Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money
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“Shark Tank” investor Kevin O’Leary takes a look at how real estate investor and SEsoft star Graham Stephan handles his money. The 30-year-old earned more than $1.6 million last year and saved about 99% of it.
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Kevin O’Leary Reacts: Living On $1.6 Million A Year In Los Angeles | Millennial Money

  • CNBC Make It.
    CNBC Make It.

    Will Kevin smash the like button on Graham’s finances? Let us know what you think below.

    • Bystronicman08

      Stop begging for likes. It's pathetic.

    • Riki Rikin kanayin
      Riki Rikin kanayin

      And he never said he didnt buy quality gucci LV prada is nothing but over priced crap and no one is asking his oponiion what he likes because again hes old and bald i dont wanna look old and bald....

    • harvey sp
      harvey sp


    • harvey sp
      harvey sp

      Don’t forget that this kid is a midget

    • Laughing Man
      Laughing Man

      Why would I like the video before even watching it

  • Lonely Ranger
    Lonely Ranger

    I tried being a real estate salesman for Robert Downey Jr. The restraining order comes off in 2030.

  • Eric D.
    Eric D.

    "owning a car doesnt make sense" tells you how out of touch the 1 percenters are

  • Unboxing Jobs
    Unboxing Jobs

    Informative & fun video. However many of our dear friends are really struggling right now. Also anxiety can make us feel poor & make bad financial choices. We just released related practical content hoping that will help some to “Overcome Anxiety” and make better financial choices like you guys.

  • Miranda Smith
    Miranda Smith

    I have been trading with martin dwyer and I've been cashing out on the steady .I make $1000 every week ,doing pretty much nothing

    • Big Country
      Big Country

      @Julia Hawkins Typical scammers, surprised they have a 2 year old account, but no subs, dont get scammed, they don't even elaborate on what they are trading, if you really think your gonna get 4k from sending 1500 over the internet, your bout dumb as a rock, if you want someone to do your stocks or trading, you can find people, my mom gives her friend money every month for her stocks and she has about 80k, not much over 14 years but it's still something and she barely raised a finger with it

    • Miranda Smith
      Miranda Smith

      You can communicate with him through this email {}.

    • Miranda Smith
      Miranda Smith

      He was introduced to me by my cousin and I saw proofs of him cashing out .so it wasn't difficult for me to jump right into it ..I understand your doubts

    • Daily Signals
      Daily Signals

      The reason the rich get richer is because they always have the funds to invest . Would love to invest with this martin dwyer ..would like to know how he makes the money too

    • Miranda Smith
      Miranda Smith

      My initial investment was $1500 and at the end of every week I get paid $1000 . in a month that $4000 .its not huge but it does pay the bills for a house wife I consider that a good investment

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca

    Let's not forget the guy is single. His only focus is himself.

    • Ruth K. Future Nurse
      Ruth K. Future Nurse

      I thought he has a girlfriend.

  • PuffTheMagicHobo

    When you have a girlfriend that is taller than you, that's when you know you made it

  • KS

    He’s got a great girlfriend who thinks like he does when it comes to money. The main thing that breaks up couples are issues with money!

  • Kari Ala-leppilampi
    Kari Ala-leppilampi

    a.k.a. irresponsible and despicable drunk driver who leaves grieving families in his wake

  • A K
    A K

    A woman will eat his income seven ways to Sunday. Then throw in a couple kids. welcome to the real world.

  • Fleur

    o'leary approved!

  • Katherine Z
    Katherine Z

    Graham Stephan review by Big shark :)

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  • catothewiser

    I'm sick of people calling the espresso drinks with milk, sugar and flavor from starbucks "coffee." And you aren't making something like that for 20 cents.

  • Eddie Shen
    Eddie Shen

    So basically Graham is rich because he flipped houses at a historical time point and happened to become a successful SEsoftr which is greatly by chance. Moving on here

  • ElyZium Lights
    ElyZium Lights

    he looks 20 sum and 10 at the same time

  • Rod Z
    Rod Z

    I have 10 subs so I’ve just got to get 999,990 more and then I’ll be making bank. Piece of cake!

  • Day that Fallows
    Day that Fallows

    I started working at ups...and I was stuck there for 7 years doing a part time job....anyway...yep...SEsoft can make you money...

