Going over the new EPA diesel regulations and how it can really hurt the diesel world. Also going over all the opinions floating around in the diesel community.

  • Chris Fails
    Chris Fails

    Got pulled over at a dot diesel check point in Minnesota. They were checking for offroad diesel.

  • bob caldwell
    bob caldwell

    keep voting democrat and you will keep loosing rights

  • Richard Koehler
    Richard Koehler

    In all states it is against the law to do a delete on your trucks . The truth is owner think it cool to blow all that black smoke you need to think about the person behind that's choking on the stink. You will not be able to trade that truck in no dealer won't take that truck ,the dealer can not resell that truck . This is why some shop are saying don't buy a deleted a tune trucks because of problems down the road.Some States won't let you renew your taps unless it passes the emissions test .

  • Ed Walker
    Ed Walker

    I remember when we were teenagers in the 1970s ,the city bus drove by us blowing clouds of smoke. Nobody cared, how times have changed. Really, diesel smoke never bothered me. All this stuff is crazy, the epa has just ruined the diesel and gas cars and trucks (they're working on ruining motorcycles). They would all have twice the mileage and power and total reliability if it wasn't for the epa....

  • Joseph Kelso
    Joseph Kelso

    Here in Utah I have not heard of anybody getting pulled over for EPA regulation however if you own A one ton or bigger DOT can pull you over for no reason because your truck is rated to pull over 10000 pounds

  • formerice

    2017 deleted and tuned Ram owner . 4 more mpg than stock and my tail pipes are shiny clean for 76,000 miles.

  • TexanUSMC8089

    If you put a 2004 diesel in a 72 truck, you still have to have 2004 emissions. Legally. It doesn't go by the older age. It the same if you put a 72 engine in a 2004 truck. You have to have emissions for the newest date.

  • mark caddell
    mark caddell

    We need to stop giving libtards power

  • Shane Bean
    Shane Bean

    I understand protecting the environment and all but I thought this was a “free” country. What a joke. The government tells you when and where to hunt, fish and more. Now I can’t mod my diesel the way I want either. It’s all about the almighty dollar and control. 👎🏻

  • Nathan Anderson
    Nathan Anderson

    WA state Jan 1 2020 shut down all emissions testing for all vehicles which I find ironic considering we usually chase California

  • Tracy C
    Tracy C


  • SKimpy0070

    get a mic..

  • Johan Fehr
    Johan Fehr

    It has been in place for big rigs for long time it's ok if all have to follow the law

  • Chris Baumgarten
    Chris Baumgarten

    My 2007 F350 has no DEF. Ford is 2008 and up. The 6.4... that is why the 6.4 is so riddled with problems.

  • Kenneth Schauer
    Kenneth Schauer

    It's about the rich getting richer and taking away your mobility

  • Kenneth Schauer
    Kenneth Schauer

    And the climate change people pour 40 tons of carbon monoxide into the air flying their own private jets to the climate Accord on climate change to bitch about my old truck go figure!!!!!!!

  • blitzergixxer750

    Do NOT post anything about deleting your truck if you do delete it. Do NOT consent to a smog test. There is ZERO vehicle code, moving or otherwise, that they can require you to do a smog stop. It’s not like a DUI stop. If you see one of those stops, turn around. Or better yet, don’t delete your truck. While I’d love to delete my truck, the EPA and Washington don’t give a shit and will find a way to make it hard.

  • TheRossillini

    Screw the new pickups anyways man they're a rip off and way over engineered. 40k-70k dollars man screw that

  • HankDCFC

    People like you are partially responsible for the current EPA policy. Stop rolling coal!!!! There is no need to do that if you have a proper tune.

    • HankDCFC

      @The Boosted Fam If you say so.

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      @HankDCFC if you watched the video you realize that's not the truck I'm driving

    • HankDCFC

      @The Boosted Fam Just look at your picture and the smoke? Correctly tuned diesels don't smoke like that.

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      I was always properly tuned... So "people like you" is inaccurate...

