Joe Rogan Reacts to Mike Tyson’s Return to Boxing
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Taken from JRE #1473 w/Tom Papa:

  • Wendigo Guy
    Wendigo Guy

    His comment would be cheezy if it wasnt mike

  • DedaluS

    And not that long ago... #JoeDidIt

  • Luus _
    Luus _

    Yoel romero needs to take those

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James

    Tyson vs.mayweather

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James

    Tyson is a Beast

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Have all the people that are saying he's too old forgotten that Foreman did it at 45, and Hopkins did it at 48? Let's be real... which looks better a 45 year old Foreman or a 53 year old Tyson?

  • J Stankiewicz
    J Stankiewicz

    I love you MIKE - the god of war

  • n dungeon
    n dungeon

    People need to stop calling this a comeback it's only fucking charity fight with virtually no head hits he has no stamina left and his punch resistance is in the shiter now it's not a comeback ok people!!

  • Archin5000

    Just stem cells brought him back 20 years ago.

  • johnnyboii771

    Yoooooo Deonte Wilder V Tyson who's ready

  • Fredrik29Sweden

    Mike is back agin💪💪👍

  • Glen DeKoker
    Glen DeKoker

    How tall is this guy?

  • GODLOVEME12345

    Imagine if tyson those year he retired but actually training till now for UFC!

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      extraordinary shape with good energy at a late age. Strict living and specific lifestyle can do wonders for humans of any age!

  • hanspeter

    I want to see Tyson against Lennox Lewis again!

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      He needs to be trained by the Diaz brother’s in jujitsu, Ben askrin for wrestling So he’ll be well rounded then get into the ufc.He would destroy the heavy weights probably

  • Brad Goldman
    Brad Goldman

    It's steroids just say it Joe... Smh

  • Big Announcement
    Big Announcement

    "Boxing" is more than fighting. It is an entertainment medium which many people look to and sculpt their lives after. Promoting a convicted rapist who has been recorded threatening reporters: "I'll f--- you til you love me, f----t," is a clear indication that Joe Rogan does not respect "boxing" (respect has a lot to do with proper understanding) and is unqualified to endorse *any* opinion related to the topic. This further indicates that the "Joe Rogan Podcast" is not worth viewing/listening to.

  • Jon Burrier
    Jon Burrier

    Vegan Warrior! :)

  • Rudy Fasano
    Rudy Fasano

    Am I the only one that thinks this other guy is such a condescending tool? Literally from the first 20 seconds of this video.

  • Hari '
    Hari '

    I always had a wish to get hit in the face by Mike Tyson with a glove on ofc, but nonetheless. I just cannot fathom the pain, that is something to be in awe of

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      Everybody is a gangsta till Mike Tyson announce is comeback


    The other guy is just to agree with Joe... stupid

  • Samol Duong
    Samol Duong

    We went to a sports bar to watch the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight. So many people were trying to watch the fight, the bar couldn't broadcast the fight. We were all pissed and ran home to order paperview. We saw the fight, wasn't worth it. Now Mike Tyson coming back, that sounds like it's worth it.

  • binksy69

    Fuck Jo Rogan

  • Kurtis Armstrong
    Kurtis Armstrong

    Yes I have work construction very hard for 17 years for sure and another 18 years as a child up into my 20s landscape construction in the Tucson Arizona like a lizard

  • Kurtis Armstrong
    Kurtis Armstrong

    Like a rhino with thumbs in fact I'm going to hitch a ride and go get me one just for the night and play it out for the weekend cuz I got some s*** to do I'm 38 but it makes me feel 16 absofuckinglutly

  • Kurtis Armstrong
    Kurtis Armstrong

    To be 100% honest with you I use the Rhino from the adult store and just aside from being in bed absolutely oh my goodness it is an astounding level in the construction site damn near all week long good three days

  • Astoria

    No offense to the great Muhammad-Ali, but Mike Tyson would have absolutely destroyed him if they fought each other in both of their primes.

  • Justin Han
    Justin Han

    Someone say Mayweather and Tyson?

