• Yogi Gozali
    Yogi Gozali

    Love how her first reaction was "What am i gonna do?"

  • Sidney Caytap
    Sidney Caytap

    I'm crying and laughing at the same time.

  • Angry Morty
    Angry Morty

    Apparently this was her husband's best night of his life.

  • ShawN TyleR
    ShawN TyleR

    Wow 👏

  • maica guce
    maica guce

    Oh my gosh she's so adorable. If I were in her position, I would have probably fainted...

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Emma wasn't that excited when she won "BEST PICTURE|

  • Vixikie

    "This is not going to happen again" lmao

  • uwlwsrpm

    Doris Thatcher F yeah!

  • closedforlove

    My face hurts from smiling ❤️😭

  • juju bone
    juju bone

    The dress😑

  • jmnny85

    She is utterly charming! 😍😍👏

  • Denis Pak
    Denis Pak

    Glenn Close, 7 Oscar nominations is like: It's ok, honey, I'll survive =))

  • musicjunkie274

    She’s always shocked when she wins even though she’s astounding. Humans don’t deserve Olivia

  • Tony Tpz
    Tony Tpz

    She should win best comedian too!

  • Nor Shahirah Zulghafar
    Nor Shahirah Zulghafar

    i watch this every now and then just to keep myself grounded :) THANKS OLIVIA! YOU'RE STILL THE BEST EVEN TODAY.

  • John Martin Dizon
    John Martin Dizon

    HAHAHAHAHAHA such a touching yet a hilarious speech HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Shalintha Perera
    Shalintha Perera

    Everyone loves her she become my favorite

  • Malvika Baru
    Malvika Baru

    She is so adorable! She is a talent, a genuine one.

  • Der Kommissar
    Der Kommissar

    This was the best movie I've seen in years, and her performance was astounding, but you know that if you've seen it.

  • A.S. Alfred
    A.S. Alfred

    All the three ladies starred in The Favourite are now an Oscar winner.

  • Rockie Levine
    Rockie Levine

    I m sorry...But Glenn Close so much deserving!!! Nominated for multiple time...

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb

      Nah Olivia's performance was so much more deserving. Glenn Close is one of the best actresses working today, but giving this to her just because of the mindset that "she doesn't have an Oscar so she should get one just because she needs to have an Oscar" is ridiculous.

  • pavle zmuric
    pavle zmuric

    How come they didnt cast Kevin James for this part? He can look exactly like woman if he wanted to! He would give 200% in that role!

  • berdolfo Javier
    berdolfo Javier

    Academy will never give Glenn Close her dues..Shes one of the greatest actress ever than most any actress won in Oscar...Victims in the past Oscar are Greta Garbo and Judy Garland....Oscar is unfair......

    • Keth Kirk
      Keth Kirk

      other past victims also include Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Altman. But, if I'm honest, I'm glad Olivia Colman won. She gave the best performance in my opinion!

  • rm ako
    rm ako

    Quarantine brought me here! Emma Stone is the kind of friend we need nowadays.

  • Suraj S S
    Suraj S S

    Look at Lady Gaga she cant believe this

  • Stella Mantikou
    Stella Mantikou

    she is adorable.

  • Katrina Kae Asuncion T. Carriedo
    Katrina Kae Asuncion T. Carriedo

    lady gaga was like..lowkey..omg...not me?

  • Katrina Kae Asuncion T. Carriedo
    Katrina Kae Asuncion T. Carriedo

    The only thing...I don't like how the music cuts as the scene cuts to the nominee...it's awkward.

  • Joey Laird
    Joey Laird


  • Dont Me
    Dont Me

    i just realized that almost all the main cast in "the Help" has Oscars now-

  • pk

    I've only just noticed her mouth "What am I going to do?!" as she's getting up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> She's so great

  • Yabadabonboo

    She totally deserves that. Incredible movie.

  • Wong Yuk Lun
    Wong Yuk Lun

    she is so generous

  • It'sJustCasey

    Poor woman nearly fainted

  • Pipe1825

    namomi's mom :3 skins

  • Milk Jugzzz
    Milk Jugzzz

    The thing about British actors they are just better.....

  • Lot-lot Hermosura
    Lot-lot Hermosura

    Me rewatching this at this exact day of 2020 because well you know why

  • TheTheBest

    Guys get yourself an Emma Stone

  • Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
    Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan

    Sam Rockwell looks better bald and bearded lol

  • Montravius Daniel
    Montravius Daniel

    Glenn Close and Lady Gag were both robbed! :,(

  • ToniTonyToné

    Love Olivia, such a nice human

  • Ngau Nguyen
    Ngau Nguyen

    Everytime I watch this, I just keep thinking I want what Olivia and her husband have. That's what I want

  • kamran khan
    kamran khan

    can't figure out why rave reviews about this speech?

    • Mybpeterson

      It was authentic, humble, funny and generous.

