Papa John - H3 Podcast #174
A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!

  • jenika bfghgf
    jenika bfghgf

    Papa bless 🙌🙏

  • Iselder

    I love how Ethan never changes the way we talks or acts depending on who he talks to. He makes the same jokes in front of his good friends as he does in front of people like Papa Johns, Jake Paul and Elon Musk

  • El Copygato
    El Copygato

    Can’t control his eyebrows or his interruptions

  • zen Sation
    zen Sation


  • Marcos Kruger
    Marcos Kruger

    You should’ve gotten different pizzas from different papa Johns restaurants

  • K

    He so soothing and hypnotizing tbh

  • Flo *
    Flo *

    I really tried to sit and listen to this but I couldn’t cause it felt so awkward

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Rodriguez

    1:52:27 "That turns me on" sound bite PLEASE!!!

  • Fin Supreme
    Fin Supreme

    33:00 “you just know what you’re doin” *looks to Ethan*

  • Jonah

    Papa killed this episode, and you too Hila, I've always been a big ethan fan but he just seems kinda disrespectful in this episode. Glad we had Hila asking some REAL questions.

  • Bobbie's Hobbies
    Bobbie's Hobbies

    the day of reckoning will come

  • MaMastoast

    I barely know who papa john is... but how the hell someone can be offended by someone using nigger when discussing the word? .. Its not voldemort, it's not some magical word that summons the devil.. Yea you shouldn't call someone nigger, but saying "n-word" is something a 5 year old would do.

  • Chandrashekhar Rao
    Chandrashekhar Rao

    We need Papa John on Joe Rogan.

  • Chris Bowden
    Chris Bowden

    Idk why i enjoy watching yall with Papa so much. This is like the 3rd time ive watched this

  • Herbo Turbo
    Herbo Turbo

    I’m a manager at papa Johns and I can definitely say....idk

  • STLCODPS3123

    "I don't care if the papa calls me a chink himself, I'm still eating his pizza" -Jacob, My Asian friend

  • Partner 1
    Partner 1

    32:48 -soundbyte please

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    This interview was all over the place. Lmbo what the hell

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    Why so much interest in WHY his company was named after Papa? Hahahahaha like is this your kink man LOLOL

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez

    Ethan, I hate to say this but, I think you tried to get a ****RISE***** out of Mr Papa Pizza

  • Dont Assume My Gender!!!
    Dont Assume My Gender!!!

    Why didnt you ask him how Bo was doing??

  • N V
    N V

    1:27:27 He says "Big bad chinks"

  • ba55letmysoulfly

    Papa bless

  • Sk y
    Sk y

    Guys take a shot for every time Ethan interrupts his guests.

  • Matt Szymkowicz
    Matt Szymkowicz

    As a big fan of this podcast I literally can’t stand the way these interviews are being conducted. Get your act together guys. Let your guests fully speak.

  • user name
    user name

    I got a pizza hut ad before this

  • NIg ga
    NIg ga


  • BentStudios

    Papa johns needs a reality pizza show where he goes across the world looking for best pizza

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope

    I love he wore a shirt that said papa

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope

    If you think I'm calling and complaining about the rise on my pizzas from now on you're absolutely right

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson

    Papa seems like a nice guy

  • Shane nope
    Shane nope

    Ethan is big to take as much adderall as he does

  • Max Barnett
    Max Barnett

    Watching this whilst eating a Papa Johns 🍕

  • Jo Rule
    Jo Rule

    1:12:08 Ethan, I love ya...a guest shouldn't have to suggest to the HOST OF THE SHOW to take a break while you adjust your equipment. Additionally, you could make an effort to better gauge how visibly uncomfortable some of your questions make guests feel and behave. While I understand riskier questions make for more interesting conversation, you have a habit of asking very personal or inappropriate questions that are unnecessary, lead nowhere, and result in an awkward silence. Prying a VISIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE man about the details of his divorce (which he stated himself was only FOUR MONTHS AGO, DUDE) and continuing to pry about his love life isn't cutting edge, provocative content. Its some tabloid bullshit. Its petty, nobody's business but his own, and you don't need to stoop that low to engage people, man! You're so much better than that. I know all these comments presenting various criticisms can come off as nitpicks, but you've been running this podcast for a few years now, and for the sake of both your fans who love you, as well as the guests who have to interact with you, you neeeeeed to work on these issues. We all love you and we all want to see you succeed, but as your podcast moves forward you need to grow and adapt with it.

