Mr. Plinkett's Star Trek Picard Review
Mr. Plinkett's review of Star Trek Picard is here! And it's way too long! But who cares? What else are you going to do during an endless pandemic? Also, how many nails can they finally put into the Star Trek coffin!? Well, Star Trek Picard is another one!

  • Robbizoid

    They made this piece of crap was made for stupid millennials who don't know or care about Star Trek and Alex Klutzman must go. For God's sake, bring back Rick Berman... Yes, I went there. I'm so depressed, I'm heating some pizza rolls and watching real Star Trek!

  • SkaerKrow

    That final sequence is damning enough to make Kurtzman’s handling of the franchise seem legitimately criminal.

  • Theresa the kid
    Theresa the kid

    I was so excited about this show. I am so disappointed.

  • Paul D
    Paul D

    I was very, very glad you made this video when it came out. When Gary of Nerdrotic mentioned in his livestream (between the launch of Demo-2 and it docking with the International Space Station) that your video ended with a perfect summation, I decided to help your numbers and watch again. 🙂 I believe Gary is quite correct that your video was, thank goodness, at just the right moment to have the momentum for 'Strange New Worlds' completely crater. Don't get me wrong, I like Mount and Romaijn's acting ability but I have zero faith that Emo-Spock will properly Nimoy-up. I also have no trust that SNW won't be another Duhscovery and Pretendcard.

  • Stardu5t

    I came here, Cuz the word is that this video put the nail in the coffin to Star Trek strange worlds

  • Mr. Duck
    Mr. Duck

    RedLetterMedia this video is awesome and funny 11/10.

  • rehan memon
    rehan memon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>:08, My father served in armed forces, and it's protocol not to mention "Acting". An acting XO is still an XO. Also, Captain is a rank. you can't be an "Acting" Captain. You keep that with you even after you retire. A retired Doctor still would go Dr. So-and-so, or Captain So-and-so. Ambassador So-and-so. Holy Noodles, did the writers of this show know that Star Trek shows, especially generations was modeled loosely on Navy and Naval culture?

  • rehan memon
    rehan memon

    Nerdrotics lead me here, Mr. Plinkett made me subscribe, the writing made me laugh and days of isolation and shear boredom made me realize American Media is only a few years away from self immolation. All this whilst I try to find if Arthland chronicles has a season 2 yet.

  • Tony Duran
    Tony Duran

    Star Trek just ripping off Mass Effect 3. :P

  • Grey Troll
    Grey Troll

    STD and ST: Puke Hard!

  • 56815

    Picard is in command of an starfleet school ship, they go around doing sciency stuff. Some times they get into situations to dangerous for "kids" to handle but the have to make it through. Old crew members show up to guest lecture. They have young and immature students from all around the federation that have to get along. The ship is an older ship that the students have to keep alive, maybe the ship AI is a little dodgy and semi sentient from years and years of service. I brain farted out a better premise than all the new ST put together, how FUCKING hard can it be?

  • AidenPryde3025

    Oh my God. Bring back the old Trek. This is garbage, as is Discovery. I want Enterprise back. Or Voyager. Anything but this.

  • William Edwards
    William Edwards

    I miss Voyager. And that says a lot.

  • Evar Jantz
    Evar Jantz

    i really wish that all of this would indeed end with sharing a laugh and a glass of wine....

  • dsriggs

    "The franchise has been obliterated!"

  • andy Carr
    andy Carr

    game of thrones in space

  • Romulan64

    (Incoming transmission, fuzzy): "This is the President of the United Star Trek Fandom: do NOT approach CBS. The 'creations' of an occupying cabal are causing critical damage to the Star Trek brand. It has almost totally toxified our atmosphere. All sources of common sense have failed. All caring veterans and employees are powerless. The cabal is vaporizing our money and goodwill. We cannot survive unless a way can be found to dispense with the cabal. Further worthwhile content may not be possible. Save your energy. Save yourselves. Avoid planet Paramount at ALL costs. Farewell..." (transmission garbles out cryptically...) Let's see which TRUE Trek fans get this reference.