  • Echo Wilson2020
    Echo Wilson2020

    He needs to be trained by the Diaz brother’s in jujitsu, Ben askrin for wrestling So he’ll be well rounded then get into the ufc.He would destroy the heavy weights probably

  • Justin Ritter
    Justin Ritter

    But also besides the hormone therapy humans are living longer and longer at a pretty good rate. Maybe we are in fact starting to slowly see more people pop up who are in extraordinary shape with good energy at a late age. Strict living and specific lifestyle can do wonders for humans of any age!

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    "It's like being with THOR or ZEUS!" Duuuuude! They sooo need to engineer a primo Cameo role for Tyson in one of these Marvel or DC Universe movies!

  • P Wilmott
    P Wilmott

    Joe I love you but I think checking with mike before speculating that hes using. Lol

  • Fook Arabistan
    Fook Arabistan

    Oh come on, Tyson is totally uninteresting @ 53 whatever he does.

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      You know Tyson has been vegan for ten years? Maybe you'd like to check out his diet Joe 🤙

  • Guffrey 94
    Guffrey 94

    Man I gota keep it real cus normally about 100% of the time I would say this is a TERRIBLE idea.... With that said Tyson even at 53 is one of the scariest fuckin dudes I've ever seen in my life lol... i honestly believe Mike could still fuck up these young dudes who are fighting today.. And if he's coming back he's for sure not coming back to play around hes comin back to try an make a statement that him at 53 can still knock off some heads... we shall see!

  • I invented Google
    I invented Google

    Not bad for a 53 old vegan who has been Vegan for 10 years

  • Redback Shanto
    Redback Shanto

    7.4 M views That’s Iron mike Tyson

  • les antoine
    les antoine

    Everybody is a gangsta till Mike Tyson announce is comeback

  • Muhammad Danial
    Muhammad Danial

    He should fight Deontay Wilder ,

  • Lalhriatkima Dochhil
    Lalhriatkima Dochhil

    God of War

  • Andre Allen
    Andre Allen

    Deontay "Many Excuses" Wilder should fight Mike, since he believes he would beat him.

  • 1 Design
    1 Design

    He is gonna kill..

  • tony tenace
    tony tenace

    Who TF cares?? One work out video. just to sell more merchandise.

  • james kimp
    james kimp

    I love Mike but I don’t wanna see him in the ring. I like the settled down mike because he’s very funny and smart I could listen to him tell stories all day.

  • don't care
    don't care

    Who can you put him against? If you put him against someone his age it doesn't seem fair but as good as he looks it's a very slippery slope picking an elite young guy.

  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith

    Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson PPV

  • j4nnik m
    j4nnik m

    Hey Joe! Mike is vegan, but don't tell anybody ;)

  • WastedYears


  • Thomas Donofrio
    Thomas Donofrio

    He’s got them VEGAN gains

  • Cats Kale
    Cats Kale

    You know Tyson has been vegan for ten years? Maybe you'd like to check out his diet Joe 🤙

  • Meek mill vevo 1
    Meek mill vevo 1

    Put me in the cage with Tyson I'll last 12 rounds!! He'll slip from all the shit on the floor.💩💩💩

  • TheHighGiant

    Did somebody say hes vegan?

  • nonya biz
    nonya biz

    From what i saw iron mike is doing wrestling which is awesome i would watch it for sure!

  • Remy Gingras
    Remy Gingras

    Look up the Wim Hof method. Don't need any injection with that. Once you put your will to something...nothing's impossible as long as your body holds up to the task.

  • CynicalIdealist

    Mike Tyson has been vegan for the last decade.

  • Hurricane Haze
    Hurricane Haze

    Mike Tyson one of the most powerful people on the planet.

  • The search for 67
    The search for 67

    Literally how I introduce MMA and boxing to new people

  • No Name
    No Name


  • TheFokker03

    geezers a fucking animal!

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Mike will get his ass kicked "remember this post"

  • Dan Senior
    Dan Senior

    I hope they don't sanction it.

