Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum Part 4
10 Thousand dollars is our parts budget for this 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum rebuild!!! We pretty much purchased everything we need to get this thing rebuilt. We are hoping to get it done and back together as soon as possible, so we can rip big bertha around. This is going to be an epic build, so stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
-P.O. Box 37
Rossville,GA 30741
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  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen

    Rich mofo's can't stand them lol

  • _ DEVSTER _
    _ DEVSTER _

    Time for a battery charger!

  • Benjamin Grunow
    Benjamin Grunow

    Do a bernout

  • FBobby

    Did you guys get all these cars from auctions?

  • MonkeyMike Outdoors
    MonkeyMike Outdoors

    Such a sick truck for a 70 thousand dollar truck you guys sure got a killer deal, doing a great job! Subd!

  • Cosmine

    Omg you have so many cars in that yard

  • K30NGamer

    Wheres Thomas? Edit: found him

  • Dark Stormy
    Dark Stormy

    If you had ordered those parts from RockAuto you could have saved about 4 grand.

  • Jayden Livingston
    Jayden Livingston

    how rich are you guys, 2 trucks, dodge viper, Lamborghini Huracan, Nissan gtr, challenger, charger, to bikes, can-am, 2 Ferrari's (i think) maybe more nobody knows but like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Jorge Parra
    Jorge Parra

    Need a bigger building let me know

  • HuskyDev

    Lannan AKA laserbeam FUCK OFF MATE

  • Andre Labat
    Andre Labat

    What do these guys do for a living lmao

    • Tahmid Ahmed
      Tahmid Ahmed

      You are watching it

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    All fords are shit

  • zacquey dun
    zacquey dun

    Yall should work on a Mercedes?

  • Flatlin3

    Love those guys attitude , always positive no matter what , just wanna know what kind of job they do for living ? looks like they doing great

  • Frank Beaston
    Frank Beaston

    Don't black out this beautiful truck!

  • Mr.Grizzly

    Someone tell me what they do for a living lol

    • Mr.Grizzly

      Ohh okayy thank you

    • VortechBand

      I think in one video they made some comment about a construction or building business. But with 1.8M subscribers and around 2-5M views per older video, and the videos being of the "profitable" ad revenue type, I think they get somewhere around 15-20k (if not more) a month just from SEsoft ads. And that monthly amount increases linearly the more videos they publish.

  • Mackenson Vincent
    Mackenson Vincent

    you guys shoud rebuild a dodge durango srt next


    ** 0:26

  • Cooper Wells
    Cooper Wells

    black it out

  • W. J.
    W. J.

    Your Duramax only has 1 battery? Lol.. what?



  • Rodney Cavallo
    Rodney Cavallo

    I don't like a truck that is all black I really like a bit of chrom on the car

  • Kimo G
    Kimo G

    How much did it cost at the auction

  • Steve

    Go to another Ford dealer they're just making way too many mistakes it seems like every other part is wrong for the thousands you're spending it's ridiculous 😠

  • Matthew Bolt
    Matthew Bolt

    Don't paint the chrome. Looks ugly when it chips

  • Phillip Wright
    Phillip Wright

    Glad to see you still have the Hellcat.. That car seems like the beginning of it all when Thomas was a kitten and before the nice garage. Not to mention that's my favorite build and why I started watching. Great job on the truck it's coming together nicely..

  • Northwoods Living
    Northwoods Living

    Love these two guys passion for what they do, alot of fun to watch. GOOD JOB MEN

  • Ops Admin1
    Ops Admin1

    Excessive use of the "sucker" word makes me hit dislike button.

  • John Damien
    John Damien

    I am watching from the UK. There is a trend here to do blacked out trucks. It is sssoooooo unoriginal and my opinion of course....but each to there own.

  • dcamp824

    A brand new duramax with 1 battery?

  • Richard Baumeister
    Richard Baumeister

    I'm Old school and believe a truck is a piece of equipment. All of these luxury items only make it so it is more complex to fix when it gets damaged. When all of the airbags get deployed it tears up the interior to a point that maybe it should not be rebuilt not to mention all of the mechanical and body work needed that caused the airbags to deploy.