    • xxxxxxxxxxxxxx5

      Brilliant haha🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoidbrg

    Man after seeing this video, I decided to watch TNG for the first time. The last episode I watched, season 3 episode 3 titled "The Survivors", was so amazingly written. I can see how this one line from Picard at the end of the episode, "we are not qualified to be your judges. we have no law to fit your crimes" was just beautiful and breathtaking and is so vastly different from the stale picard shell we have on this "show". As I'm learning more about who Picard was in TNG, I'm beginning to hate the current star trek: picard even more. Can I get pizza rolls?

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West

      It really is a good show. I would definitely take some terrible season one episodes of TNG over whatever this dark depressing abomination is any day.

  • Hansel

    I don't know where you got the little drawings from, but those mini stories you suggest for Picard were actually good. I know it was meant as a joke - Picard being Dixon Hill investigating Daimon Buh-lub-uhh-ukk stealing the statue, and the Mayor wanting to steal his vineyard and stuff - but I'd watch those.

  • David Renton
    David Renton

    Sir Patrick Stewart ,Brexit was the Democratic decision, the will of the people , the decision that all free thinking people should support. Sir Patrick Stewart do you think Democracy is wrong, that the people are ill-informed, Sir Patrick Stewart bless you, but you are speaking out of you back side when it comes to Brexit. He has forgotten his roots and has zero ideas of what People actually think , has no concern for the Working Class or the people of his own country.Sir Patrick Stewart is on the wrong side of history, Brexit will succeed, the EU will fall.

  • Interpersonal Communicator
    Interpersonal Communicator


  • NeWFie-KaNaTa

    Jesus these comments are just a circle jerk. Peace.

  • Clear Mountain
    Clear Mountain

    Picard and Discovery suck. Anyone out there defending them, please stop.

  • bluestripetiger

    While this review was a bit over the top in some of its criticism and its overly satirical style tends to work against it as opposed to if it had adopted a straighter style of commentary, it nevertheless does bring up very valid points. While I don't think that Picard was a complete trash fire ( I do think that it did have some redeeming qualities and it can possibly get better in its second season) the author of the video is correct in that the series does give the impression of having been poorly planned out. It was essentially a space drama with action rather than being thinking man's sci-fi meant to explore a concept or question in depth. He is also correct in saying that there were certain plot points of the series that seemed very forced and others that after having been brought up never went anywhere. Modern Trek also feels cheapened by the constant gratuitous violence and the cursing. I'm not a prude by any means but it's just never been what Star Trek is about. I wish they would put people in the writing department of Modern Star Trek that understood that the heart of Star Trek has never actually been shooting lasers in space but rather exploration, morals, science, culture. Modern Star Trek would benefit greatly from having genuine authors of hard sci-fi in its writing dept. Modern Trek also needs a paid lore-keeper because as was pointed out several times in this video, in this series there are just plain contradictions with the TNG lore that don't make any sense.This wouldn't matter if you were making some kind of new stand alone series, but instead they deliberately chose to make a series about a character with a very established history and therefore that history needs to be respected. Lore contradiction just reeks of sloppy and lazy writing--no one willing (or no one able?) to do the needed research.

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West

      lol if the over the top satirical style of this review has you bothered, do not watch any of the other Plinkett reviews.

  • Wade Wilson
    Wade Wilson

    I grew up with Picard on TNG this is not Star trek and that hollow shell is not Jean-Luc Picard

  • ryan ooi
    ryan ooi

    Let say Picard series is bad, but which series is better than picard? Show us a better series. This is someone version, it might not win best picture award and it might not suite your taste, but why it bothers you, and what qualification do you have to say this series is bad? If this series does not suit your need, switch off and move on.. FYI, i won't let my star ship run by 1960s Kirk (which i know he is your boyfriend/favorite), because he has no logic and he solve problem because of luck. if you really understand the original series, the captain love to challenge authorities, break all rules but always get forgiven. FYI the original star trek is good because of spock and bones.

    • Friea Prydwen
      Friea Prydwen

      There is people thinking the Marvel movies are really smart and surprising. Maybe there is a similar reason for why you don't see the issues with Picard despite having watch a 1.5 hour long video explaining it?