  • ScalyManFish

    I live in Texas, YeeYee.

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith

    We can’t delete our trucks at all in Pennsylvania because of I/M testing. But they don’t pull you over in Pa for a random smog test.

  • U.S.Slave

    Lithium batteries are only not obsolete by Fiat. Can't remember the tech (been few years since down ev rabbit hole) but there was something superior to lithium in range, safety, longevity, ECT but of course patent into a secret government vault while where sold bs. Ev could be superior to anything on the road today but powers that be gotta keep the planned obsolescence bs going.

  • Curtis Anderson
    Curtis Anderson

    Local police or sheriff can enforce all laws withing their territorial jurisdiction. That includes all federal, state and local laws. They are the only law enforcement that has the ability to charge crimes at any level, so their limitation is based on territory, not subject matter. They can enforce these laws should they choose; however, it is doubtful that they would have the training or the desire to enforce any federal crimes being all charges would be resolved at a federal court level. Federal court takes vast amounts of man hours and a lot of expense. Police department administration would not support actively enforcing such laws when they do noting to reduce crime or protect the public. With limited resources and manpower, departments must focus on the crimes that matter, such as DWI's when it comes to traffic enforcement.

  • Texas Patriot
    Texas Patriot

    Yay texas and not giving a fuck about the EPA.

  • barry1978

    If you are in TN and your gvwr is over 10,500 lbs you are exempt from emissions. Ask me how I know 😁. Loopholes

    • barry1978

      @The Boosted Fam gotcha 😉

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      I already know about that loophole but technically since I had stuff on SEsoft they can try me federally which is above the state loophole... Trust me I did my research to be able to try to keep my truck lol

  • LuvJoeBacon

    Funny enough. Even if a diesel rolls a little coal, it's still isnt that bad. The exhaust from diesel is heavy compared to gasoline so the exhaust will still down and away from the atmosphere. Also, wasn't it proven that the guy who did the whole diesel exhaust study and implemented the d.e.f. stuff exaggerated about the pollution ?

  • I have heard it is more intensive farm equipment, construction etc. The crappy part is new trucks get worse mileage often then the older trucks before the EPA bs.

  • Timothy Dare
    Timothy Dare

    Also if your gonna run a stock emissions truck. Why would you want to run a hot tune on it. Adding more fuel and soot to your DPF so it can regenerate way more. And clog up your system that much faster. I would just keep it stock. And deal with all the boxes of DEF you have to buy and trash. Or just buy an older truck and build out. Food for thought.

  • Timothy Dare
    Timothy Dare

    If you live in California. It is really hard to do anything. You can’t even order parts for your truck. Also all the peeps going around rolling dark black smoke is not helping the situation. Own it,be responsible with it. Drive it like it was meant for. And if you want to roll coal. Move to a more rural area where people don’t really care. It’s just a normal thing really. But blowing big clouds is just asking for trouble.

  • turbostixxx

    Do you not see the irony in your video description? "Going over the new EPA diesel regulations and how it can really hurt the diesel world. "

  • kasirus

    Argument on Tesla’s taking 10 years to equal the same amount of environmental impact is kinda odd... I mean yeah people don’t own the cars for 10 years, but after the car hits 10 years old it doesn’t just magically disappear. So the 2nd or 3rd owner of that car 12 years down the road is now making the environment better right?

  • Eric Valentine
    Eric Valentine

    I just got me a delete tune today lol I k ow a place that still done it for me

  • John Beck
    John Beck

    Annnnnd the diesel market will suffer tremendously. Half or more of the aftermarket shops/mfg’s will go out of business. Also the automotive industry will suffer as a whole.

  • D B
    D B

    I thank God every day I live in America and not California. A random smog check? What kind of communist bullshit is that? One more reason not to visit Homelessfornia.

  • D B
    D B

    What about the 2007.5 Duramax with no DEF, it uses a regen catalytic system?

  • Matthew Matthewq
    Matthew Matthewq

    Thank F I'm in Canada where we don't have to deal this sort of B.S.

