Nils Höglander Zorro Goal (SHL) - [DIF-RBK] 2019-10-29

  • jaja

    This has to be to most beautiful goal in hockey history...

  • Vincent Ahlgern
    Vincent Ahlgern


  • Hugo Nilsson
    Hugo Nilsson

    Vi har stolt dig i laget !!!!!!!!💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • NicolasGamingYT

    Are we all english watching this and they are speaking a diffrnet languege

    • Rick Strom
      Rick Strom


  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph

    One of the best I have seen to date..shakes off a man, scoops it up and boom...Damn that is filthy beyond words..That carolina dudes is nothing like this at all..He lets puck roll onto his blade cause he cannot flex and scoop like this it is wayyyyyy harder to do

  • ggqbc

    Nicest lacrosse goal ever scored by a huge margin

  • Brendan Roe
    Brendan Roe

    I think the toedrag around the defenders stick while in the motion to lift the puck up was perfection like wow.... And the pass off the back of the net too level shit right there

  • Nip 3
    Nip 3


  • Noppa12

    Jätte fin mål.

  • Tofib

    aka Ilmaveivi

    • • MaPa •
      • MaPa •


  • Magnus Wettermark
    Magnus Wettermark

    Sjukt duktig med klubban. Imponerande som fan!

  • Labs

    Try it in the NHL then we'll talk....

    • Labs

      @Pope SweetJesus mange moi lpain esti draisin

    • Pope SweetJesus
      Pope SweetJesus

      Labs lol you wouldn’t be able to pull this of in the beer league

    • Rick Strom
      Rick Strom

      @Labs stupido...

    • Rick Strom
      Rick Strom

      @Labs nope

    • Michael Joseph
      Michael Joseph

      @Labs Suuuuuuuuurrrreeeeee post a vid bud and no way at this level or level of difficulty stop being Jealous

  • Hckytwn

    Zorro? No. It's a Lacrosse Goal or "Michigan Move"--if you want to pay proper respect. :-) This is ice hockey, not floor hockey; pucks are used, not balls. (Don't be mad Sweden, love you guys. And Hoglander will be an NHL star.)

    • Hckytwn

      Richard Johansson Sticks aren’t swords, so why call it a Zorro goal? Lol Seriously though, I think you missed the point. By the “balls aren’t pucks” comment, I was saying Floorball isn’t Ice Hockey. And just like the floorboard community can name/phrase stuff in their sport, so can ice hockey. The first “lacrosse goal” was scored by Mike Legg-a Canadian born player playing for the University of Michigan. He called it a lacrosse move. The NHL and others have called it the Michigan Move or Michigan Goal. And finally, I was just poking fun here. This is hardly some crucial issue facing hockey.

    • Richard Johansson
      Richard Johansson

      "Pucks are used, not balls". So why do you call it a lacrosse goal?

    • Hckytwn

      David Wittberg haha... you know soccer is a European term, right? The Brits just stopped using it after Americans *started* using it. Likewise, maybe we should call the Lacrosse move the Zorro? Before you know it, I bet our Swedish friends will then call it Lacrosse? What do you think? :-)

    • David Wittberg
      David Wittberg

      @Hckytwn Yeah sure, like how an egg shaped sphere carried in your hands is referred to as "football". Many funny and cool things going on out there you know.

    • Hckytwn

      ​@David Wittberg That's sorta like a Cuban calling a Hockey Goal a "Home Run", but ok lol

  • Alan Harper
    Alan Harper

    One of the best goals you will ever see the move to lose the man behind the net then pick it up the fast off the bounce

  • Matanumi

    And then he fuckin does it again in world juniors...shit

  • fortnite is for virgins
    fortnite is for virgins

    Well he did it again. Thats just sick

    • CristianoRonaldo7


  • mr cool
    mr cool

    Det heter fan inte zorromål.... Det heter Michigan mål

    • Charmander

      I Sverige heter det zorromål vilket används mycket inom innebandy.

    • mr cool
      mr cool

      @Ennis Del Mar i know....

    • Ennis Del Mar
      Ennis Del Mar

      han drog precis en i JVM

  • Isak Wulff
    Isak Wulff

    Zorro king

  • LZO

    That’s a 🥍

  • North Star
    North Star

    These leagues are masters of making the ugliest hockey jerseys you could ever imagine

    • TNF1 NoName
      TNF1 NoName

      @Marcel oinonen then we have Brynäs IF, No advertising on their shirts

    • Marcel oinonen
      Marcel oinonen

      Yes, that's true, the SHL Jerseys are filled to the top with adverts. But honestly, I'd prefer ugly jerseys over long and frequent ad breaks. The NHL Playoffs were genuinely hard to watch. Not that the games themselves were boring(they weren't), but rather because these ad breaks interrupt the game way too often, and for way too long.