  • newwavepop

    i was born in 72, my father loved classic Trek and i grew up watching it with him through the 70s. BUT it was the Star Wars era and i was a little child so the action of star wars along with the action figures won out with me. however in 1987 when the Next Generation premiered i was a little older, i was 15 and i was able to understand Star Trek a little better and the era of Star Wars had run its course. i remember watching the Next Generation premier with my father and a feeling of awe at seeing it reborn, and every week we would watch the new episode together. then came Deep Space Nine, followed by Voyager. the 90s were a great time for Star Trek and it was the one thing me and my father still really shared until he passed in 97. and i had to finish out DS9 and Voyager on me own, a chance to enjoy that thing we watched together and a little time to remember him and all those years growing up. when Voyager finally ended it was like a huge chapter of my life was over. i had never lived in a world without Star Trek before, as i had never lived in a world without my father before. when i found out about Enterprise i was excited, excited that Star Trek would still be there to tell me an exciting new story every week of adventure and discovery, and i would get to see people do the right things which i so rarely got to see in real life. i didnt necessarily like the choice Enterprise made in going back so far in the timeline but otherwise i really liked the show, but apparently others didnt care for it and it was gone pretty soon. and all these years i had been waiting and hoping for Trek to come back and i am rewarded with the new films and these awful new shows that have absolutely none of the heart or soul, none of the spirit or ethics that were the whole point of the show. and i always sit and wonder, ALL those people that loved Star Trek so much for all those decades, surely there has to still be people around that would love to see a show that gave them hope for a better tomorrow. a show that gave them faith in humanity and made them feel all those things that all those Trek fan felt for so long. rather than people that just want action and blood and explosions and seething hateful characters and Kardashian space tabloid drama. and yes i mean kardashians not Cardassians.

  • Tracy Miller
    Tracy Miller

    I thought there were some story problems, and I certainly wouldn't have killed off Picard only to resurrect him in a golem body, but I really enjoyed a lot of the moments with Picard and his former crew, and most of his new crew. I'm looking forward to Season Two.

  • churbles furbles
    churbles furbles

    "Kurtzman has frequently collaborated with a tight-knit group of film professionals which include J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Adam Horowitz, Roberto Orci, Edward Kitsis, Andre Nemec, Josh Appelbaum, Jeff Pinkner, and Bryan Burk." "Created by Akiva Goldsman, Michael Chabon,Kirsten Beyer, Alex Kurtzman" Doesnt Look Like Anything To Me

  • wooo weee
    wooo weee

    I'm starting to notice things.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    i find it hilariously ironic that CBS is using Bots to boost attention to a show about synth's ruining the world(s).

  • John Constantine
    John Constantine

    I used to watch TNG when I was a kid, and enjoyed it. I didn't watch Picard, but while I understand that it breaks with the ST world of hope and good moral beings, I am curious to see this bleak nihilistic version bc I do enjoy worlds and stories like this. Will it be good? I don't know. Will I dissociate it from older ST? Yes, I will. I will try to view it as an alternate universe where all went to shit. I watched TNG so long ago, so I guess it is not fresh in my mind to have a conflict like that. I am not advocating for it, but I am curious of its bleakness and if as a stand alone I will like it. I have a similar relationship with movies like Man of Steel or Logan, Daredevil/Punisher (netflix) or even Dark Knight trilogy, in comparison to Marvel movies. While Marvel movies are good and I enjoy them (Infinity War being my favourite), I am attracted to bleak version of comic book or post apocalyptic worlds. edit: I think the way we see the world today is bleaker than in the 90s. It's something like 60s vs 70s and its influences on movies.

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Um what the hell? That “evil robot octopus” looks like a boss from the video game Viewtiful Joe.

  • Not_My_Name

    I just finished the script for season two. I hope you guys like it, I wrote it on toilet paper and accidentally flushed half of it down the toilet.

  • Max Izrin
    Max Izrin

    Seeing that ending... I cry every time! Not the Picard ending, this video's ending. I'm a sap for happy endings.

  • Jim Cirile
    Jim Cirile

    Let's hope that this video helps hasten the end of Bad Reboot and Secret Hideout.