  • T Moon
    T Moon

    Well she was always "the Favorite" to win

  • Kur Del rio
    Kur Del rio

    Emma is a friend that all of us is wishing for. Such a darling

    • Kur Del rio
      Kur Del rio

      T Moon correct. I cried a lot watching lala land and every night before i sleep i play city of stars..hihihi

    • T Moon
      T Moon

      Emma already had one in the bag for Lala Land so she can be like,"OMG you got one too!"

  • Rajendra Bist
    Rajendra Bist


  • Basil Hashmi
    Basil Hashmi

    Wow. What a person. 10/10 honestly

  • Vikato kiho
    Vikato kiho

    Viggo putting his hand on Olivia 😂😂😏

  • Vikato kiho
    Vikato kiho

    Sam Rockwell is Walter White

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason

    That's Numberwang!

  • Indriyani Mo
    Indriyani Mo

    2020 ...who's with me ...

  • sadek sadek
    sadek sadek

    يا أرض بأمنك لتشنكليها * القمر بحاله خبيته فى عنيها * الطيورمهاجره وبتدور عليها * وتقدميلها كوكا كولا* الجايزه فى اديها وطلعه الاولا* ازى باء حضرتك*وفله هديه لفرحتك* وبمبونايه لضحكتك* وقشطات وعسليه لطلتك*ازى باء حضرتك *الاوسكار معاكى حيرتيه* بالجاذبيه والحضور شغلتيه* بدر ونور لياليه* ازى باء حضرتك* بليس *****أهلا

  • isaid cuckooclock
    isaid cuckooclock

    From Peep Show to an oscar. Epic

  • Jack Nicholson
    Jack Nicholson

    Want proof she literally had nothing planned? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> "what am I gonna do?"

  • Mary n.
    Mary n.

    best speech EVER !!!!!!

  • 47imagine

    Glenn Close's reaction is the most understated, yet transparent "you gotta be f**king kidding me" in Oscar history. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>

  • hellodavey1902

    She is the best. Full stop

  • Louis Ruiz
    Louis Ruiz

    She said lady Gaga name once and everyone went crazy

  • alberto sirit
    alberto sirit

    Su Interpretacion Fue Magistral !! X eso Gano El Oscar !!! ❤

  • Sheznip

    Olivia went to my high school. My head teacher wont shut up about her. 😂💓💕💗💗 it's a private school.

  • mm369

    Olivia was so great in “The Favourite” well deserved but I was really hoping Glenn won she’s overdue

  • Arun

    Out of a 1000 films released every year, you get nominated in the top 5, and you're cool and chilled out .. but when you get picked out of the 5, all of sudden you lose your mind and act bonkers, e.t.c .. Never understood people who cried in shock after winning. It means you never believed in yourself in the first place, and you were just a flash in the pan. You can laugh, be excited, be happy, gleeful, joyous, which is normal. But don't act surprised and shocked. Thats simply ridiculous.

  • Hamish Hudson
    Hamish Hudson

    Ahah - sincerity. No wonder she won this. Its what she invests in her performances.

  • MrS98VAC

    Glenn should have won for "Fatal Attraction", everyone knows that!

    • niki don
      niki don


  • Robin Gronwald
    Robin Gronwald

    This is why I love british actors: Extravagant and extremely good sense for comedy

  • EY Arcane
    EY Arcane

    Why are the transitions so abrupt and awkward?

  • T C
    T C

    “This is not gonna happen again” Girl please 😂

  • soyoung hwang
    soyoung hwang

    Love to watch over n over!

  • Denver Rights
    Denver Rights

    Who's heart has broken for Glenn Close?

  • Julie Haley
    Julie Haley

    Watch her in Tyrannasaur

    • D Walker
      D Walker

      If anyone loved her in The Favourite, wait to see in Tyrannosaur, mindblowing.

  • Bryan Barrera
    Bryan Barrera

    I am the only one that hate this lady, I really dont like Olivia Colman the Oscar was for Glen 🙄

    • D Walker
      D Walker

      One can be this dumb for hating someone who won an award that rightfully deserved. Even Glenn moved on so many you'd like to consider it?

    • Connor Webb
      Connor Webb

      Its not her fucking fault. And Olivia gave a better performance anyway. Glenn was robbed in the 80s. No one's gonna remember The Wife. I doubt more than 10 people do now.

  • Molag Bal
    Molag Bal

    This will never not be my favourite Oscar award clip

  • Mahamed Khaled BOUACHAT
    Mahamed Khaled BOUACHAT

    no win tops this one so far

  • liamnotlast

    Sophie. The Sophster. Sophistry.

  • Thomas Barrientos
    Thomas Barrientos

    Should have been Close!!!

    • D Walker
      D Walker


    • nick nick nick
      nick nick nick

      No. Olivia's performance is better than Glenn in that year.

  • Maurico Ferreira
    Maurico Ferreira

    her husband is hot!

  • Fernando Vernon
    Fernando Vernon

    Look... the truth is I like Olivia. I like Olivia, and if you can't handle it, you can just... you know, fuck off.

  • Apoorva Solanki
    Apoorva Solanki

    What an actress and what a sweet person.

  • Apoorva Solanki
    Apoorva Solanki

    I seriously loved her

  • Devan Walsh
    Devan Walsh

    I'm in love