  • Greg Haskey
    Greg Haskey

    The electric vehicle batteries are only good for 7-10 years then they need replacement. So really there is no plus side to electric. In fact the mining is worse for for the environment then the average gasoline car.

  • troy5007

    EPA is a corporation CORPORATIONS DO NOT MAKE LAWS, they create rules and regulations for the corporation they created. Wake up, 😕 Corporate rules and regulations do not apply to you unless you are in a contract. With said Corporation 😉

  • Jeff Cannon
    Jeff Cannon

    Not for nothing but I've been a certified auto mechanic for 30 years and it has always been a federal offense to alter the emissions on any vehicle on the road since 1974 you can tune but it has to meet the standard or be lower emissions

  • Chad Kolakowski
    Chad Kolakowski

    Funny how all the governments equipment is emissions exempt... Riddle me that....

  • smoberdeen

    Meanwhile, is cost me $640 to have the DEF injection assembly replaced a year ago and now the truck is getting the reductant heater replaced. I would do it the work myself but it requires the PCM to be flashed. $$$$

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      And I'm guessing you can answer this then..... I've been told none of it is covered under warranty because it's government regulated not manufacture regulated

  • Todd

    It’s a good day to own ‘06 5.9 Cummins 😎

  • Jeff Yeatts
    Jeff Yeatts

    I'm driving my truck with or without tags. Illegals do it all the time.

  • Bart Price
    Bart Price

    If you voted for politicians that create more regulations, are pro "green", or if you failed vote at all against them, you got the regulations you deserve.

  • Mark Me
    Mark Me

    90% of you dip wads dont need half the power and torque these diesels make. Leave these trucks alone or buy a nice gasser. The days of dirty burning diesels are over.

  • Jacob Zarn
    Jacob Zarn

    Maybe if you didn’t dump black smoke into the air we wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Rodney Howell
    Rodney Howell

    I just bought a 2002, 3500 ram 5.9 cumming.i had a problem so I towed it to a mechanic, that when I found that it had been altered,can I be fined because of it.its my 1st deisel.i did nothing wrong.

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      Nothing should be said on a 02 they didn't have a DPF system

  • Rusty Nichols
    Rusty Nichols

    Where is the rest of your tires at? I thought jacked up trucks are supposed to have some meat on their tires

  • Scott Gregory
    Scott Gregory

    Prohibition always makes everything worse. Like you say, things will just go underground and become dangerous and cause more of the problems the government is claiming to try to eliminate.

  • V1Gibby


  • White Male
    White Male

    Reason number 1,347 to buy a 2nd gen Dodge w/Cummins and forget about it.

  • 3Gunner

    I call BS on this Video

  • GOAT 1
    GOAT 1

    No laws here in michigan we roll coal when necessary example when you see any bernie hillary or biden for 2020 bumper stickrs you roll got it good

  • Philip Gates
    Philip Gates

    All you delete people are no different than athletes who take performance enhancing drugs.........operating outside the intent of the law which is to hurt others and enrich yourself. You’ll get caught........

  • BigDish101

    I can't help but wonder. You'd think all licensed car dealerships would refuse to sell anything deleted as a customer could come back and sue them for selling them a non-compliant vehicle. I once had a dealership refuse to sell me a gas vehicle because the check engine light was on and the dealer was in a emissions county.


    So what you're saying is... Buy a 2011-2016 F250 6.7 do all the mods, but swap the cab to have a 99-07 vin. Got it. ;)

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      Haha basically

  • Jerdel D
    Jerdel D

    ps my 2016 Duramax self identifies as a 2006. Stupid liberals and democrats are gonna destroy us. Global warming, proven false, so they changed it to man made climate change and that was proven false. Oh and epstien didn't kill himself.

  • Jerdel D
    Jerdel D

    for you people complaining about clean air, you do realize if we cant delete we end up using more diesel, more diesel usage equals more pollution anyways even though diesels run cleaner than gas cars.