  • DaBun78

    "If you want to watch a good show about synths watch Westworld." Can't agree with that. Westworld hasn't been good since season 1!

  • theom79

    "Please evaluate the show on its merits." The problem is that there aren't any.

  • mark wood
    mark wood

    Why do they misunderstand the concept of DIVERSE and confuse it with GARBAGE ? Did the UN pay for this joke of a show ?

  • James McCormick
    James McCormick

    "Passive progressive." LOL

  • Eggsn Bakon
    Eggsn Bakon

    Cancelling your subscriptions and just STOP watching these things will make them stop. Please just stop watching! SO YES!!! thank you for unsubscribing to them.

  • Briguy

    All these new Star Trek shows are just other SciFi ideas with the Star Trek name slapped on them.

  • Grunf

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3065">51:05</a> some subtle sex sounds in backround

  • Herbert West
    Herbert West

    I'm lmao right now, if this Plinkett review really did kill the Amazon deal for another secret hideout Star Trek cash grab.


    I just dont care anymore, im gonna enjoy the orginal stuff and dont expect ANYTHING good to come out from this moneymilking shit. Star trek or star wars arent dead its just that this new shit doesnt matter and we should just forget those bullshit fims ever happened.

  • Shawn Blaylock
    Shawn Blaylock

    Just stop, ST:Picard. You’re embarrassing yourself! 🤦‍♂️

  • xoeleox

    Replace "synthetic lifeforms" in Picard's line about how synthetic lifeforms are now banned with *any other* Federation race to realize why Picard saying this line straight is *very* bad for the character. He who once explained how synthetic lifeforms were lifeforms like any other and how they should thus be treated equally is now saying *this* without any sort of emotional weight or regret.

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West

      I know right? I can't even with this shit anymore. Can't believe I'm feeling nostalgic for Rick Berman. This isn't Star Trek.

  • Necro Nomaken
    Necro Nomaken

    God, star trek picard is so awful i can't even enjoy them ripping it a new asshole.

  • thepokey

    They missed a real opportunity to make Space Apple be the bad guys putting Androids out of business

  • Exar Kun
    Exar Kun

    Um what the hell? That “evil robot octopus” looks like a boss from the video game Viewtiful Joe.

  • Level6please

    At this rate, Star Wars and Star Trek better not fuck up the economy anymore than the...other thing screwed it up.

  • Mark Schamber
    Mark Schamber

    I knew PIcard and the other Kurtzman Trek series was complete shit and wasn't even the adopted bastard child of Star Trek but I didn't know it was THIS bad... holy shit.

  • NickB

    Please tell me <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="466">7:46</a> was an arrested development reference


    lol, there were flowers in space? i thought people were exaggerating. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="371">6:11</a>. yes i didn't watch the series, i heard it was terrible and this time i listened and never bothered.

    • Max du Nord
      Max du Nord

      The sad thing is that the space flowers are even not the worst what's happened in this TV series...

  • Herbert West
    Herbert West

    oof that last 15 minutes hit me right in the feels.

  • TrekII

    Alex Kurtzman is literally the worst the worst showrunner or producer of Star Trek or even a TV show in the history of the business. A cat licking it's ****s would be more entertaining than anything he makes for Star Trek.

  • tachikoma805

    Star Trek Picard : Death of Mike's Innocence

  • anakinfan8

    Thank God I'm not the only one who thought this horrible excuse for a show was insulting to everything Star Trek actually stands for

  • Nick Bennett
    Nick Bennett

    Thanks for exposing these hacks. Luv ya guys

  • Pimsleurable

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3144">52:24</a> Mr. Plinkett was still in Grammar School 60 years back? Outstanding!

  • VC YT
    VC YT

    REAL RATINGS FOR PICARD... IMDB Rating: 7.6 out of 10. Rotten tomatoes - 87% Critics Consensus. Metacritic User Score. 6.3 ~ Generally favorable reviews. Hah, deal with that reality !

