Packers should draft Aaron Rodgers' replacement, Colin has concerns with Joe Burrow | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd discusses two NFL topics on today's show. Hear why he thinks the Green Bay Packers should start planning for life after Aaron Rodgers and draft a QB in this year's NFL Draft and why he has concerns with Joe Burrow.
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Packers should draft Aaron Rodgers' replacement, Colin has concerns with Joe Burrow | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Should the Packers consider replacing Aaron Rodgers?

    • Nathan Shackelford
      Nathan Shackelford

      Draft for value, sure you always should, but Colin's college comparison is embarrassing. Aaron was one of the best college quarterbacks of all time. Jordan love is nowhere close to the college qb Aaron is. Russell Wilson was, but that's pretty much it for any current NFL QB

    • Nathan Shackelford
      Nathan Shackelford

      Lol replacing? Hahaha. If you are talking about drafting a qb for value sure and arrom. Can help train but he has 5 years minimum

    • Austin Stiefel
      Austin Stiefel


    • jj ball
      jj ball

      not in this draft definitely not. He has 5 years left

    • Logan Yashchyshyn
      Logan Yashchyshyn

      We should find a guy to sit under rodgers for a few years

  • kluster

    Colin “context” Cowherd

  • Nathan Amsden
    Nathan Amsden

    How does this man have a job

  • Randall Hart
    Randall Hart

    Everyone is sleeping on James Morgan talk about a talent, 6’4 220 and has some speed running a 4.75 40. He can sling it watch it for him out of FIU.

  • Jack Bingham
    Jack Bingham

    Colin.. Tua has three potential first round wide receivers, and first round offensive lineman, and Nick Saban. Love had a very bad statistical drop off this past season, and did not look very good against most of the more talented teams they played. He also needs a lot of help mechanically. Cant change my mind on the guy who had the best year ever for a QB

  • Richara Gonzales
    Richara Gonzales

    Where did all the cowherd stans come from the last year or so? People need to stop acting like they know these people they watch videos of all the time

  • aristotle736

    Jordan Love'a highlights are titled " hidden Gem "...NOT anymore !!!!

  • Arthur BAKER
    Arthur BAKER

    I'm not a Burrow fan but to compare his last season to Alex Smith is a big stretch.

  • Javier


  • Jake S
    Jake S

    Aaron also has a really bad supporting cast around him this year.

  • Home Work
    Home Work

    Damn. This means Aaron Rodgers has a career year and Joe Burrow is the next great.

  • Silver Jaiden
    Silver Jaiden

    Aaron Rodgers is 36.

  • Entertainment Fun
    Entertainment Fun

    Bla bla bla bla that's all he talks about but I gotta admit he's right

  • Peter Place
    Peter Place

    Aaron Rodgers need to find a hole to crawl into his days are over

  • packfan12

    I wish I could trust Colin on this but he's so biased against the Packers and Rodgers these days i can't really listen to him. But i'd say this - when the Packers drafted Rodgers while Favre was 35, it was because Rodgers was a top-5 pick who somehow fell to 23. If a top-5 QB this year falls, sure, maybe we take him. But I don't love taking a back-end first round pick instead of going all-in for two or three more years for Rodgers. Rodgers is still playing at a very high level. What's the likelihood the Packers sneak another elite QB in the back end of the 1st round. Cmon

  • charlie lovell
    charlie lovell

    Ok he talks about people popping in college like burrow but he will switch up saying Jordan love is amazing when he popped a year earlier then got exposed so he is dumb

  • Lorenzo Wright
    Lorenzo Wright

    There Is No Erosion With Aarons Game His WRs Suck And Can't Get Open

  • TimmyBoi 3000
    TimmyBoi 3000

    I drafted Jordan Love in my madden franchise like 13th overall and he won two consecutive Super Bowls after 4 or 5 seasons so GB should draft him

  • Dre Cristo
    Dre Cristo

    If Brady can play till 42 Rodgers could play to 45 not saying he will but he could. Brady is the most overrated player ever. If he leaves his team is gonna suck without bill. Fight me

  • Dunkin Hines
    Dunkin Hines

    one year too early on drafting a QB for GB. Remember ARod sat his first three years. New QB only needs to be a back up for 2 years. ARod has 3-4 left unless the media drills retirement home like they did Favre. So many media personalities think they are GMs or coaches.

  • Đęmøń Fears
    Đęmøń Fears

    The Green Bay Packers defense carried Aaron Rodgers to the NFC Championship Game nd yall can't say they didn't 💁🏽

  • Jacob Dixon
    Jacob Dixon

    I'd rather wait for next year's draft and trade up for Trevor Lawrence.

