KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 FINAL PRESS CONFERENCE (Official Live Stream)
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  • Maanav

    NDL 43:15

  • Melanie Guzman
    Melanie Guzman


  • dingdongdich 11
    dingdongdich 11

    Ksi is a f#$king idiot he is a n#$&r ksi should have not won I am sick of his rude mean and just selfish and if u were on ksi team what are u doing. It really just make my angry that he gets his way but logan Paul had some set backs on his career but he is the one person that u can look opon on after I saw the reaction of ksi I knew that he realize he got his way even Jake Paul thought ksi was selfish. If u see this drop a like if u are on Logan's team if u are on ksi's team go die

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova

    Annoyance is a word wow surprising

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi

      43:10 for nikos question

  • Julian Casanova
    Julian Casanova

    *Coughs* and he’s white

    • monika laosi
      monika laosi

      Fuck KSI

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Does Logan seriously think he’s being smart by asking math questions... 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Jak Hodges
    Jak Hodges

    Urrr but Logan has holes in is brain hahaha NDL

  • Rihana Rahman
    Rihana Rahman

    and ksi wins it rlly does show the mature one who takes boxing seriously wins. ksi's mind power is unreal i understand ur tatoos now 😂

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      31:13 9x9

  • Hunting Bean
    Hunting Bean

    When does niko answer the question Can. Someone give me the timestamp plz

  • Y.O.N.S.O

    Who’s watching after KSI beat Logan🔥

  • Callum Smith
    Callum Smith

    Viddal is hilarious

  • Elliot Morris
    Elliot Morris

    JJ needs to do a vid now on his second channel that tests his math

  • SKyGuy fly
    SKyGuy fly

    I hope Jake Paul wins!

    • Alright Mate
      Alright Mate

      ksi kicked his motherfucking fat ass

  • Pawdeee Carroll
    Pawdeee Carroll

    Logan Paul:Hey Shannon where should we go shopping. Shannon Briggs:TESCO CHAMP.

  • Zainab Hussain
    Zainab Hussain

    I like how Logan was chattin about ksi but KSI WON!!!!!

  • Unicorns 4 Eternity
    Unicorns 4 Eternity

    As soon as Logan said 4 squared and then that guy said whats 7×7 and Logan didnt even hesitate in answering i laughed so much🤣

  • tawhid uzzaman
    tawhid uzzaman

    7 times 8 is 56..jj got 56 in the fight.Logan predicted it.

  • Michael Radu
    Michael Radu

    And then logan died..........😂😂

  • No Features!?
    No Features!?

    those girls just want to go home

  • Fullstop .the3rd
    Fullstop .the3rd

    Fuck KSI

  • Trew Bro
    Trew Bro

    43:10 for nikos question

  • Darragh Morgan
    Darragh Morgan

    Hahah c KSI destroy Logan Logan talks shit like if u agree

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini

    Who’s going to win the rematch?🥊🥊🥊 Like = KSI Reply = Logan Paul I’m gonna stream the fight live today so turn on my notifications!!

  • Anirvin Vaddiyar
    Anirvin Vaddiyar

    31:13 9x9

  • Zelnik999

    Niko Defense League

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      The last judge gave a 56 to KSI Logan, I think the judges answered the 7 x 8 question ;)

  • Bmo Boy1
    Bmo Boy1

    go back to taking drugs hahahaha he must be doin that now rip shanno briggs and biggg rip for logan thx u thx u jj for a big win

  • Spyros Athousou
    Spyros Athousou

    Which is ksi’s entrance song?

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali

    I thought JJ was gonna talk crap about Muhammd ALi I I’m thinking to my self that man could destroy the both of them now I know he is their guy 👍🏼

  • Shauka Hodan
    Shauka Hodan

    Ksi: i put my blood sweat and tears into this! Logan: wHaTs 11x11😂😂😂

  • Happy

    43:10 nick omilana

  • JaneySims

    I will never get tired of the hatred these two have for each other 😂

  • SeriousShit

    Logan is so annoying i just want to shove a fucking dick down his throat and make him stfu.

    • Shauka Hodan
      Shauka Hodan


  • Jasleen Sekhon
    Jasleen Sekhon

    The audience and Logan’s side were so fucking annoying

  • Jordan Hillman
    Jordan Hillman

    "you a little boy to me"

  • Ashton Takle
    Ashton Takle

    you suck you stupid weak dumb piece of trash

  • That Kid
    That Kid

    Logan: what’s 11x11 KSI: no comment Logan: it’s 121 u fucking idiot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • neejoy sola
    neejoy sola

    Logan’s honestly pathetic, proves he dosent know about boxing

  • Anonymous Spartan B.C 19
    Anonymous Spartan B.C 19


  • Kaleb Lol
    Kaleb Lol

    It’s funny that Americans don’t want Logan to win

  • Sr EJ
    Sr EJ

    hi can someone help me to what this is please ? hi ty

    • Sr EJ
      Sr EJ

      @neejoy sola hi ok ty friend

    • neejoy sola
      neejoy sola

      KSI: comes inside ring Logan: goes to ring too Logan: what’s 7x4

  • Bo Ya
    Bo Ya

    The last judge gave a 56 to KSI Logan, I think the judges answered the 7 x 8 question ;)

  • Cole McNeal
    Cole McNeal


  • dweltbloom

    It's kinda funny that Logan Paul talks so much trash even tho he loses to KSI in the rematch fight

  • Markus Lunkenbein
    Markus Lunkenbein

    Niko Omilana at 43:13

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko

    imagine if viddal went “OK BOOMER”

  • Alexito Montoya
    Alexito Montoya

    43:08 is when ringside asks the question

  • Ghost Arrow
    Ghost Arrow


  • Ghost Arrow
    Ghost Arrow


    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko

      43:13 Niko Omilana’s Question

  • Jake Peacock
    Jake Peacock

    43:15 didn’t realise that was niko looooooool😂😂😂😂

  • Daisy Lucas-Bates
    Daisy Lucas-Bates

    Let’s be honest the whole of UK and half America out here supporting JJ, Logan had Shannon “lEtS gO chAmP” and then there’s Logan “FIVE TIMES FIVE”. Btw ik this is after the fight but who cares?

  • Sodaygo

    43:13 NDL

  • Sayed Rahman
    Sayed Rahman

    Cud some one find it when Niko omilan asked a question

  • Dinho

    43:15 niko is a legend kkkkkk

  • Admin Acid
    Admin Acid

    Looks like a butter knife beat Logan lol LOGAN SUCKS

  • Emily Batrez
    Emily Batrez

    KSI: comes inside ring Logan: goes to ring too Logan: what’s 7x4

  • NRG_ GalaxZ
    NRG_ GalaxZ

    GG for winning

  • ufologlt

    Fuck off both retarded shitheads.

  • Zahid Chaudhary
    Zahid Chaudhary

    Babatunde has brought his African brothers to America in search of water. He has met this man 'Logan Paul' who is willing to give him a water bottle if Babatunde gets Logan's math question right.

  • DR.AJ.10

    Who’s here after KSI won against Logan Paul.! 😂

  • Kridhay Mahesh
    Kridhay Mahesh