    I am afraid for Lebron James because of Kobe Bryant's shadow. 😞😞😞 This roster is perfect for Kobe = always leaning on Kobe to save the day. Lebron likes to pass to the OPEN MAN. The Lakers are full of inconsistent shooters, the OPEN MAN might not make the shot.

  • SkankHunt 42
    SkankHunt 42

    Ric Bucher dose not sound like his face

  • Boss Man
    Boss Man

    Can’t wait to watch Colin change his colors on Lebron and LA once they come up short in playoffs. Fox Sports is trash

  • Stay Smoove
    Stay Smoove

    pls talk more nonsense about kobe

  • Lindo Papasito
    Lindo Papasito

    When's colin going to retire? You just seen the impact of his death on the world. Kobe has two statues in china b4 he passed. Hows he just LA, stupid!

  • Nickolas Smith
    Nickolas Smith

    Can’t wait for the movie to come out, I’m buying it ASAP if they make it right. Lebrons just also gotta win the championship for Kobe to.

  • B N
    B N

    Vulnerability shouldn’t be the word used here. It doesn’t matter If it’s one or tens of thousands of people, if you are emotional and mentally stable crying is normal reaction to death. Especially if it’s a loved one.

  • Matthew J. Houdersheldt
    Matthew J. Houdersheldt

    There was no reason to bring LeBron into this, stop giving him attention he doesn't deserve

  • N` chan
    N` chan

    Kyries necklace

  • candy girlll
    candy girlll

    You got Kobe Murals in Spain, Atlanta, New Orleans, Texas, People in India stopped when Kobe died. Kobe belonged to the world more than Jordan.

    • Dominick Chavez
      Dominick Chavez

      @zzzap Lebrons dying would not affect the world like Kobe. I'm a Lakers fan, but Kobe literally showed the world something different. No on will touch his influence for a while.

    • Williams Twins
      Williams Twins

      @zzzap not for lebron - dying is different ( sick - while UR sleeping) KOBIES WAS A TRAGEDY & HIS DAUGHTER- WHEN LBRON _ MJ DIE- IT WONT BE FELT LIKE THE MAMBA!!!!

    • zzzap

      Because Kobe died too early while he's still very popular in his retirement. If MJ died 4 years after the 3-peat, if Lebron dies this year or soon, the outpouring would be just as great

  • A B
    A B

    BUT it' s a bit sad to see that it took somewhat Kobe to pass away to get more commitment out of some of the players...

  • Brandon Hale
    Brandon Hale

    Wow, Michael Jordan is a human and cries. Go figure.

  • antonio young
    antonio young

    Kobe was for the World look at his retirement tour every stadium would chant his name he dies everywhere around the world they paid Respect

    • LeeTravius Mckay
      LeeTravius Mckay

      Well said. Colin was wrong

  • Ganjah MacK
    Ganjah MacK

    Kobe isn’t gone, he’s just ahead of us all...........As he always was

  • Senate Transportation Services NYC
    Senate Transportation Services NYC

    LeBron doesn't belong in LA...he's always trying to Hijack a situation....for his rise.

  • ___

    Colin was wrong again, I gravitated to kobe because the Knicks was so bad. He is more than LA.

    • WildSandwich

      Colin is a clueless beta male. He will always be misinformed or wrong pertaining to anything nuanced and/or energy based.... ALWAYS. HE HAS NO KEYS TI THOSE DOORS

    • Sham Kala-Kadima
      Sham Kala-Kadima

      Oh shut up dude. You know what colin is referring to. Plenty of people root for Kobe even though their own teams stink. Colin Was referring to the city of Los Angeles and the cities love affair with Kobe. Not people from outside the city of la who loved Kobe. Foh

  • cockzilla13

    All jokes aside what Ric said about Kobe always being here was beautiful.

  • Gardy L
    Gardy L

    Finally someone who understand basketball said something normal about the Rookie of the Year. Thank you Ric Bucher. I heard a lot of people talking a bunch of non sense. Zion is doing great so far but his disqualify for the ROY.

  • James Martinez
    James Martinez

    Purp and Yellow till the death ...💜💛🙏🏻🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🖐🏼

  • BEEZus

    I don’t feel like Kobe’s dead. I just know he’s no longer living.

  • DA DOC
    DA DOC

    Jordan was Chicago’s ... L.A. still had Magic at the time. I guess Cowherd missed the MVP chants at the Garden ..... Boston Garden . Yesterday Jordan became a Laker.

  • Bryan Burns
    Bryan Burns

    MJ’s words about Kobe unexpectedly hit me hard

    • Ryan Styles
      Ryan Styles

      @dobattlers Definitely

    • dobattlers

      A lot of people feel the same way. There was some very real reflection of himself going on in mjs speech

    • Ryan Styles
      Ryan Styles

      I understand bro.