  • juan albornoz
    juan albornoz

    You are the best 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇦🇷😉

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Shit you can buy two new seats for that price

  • Charles De Francisco
    Charles De Francisco

    Hey guys I love your enthusiasm..but I do have two questions...first are you trying to achieve flight by the constant waving of your arms...and why may I ask that each of you repeat what the others say? But regardless thanks for the videos

  • James Kanipe
    James Kanipe

    This is my dream truck

  • Classickid21

    Smaller wheels bigger tires wider and black

  • RICHmond Nadeau
    RICHmond Nadeau

    Can Y'all show us all of your vehicles!!!

  • John Helbig
    John Helbig

    Do they not know what color PLATINUM is??? BAHAHAHA it's the FINISH STYLE! LMFAO!

    • John Helbig
      John Helbig


  • gcflower99

    "Let's see if the Duramax can pull it?!!" Duramax/Allison would pull that with the wheels locked up.

  • Edward Podhrasky
    Edward Podhrasky

    19 must of been a horrible yr I've got the exact same truck and about a month after a got it a guy at work didnt check his fithwheel connection and trailer came lose from his tractor and landed on my hood . I was... was in love with my truck til then then it had been violated . I actually just ordered a 20/20 today and going to start fresh . Also I had a ton of water leaking in on the drivers side keep a eye on that took them 7 times and 7 different problems found

  • Jaskiran Gill
    Jaskiran Gill

    How are they affording all this . They still got some rebuilds sitting in the garage.

    • Ecoboost Nation
      Ecoboost Nation

      Getting money from SEsoft lol, SEsoft pays pretty good when you have almost 2 million subscribers watching your videos 🤣

  • Bull

    this truck didnt go on a jig to see where the frame was at?

  • NC Coonhunter
    NC Coonhunter

    Blacked out fuel cleaver dually rims

  • Timcat100

    Please don't black that truck.

  • Jeremy Madden
    Jeremy Madden

    Please let me know where you got all this money I need some😏

  • Houndstooth

    Throws on a back brace lol fucken silver spoon fed hillbillies

  • Allen's World
    Allen's World

    Tearing my welding cap apart at the seams while the goons are tearing a Ford apart.

  • Kaiden Taylor
    Kaiden Taylor

    Y’all talk too damn much

  • Alex Triplett
    Alex Triplett

    you guys should get headlights and tail lights smoked

  • E-FishinSea Sportfishing Charters Virginia Beach,VA
    E-FishinSea Sportfishing Charters Virginia Beach,VA

    Would it be possible to have youtube add more commercials to your videos ?

  • Cameron Cahall
    Cameron Cahall

    Make it midnight blue

  • KAT 1983
    KAT 1983

    Are all the vehicles there rebuilds or bought brand new? That's a lot of cars

  • James McGuire
    James McGuire

    If your not doing chrome you should do black chrome

  • Roddrick Avery
    Roddrick Avery

    All those parts are from the Brownstown Parts Plant in Romulus Mi. The white chalk numbers on the hood and fenders are the bander number that wrapped the part,

  • PiCkUpMaN4230

    Is this a personal project for you guys or is this a flip build for profit?

  • ryan valenciano
    ryan valenciano

    so many cars, amazing

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen

    A Raptor grill would be sick.

  • 1Shignog

    Its not a ford thing, just a diesel thing. Diesel trucks need a bit more power to start.

  • William Anderson
    William Anderson

    Hey guys, y’all have my dream truck! I would recommend keeping the factory wheels, tires, and suspension configuration completely stock! These 450s are built to tow heavy. With a rating of 32,500lb gooseneck I would recommend maintaining all factory configurations and equipment in order to safely benefit from your trucks exceptional towing capabilities. Beautiful truck! Highly capable, but puh-lease No aftermarket wheels, tires, or lift. Do that kind of stuff to a single rear wheel 250. These duallys are tow beasts. Especially that 450 with her 4:30 gears.

    • Dal Call Center
      Dal Call Center

      i might go with black wheels but other than that that thing is big enough