Plants That Give Tattoos
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Austin Carter (UCSD), Jacob Morgan (UCSD), Dr Sarah Shackleton (Princeton U), Dr John Higgins (Princeton U), Jenna Epifanio (OSU), Ian Nesbitt (U Maine), Tanner Kuhl, Elizabeth Morton, and Anna Zajicek

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  • Exhileris 4k
    Exhileris 4k

    I will never see koalas the same way again😨

    • Leo Mills
      Leo Mills

      That made me cry my dreams are ruined

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      Angel Ponce


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      Jackeroni Draws

      Look at wet koala

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      Kimchi Fried Rice

      Me neither

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans

    1:26 That Thing Set The World Record Of The Longest Burp Ever*

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans

    *I Thought Most Of The Vids Was Clickbait, But It Turns Out Nothing On This channel Is Clickbait*

  • Jack McGeorge
    Jack McGeorge

    2:08 bruh that dog is walkin down the runway

  • Sweet Lollipop
    Sweet Lollipop

    I got this tattoo when I was 9. I licked it.

  • RiceWonton

    Hiccup koala

  • Julie Tapia-Ruano
    Julie Tapia-Ruano

    In third grade, my teacher rescued a baby raccoon like the one at the end of the video and he became a class pet while we rehabilitated him.

  • Arourox •
    Arourox •

    *I'm pretty sure that koala was from hell*

  • Shrimp

    We use to do this in my school

  • QRL RichyDude
    QRL RichyDude

    1:30 sounds like my younger brother crying

  • Gaming News tv
    Gaming News tv

    I have a daily dose of memes YE

  • Sangam Khadka
    Sangam Khadka

    Not in India the plant 🌱 is also found in Nepal

  • Chris DudeDurian
    Chris DudeDurian

    The hairy arm will leave a permanent mark on you tho hahaha

  • The Savage Omelet
    The Savage Omelet

    1:12 how did the doors lock behind him after he came in when no one locked them?

  • Wing Blitzed
    Wing Blitzed

    The hole sounds like a warzone

  • Vivek Anand
    Vivek Anand

    Don't say later say "Madharchod" in the end

  • Toffee Kitty
    Toffee Kitty

    Me: *burps* Mom:EWW DISGUSTING!!! Me:no it isn’t! My burp: 1:24

  • Ryder Mclauchlin
    Ryder Mclauchlin

    You will never click bait

  • Dirk The Goat
    Dirk The Goat

    i want one of those plants and those fidget spinners

  • Heniili

    When I heard the koala I said “Why the hell jimin sound like that..I’ll never see him the same now🤧😭”

  • Volleyball Frog
    Volleyball Frog

    1:36 caronavirus

  • Aspect- Kelver
    Aspect- Kelver

    The tattoo plant is also in Nepal

  • ItsMaanuel

    Hey guys this is Austin.

  • ☞ ♾️ 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓
    ☞ ♾️ 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓

    Koala sounds like my dad after soda

  • Vaness Tan
    Vaness Tan

    1:32 my dog does that and I get so scared

  • Wesley Amaya
    Wesley Amaya

    2:33 sounds like cartoon shooting sounds

  • juicy mae
    juicy mae

    1:11 that's embarrassing lol

  • BackDeath 24
    BackDeath 24

    The last thing you hear before you die 1:24

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    Wilder wolf The wolf

    I’m learning about India at school

  • Dghsjdif Hdhdjf
    Dghsjdif Hdhdjf

    The frist one i know that 7 years ago

  • vobk

    1:24 Me after taking a sip of coke

  • Justin Wheeler
    Justin Wheeler

    I love this channel, not only does he shoe dope ass snippets but he hopes he made yo day better😟

  • Noob :3
    Noob :3

    2:31 sounds like laser gun shooting :0

  • Joes Mad
    Joes Mad

    Hope koalas are in Doom Eternal.

  • Doggo Sugar
    Doggo Sugar

    Anybody gonna talk about how the jewelry guy didnt move when te thief ran to the door

  • Pinky Bear
    Pinky Bear

    I just love this man

  • SnoW BalD
    SnoW BalD

    that plant that give temp tattoo is so dangerous but when i was. kid i accually lick it😂😂😂

  • smart idiot
    smart idiot

    When i was a kid we used to play with those leaves.

  • Connor Cappellato
    Connor Cappellato

    0:20 wow

  • Gims

    there's also a plant like that spread around a lot of the world it's called a Stinging Nettle

  • Sister Satan
    Sister Satan

    Ah yes, *sidget finners*

  • Nolan Hembree
    Nolan Hembree

    1:24 I've always hated Koalas. Now I know why.

  • Ro Snap!
    Ro Snap!

    2:32 Nobody: Veterans: no, god no, nooooo

  • Hilma Mufidah
    Hilma Mufidah

    You can found the tattoo plant at Indonesia too Try search it in humid ground or wall/stone. And try to search the one with Same upside like in the Vidio. But you also must check the downside. If there was white powder downside, you found the right plant. If not, you just found plant that similiar with tattoo plant

  • Daniel Murray
    Daniel Murray

    Who here searched for this video

  • Jordon De Annon
    Jordon De Annon

    After I saw the koala, I was going to say kill it with fire.... So I did

  • Madness :3
    Madness :3

    I love how this dude never clickbated us.

  • 桃— peachx
    桃— peachx

    The thief one got me wheezing 😂😂😂😂😂

  • ghoulunathics

    1:29 i close my eyes and see a maulotaur charging at me

  • Ac

    imagine having a fidget spinner in 2020

  • Leo Mills
    Leo Mills

    Wait do you need a drivers licence to drive a tesla

  • Rocko

    2:32 counter strike 1.6 sounds

  • Jaymarc Heruchi
    Jaymarc Heruchi


  • Calesko the chicken leg
    Calesko the chicken leg

    Tesla auto pilot looks like a 2b2t players screen

  • some guy passing by
    some guy passing by

    The Tesla thing looks like hacks

  • Skunky Monk
    Skunky Monk

    First video to play was the thumbnail and this is the reason I get my daily dose, and stay for the rest.

  • Darwin

    1:24 I don't care about them dying in Australia.

  • Akhil Akhil
    Akhil Akhil

    നുമ്മ ഇത് വെച്ച് കളിച്ചു വളർന്നതാണ്

  • ram bahadur tamang
    ram bahadur tamang

    First one is also in Nepal

  • ram bahadur tamang
    ram bahadur tamang

    First one is also in Nepal