People Who Got LUCKY With FOOD
People Who Got LUCKY With FOOD! Have you ever gotten lucky when opening up chips or cutting fruit? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch dumb life hacks Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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  • SSSniperWolf

    hope ur day is blessed with many eggs

    • Josi is sleepy
      Josi is sleepy

      Sorry I'm lactose intolerant

    • FaZe_Way 44
      FaZe_Way 44

      @Jaylee Branscum who doesnt love sssniperwolf

    • Hannah Flavin
      Hannah Flavin

      Many for breakfast SSSniperwolf

    • Sarah Jane
      Sarah Jane

      COLAB WITH OOMPAVILL PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU, HE SAID THAT YOU WERE HIS FAVORITE (Lol sorry bout' the caps but still, pls colab with him)

    • Gachacookieangel Oof
      Gachacookieangel Oof

      Love you

  • Scorpius Malfoy
    Scorpius Malfoy

    I once cracked two eggs and one was a triple yolk and the other was a double yolk XD well, I don’t have to worry about breakfast anymore!

  • Angel dust and Alastor bosco
    Angel dust and Alastor bosco

    Why are you talking about meh kitty he is 35 years pepper

  • Wolfie_sky 38
    Wolfie_sky 38

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> when she said Angelina Jolie that reminded me how I got my first name😂😂😂😂

  • Angel dust and Alastor bosco
    Angel dust and Alastor bosco

    You just get a whole thick watermelon

  • stella mulipola
    stella mulipola

    im a foody and i got no eggs

  • dylan civille
    dylan civille

    Bro u be getting my mouth watering

  • Carl The Llama
    Carl The Llama

    Dem blueberries be on steroids!

  • Shelby

    I am so sorry sniper but I do not like blueberries haha be 😆

  • Forest Kookie
    Forest Kookie

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="557">9:17</a> Well that’s quite a-peel-ing

  • Connie Wong
    Connie Wong

    it is called a seedless i call it mandarin i thing sour patch tree

  • Kitty Buns
    Kitty Buns

    Her:”Feel free to roast me”. I’m sorry Ssniperwolf Me:At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="437">7:17</a> the brown egg is you.Ugly.

  • Mr. J Thomas
    Mr. J Thomas


  • Leighton Gansheimer
    Leighton Gansheimer

    I'm too young to get ur merch my parents won't. Let me

  • Leighton Gansheimer
    Leighton Gansheimer

    Blessing btw I love ur Chanel but

  • Wanisha Willoughby
    Wanisha Willoughby

    I like your videos Sniper wolf. Ooooooooooooo

  • LunaStar Studios
    LunaStar Studios

    For the long marshmellow yknow when your mom tells you “you can only have one last marshmellow” me:okay *grabs the long marshmellow*

  • I know that you like kpop
    I know that you like kpop

    It's called a "cantaloupe". Not a "Watermelon".

  • 「Lowe R」
    「Lowe R」

    The part when you saw the lemon is a type of lemon that is not meant to be eaten but to cure special sickness i think it's called the god lemon? Idk

  • huy nguyen
    huy nguyen

    How much times she said that’s illegal 👇🏻

  • The_Twisted-Mangle Plays
    The_Twisted-Mangle Plays

    I need that watermelon ._.

  • The_Twisted-Mangle Plays
    The_Twisted-Mangle Plays

    the lemon thooooo... It looks like somethings out of the underworlds


    Aye yo lemon Why u built like that

  • Bouncedpenny 233
    Bouncedpenny 233

    Hahaha! Funny joke!

  • ‡ Giorno Giovanna ‡
    ‡ Giorno Giovanna ‡

    I eat only the crust off the Pop tarts. And if I'm desperate, I eat it all.

  • Jeigh Foster
    Jeigh Foster

    Boys make it odd girls make it even (I don't want likes, I just want to see who does it.)


    is it just me or she did dome things twice

  • Telleigha Mayberry
    Telleigha Mayberry

    I love blueberries to

  • Allanah Rosenthal
    Allanah Rosenthal

    Don’t let anybody be mean to you just have your friends So your friends that up for you if someone’s a bully to you

  • hanna dale
    hanna dale

    Hehe uncut😭😂😂😂

  • AlphaWolf Shadow
    AlphaWolf Shadow

    The sour patch one is a catctis

  • Shannon Richards
    Shannon Richards

    The strawberry 🍓 thing happened to me once

  • Popcornfox 123
    Popcornfox 123


  • Popcornfox 123
    Popcornfox 123

    That not acceptable the frosting the best part on the pop tart

  • im Alice
    im Alice

    On the banana thing the probably just didn’t take the. M appart

  • Ava Waldeck
    Ava Waldeck

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="517">8:37</a> 2 Stück means 2 peaces Its Germen