    • Leo Tängermark
      Leo Tängermark

      They're mostly ruined by advertising but underneath we do have some good ones. Djurgårdens here lookd better than most nhl jerseys

    • Sam Ludendorff
      Sam Ludendorff

      North Star piss off

    • North Star
      North Star

      @Sk8LovesSweet and the weird continues

  • Eric Fortnite
    Eric Fortnite

    Framåt skåne.

  • Lukas Karlsson
    Lukas Karlsson

    Holy sh*t!

  • PeteOnFire

    The defenseman probably got a 52 overall lol

  • Fn_ alpaca
    Fn_ alpaca

    Absolutely filthy goal

  • Kalle Korkeakunnas
    Kalle Korkeakunnas

    Svechnikov has 10 accounts damn

  • Overtime Freak
    Overtime Freak

    fantastiskt! Helt enkelt fantastiskt

  • Tyler P
    Tyler P

    That was fuckin crazy

  • Wavee SV2
    Wavee SV2

    Alexander Svechnikov would like to know your location

  • Veikkaus Maister
    Veikkaus Maister

    Mikael Granlund did it better.

    • Michael Joseph
      Michael Joseph


    • 10k subs without a video!
      10k subs without a video!

      No hahah.

    • Rick Strom
      Rick Strom


  • Eric S.
    Eric S.

    Oh boy petty and boeser gots a news winger horvat has podz what a wonderful time to be a canucks fan

  • TheDiver3

    Imagine seeing this in the NHL

    • ukkelis kukkelis
      ukkelis kukkelis

      Yeah imagine

  • Ice Rink Diaries
    Ice Rink Diaries

    Those are some wild faceoff circles.

  • Stetsonbryl

    Fräsigt mål. Minst sagt.

  • A14

    Everybody doing these now, i love it!

    • christer pettersson
      christer pettersson

  • CFF_ Kangas
    CFF_ Kangas

    de är min 4 menig

  • selubria

    Absolutely filthy, kudos. The pass to himself behind the net to shake defender... everything. What an individual effort.

  • PbookBrandO

    Try that shit in North America get your head taken off little man

  • dsfsfds dsfsdfsd
    dsfsfds dsfsdfsd

    When swedinstan becomes khalifat, hockey will be banned.


      @Leo Tängermark No such thing.


      @Bartholomew Esperanza Good, it's the perfect comment and I'm glad you enjoyed it, kiddo.

    • Leo Tängermark
      Leo Tängermark

      Another one brainwashed by alt-right media I see

    • Bartholomew Esperanza
      Bartholomew Esperanza

      XBOXRULES man, that is exactly the comment I would expect from someone who’s name is “Xbox rules”


      @Simon Sjöberg fuck islam

  • Canucksfan

    I want to see him with Petey.

    • Brody Knight
      Brody Knight

      LPEL no it doesnt. Podkolzin is a way better option over hogs

    • LPEL

      Hoglander/ Pettersson/Boeser has the makings of a great line for sure.

  • Vilgot Norén
    Vilgot Norén

    Much better than Svechnikov’s

    • Vintagegijoefreak

      The ”competition” being standing alone behind the goal? Yeez, people have to start learning a thing or two about hockey..

    • Paul Schmidt
      Paul Schmidt

      Ha ha ha you idiot

    • Bartholomew Esperanza
      Bartholomew Esperanza

      Vilgot Norén except for the whole level of competition factor

  • Mr. Porkchop
    Mr. Porkchop

    Canuck lines 2021 bo hoglander podkolzin, boeser petterson miller

    • Mr. Porkchop
      Mr. Porkchop

      @XBOXRULES good one


      Horvat is a centre not a left winger.

  • Joli Star
    Joli Star

    Altså är örebroare men går det att göra ett snyggare mål?

  • Kayusteve Wilson
    Kayusteve Wilson

    Absolutely awesome.

  • Niilo Mehtonen
    Niilo Mehtonen

    Haarjööritzorromaal stupid language😂

  • Jag gillar sot Mellanslag
    Jag gillar sot Mellanslag

    Adam brodeckis var snyggare

    • Pope SweetJesus
      Pope SweetJesus

      Inte en chans

    • Rick Strom
      Rick Strom


  • jason coladonato
    jason coladonato


  • Emilsfetabläckblås Mage
    Emilsfetabläckblås Mage

    inget fan av rögle men det där va fan sjukt

  • MrSharkFIN

    Now that's a beautiful one. Svechnikov's wasn't this good, he wasn't battling a player.

    • MrSharkFIN

      @Bartholomew Esperanza But the time he did it wasn't technically more difficult, because there was no-one trying to get the puck from him. On this one there was

    • Anders Ljunggren
      Anders Ljunggren

      @Bartholomew Esperanza meh..

    • Bartholomew Esperanza
      Bartholomew Esperanza

      This is definitely nicer than svechnikovs, but svech gets the edge for doing it in a significantly more difficult league.

