LEO'S A GIRL?!?! 😱 Leo is now a Cleo!
Victoria Raechel
wow what a plot twist. who would have thought. well I guess meet Cleo?
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  • Victoria Raechel
    Victoria Raechel

    Welcome Cleo (that is her new name I do not need any suggestions) haha this sure was a plot twist! I hope you guys enjoyed 😂

    • joonipoopinz

      Victoria Raechel that’s what I thought about that name c:

    • Shahrul Amali Shafie
      Shahrul Amali Shafie


    • Stephanie Seaver
      Stephanie Seaver

      Victoria Raechel I like that name

    • Water

      Just add C

    • elaine kyoko chen
      elaine kyoko chen

      Victoria Raechel i love how u add a C for cloe xd

  • Katy Callaghan
    Katy Callaghan

    We got our “female” mini lop, peanut... who turned out to be a boy 😂

  • Bella the equestrian
    Bella the equestrian


  • Sophia Hoddinott
    Sophia Hoddinott

    I was told for the second hamster I ever had that he was a girl but when I picked him up he was a boy

  • Caled Animations :D
    Caled Animations :D

    First cleo then bumble omg

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Cleo wasn't my doing though lol

  • mary oyld
    mary oyld

    That is funny, I thought I had bought a female hamster and named her Lucy, but about 2 weeks after we found out he was a male, so now it is Louis!!! I guess he was so young his testicles hadn't come down. LOL

  • Darkened angle Mckinna
    Darkened angle Mckinna

    we thought my cat was a boy we had her name teddy jr but then we found out that he was a she and renamed her socks

  • cнarвry -
    cнarвry -

    Cleo the transgender bunny XD so cute omg

  • tarraatat

    its a minilop with baby fur or lionhead?

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      She's a lion head lop.

  • iizzie the bunny
    iizzie the bunny

    That's trippy

  • Brentford1967

    She's absolutely gorgeous - Cleo that is ! Victoria's gorgeous too !

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Aw thank you!!

  • Philip

    Er...did you never look? I have always found that the difference is quite clear!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Nope I didn’t. It’s hard when your rabbit hates to be picked up.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel

    Happend to me too 😂

  • Flower fairy
    Flower fairy

    Aww Leo is such a beauty!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you!

  • Laina Mcguire
    Laina Mcguire

    I got my rabbit from the Capital Humane Society. The Exotic animals there are only $20.00 very good price. They come with Spay/Neuter, Microchip, Rabies Shots, good check up to make sure everything is right! So it's a pretty good price if you want a rabbit at my Humane society with everything it comes with!

  • Lukinator- Hamster Care and More
    Lukinator- Hamster Care and More

    Aww.....SO CUTE!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Felix Williams
    Felix Williams

    You can keep a females name as Leo. It’s kind of cool. Still, Cleo is also a great name.

  • Georgia Day
    Georgia Day

    You should have me named her Lelo

  • Slime Galaxyy
    Slime Galaxyy

    Does your rabbit need to be spayed and neutered??

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel


  • riddlemethis

    My rabbit got neutered for 12$ ( my moms a vef)

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Very lucky haha!

  • Guinea guy Adventures and more
    Guinea guy Adventures and more

    I am getting a new hamster

  • Rebekah

    Awww Hi Cleo! :DD What a surprise. She's so cute. :3

  • i .candy
    i .candy

    The title made me think of Russel from Up. “Kevin’s a girl?!” Haha

  • Rubez Tube
    Rubez Tube

    Oh haha!! Imma check my hamster now!! 🐹 😂💕❣️

  • Gacha SUSAN
    Gacha SUSAN

    When i got my hamster the lady in the store said he was a girl so i called him Sofia but we found out that he is a boy so i called him stan he is so cute 🐹

  • MoonSparkles MSP
    MoonSparkles MSP

    Wow! 😂😂😂

  • Keira Moss
    Keira Moss

    HI CLEO 👋👋😂

  • SC_Happy C
    SC_Happy C

    When me and my sister got bunnies we got 2 girls and then my dog ate my sisters bunny we got another one but it was a baby we put them together and they started fighting

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      That’s because both rabbits need to be fixed and slowly bonded with each other.