  • MONK 30
    MONK 30

    Yeah lebron was so terrific in all of this that's why he had to hide YESTERDAY in the ceremony cause he wanted to make it about him when he said he didn't want to be recorded cause he didn't want to make it about him that's a lie, didn't he know people was gonna be asking where's lebron cause people on television wasnt gonna know that lebron was there cause he wasn't being shown and everybody else was. He made it about him cause that's what everybody was talking about THE NEXT day.😂

  • Joe Alvarado
    Joe Alvarado

    Sabrina Ionescu is amazing. She speaks at Kobe's memorial and then fly to NorCal to play a game against #4 Stanford and drops a triple-double.

    • thsu8

      @Ruata Sanga Wow. Great comment. I feel the same way.

    • Ruata Sanga
      Ruata Sanga

      I never really appreciate women's basketball for what its worth, but after watching the Kobe's Gianna's memorial and seeing and hearing that Ionescu kid speech, and shortly after watching her triple double game highlights and seeing how fundamentally sound her game was, it dawned on me that the women's basketball will never have that global attraction(to the casuals) like the NBA has due to the lack of athleticism(dunks etc etc), but to the self proclaimed purist and student of the game like myself and many others, there is so much to enjoy and study from their games because they have to have an immense level of skill and IQ to be at the top of their competition as compared to some of the NBA guys who could get by purely on God given athleticism and never really have to work on their game(Andrew Wiggins for example)

    • thsu8

      She really has special character. Forget her game for a second, we know how good she is, but she is so mature and mentally tough for 22

  • DJ Williams
    DJ Williams

    No MJ, No Kobe...

  • Shrey Thakkar
    Shrey Thakkar

    Mamba Forever🖤🐍

  • DigDoug 702
    DigDoug 702

    Kobe's passing felt like a close friend passed. It hurts so much. I hurt more for Kobe than some family members that have passed.

  • Jonathan Knight
    Jonathan Knight

    Lol kobe was LA’s and everyone’s. 🤔

    • brianna

      Jonathan Knight he said Kobe was la’s and Mj was everyone’s

  • Daniel Ridore
    Daniel Ridore

    MJ is great and all, but please stop mentioning his name with Kobe. At least respect that. Kobe is Kobe, MJ is MJ. Stop all the comparisons and appreciate these guys.

    • Daniel Ridore
      Daniel Ridore

      Jackson Bohner Who cares. Kobe copied plenty of people. The same way Jordan did. If you think Jordan was the first person to shoot a fade-away, or dunk on someone you’re delusional. Jordan copied those who came before him as well. Just because he’s a legend doesn’t mean he invented these moves

    • Jackson Bohner
      Jackson Bohner

      Shouldn’t be any comparisons in the first place. I love kobe, but he is only compared to mike because of the playing style he copied. Everyone knows mike is the goat and a superior athlete

    • Daniel Ridore
      Daniel Ridore

      Marc Pena I’m on it

    • Marc Pena
      Marc Pena

      Daniel Ridore boohoo go cry about it

  • III

    I see Zion as the new Blake Griffin 2.0..as LeBron is the new Magic Johnson 2.0, with Jordan inspiration

  • Lehigh Valley Dave
    Lehigh Valley Dave

    and there will NEVER be a more popular sneaker then the AIR JORDAN....period

  • Lehigh Valley Dave
    Lehigh Valley Dave

    Michael Jordan is and will always be the GOAT period....thats just how it is

    • Kevin Chuang
      Kevin Chuang

      Jackson Bohner no you know nothing of basketball. Kobe wasn’t a global icon because he simply copied some of MJs moves.

    • Jackson Bohner
      Jackson Bohner

      Mike is a far superior athlete. It’s only because kobe copied his playing style he gets compared to him. Everyone knows this deep down. Kobe was just so revered and loved because he was on Los Angeles

    • Marvel Antonio
      Marvel Antonio

      Who That Boy what high school games were broadcast on ESPN in the 80s?

    • Your Fear Is Their Power
      Your Fear Is Their Power

      Yeah yeah keep breathing life into that “GOAT” garbage...... you’ll never see what that really means.

    • Who That Boy
      Who That Boy

      Lehigh Valley Dave Dude got cut in HS while LeBrons games were on ESPN in college gyms and he’s dropping 40+ on the best teams in the country as a Junior 😂

  • Antonio Lopez
    Antonio Lopez

    Only Colin Cowherd can turn a segment about Kobe being great and missed, into a video about how wonderful and serious LeBron has been. Colin is LeBron’s best cheerleader. Jeez!

    • MrOshea81

      Antonio Lopez and nick wright

  • Deandre Ray
    Deandre Ray

    Beautiful documentary!

  • Roxanne Janisewski
    Roxanne Janisewski

    Giannis is already the Next Lebron, even though Colin likes to pretend Colin doesn't exist

    • island boy
      island boy

      giannis will never be lebron , not complete like lebron , not box office like lebron , not a legend like lebron .. not lebron ,he's giannis

  • soonjo soonjo
    soonjo soonjo

    Ric wasnt welcome. Why was he there.