    • Mr. Porkchop
      Mr. Porkchop

      Yeah he banked the puck off the net first lost the defender then got the puck in. Looks more difficult than svechnikovs

  • Kenneth Tran
    Kenneth Tran

    Mycket snyggt! Det snyggaste måste jag säga är när han drar pucken runt Högströms klubba så att han förgäves viftar efter pucken. Tyvärr håller man på Djurgården men denna gång är det bara att lyfta på hatten!

    • Mikael Hedqvist
      Mikael Hedqvist

      En till!

  • Adamn adissident
    Adamn adissident


  • Rocken Roll Volbeat
    Rocken Roll Volbeat

    Så jävla snyggt mål från en Djurgårdare

  • ExuberantRaptor

    When you're too bad of a player to score a regular goal xD

  • Sweet Cheese
    Sweet Cheese

    svechnikov saw this

    • Rindiculous

      ConfuseddPandaa I think Hoglander started a trend because the very next day Elias Pettersson tried that move but the puck bounced over his stick and the day after that Svechnikov actually did it in a game

  • nicholas wagner
    nicholas wagner

    Everybody calls this granlunds move but it should be his cause this is his 2nd onne that he has done in the shl

    • Ranskulainen

      @Johnny Dong Also it was it the semifinal and it was the winning goal

    • Johnny Dong
      Johnny Dong

      Granny made it in WC, maybe thats important to note

    • Tompa8989

      No he wasn't. Mike Legg did it in 1996.

    • MrSharkFIN

      Granlund was the first, so it's his.

  • Snow leopard
    Snow leopard

    That is just sick or perhaps stick;)

  • Joapal

    Svechnikovs zorromål var riktigt snyggt, men allt med Nils Höglanders mål var så mycket bättre! Till och med Höglanders framtida lagkamrat Elias Pettersson försökte med ett zorromål samma dygn (tror jag det var) men misslyckades :)

    • Richard Johansson
      Richard Johansson

      @Bartholomew Esperanza Please explain what about this goal wouldn't work in the NHL. The goalie would have saved it? It took like half a secend from the puck being on the ice to it being in the net. If the goalie didn't have time to save Svechnikovs then how would they have saved this? The defenders would have stopped him? Offence have the puck behind the net all the time in the NHL aswell. Taking more time is a disadvantage in this case, the goalie might actually have time to prepare for it. This goal being faster makes it HARDER for the goalie. It should be obvious. Sure the NHL is a better league, but players from the Swedish league gets drafted to the NHL all the time and some of them do extremely well right away.

    • bogani

      @The Passion of Anna Foppas dragning är ju något som Kenta Nilsson gjorde långt innan Foppa dock.

    • Bartholomew Esperanza
      Bartholomew Esperanza

      linkan91H lmao oh please. The NHL is head and shoulders above this league. Lmao so many euro kids have their heads firmly up their ass thinking these leagues are even comparable. This is a sick goal but it NEVER would EVER, EVER EVER happen against NHL competition. It just wouldn’t. Yeah svech has time, that’s literally the only way you could pull it off in the NHL. The defenders and goalies are too good. Much better than whoever was defending here

    • Itzille

      Håller helt med! Svechnikov fick mer tid på sig då backarna var alldeles för passiva.

    • Kenth Söderholm
      Kenth Söderholm

      @The Passion of Anna Mike Legg som spelade universitetshockey i Michigan var först med ett sånt mål 1996. Kallas därför "michigan goal" i NHL.

  • zoom Yt
    zoom Yt

    Dom som hejar på Rögle lajkar

    • Robin Lind
      Robin Lind

      Jag är Djurgårdare och jag gillar det här målet. Det är sjukt vackert helt enkelt. Du är äcklig.

    • zoom Yt
      zoom Yt

      Djurgården är bara äckliga

    • The Passion of Anna
      The Passion of Anna

      alla som älskar hockey gillar det här. förutom djurgårdarna.

  • Lorentzon_

    Jag hejar på Frölunda men måste säga de var det sjukaste jag sätt

    • Familjen Enmalm
      Familjen Enmalm

      Han är ju Zorro höglander

    • Gustaf Lekander
      Gustaf Lekander

      Lorentzon_ ❤️💛🖤

  • Dewy Wannamaker
    Dewy Wannamaker

    Future Vancouver Canuck. Thank you very much.

    • TNF1 NoName
      TNF1 NoName

      @Hamza Nur something like that dosent exist....

    • Emil

      @Hamza Nur There is no such thing as SHL and NHL affiliated teams.


      @Hamza Nur THEIR

    • Eight_bee_five

      @Hamza Nur I think the same person designed both logos.

    • Itzille

      @Hamza Nur I think the people in charge of Rögle in the 1980's got tired of their old logo and took some inspiration from the Edmonton logo when they created the new one. But apart from that Rögle has nothing to do with the Oilers. :)

  • Jonas Gustafsson
    Jonas Gustafsson

    Så nice 😎😎