  • Pastele Cookie UwU OwO
    Pastele Cookie UwU OwO

    We (me and my famoli) found a tiny pepper in a big pepper

  • CrazyCatTeen Vibes
    CrazyCatTeen Vibes

    Tbh. Without the fruit filling. I think pop tarts are disgusting. Idk why :/

  • Lauren Sexton
    Lauren Sexton


  • Sharon Sibley
    Sharon Sibley

    I use to eat the middle of a pop tart not the outside

  • Santel Melton
    Santel Melton

    I like blueberry’s too

  • ST3V3N B00M
    ST3V3N B00M

    "boneless watermelon"

  • Abby F
    Abby F

    Sour patch alligator

  • Abby F
    Abby F

    I wish i had those peppers

  • Am me Not
    Am me Not


  • Liz Cedeno
    Liz Cedeno

    this was posted on my birthday. like a birthday present. thx sssniperwolf. love your videos.

  • Alicia Pruitt
    Alicia Pruitt

    The BlackBerry one happed to me

  • Chloe Ford
    Chloe Ford

    My dad got a baby pepper

  • Tim Dannegger
    Tim Dannegger

    The egg one happened to my mom and dad.😀

  • Chloe Ford
    Chloe Ford

    Why would you bit the bottom germs

  • sarah m
    sarah m

    15 strawberries 🍓

  • Ruhi Bhosale
    Ruhi Bhosale

    Love lia, And Sssniperwolf. Oh wait, they’re the same person I’m so stupid lol

  • The Sales Sisters
    The Sales Sisters

    One time my mum made us fried eggs. We all had 2 eggs. But we ALL ended up with 4 yolks each.

  • The Sales Sisters
    The Sales Sisters

    That happened to me last week. My baby pepper looked like a chilli tho. i ATE it .

  • Viola Prodanovic
    Viola Prodanovic

    I am pretty sure I had a orange inside a orange

  • Rita Vilaca
    Rita Vilaca

    The orange inside an orange one I had an orange like that once

  • Annika edwide
    Annika edwide

    hi sssniper wolf i luv ur vids

  • Ally Basics and Education and learning
    Ally Basics and Education and learning

    "I've never seen one that big before!" That's what she said- <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a>)

  • Jasmine Hall Ashe A nickname
    Jasmine Hall Ashe A nickname

    I FRICKEN LOVE WATERMELONS. You don’t have to but... Please Like If You Like ... Watermelon..?

  • XxxKaylaxxX

    When she say papaya it was like she is Italian lol

  • Parker Kasperson
    Parker Kasperson

    uh that lemon might just be a buhda hand...... Look them up it's a real thing [Edit] I think I spelled buhda wrong

  • Carmen Essadda
    Carmen Essadda

    The watermelon is perfect for me

  • Vincent Garren
    Vincent Garren

    i would roast you but my mom said i cant burn trash

  • Pandacls16

    If we could anything in this video it wouldn’t be the sesame seeds! 😆 that’s such a weird addition out have! 😆 But I want the watermelon!

  • Mason K
    Mason K

    you did the egg one the aprocote and soup patch one twice

  • Connor Wood
    Connor Wood

    sour patch stick

  • Adam Mitchell
    Adam Mitchell


  • Starry-Singer

    I got the strawberry before and it was from aldi

  • Toby Turtle
    Toby Turtle


  • Aleyda Trujillo
    Aleyda Trujillo

    seseme seeds are good

  • Lateef Hynson
    Lateef Hynson

    Whom do these Alexa

  • Psycho! Zafiro
    Psycho! Zafiro

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> sourpiler

  • Lateef Hynson
    Lateef Hynson


  • {}Baby Panda{}
    {}Baby Panda{}

    I love you Lia

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia

    You to

  • Ella St. Onge
    Ella St. Onge

    "i love sesame seeds." me, allergic to sesame "oh ok"

  • Son Nguyen
    Son Nguyen

    radioactive can make lemon in something of that body

  • Chocobros plays roblox
    Chocobros plays roblox

    That is not a lemon

  • Randomness doer
    Randomness doer


  • Lydia Knight
    Lydia Knight

    Strawberry 🍓: blessing!!!