  • Khar Risma
    Khar Risma

    Why u look so beautiful? 😆

    • Khar Risma
      Khar Risma

      Hihi ur welcome😆😆

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you :)

  • LPS Summer TV
    LPS Summer TV

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> she looks so cute! 🙂

  • LPS Summer TV
    LPS Summer TV

    Wow 😂

  • Kiera Larose
    Kiera Larose

    i want to bond my two rabbits but there not spayed and i wanted to know if i should try it and see what they do? -LOVE LOVE LOVE the video

    • Kiera Larose
      Kiera Larose

      Victoria Raechel ok thanks! ❤️

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      I would recommend having them both spayed first. If they get into a serious fight it’ll be harder to bond later.

  • Allie Arnold
    Allie Arnold

    This video actually made me curious so I picked up my mini Rex, Lucie, just to check and low and behold, she was actually a *he*! I never even though to check because the vet (not rabbit savvy) and the breeder both said he was a girl! Luckily I've caught it a couple days before he is set to be spayed, so I have time to inform the clinic haha (he is going to a rabbit savvy vet for neutering). And I'm also glad I caught it before I got him a friend! I was going to get him a boy rabbit to bond with but now seeing as he's actually a boy, a girl will be his new friend. I'm not changing his name because it's been Lucie for about 9 months now, but I did change what it's short for. Lucie used to be short for Lucille but it's now short for Lucian lol. Great video!

  • Lamya Lady
    Lamya Lady


    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you!

  • SASMR Chihuahua
    SASMR Chihuahua

    I’m very happy that she survived the surgery. When I spayed my rabbit, the anesthetics stopped her heart. You are very lucky to have such a cute little girl.💕

  • Kevin Viado
    Kevin Viado

    im in love

  • Its Me allie
    Its Me allie

    hello! I've been watching your channel for so long and it has helped me so much! I love animals and I actually bonded 2 female rabbits and they bonded within the first time which is probably surprising but they are inseparable now! I think I just got lucky though! ; )

  • Kara Mitchell
    Kara Mitchell

    shane dawson called, he wants his bumble bee back xDDD

  • Leo The Bunny
    Leo The Bunny

    Ok, so I am going to be getting 2 bunnies soon and idk what a good cage is to use, pls help! 😁

    • Leo The Bunny
      Leo The Bunny

      Ok thank you!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      You'll need a very large cage for 2 rabbits, 101Rabbits has a good video on the good types of cages :)

  • Emily Hessey
    Emily Hessey

    U should re-name Leo Leah

    • Emily Hessey
      Emily Hessey

      I know , but cleo is still a boyish name in my opinion

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Her names Cleo

  • Gia Remigio
    Gia Remigio

    oh really I have a female lionhead too

  • Samaya Bacon
    Samaya Bacon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a> hallo I’m beeeeeeeeeeee

  • rebekah pflueger
    rebekah pflueger

    I had a bunny named Gibson. The person I got her from said she was a male, but she ended up being a female. I just kept her name Gibson. It just made her even more unique.

  • Kodi the canine
    Kodi the canine

    Where I live is it's £120 for a neuter or £210 for a spay and the only rescue don't pay for it!I'm adopting a until neutered male bun next month and I have to pay a £60 adoption fee and then £120 for the neuter 🙊😬

  • Chloe Berg
    Chloe Berg

    Literally me, I thought my two bunnies were girls, had them sexed twice, and I scheduled them to get spayed and they realized they were males before surgery 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Noelle Shelly
    Noelle Shelly

    omg a couple months ago my friend got puppys so she totally neglected her rabbits! she kept them in a cat carrier, and didn't feed them for like wo days! i would have took them but my parents wouldn't let me. it was so sad, but then she gave them away to a nice home. im just so glad they aren't being a abused like that anymore. SHE FREAKING KEPT THEM IN A CAT CARRIER!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Oh my gosh :( that’s so sad

  • Mila & Fluffy
    Mila & Fluffy

    I thought Mila was a boy so she was called Milo. We took my other male to the vets and they wasn’t sure if he was a girl so they wanted both of them to come in turns out Fluffy was a boy and Milo was a girl so we changed her name to Mila

  • ClaireBearLPS

    I love how you changed the "meet leo" title to "meet Cleo" 😂🐰

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Well that’s her name now:) I don’t want people confused

  • Haley Northpie
    Haley Northpie


  • Rachel Tojio
    Rachel Tojio

    Cleo is a cute name.

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel


  • Zoe

    hi! I was just wondering...are rabbits ever too old to be spayed/neutered? My bunny is around 2 or 3 years old and when I first got her I didn't know how risky it is to not get them neutered. thanks :P

    • Zoe

      ah okay tysm :)

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      I would say usually around 5 years would be a little old but it can be done depending on the rabbits health and the vet :)

  • wHo EvEn aRe YoU¿
    wHo EvEn aRe YoU¿

    Are you not wearing any makeup? You look absolutely stunning!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      No I have foundation, mascara, and eyeshadow on :) but thank you!