  • Spanish John
    Spanish John

    defo right on the watches vs coins. hes wearing a zenith el primero so maybe he does too. If you buy right you can make money every time you sell. I have made 20-50% profit on every watch I have sold in the last two years and thats more than average, usually its about 15% for a big dealer. This lockdown is the time to buy buy buy

  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan

    When is Kevin doing a collab with graham Stephan 😊

  • Smart Money Cafe
    Smart Money Cafe

    Heyyyyy Mr Wonderful it’s Sean from Smart Money Cafe. This was a good episode. The SMC community is watching 👀

  • Master Sergeant
    Master Sergeant

    He obviously isn’t married, doesn’t have a girlfriend, a car, children, a pet or friends. Hhhhmmmmm. Other than that, he’s doing great.

  • CombatHD

    flamingo is still richer

  • Youssef Selkani
    Youssef Selkani

    $50,000 saved at 20 years old without college degree my god

  • anthtony t
    anthtony t

    So he never spends money and whenever he does, he monetizes it on youtube and profits off of it

  • Saimir

    Imagine being rich and still living like a bum lol. Some people just dont know how to live. This is boring

  • inwenc

    Graham looks very short in height, has very small hands, so he has to grow his ego

  • Rob

    Lots of good habits. One I'd lose is wasting time trying to find the lowest price groceries - after you've gotten to the point where your income is high enough that spending time to save a few bucks on groceries actually costs you money.

  • ksks djjd
    ksks djjd



    not worth

  • Khairul Anam
    Khairul Anam

    I love when Kevin gives commentary.

  • Miebi Williams
    Miebi Williams

    I like this guy.

  • Konstantin Steriy
    Konstantin Steriy

    O'Leary looks like a lovechild of Bill O'Reilly and Dr Phil

  • Sascha Husenbeth
    Sascha Husenbeth

    So you're not supposed to spend your money when you're rich? How stupid is that? He buys the cheapest of every item in the supermarket - why? Just so he can justify his wealth? I mean, I understand not spending the money on several cars, luxury hotels and restaurants, etc. But why can't he at least use his money for nutritious and delicious groceries, or for nice quality coffee? What's the point in being rich, then?

  • KarlEngels1848

    If a sleazy businessman had a face, O’Leary would be it lmao - yikes


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="580">9:40</a> he made $51k off almost 6 million views? Those numbers do not add up lol...

  • Yidne

    His best advice for him is to buy suits, really

  • Julie Waninger
    Julie Waninger

    So now realistically, teach us how to be millionaires when minimum wage is $7.25 in Texas.

  • Sydney Kings
    Sydney Kings

    No, you don’t have to work more than 12+hrs if you’re working smart and lazy you’ll find a better way😂

  • Michael Giraldo
    Michael Giraldo

    I could never be super rich. I like spending money. I'm responsible enough to keep my finances in check but I love adding to my computer or to my office or buying art supplies. but then.... I'm also not driven to be some rich 6-8 figure a year kind of person which I think is fine. If there was no middle class there'd be no upper class.

  • Jonathan Daniels
    Jonathan Daniels

    Just realized that the millionaire lives on the same budget/lifestyle as me... I make 1/20th what he does... Maybe someday lol

  • Casually Game
    Casually Game

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> notice the salute to lucifer/satan? (one eye symbolism)


    2 lucky losers who leech off the common man with youtube clickbait trash

  • Scott Dreyfus
    Scott Dreyfus

    He's a journalist who sells real estate on the side! KO with the F. P. Journe flex!

  • T Maytananse
    T Maytananse

    ONE OF THE MANY DEFINITIONS OF SICKENING -------> Being frugal, and a NON coffee drinker. Then meeting a wasteful, self entitled, self absorbed woman from an online dating site. Then, as a gentleman ... I dutifully ask her what she wants to drink while in 'STARUCKS" Her answer ? A latte, cafe, mocha, mucho, latte, cuppa chino. $4.10 !!! Then she grills me on what I have and own. Meanwhile she lives in an apartment, has a car payment, and is sucking HER X DRY . SICKENING ! I feel so sorry for many men ...

  • Cr 7
    Cr 7

    goofy af

  • Agustin Lago
    Agustin Lago

    my anxiety lows when I remember that this is all fake.