    • Dan Senior
      Dan Senior

      @bcvbb hyui I liken this to Chuck Liddel fighting Ortiz for the third time. He failed in his comeback attempts several times and his chin was gone. It wasn't a fight it was a guy who got slaughtered for 300k. This would be the same. Maybe if he fought another older fighter or a 3-3 young fighter, it may be a competition, but if he fights a contender it's just $ for blood.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      Just imagine the amount of money a Tyson comeback fight would make !

  • SulphuricAcidForTheSoul

    Mike Ditka was seen out training last week. Man I hope he gets drafted. Hes sill pretty good

  • SulphuricAcidForTheSoul

    Mike Tython thud quit. hes gonna get punched in the faith

  • seanfishingtexas

    Evander Holyfield and him are getting together for a charity fight not going to be a contender fight.

  • Savenification

    Mike will take his HW TITLE BACK

  • William Risnear
    William Risnear

    Like to see him come back, win the title and retire on top.

  • Mike Chin
    Mike Chin

    Anyone can question Mike coming back at 53... but the REAL question is, who's willing to take that first bout?

    • Jammin90

      LMFAO. NOPE.

    • Marc Be Hoopin
      Marc Be Hoopin

      Floyd woudnt turn down the money

    • Alucard5539

      agreed lol

    • Jetskii i
      Jetskii i

      Wanderlei Silva agreed to.

    • stickygrn1420

      Tyson fury

  • Alec Hall
    Alec Hall

    stfu about hormone replacement Joe Rogan, just because you need it doesn't mean the rest do

  • BRJH Sports & Entertainment
    BRJH Sports & Entertainment

  • Francis Odo
    Francis Odo

    So fire and hype bra enyoing dis came here after watching the Delta Parole musicvideos the new they drop it called waaasted. Loveing dis video, after song pumpin me up for dem gym time bro!!!!

  • Joseph Kalanui
    Joseph Kalanui

    I really wanna see KSI vs Mike Tyson

  • Fresher then Fresh
    Fresher then Fresh

    ...oh FUCK!...SHIT MIKE!, you movin like dat @ 53!...DAM!...

  • Niall O'Connell
    Niall O'Connell

    I'm 53 as well.....fitter then I've ever been....

  • Therealozzy47

    I don't think Tyson is on hormones or testosterone therapy but if he isn't allowed to fight it will be from the amount of weed he smokes. Dude smokes like a champ...pun intended.

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Just imagine the amount of money a Tyson comeback fight would make !

  • kazi moblood
    kazi moblood

    Mike will get his ass kicked "remember this post"

  • ST

    I love big mike, but i highly doubt he can go 12 rounds like those 15 seconds.

  • Ben Blanco
    Ben Blanco

    Mike Tyson vs Fury or Usyk or AJ or Wilder!!! IDGAF HE'S BACK!!! THE GOD OF WAR!!!!🔥🔥🔥💯🥊🥊🥊

  • Silver Bengals
    Silver Bengals

    Fun fact Tyson has been vegan for 10 years.

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Joe was right. If Tyson was to fight someone even a great fighter. They will not be able to keep Tyson off them especially on the inside.

  • Mr bigpeen Long shaft
    Mr bigpeen Long shaft

    Make Tyson vs aj 👍 aj loves fighting old men past thier prime and mike would smash him and take his belts

    • Mr bigpeen Long shaft
      Mr bigpeen Long shaft

      Ailsa Ni that makes no sense at all and has absolutely nothing to do with what I said you total nutjob

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      so do what "Juice Gut" Joe Rogan says to be a Chump...i mean Champ in the GAY F C and JUICE JUICE JUICE Tell your Gutt Bloats and Your Balls look like BB's.

  • ja jack
    ja jack

    Holyfield vs HERSHAL Walker Tyson vs chuck Liddell

  • donny james
    donny james

    I'm back..this is good news

  • Aaron Bogatch
    Aaron Bogatch

    Come on, Tyson would never have a chance with the fight against the best fighter ever Lewis Lennox. He would be defeated any time...AGAIN!