Reacting To Logan Paul's Diss Track
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  • Edge Clan Gamers
    Edge Clan Gamers

    I kinda like this song g

  • Jackson Geddes
    Jackson Geddes

    I want a huge SEsoftd colaberation without all the beef and drama just a big effort to help raise money for covid, I think it would be cool

  • Ayden Yanez
    Ayden Yanez

    ksi srry but I never u won the fight the first one and a lot of people think it to

  • Sonia Bedrosian
    Sonia Bedrosian

    JJ you should make a song with Logan Paul

  • adc_ fb
    adc_ fb

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="827">13:47</a>. You’re welcome 😇

  • Shadi Wesam
    Shadi Wesam

    Let me tell you something jj never hated logan it just became a ting while he didn,t it was jake not logan jj even called jake out first after joe,s fight

  • Mark Kilkenny
    Mark Kilkenny

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="865">14:25</a> thank me later

  • ALJoJo Alfadala1177
    ALJoJo Alfadala1177

    Who’s nico?

  • Emma LaPierre
    Emma LaPierre

    i’m genuinely happy about his reaction to this song. no shit talking, none of that. just jokes here and there

  • Brighamthebest45 Paul
    Brighamthebest45 Paul

    Good job Ksi I’m a Logan Paul fan on the on win against him

  • Justinツ

    Who the fuck laughs like that

  • MrHyperVenom18

    Who is here during Coronavirus

  • Project Nuke
    Project Nuke

    no you are awalys fat dick head

  • Ryan García
    Ryan García

    Jj: i want to see this fight happening. Corona virus: nop

  • alexoc1904

    Just pointing out theres only 5,000 subs between jj's second channel and Simon's main

  • Ferdows Noori
    Ferdows Noori


  • Ferdows Noori
    Ferdows Noori


  • Ferdows Noori
    Ferdows Noori


  • Ferdows Noori
    Ferdows Noori


  • Ferdows Noori
    Ferdows Noori

    Ew I hate you 😑😑😑😑

  • layla anderson
    layla anderson

    U can’t say ridiculous 😂😂

  • MoonLax 36
    MoonLax 36

    Why does KSI’s hair look like blooming Onion from Outback Steak House

  • OBJ LMhac
    OBJ LMhac

    Logan is still having so many views

  • Almon Cuison
    Almon Cuison

    Ksi ur a good guy dude can i see u cheering for logan cuz ya know i want u guys to be friends

  • tutufish

    You drew stupid boy with your Ramin noodle hair

  • Terrence White
    Terrence White

    KSI you’re a bitch and you can not beat Logan Paul or Jake paul

  • Dan Van der Walt
    Dan Van der Walt


  • Sub Smasher
    Sub Smasher

    Am just waiting for Manny pacman V.S K.S.I

  • Olivia Rodpires
    Olivia Rodpires

    Ksi: complements Logan Paul. Me: what the fuck just happened they had a flight right what they friend now

  • McThicc

    Is this gonna be a rocky situation where kJ trains Logan?

  • Gtg Gtg
    Gtg Gtg

    Jjs eyebrows are non existent this vid just like Logan’s appeal😂

  • Ibrahim Sohail
    Ibrahim Sohail

    How ugly he is 😂😂😂just like my balls

  • A1mz

    Ur bandana is giving me fucking ocd

  • LeadoffMikey13

    Comments are so immature like the fight happened a long time ago and they are over it grow the fuck up

  • TTV_{Twins} TTV_{Twins}
    TTV_{Twins} TTV_{Twins}

    Its fire🔥

  • TTV_{Twins} TTV_{Twins}
    TTV_{Twins} TTV_{Twins}


  • Armoured Phoenix
    Armoured Phoenix

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="727">12:07</a> thank me later

  • thatbeaSt 96
    thatbeaSt 96


  • JF 1
    JF 1

    Logans song is dope

  • Tyler Neild
    Tyler Neild

    what head set does he wear?