  • kateGameDesign


  • Bobbi W
    Bobbi W

    We couldn’t even hear all his answers cus he kept getting cut off!

  • Bobbi W
    Bobbi W

    Do you cut people off and disrespect them on purpose? Come on man how long have you been doing this??

  • tumble0weed

    damnnn im a sucker for that accent.

  • version6

    Shoulda asked him about the his Southwest FL sugar baby in her 20s- that he had an affair with lol

  • Dont FollowME
    Dont FollowME

    Ya know I was on the fence until he took a bite of the otherside of the heart shaped pizza Ethan ate off of. Legend. Papa bless,

  • babytina

    Why don't I don't remember him having a southern accent is the commercials...

  • Cooper Stephens
    Cooper Stephens

    Random ass dude in a porno. 1:52:27

  • Pavel Tyrant
    Pavel Tyrant

    That moment with Ethan eating, Papa rating the pies, Hila recording. Thats H3H3 peaking. Couldn't contain my smile through that while segment.

  • Ayden Dunaway
    Ayden Dunaway

    Joey diaz on this podcast pease

  • Haris Sarris
    Haris Sarris

    I Stan Papa. This man has been tricked and manipulated because he was too gracious and caring. I'm waiting for the day of reckoning.

  • Rkv

    Papa bless

  • Paige Cano
    Paige Cano


  • Forever Shawol
    Forever Shawol

    Surprisingly normal dude. Really interesting guest!

  • Soydelga

    Turn on CC, go to 1:31:29 and just wait for it..... Illuminati confirmed.

  • basma jo
    basma jo

    Ethan you interrupted him soooo much 😖

  • Amanda

    Ethan was pretty annoying in this one

  • Amanda

    Papa John is awesome..

  • Insomnimatic

    You can tell from the way Papa John's attitude was during the whole interview that he is seriously a great, humble, caring, and down to earth guy. I personally never thought the way he portrayed himself in the commercials is, in actuality, who he really is but watching this interview proves that I was 100% wrong. He keeps everything upbeat, answers Ethan and Hila's questions to the best of his ability, and was able to keep his cool even through Ethan cutting him off mid-sentence and asking repeating / revealing questions that may have not been appropriate. I'm glad Papa John took the opportunity to be on this podcast with one of his biggest fans and had this as an outlet for information that he felt the public needed to hear. Side note: I agree that Ethan should have stopped cutting John off during the interview but I can't help but feel he may have been star struck. This may be the reason why he couldn't just let the man talk. In any case, Papa Bless!

  • 토끼아기

    Papa John's broke up with Papa John...

  • Andrew W.
    Andrew W.

    Plausible and perhaps even likely that Schnatter was set up. Frankly, I’m more interested in the greed and malfeasance being slowly uncovered. I couldn’t care less about Papa John’s personal views on race. I would surely be more concerned if my money were tied to his loose lips. None of it adequately explains John’s dishonesty regarding basic facts. Q: “Do you have the recording?” A: “Yes.” Later, in the same interview: “I do not have the tape.” 😐 Which is it? The thing with liars is that they lack credibility and intend to mislead. The lawyer in me can’t help but think it was foolish that he was allowed to sit for this podcast interview. It could inadvertently demonstrate the soundness of removing him. It’s too bad. He did a good job talking pizza and was likeable, in my opinion, especially as the interview progressed. His passion and knowledge for a high quality product is admirable.

  • MightyTax

    This cleared the papa for me

  • Teddie Taylor
    Teddie Taylor



    i used to work at papa John's as a younger guy, i remember working late til 2am and seeing endless papa john schnatter faces smiling at me from the giant stacks of prefolded pizza boxes almost like i was being mocked by him, i remember wishing the absolute worst on him and trying to hex him. didn't realize it worked

    • softserve

      Lmao this is horribly great

  • Jenna Legendary
    Jenna Legendary

    Why is he so handsome (I mean papa ) but Ethan to 😂💕

  • Justin R
    Justin R

    I posted a little while ago about how I thought the Papa John interview would be awkward. Shoenice or a imitator was the only one to reply to that comment. ( I choose to believe it was the real Shoenice) I was completely wrong. I took Papa for a meme, some infomercial character, a joke, an advertising thing... but when you hear him speak he's remarkably intelligent. He shows dignity and decorum beyond his years. I can't help but be a little floored. For someone who's nearly a billionaire it just feels like I'm listening to my uncle! Such a down to earth character! Papa Bless.

    • softserve

      Yeah that's the real, crazy, easy to love, easy to hate shoenice. He goes on response hinges usually saying very little just to get his name out there.