  • Nathan Renner
    Nathan Renner

    The Bengals have Jonah Williams, AJ Green, tyler boyd, joe mixon, and john ross on O. Who do the cardinals, dolphins, panthers, or lions have? I'll take our guys.

  • AngryCanadian

    Rodgers Doesn't have any competitive fire in him,they do need to toss him

  • Steve Moser
    Steve Moser

    Aaron Rodgers is my favorite player of all time but I absolutely love the packers taking Jordan love lmao. let him sit for 3 or 4 years let Aaron get his 1 or 2 more Super Bowls and we have another 15 years of a great qb 🙌🏻

  • Brezzy 1815
    Brezzy 1815

    I’ll be so happy when aaron retires so sick of that guy # bear down

  • Preston Powell
    Preston Powell

    Orrr! Hear me out! Green Bay gets a WR and next draft get.... Justin Fields even if that means trading up! Have fields learn from Rodgers and then once Rodgers contract is up move on

  • khanh nguyen
    khanh nguyen

    So the packer going to qb factory mode now, do anyone still remember how many back qb they going thought before they find Aaron Rodgers, and most people in NFL at that time call them the quarterback factory

  • YomiBolo Reads
    YomiBolo Reads

    Colin is just the best sports commentator.

  • Clayton Roberts
    Clayton Roberts


  • Tony Skyline
    Tony Skyline


  • jiaqi jiang
    jiaqi jiang

    Imagine Packers draft Jake Fromm

  • Joseph Truppa
    Joseph Truppa

    Colin. You can't say you "like" Burrow when you constantly rag on him.

  • Marc Ochoa
    Marc Ochoa

    Colin dies know the patriots have a higher pick than the packers.. right?

  • paidxtra

    They didn't want Utah players ughh Colin nobody wanted Jordan Love that why he went to Utah 🙄

  • paidxtra

    Where colin was wrong

  • Guiilty

    If Jordan Love falls then I say yes draft him. Other than that I wouldn’t worry about it. Let’s go through the year and see next draft potentially. We’re win now with Rodgers and he needs a legit WR, TE next to him


    Seriously have no idea what Colin is talking about when he says Burrow doesn’t have great arm talent. Dude made some insane throws against top competition last year.

  • Sir Michael S. Burton III
    Sir Michael S. Burton III

    I usually agree with Colin but dude you’re wrong the thing the separates Burreaux from all the other QBs was his maneuverability in the pocket and still looking to throw not tuck and run and it’s more to the QB position than have arm strength ball placement moving in the pocket while keeping your eyes downfield FEELING the pressure who displayed all of that all year long i love how when Bama wins it’s “defense defense defense” but now it’s solely because Tua didn’t play stop it Burreaux is head and shoulders above the rest of the QBs coming out except Tua

  • Devon Brown
    Devon Brown

    This freaking knob job would not be capping on Joe burrow if he was going to his beloved Patriots if he were going to the Steelers if he were going to the Ravens or any of this beloved pick a team who's been in the Superbowl in the last 7 years or near it he would have a face full of Joe Burrow's d

  • Mike Wolosz
    Mike Wolosz

    Pats pick before packers. You need to wait to see their pro days. I like Love but just like you said about Joe, same can be said about Love. To many teams will want to move on Love if he has a good pro day. I think he is going to end up with Tampa Bay.

  • Patrick Thometz
    Patrick Thometz

    I do not watch Colin since the yummy Kristine Leahy left his show.

  • needsalt

    No, you really are just a burrow hater. You're doing media criticism and pretending it's sports interpretation.

  • Bryson Johnson
    Bryson Johnson

    is completion percentage is 2 below his average for his career and 26td with only 4 pics is declining he sounds stupid

  • Dean Shannon
    Dean Shannon

    Jacob Eason is better

  • Moreala Morehead
    Moreala Morehead

    They’d have to trade up

  • LegoMyBrick 217
    LegoMyBrick 217

    Not happening Colin, sorry bud..