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    I just want ksi and logan paul to be good Friends and get togheter

  • Dennis Luden
    Dennis Luden

    Ksi your laugh sounds like my dieing chicken

  • Ahlias Velez
    Ahlias Velez

    But I've always wanted to do that when I hated you

  • Ahlias Velez
    Ahlias Velez

    Just kidding I am a fan of both

  • Ahlias Velez
    Ahlias Velez

    Actually I am a Jake Pauler bc he's better then you that's just a small black tird that is British

  • logan paul
    logan paul

    Bru what ever the fuck ur name is you litterly did not win the fight on ur own logan handed it up to you and Logan isn’t talking shit so quit talking and talk to him about a rematch bitch

  • Noel Paul
    Noel Paul

    I appreciate that u respected Logans diss track. Ksi u r the best

  • Hayden Arrington
    Hayden Arrington

    Dont talk about maverick and logan paul will beat you any time and your brother lost agents jake paul hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

  • MJ Art
    MJ Art

    Ur laugh tho sounds a lot like chucky

  • MJ Art
    MJ Art

    KSI: I train hard Me: 🤣 wheezing cause he can’t throw a dang punch that’s actually good

  • Thomas Hoffmann
    Thomas Hoffmann

    Bro u think u can loose weight fast, please your an amateur I can take a shit and loose 2 Kilo’s

  • Yabes Paul
    Yabes Paul


  • Valor_Gaming nathyn
    Valor_Gaming nathyn

    That shits crazy 1 month later and his shitty post is at 5k likes lol WASHED UP JAKEY

  • MaV MaV
    MaV MaV

    Logan should've won he got cheated

  • The Nobody’s Gaming
    The Nobody’s Gaming

    Logan:”took an L but I never really lose Jj:”well...he,he did lose 🤨 Me LET THE BLOKE HAVE SOMETHING M8

  • Video Star
    Video Star

    JJ: i want these paintings but I don’t have any space The blank wall behind him: am I a joke to you

  • Nathaniel Karle
    Nathaniel Karle

    U suck KSU ur trash

  • Rubi Moore
    Rubi Moore

    If you stop at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="242">4:02</a> you will start laughing

  • Yung Marcello - Music
    Yung Marcello - Music

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1053">17:33</a> just realized man still hasn't activated windows

  • Project Nuke
    Project Nuke

    shut the fuck up he wasent even trying he wouled of nockt you out you dident get into the russhin slap did you the uk biggest disapointment

  • Project Nuke
    Project Nuke

    you suck dick ksi

  • Dakota Johnson
    Dakota Johnson

    I have a joke: ksi:imma fuck you up then he flickes somones fore head other guy:deed

  • Jr_ e9a
    Jr_ e9a

    Fights that have lost cause unanimous decision or spit decision 1. Tony Ferguson 2. Logan Paul

  • Andrew Halliday
    Andrew Halliday

    JJ: want to see this fight happen Me: everyone logan has fought is black

  • Γιάννης Αθανασάκης
    Γιάννης Αθανασάκης

    You're a piece of shirt Jake Paul and Logan are better than you.... SHUT UP!!!!

  • Post Limon
    Post Limon

    Ksi when u pushed Logan u guys turned into a fucking DBZ he said uhhh his power level is over 9000

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia

    Fuck ski

  • George Pootlass
    George Pootlass


  • strike

    AB made a vid called mr holl lot of money

  • Paradox Silent Phantom
    Paradox Silent Phantom

    Ksi you fuckin lost to my boy Logan

  • Traevon Elder
    Traevon Elder

    it is on this this track doing this because of you being with him ye

  • Maxwell Russell
    Maxwell Russell

    Reaction is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="865">14:25</a>

  • The Aun
    The Aun

    KSI in the thumbnail 🙄 KSI while listening the song 😮

  • King KaiKai
    King KaiKai

    This guy made a twenty minute reaction video 👏🏼 also at the start Arabic captions at the bottom lol what was jj doing

  • George Georges
    George Georges

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> bro everyone asks that every day

  • N0VAWasTaken

    As much as I hate JJ, I would LOVE to see him knock the shit outta jake

  • Jacob Keene
    Jacob Keene

    KSI laugh is horrible

  • LeeAnn Cline
    LeeAnn Cline

    F ab KSI and Logan are the best boxers out of all of them

  • Mattwelliver.

    Kai you suck u stayed sooo much stuff and Logan won the game b***.

  • FATE Xotiic
    FATE Xotiic

    U know the fight was a draw right 😂😂