    • DLOOT11

      soonjo soonjo I will. 🤫

    • soonjo soonjo
      soonjo soonjo

      @DLOOT11 Tell your mom thanks.

    • DLOOT11

      soonjo soonjo First off Kobe stated the Bulls,Clips where real players in getting him. If the Lakers didn't make moves to get him better players around him. Ric reported that. So piped down fan boy.

    • soonjo soonjo
      soonjo soonjo

      @DLOOT11 that ended when ric said he would bet his house that Kobe was going to Bulls. Since then nothing. Ric is a hack whos only lifeline to the public is when fraud sports click bait artists put him on.

    • DLOOT11

      soonjo soonjo Ric has a long time relationship with Kobe. One of the few chosen beat writers by Kobe to interview him and quote him.

  • Mike N
    Mike N

    As a Lakers fan who was somewhat put off by MJ over the years - especially after the HOF speech - I never felt like MJ was mine. Yesterday changed that.

    • edentaylor211

      I still don't understand why people was so upset about MJ's hof speech. He was just being who he always was, himself. Most people get up there in lie.

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page

      I will never feel like Michael Jordan is mine because my 1st basketball hero Magic Johnson has been minds as a Laker fan since 1978, Magic at Michigan State. My 2nd basketball hero is Kobe Bryant, I don't think there can be a 3rd hero.

  • BabaYaga Racing
    BabaYaga Racing

    Lebron's 1 Ring in Cleveland is worth more than Durants 2 Rings in Golden State. Change my mind!

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson

      @Dymond Piper a very real possibility I agree

    • Dymond Piper
      Dymond Piper

      @vegastjg what happened in overtime against the spurs after Ray made that shot? They won. Momentum is a series long thing. I wouldn't have asked that question.

    • vegastjg

      @Dymond Piper So what happened in the other games he played in after the suspension?

    • Lenny Beason
      Lenny Beason

      Dirk's 1 ring is worth more than all of Lebron's rings.

    • Dymond Piper
      Dymond Piper

      @Big Bum well Draymond Green tech I should say

  • Caleb Caldwell
    Caleb Caldwell

    “KOBE WAS LA’s” - probably Collin at any time in history

    • Nav Sandhu
      Nav Sandhu

      Kobe was not just la's China loved him. We here in the UK loved him. Italy loved him. He was all of ours

    • Young Dab-A-Roosa
      Young Dab-A-Roosa

      You can ask anybody born in the 90's in any city and any state alot of people will tell you he was my generation MJ. I'm 24 btw

    • Percy RABARA
      Percy RABARA

      He was global. LA was family

    • I Am Chedda
      I Am Chedda


  • 88smjls

    Kobe did a great job of mimicking Jordan and projecting a lot of masculine energy and that super alpha persona. LeBron is 35 he couldn’t get in a pissing match with LA😂😂

    • Willie Caolho
      Willie Caolho


    • UnhingedToker

      88smjls you think your on to somn?🤨😂

  • T M
    T M

    Ric. Bucher called Zion an energy guy a couple of weeks ago. Before the season he didn’t see Zion as a scorer at the nba level. Ric Bucher’s opinion about Zion has been consistently wrong. In terms of is Zion the best player on the team? No right now he isn’t. It’s clearly Jrue. But I think it won’t be long until he is the team’s best player. In terms of is he lebron and can he lead a team to a championship? He isn’t lebron which is meaningless because you don’t have to lebron to win, but his ceiling is the best player the nba and a multiple MVP and finals winner. There are very very very few players that have that potential but haven’t accomplished those things. AD, Luka, Embiid, Giannis, Simmons, and Jokic. If he stays healthy those are the players he’ll be up there with who haven’t already won championships and multiple mvp’s already.

    • The Ultimate Rage
      The Ultimate Rage

      Zion is UNQUESTIONABLY the best player on this team! He's consistently been the leading scorer, and he isn't even in playing shape yet. He whs a lot to work on in his game, particularly his shooting (FTs & 3s), and he's had a few too many bad turnovers, but other than that he's definitely the best player on the team. He barely even has any plays called for him; he's gettin' his buckets purely in the flow of the game. His impact is UNDENIABLE!!!! I do agree, however, that Ric Bucher is a straight up hater. I get it, he doesn't want to crown Zion because it's only been 12 games, and tonight Zion has arguably his greatest test against the Lakers, but Zion has been ridiculously impressive and he's just warming up. Can't wait for this Pels-Lakers game!

    • Boris Savovic
      Boris Savovic

      Jrue Holiday...really?

  • Saks EighthAve
    Saks EighthAve

    Ya'll Tweakin if U think the Lakers aren't Gonna Win now With All this Kobe Stuff.. This Season is for Kobe They kno that.. Lakers Will Win the Finals the Other teams know it

    • Mr. Perfect
      Mr. Perfect

      Not because of talent it's being the cheating by the refs and Adam Silver just like they cheated Boston this past Sunday