  • john orrick
    john orrick

    Saw a highway patrol DOT officer here in southeast Missouri with a diesel pick up pulled over running a mirror under it to see if he had the dpf and all the emissions under it the other day. It’s getting out of control

  • El Efectivo vlogs
    El Efectivo vlogs

    Buy a Mexican truck they dont have dpf system

  • Jethro Brown
    Jethro Brown

    The goal of this is to drive the regulate the small guys out. F*ck these global warming a**holes. All its about is the money. Look into to the whole carbon credit system and how it will make a lot of people rich without doing a damn thing for the environment.

  • Harry Higgenbotham
    Harry Higgenbotham

    My truck is badass and if it blew black smoke I would not drive it

  • Ken Walton
    Ken Walton

    How does anyone have the balls to call America the land of the free and talk about all the freedom. We can’t do what we want to with our exhaust and other things to our OWN vehicles More people per capita are locked up in America than anywhere in the world And most unbelievable is that we have an opioid epidemic killing unknown amounts of people / child molesters / murderers and tings of such serious nature and the government is worried about tree hugging Not to mention diesel trucks now cost a good 10k more than they did due to emissions / they’re less reliable / less fuel mileage / less longevity and more and diesel trucks run small - midsize - large businesses. I don’t/won’t comply with silly things like this - wearing a seatbelt or anything else that I feel is my right and I don’t care about my record nor sitting in time out when need be and I don’t expect everyone to do the same but that’s me The people that created this bs needs they’re mouth rinsed with buckshot

  • Austin Hill
    Austin Hill

    2nd gen owners licking their lips 20k i know what have 500k miles 😂

    • Ron Hebert
      Ron Hebert

      Austin Hill lmao

  • chaosmucker

    i hate black smoke when im on my motorcycle and someone dumps it in your face

  • oak 1971 KD9NXQ
    oak 1971 KD9NXQ

    How about a 1 million diesel March In Washington DC?

  • usaf vet
    usaf vet

    Government is overstepping their power. Time for A REVOLUTION. ! Yee-Yee. !👍👍🇺🇸

  • Dj Goliday
    Dj Goliday

    Cry sesh

  • Yongchan Kim
    Yongchan Kim

    You should have gotten old diesel like late 90 or early 2000 Ford 7.3 liter. No EGR No DPF and runs forever with proper maintenance.

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam

      Check out my newest videos I did haha

  • 91chevy1500

    My opionion on this is the Diesel community brough this on themselves with the stupid rolling coal thing and they are going to drag the whole performance scene in it with them, there is allready talk of all tuners on newer vehicles being banned if they change emissions settings, all the "coal rollers" own this one

  • LML Brian
    LML Brian

    Great video man, really enjoyed the content!

    • The Boosted Fam
      The Boosted Fam


  • fuck no apple head
    fuck no apple head

    They're not worried about saving the environment they're worried about how much money they could get in their pockets they could care less about the environment

  • fuck no apple head
    fuck no apple head

    It's all about money buddy you should know you work for the government it's all greed

  • Dan az
    Dan az

    If you own a preass you need not worry.

  • Dan az
    Dan az

    If they didn't come with it it's not illegal. Mines a 1998 deleted and it's going to stay that way.

  • 4Xprops !!!!
    4Xprops !!!!

    Well my 2001 just went up in value.

  • wayne owens
    wayne owens

    You did it to yourselves

  • Wild Rebel
    Wild Rebel

    Government got their hands in everything. 1st mistake Vehicle companies ever did was convert from mechanical to computerized shit. This is one of many examples im not for big government cause its 100% always about $$$ not the people. They wouldn't let us tune or delete even if it was green for the environment. Cause they wouldn't b able to their hands in our wallets.

  • Darius Hope
    Darius Hope

    Buy a ram

  • Darius Hope
    Darius Hope

    I drive a 18 wheeler this DPF aint nothing but to get money this DPF got to burn and it could go back in the cab so this DEF ain't nothing but a mess