  • Joe Doerksen
    Joe Doerksen

    Could have used a little less sarcasm Kevin

  • Kelsey Blankenship
    Kelsey Blankenship

    I decided to get my first credit card - years ago, because of Graham! Killing it!👍🏼

  • Make Money Online: With Raayz
    Make Money Online: With Raayz

    Graham is a smart guy I’m telling y’all

  • Gus Sfakianos
    Gus Sfakianos

    200 a month on groceries in LA???? He’s spending 50 a week. That means he’s only buying like 6-7 items a week. Hard to believe. He definitely eats out every day

    • Willy Klein
      Willy Klein

      Gus Sfakianos he did a video on what he spends in a week. Pretty amazing

  • Ernie Allen
    Ernie Allen

    I wish I was able to like this a second time

  • Datsko

    This is the kind of constructive criticism that I like. Understands what he's doing right and wrong, and genuinely cares/wants him to be better. Very respectful

  • Chthonian121

    I don't think every youtuber with a million subs make 100k a month

  • Goodlife Gerry
    Goodlife Gerry


  • Trinder3467

    "Don't buy food, rent it" - Kevin O'Leary

    • VTL

      @Toni Salazar you still eat it but give it back after you're done with it.

    • Toni Salazar
      Toni Salazar

      How u supposed to eat then??

    • Agent Smidt
      Agent Smidt


  • Eric Nava
    Eric Nava

    Thanks Kevin. Sharing that video was very insightful and inspiring.

  • BeingHonest

    boring only watch 3 mins bye 1

  • Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles
    Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="728">12:08</a> Lol While watching I could smell Kevin’s disapproval of that sentences

  • Ryanbob Kuntz
    Ryanbob Kuntz

    Way to take what vogue does and make it boring

  • Heisenberg B.B
    Heisenberg B.B

    Starbucks coffee is almost 3 dollars. Seriously.. 3x 5days a week

  • Texas Plinking
    Texas Plinking

    Why did I feel nervous for Graham during this? ;D

  • Aka Teddy
    Aka Teddy

    Hey I know him he work at that oppenheim real estate place

  • Matchek Broski
    Matchek Broski

    do like the coffee at home unless it's a coffee date

  • Roop

    this garbage

  • Seal

    I love how he almost comes off that he is very successful because of real-estate, but then says 85% of his income is directly/indirectly from youtube. So he's basically 1 in a million person who has a massive following off youtube which allows him to make all of his money essentially.

  • Jeremy McCall
    Jeremy McCall

    This was cool to watch. Refreshing attitude

  • Nick Obradovich
    Nick Obradovich

    This is so out of touch that it's ludicrous. How is it a struggle to survive on $1.6 million a year?

  • Faris Almutairi
    Faris Almutairi

    8.234! why not 8.25? why not 8?

  • Richard Levoi
    Richard Levoi

    This song is dedicated to all of the teenagers out there dealing with the frustrations of the coronavirus. Staying home for the prom, can't see your friends or someone special you just met. Stay safe and stay strong this will pass.

  • Pepe Finance
    Pepe Finance

    Best video ever... I wish it will be me in a few years ... :)

  • Hayden Cook
    Hayden Cook

    Lol if I didn't have a car I'd be screwed...ever heard of not being in the city limits?

  • Mango

    he has a shiny head.

  • Charles Garrett
    Charles Garrett

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  • Brodie Vissers
    Brodie Vissers

    On the coffee note, I believe the idea circulating throughout history that coffee SHOULD be cheap or even free is doing the industry a big disservice. Of course there are long drawn-out supply chains that are not helping either, and there are obvious and clever savings by not over-purchasing products in cafés or restaurants, especially like Starbucks. That being said, supporting local businesses and supporting coffee farmers and everyone helping the better side of this industry to stay afloat should be a higher priority than getting the cheapest brand of year-old coffee at the grocery store. Not saying he's doing that, just a quick rant ;)

  • Fin6as

    Whats the point of making money if you don’t enjoy it?

  • nick johnson
    nick johnson

    So he doesn’t live on 1.6 million a year. He lives off like 100,000

  • Yoseph Alabdulwahab
    Yoseph Alabdulwahab

    You can't live in the south without a car

  • fiji

    2k on grocery Jesus how much guac this guy gets

  • Lupita Nyongo
    Lupita Nyongo

    When he finds a chick make sure to sign a prenup