  • Gabby Skelton
    Gabby Skelton

    This happpened too me to 😂😂

  • Anthony Mcdonnell
    Anthony Mcdonnell

    same thing happened too me with a hamster called Houndi he was really a female hamster

  • sks

    ERRGGG you made me get a lion head baby bunny 🐰

  • osnapitzcami

    oh my god I love your hair

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you!!


    Awwww this is sooo cute😍🔫


    An amazing channel!

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you 🙈

  • Evelina T.Kobbenes
    Evelina T.Kobbenes

    What is 450 sq INCHES in Norwegian??

    • VictoriaRaeMom

      2900 cm

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      I don’t know I’m Canadian 😅

  • Luna Stark
    Luna Stark

    Lol, “bonding two females are really hard” Nr 1 they’re really sassy........dead 😂😂😂

  • vanilla christina
    vanilla christina

    Hi tori! Can you please make a video or reply to me on why my new hamster doesnt like me i had him for 4 days and i watched your how to tame video but he doesnt want to be tamed. He is in a 500 sq. Inches bincage and i provided everything he needs and he is 1 month old and he is the same coat color as basil. Pls reply soon

    • Sarah

      VanillaRainbows 12 every hamster is different

    • vanilla christina
      vanilla christina

      Ok thanks sooo much. When can i tame him? Plss reply

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      4 days is not enough time of taming. It is a process and each step should be taken dat by day.

  • Caitlin Leigh
    Caitlin Leigh

    Can you do an “all of my pets” video? (Like if she should)

  • Crafty Kitty
    Crafty Kitty


    • Crafty Kitty
      Crafty Kitty

      Thanks for ❤ing my comment, Victoria Rachael!!!!

  • Roza

    This has happened to my rabbit as well, we wanted a female but as soon as he grew we noticed he’s a boy 🤭

  • BudgetBunny

    OMG the disapproval in that first closeup after her spay LOL! Glad she's doing well in recovery! I totally made that mistake with Willow. Hahaha. I brought 'him' in to be neutered and got told she was a female! Thankfully that actually worked out better for me! Hope there aren't too many issues with bonding. xo

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      IKR 😂 so many people have told me they also made the mistake too! Too funny!!

  • Mariana Marie
    Mariana Marie

    Aww Tory! Leo was like the perfect name but Cleo is cute too! When u were calling her she in the video, it seemed kind of odd cause I’m so used to leo😂

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Haha yes

  • JC1012

    My friend thought her guinea pig was a boy until she had to put her down

  • Marius Boneu
    Marius Boneu

    Is it normal that my hamster is nibbling on everything it sees? For example, she nibbles on her wheel before she runs on it.

    • Marius Boneu
      Marius Boneu


    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Yes, some hamsters use their mouth a lot for testing things.

  • Solva Bunnies
    Solva Bunnies

    I know what you feel about the gender mistake 😂 My boy tokai was mistaken to a female but is a male and his name used to be touka but now is tokai 😂

  • Shahrul Amali Shafie
    Shahrul Amali Shafie

    Whaaaaaa ?? Leo is a girl ????

  • Gizka

    also i have bonded female successfully with little problems I wouldn't worry to much about bonding

    • Gizka

      +Victoria Raechel true all bonds are different

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Lol you haven’t met my females

  • Gizka

    I would've suggested Lea XD

  • julia v.
    julia v.

    Omg I just watched the vid! Well I guess cLEO is so cute! I hope she recovers quickly 💕

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you! she was back to herself within one day!

  • poisoningg speedbuilds
    poisoningg speedbuilds

    What a surprise 😮 Also, Cleo is a great name!!

    • poisoningg speedbuilds
      poisoningg speedbuilds

      Victoria Raechel ❤️ I'm a big fan :)

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thank you!


    I love your amazing channel! 💜💙💚

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Thanks so much!

  • Milaboo

    I pray for your bonding experience

  • Blueberrie X
    Blueberrie X

    What she’s a girl?? Welp now Lola has a new best friend! 🐰🐰❤️❤️

  • Dwaco GT
    Dwaco GT

    i know this topic is different but what if my hamster bit me

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      Wash the bite and out a bandaid on it.

  • JonGear Animations
    JonGear Animations


  • Taylor Cooke
    Taylor Cooke

    So Leo is Leah?

    • Victoria Raechel
      Victoria Raechel

      No I say in the video her name is Cleo.