    • shem the penman
      shem the penman

      @Gabriel TS Gardner but surely RLM are film critics. mike is (as mr plinkett) critiquing picard. therefore it seems perfectly reasonable to point out that he is in the 13% minority of critics who have given the series a negative review. in fact, 90% of the "top critics" on RT gave the show a positive score. putting mike in the 10% minority (if you think of him as a top critic, that is). and put in those terms i would be interested to see a comparison made. instead of "she's wearing a bag on her head to disguise her stunt double" or "anyone who disagrees with this critique is fake news". I've seen Mike's (mr plinkett's) star wars reviews and therefore know he can do better than that. furthermore, and i think this should go without saying, critics are the audience, too. the reason we have professional critics (like Mike and the chaps at RLM) is that they have expertise within a particular artistic field. and they can highlight certain aspects of a-in this case-show which a general audience may miss. and this should, in my opinion, always be weighted towards the positive. i don't want to hear negative shit about something i already think negative shit about-it's a waste of my time. a good critic will make me question myself, see things in a different way, and ultimately add to my experience not subtract from it or reinforce my own personal status quo prejudice. yet, what we have here, in this critique by plinkett, is a list of criticisms anyone who dislikes the series has probably already thought-only done in a more eloquent, coherent, and entertaining way. which is why it's a bad critique. it's basically saying "it's no TNG... amirite?" footnote-just in case i'm accused of bias: i have only seen the first episode of picard. it was a bit boring. i don't think i'll be watching the rest.

    • Gabriel TS Gardner
      Gabriel TS Gardner

      @Herbert West Speaking of internet ratings not meaning anything, they are so hideously transparent in how much the people reviewing them are shills. The first season of the Orville got 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but a 93 fan rating. Season 2 got a 100 percent critical rating. Now, I'm not the biggest seth macfarlane fan, but I do enjoy a lot of the Orville, and while season 2 is better. Its not 70 percent better. The "proffessional" reviewers were obviously swayed by audience opinion, after failing to form it themselves. The nerd crew podcast RLM do is more than a parody, its pretty on the nose social commentary about people in positions of media influence, and how their bought and paid for "opinions" don't actually translate into anything of quality.

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West

      And Big Bang Theory has an 8.1 on imdb. What's your point?

    • Gabriel TS Gardner
      Gabriel TS Gardner

      A critical consensus of 87 on rotten tomatoes. An audience reception of 58. One is far more important than the other, unless the shows main audience is media outlets to review it. If you're going to pick and choose what statistics to show, don't make the fact you're inherently biased this fucking obvious.

    • Jonathan Archer
      Jonathan Archer

      Do you need a tissue to dry your eyes?

  • Erich

    I have watched EVERYTHING Star Trek, from the beginning. I have forced myself through two seasons of Discovery and after watching this, I think I'm just done. I'm done. I can't take anymore of this bullshit. I never thought I'd say that. I'd say to myself, it's still Trek, I gotta watch it. I just can't anymore. I'm done. Until a Mandalorian of sorts comes out in the Trek universe, I'm out, sorry guys.

  • Retro Grizzly
    Retro Grizzly

    I need more black spine edition please please please please please please please

  • Sam Dog
    Sam Dog

    Stewart resents Picard, figuring hes an actor worthy of Shakespeare..Picard was a job, and he hates the fact that it was Star Trek that catapulted him into the stratosphere.

  • Mark Morris
    Mark Morris

    " Hi, I'm Wesley. I'ma whore now cause I need to make a cushy living."

  • Lisa O'Reilly
    Lisa O'Reilly

    The important thing to remember is that "ST:Picard" is still set in the '25% Different Bad Robot Star Trek Universe'. The "Next Generation" series (along with all the pre-Bad Robot Trek series) as we knew it is still ultimately safe. That said, just imagine what an absolute dumpster fire the theoretical Bad Robot's version of TNG must be to lead to ...this.

    • Lisa O'Reilly
      Lisa O'Reilly

      @The Purple Meanie Indeed and they're all welcome to it. Their vision is far too bleak and miserable for my taste!

    • The Purple Meanie
      The Purple Meanie

      Lisa O'Reilly Yeah I’d love to see these guys pull a plot twist like “Psyche, this is a 3RD timeline!” But I think the writers are too proud of themselves to do it, this is their “vision” for main Star Trek.

