I had to redeem myself after my performance in the Sidemen Bake Off...
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  • Zander Elliott
    Zander Elliott

    Omg that's my favourite kind of salt but way to rare for me to get!!!

  • Mine Blox
    Mine Blox

    i hate that your wish never happend and u are still a youtuber

  • Mr. No Name
    Mr. No Name

    I died of laughing each time Tobi got mad when the camera was staring at him

  • Osas 91
    Osas 91

    tobi your are a discharged how can you call that jellof

  • Gazz

    Tobi’s intro is sick

  • aj zockt
    aj zockt


  • Nini NN
    Nini NN

    Who else saw the time on the oven?

  • Jacek Baranowski
    Jacek Baranowski

    Poor camera Man

  • Fateh Khaled
    Fateh Khaled

    Shame you didnt cook in the Come Dine With Me

  • Taffy the Producer
    Taffy the Producer

    'Fry lightly' Do you mean sautée?

  • astro senpai
    astro senpai

    I think tobi forgot the rat in his hat

  • Divhead Moyes
    Divhead Moyes

    I saw the thumbnail and I swear it looked like crushed up kfc chicken skin

  • Ridz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="955">15:55</a>😂

  • Wah Hser Moo
    Wah Hser Moo

    go tobi do it dor ur family

  • Shadow

    Gordon Ramsay needs to learn from the best

  • Oscar Harrison
    Oscar Harrison

    I have the same bin looks like a spaceship lmao

  • Nashe Maregere
    Nashe Maregere

    Yes my man there is always rice at home

  • Lame Math gamer56
    Lame Math gamer56

    Hi tobi you our the funniest person in the sidemen

  • big hog lad
    big hog lad

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="350">5:50</a> BAW HELLO

  • honghai le
    honghai le


  • Vilan


  • FReaKOut

    Tobi is so kind that he will take permission from his wife before having sec

    • RandomPerson

      You do kinda need consent...


    tobi i like you but never say the Nigerian jollof is the best. Ghana forever

  • Georgiie Luv
    Georgiie Luv

    Little tip to make jollof. Fry onions and tomato puree and it makes it taste soooo much better and it adds to the colour

  • Anna Gilligan
    Anna Gilligan

    bro in irish sé means he so it would be he jzl

  • Emma

    HILARIOUS (Tobi is way too underrated)

  • Donger

    Tobi seem like the kinda guy to wash chicken.

  • soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos
    soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos


  • soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos
    soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    lol im from Nigerian like the vid bro how are you

  • S. R.N
    S. R.N

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="328">5:28</a> did he blur out Gordon Ramsey?

  • ChiDaCheeseGod

    Fresh salt from ksis tears lol

  • Miz

    It's surprising how similar Nigerian food is to bengali food.

  • Richard Cortes
    Richard Cortes

    Title: Quitting youtube to become a chef! Tobi: *puts videon on youtube*

  • Kaddy 16
    Kaddy 16

    I hate how he left the water going

  • Rex Mini
    Rex Mini

    The whole camera pan thing was jokes😂

  • Criox 11
    Criox 11

    Ahhhhhhhhh thas hot thas hottttttt


    Ugh he wasted a lot of water

  • Wag1 Ghee
    Wag1 Ghee

    Tobi is so cute when he said he’s not going to swear because of his mum I don’t know why but I like that because some people would swear anyway


    Love your jelluf rice

  • Georgia Beaumont
    Georgia Beaumont

    i beg he does this video with his mum, imagine how great that would be

  • J Nine
    J Nine

    Never use water when you burn your eyes or anything because it makes it worse use milk it will cool it down plus take away the pain

  • moley66

    W2S is better 🤬 you

  • Saviour Akolbire
    Saviour Akolbire

    Ghana ones are better

  • Dj Swipey
    Dj Swipey

    Babatunde can now sleep in peace

  • Quakex

    You must cook the jollof rice my brother

  • Nathan Forbes
    Nathan Forbes

    I can’t tell if ur actually intelligent about cooking or if it’s an act

  • Calum plyz
    Calum plyz

    Chef-jizzle rice £15.99 only at che-jizzle

  • Luke Mettam Gaming
    Luke Mettam Gaming

    I wash my rice at least 5 times and I also use my hands to mix the rice to allow every bit of starch to be picked up by the water.

  • Invisible

    Tobi the type of guy that has a fancy kitchen but doesnt know how to cook

  • Jordan Lawal
    Jordan Lawal

    when toby was cutting the plum tomato did anyone else see fire

  • Akhawk

    If anyone is reading this, if you get something harmful in your eye, in this case, a hot pepper, have someone hold your eyes open and rinse for 15 minutes. Read the label to see if you need to call poison control or go to the hospital! Saving lives y’all

  • M0dgey HeHe
    M0dgey HeHe

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a> ITZ A HARD NUTT LIFE DU DU

  • Oh Its Legendz
    Oh Its Legendz

    Im not the kind of guy to cook but i might consider trying it, that texture deadass made me hungry lmao (Sidemen Bake Off 2?)

  • Frederik

    "QUITTING SEsoft TO BECOME A CHEF!" But then uploads it to youtube smh

  • A7G

    RIP Intro


    my mom never adds garlic to her jollof tisk tisk tisk

  • gabriel 123
    gabriel 123

    Loved it pls do more 👍

  • laydan rodrigues
    laydan rodrigues


  • Flipz

    Jollof rice

  • Darcrift

    says he is a chef , then uses can foods

  • Pufferfishal

    I love how he is doing it at 10 o’clock

  • Calvin Evers
    Calvin Evers

    They don't do that with 2 knives but with a sharpener hahaha

  • King O_Scar
    King O_Scar

    Your still doing youtube

  • Just Play Games
    Just Play Games

    thats how we do it in saudi arabia

  • Just Play Games
    Just Play Games

    cup or tow

  • Just Play Games
    Just Play Games

    you should add water after adding the rice

  • Lathan Riddell
    Lathan Riddell

    U can’t even make galof

    • Queen Esther
      Queen Esther

      Hmm galof 🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Phyzics Noob
    Phyzics Noob

    vegan jollof rice

  • Deborah Meehan
    Deborah Meehan

    Should have got sure Theodore to try the food 😂

  • Sagar Varsani
    Sagar Varsani

    This is quality content g

  • Mbillal

    Cooking BUT NOT REALLY

  • Havocado

    Where’s The Rocks

  • Jooobie

    All the gear - no idea. Thats an expensive blender, and you cant even use a knife correctly. Love you Tobz but stay out of the kitchen.

  • Jx_y

    Jelof rice is the best i'm british but i have dinner at my friends and hes nigerian that rice is the best :)

    • Queen Esther
      Queen Esther


  • Matty C
    Matty C

    I did the same except it was a normal chilli🙃 Its really not fun

  • Faustina Antwi
    Faustina Antwi

    omg..... your nigerian ingredients are soooo different to my mom's Ghanaian ingredients. you should of add more scotch bonnet to make it more spicy.. that all p.s. not criticising your recipe

  • JohnAp

    ouch, when he hit the knives to each other, it hurt my soul!!! Tobi man! If you want to do that, you need a metal knife nad a sharpening pen or a sharpening stone! I screemed when you tried! But you are my favourite sideman, you seem really nice, and keep going!!

  • David Idowu-Olowu
    David Idowu-Olowu

    Why didnt tobys mom comment

  • Matthew Goliath
    Matthew Goliath

    Underated video right here

  • Big booty Teacher
    Big booty Teacher

    Wish it was true