  • Roman Bilan
    Roman Bilan

    Context like the reason Joe Burrow took so long to pop was 1. Being in a talented OSU QB room 2. Injury 3. Learning a new system his first year at LSU

  • Daniel Tayong
    Daniel Tayong

    Cowherd will jump on the band wagon of Burrow soon enough

  • El Zk
    El Zk

    NFL = National Fixed League

  • Quinn Kealey
    Quinn Kealey

    I want my Vikings to trade up and get Love; not only because Kirk's contract is almost up, but also because I can't stand the idea of the Packers getting a third consecutive franchise QB. We'll never hear the end of it 😭

  • Myles Wilson
    Myles Wilson

    does he not see how hypocritical these two statements are? "draft jordan love because he was good a year ago, i have concerns about burrow because he wasnt this good a year ago"

  • Ki

    As a packer fan I'm all with it go get a QB but I dont think we should get him in the frist maybe if we trade and get another frist round pick and get him or get a qb in the second

  • alicantino11

    "Knew it wouldn't play with Aaron Rodgers." Love how this guy speaks in such a definitive tone like he actually knows what he's talking about lol.

  • E VH
    E VH

    Colin repeating himself over and over and again in 10 minutes

  • Pick N Roll
    Pick N Roll

    Colin you forgot anthony gordon smhhh

  • jarrett rafffo
    jarrett rafffo

    They should do him a favor and trade him. 2 of the greatest quarterbacks ever since 1992 and 2 super bowl wins. It’s pathetic

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison

    Colin talks about ‘context’ but he only ever explains the context the supports his position. Where’s the context that explains the level of talent he faced in LSU’s schedule compared to a Utah St or Oregon and their respective margin of victory (7 top tens and all preseason top 4?!)? And where’s the context for the caliber of talent Tua has been surrounded by his entire time at Bama? And he’s really gonna compare Burrows last season to Jamarcus Russel’s as if they’re anywhere near the same? Colin this is some disappointing argumentation.

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    JORDAN LOVE has a similar SKILL-SET to DESHUAN WATSON. Greenbay needs to DRAFT him. Because he is the FUTURE QB proto-type.

  • Terry Kowalewski
    Terry Kowalewski

    Rodgers turns 37 this upcoming season.

  • Mike Guarino
    Mike Guarino

    Let's add "context" without making any mention that Burrow played in 2 totally different systems at LSU. If you want to compare his 2 years there, add some context. Garbage take.

  • mitch marena
    mitch marena

    Idiot. Jordan love is terrible and joe burrow made insane throws

  • C Rowley
    C Rowley

    A year too early. While I would employ a team to draft a QB every other year 5-7 round range. Top 4 rounds makes no sense

  • Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata
    Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    Colin "I'm not a stats guy, but if you look at his stats" Cowherd

  • Kush Yagnik
    Kush Yagnik

    But joe burrow had the greatest college qb season of all time

  • Timo Brandt
    Timo Brandt

    I drafted Jordan Love in my Madden franchise and he got to 99OVR in like 2 seasons. I know this is as irrelevant as it could be, but i think it's quite funny. Go get it Jordan! :D

  • Levi Peterson
    Levi Peterson

    Um Oregon has two NFL caliber offensive lineman SMH this man doesn't do his homework.

  • Paris Harper
    Paris Harper

    With his charm bracelet on LoL

  • Wanli Tan
    Wanli Tan

    Colin really repeats every single thing he says at least once.

  • Jeff Kiewiet
    Jeff Kiewiet

    Colin said if the packer don’t take him the patriots will but the patriots pick like 8 picks before the packers lol.

  • greg

    But is Jordan Love a coastal kid with the midwest ethos?

  • Vontae star woods
    Vontae star woods

    While do like Jalen Hurts (mostly a 2nd or 3rd round QB) but Next yrs QB class will be better. We really need some recievers with experience (Free agents like Demaryius Thomas or Danny Amendola or someone else)

  • B Fresh
    B Fresh

    When everyone is sleeping on Anthony Gordon...

  • OBEYFMH187

    Winning your division and One game short of the Superbowl are 2 very different things ?!

  • Steve Clay
    Steve Clay

    From a Bengals fan, thanks Colin, exactly the sort of fuel Joe needs to keep his fire burning.

  • 75 aces
    75 aces

    Understandable if GB want tomdraft a new QB this year, but not.feeling this parallel to 2005. Even though Rodgers went 24th overall he was still 2nd QB taken. Only 3 drafted in first 2 rounds. Wherever Jordan Love goes, we're likely looking at 3 going in too 10 this year. Maybe a few more in round 1.

  • And then there was X
    And then there was X

    I thought Colin was finna take shots at the Joe Budden Podcast show until I clicked the video and seen the full title

  • Tyler Herrin
    Tyler Herrin

    Joe Burrow is Bo Callahan!!

  • Outside Looking In
    Outside Looking In

    Collin thinks NFL QBs are cattle. Size is everything lol..

  • Jason Clay
    Jason Clay

    Its killing colin that the Bengals are getting this guy..he wants to suck of the bad