    • Lisa O'Reilly
      Lisa O'Reilly

      ​@The Purple Meanie I honestly don't buy it actually being Prime Universe. There's way too many contradictions and illogical twists to follow TNG and the other series, much like the other Kelvin stuff. Mike's reaction is still perfectly valid though, because Picard is exactly what was described here; an ugly, deformed wreck crafted by a bunch of no-nothing-know-it-alls for their own amusement from an originally solid, good and universal story. Like a lot of pop culture these past few years.

    • The Purple Meanie
      The Purple Meanie

      I’m pretty sure they said STP is in the Prime universe, hence it takes place after Voyager and Nemesis, so it’s in the “original” timeline? If it were meant to be in the Kelvin timeline I don’t think Mike would be reacting so badly to this.

  • aBoogivogi

    There is literally enough footage of people shooting lasers in grey corridors to make a DOOM trailer from a Star Trek show. Man how the mighty has fallen.

  • Su sanne
    Su sanne

    I haven't watched the show after reading up on it and I have no intention to watch it. From the clips you show I can not tell the difference between this and any other somewhat sci fi-ish more or less dystopian show currently running and doing a better job at being itself. This is not recognisable as Star Trek. Thank you very much, even though it is very sad.

  • H R
    H R

    That's why people, YOU need to hit them where it hurts, their wallets for they will keep on destroying franchises and pop culture. LEFTIST WOKENESS KILLS EVERYTHING!

  • 1:00 PM
    1:00 PM

    I have never watched Star Trek and now it seems I never have to.

  • really dont
    really dont

    hmm if its so bad why did you watch the whole season????fyi i havent watch but the first 2 episode and they were S***!

    • Herbert West
      Herbert West

      Well because Mike is a huge Star Trek fan, and this is literally his job. He gets to make his living talking about garbage modern Star Trek is. Pretty cool right?

  • vincent207

    It's been said before, but it bears repeating. Modern Trek was made by and for people who don't like Star Trek.

  • zebedie2

    I'd be funny if the russian bots were actually responding due to attaining self awareness instead of being told to respond android lives matter, it's okay to be artificial. Personally I think for the second season I think the lead character should be one called Jeffrey wearing a pink beret

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    element here. whoever made this should go back to writing noontime soap and school plays.

  • James Baines
    James Baines

    Instead of watching the shows that made the franchise great, fan series like "Star Trek Continues" or "Prelude to Axanar", they played "Mass Effect" 1 and 2. Those games were "paid homage" or ripped off, you decide, of old sci fi movies that included "Star Trek TOS". So, "STP" was a rip off of a video game series they ripped off from "STTOS", giving us the steaming pile of HACK we see among other floaters in the outhouse that's on fire we know as Hollywood.

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      1:10:37 it's the 3 seashells! origin story.

  • NjK

    I kind of wish The Captains documentary had been 3 hours long, to give more time with Shatner and the ones he was interviewing, I wonder what the heck is going on in Stewarts mind, he went from this recluse in a manor home, saying something along the lines of he didn't think he would marry again, to an openly political eccentric, who married a women half his age.

  • Necro bus
    Necro bus

    I get the feeling discovery and Picard are trying to be like the mid 2000s battle star galatica but failed miserably.

  • Prince Solomon
    Prince Solomon

    The worst thing is, that i could sit down with my nephews and nieces and watch TNG episodes and i clearly could see a sense of wondernment in their eyes, even though they didn´t understand most of the morality stuff because they were too young. But you just can´t sit down and watch Discovery or Picard with kids, it´s so violent and dark and depressing, it´s truly a shame. Discovery and Picard (along with most of the later ST movies) will not inspire young people to become a scientist or anything like that, unlike classic Star Trek up until the TNG tv show.

  • Kyle Clements
    Kyle Clements

    I'm watching this for the 3rd time now. That's two more times than I've watched Picard. Unlike Picard, this review *isn't* a sloppy depressing nightmare.

  • Gemini Cricket
    Gemini Cricket

    It's dead, Jim... let's go beat it's lifeless corpse!

  • Dave Wineman
    Dave Wineman

    More people watched this review than the actual show. Although there isn't a surprise since this is a masterpiece.