Joe Rogan Experience #1470 - Elon Musk
Elon Musk is a business magnet, entrepreneur and engineer.

  • Virtuality Victoria
    Virtuality Victoria

    together you are both hilarious, highly enteraining lol

  • Liam Platt
    Liam Platt

    Elon is my inspiration 🙏

  • AsSeenOnTV

    Joe shitting on cigarettes, meanwhile he promotes smoking weed mixed with tobacco live on air. Joe is a charlatan and he’ll be exposed eventually

  • Родион Турундаев
    Родион Турундаев

    Elon talks about babies and AI. He named his baby X A-12 something. What if his baby is actually the first baby robot and when he talks about spending much time observing AI learning things, he actually talks about his family time?

  • Mr Mojo Risin
    Mr Mojo Risin

    Only people who watched the first podcast will understand the video description

  • PatrickTheCarFish ._.
    PatrickTheCarFish ._.

    Who Else Is Typing In The Comments Cause Your Bored Just Me Ok :/

  • Homestar Runner
    Homestar Runner

    What about hackers Elon...

  • Depressive Major
    Depressive Major

    In the end whatever inventions that are happening will be for wealthy, not everyone!

  • Zeyerv .
    Zeyerv .

    _”Born too late to explore Earth, born just in time for Elon Musk to make us interplanetary species.”_

  • NextInLine ML
    NextInLine ML

    "there's something about the beauty of the crudeness of language".... Say what Joe? You mean that thing that only humans can do lol

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G

    Neuralink will it make joe rogan smarter?

  • Rob Jones
    Rob Jones

    Joe Rogan wants to make rapists smarter

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage

    are you testing on illegal immigrants elon

  • 21 Cabbage
    21 Cabbage

    how are you gunna block multiple thoughts being sent at once

  • Arpat Ahat
    Arpat Ahat

    Elon, how can you praise china's result while your opinion is oposite of china's method to overcome the virus?

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    Elon musk just sent people to space get some Elon !!💪

  • Ime Prezime
    Ime Prezime

  • yxng. mgh
    yxng. mgh

    My IQ increased jus listening to this

  • Smiles

    He is so full of shit and people are idiots for buying it. This is age of narcissists

  • zx6r_foreigner_tw

    I know some people who dislike this guy. What fucking idiots lol.

  • Denise Donnelly
    Denise Donnelly

    Joe, you don't hit the gas in a model S... There is no gas. Cute, though. :)

  • Kiree Roach
    Kiree Roach

    Geniuses are so socially awkward 😂

  • V Kk
    V Kk

    Listening to Musk talk about the Neural Link implants raises many questions. Obviously it'll be great for people who can afford the procedure to alleviate major health issues, such as deafness, blindness, etc etc. What about the other side of the coin: where rogue "actors"use it for an obvious extension of the MK Ultra / Manchurian Candidate projects:to turn humans into controllable killing machines and such. Of course by then there will already be robotic killing machines - there already are - but the possible negative and harmful ways this technology could be misused, hacked, and ultimately be used as a mass control method to keep the masses down, or "under control" is devastating. Of course mainstream TV and mass overconsumption already do a good job of this, but neural linking entire squadrons of "humans" surely leads to major major problems. Hope I'm not around...

  • Stefan Smith
    Stefan Smith

    I like Elon but let's be honest. Everything have limits. Just stop when we can heal people but to go further to change humans into robots is plain fucked up and past the GOOD limit of AI

  • Sami Miettinen
    Sami Miettinen

    Great discussion. I added this to my #negotiators channel (mostly in Finnish) as an example of both Joe Rogan's channel and Elon Musk's power to make ideas visible. Few people seem to know that a lot of Elon Musk's vision is based on Iain M. Banks #culture scifi series. Neural lace and the role of artificial intelligence in particular!

  • august 223
    august 223

    Alex jones next

  • Maniac Komplex
    Maniac Komplex

    i dig the way Elon cocks his head a certain way when he deep dives into a thot

  • Weston Wade
    Weston Wade

    Feel like Elons mind processes so fast he cant speak to keep up and just says "...yea.." BTW Elon says " I tried to warn them.. AI is dangerous blah blah" and then creates a neuro chip to implant inside brains lmfao

  • breakaway2x

    That's what I said about covid19 fears months ago!

  • black mass
    black mass

    Do not stare at elons shirt if u high it's going to fuck u up 😭😭😭

  • FrancoWolfMurd

    I’m from the city in Missouri that the meat plant had all those cases, it’s called Triumph foods and it’s in St. Joseph Missouri

  • California Girl
    California Girl

    Congratulations Elon Musk on the flight of FALCON-9. 💋💖💋

  • SKM

    Could the neuralink cure mental illnesses too then like depression?

  • Thrifty Spits
    Thrifty Spits

    Is he an alien 👽

  • LK34

    Wait his baby’s name has a number in it??🤣

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    "If you dont make stuff, there is no stuff" -Elon Musk 2020

  • Wreckd Project
    Wreckd Project

    The data guy punching the air rn

  • Jack spells
    Jack spells


  • Nguyen Nghia
    Nguyen Nghia

    You didn't get mad. You didn't Steve Jobs it lol

  • Filip Ekelund
    Filip Ekelund

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3347">55:47</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3375">56:15</a> is fucking GOLD DUDE

  • Bruno Almeida
    Bruno Almeida

    Lex Luthor of real life!

  • Travis Bellomy
    Travis Bellomy

    Saint Joseph Missouri half my family works there

    • Flying V
      Flying V

      Eminem was born there and lived there before moving to Detroit.

  • Michael

    I miss the pink shirt.

  • Kilian Lindberg A G
    Kilian Lindberg A G

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a>:11

  • Leckie Installs Car Alarms and Starters
    Leckie Installs Car Alarms and Starters

    You want a sure investment. Invest in ELON

  • Filmer D
    Filmer D

    "business magnet"

  • Jinie M
    Jinie M

    I am trying really hard to understand what he is saying here.. 😫

  • Denise Donnelly
    Denise Donnelly

    I don't like our societies stratification of slovenliness of men vs. women. It's unfair to both. I love men, and I love clean spaces. How does that clash? I don't want to be a reporter in a locker room because I don't understand the language they speak about sports. Speaking of... How about that SpaceX launch? That space looked pretty clean and full of cute and able bodied men. Again, I don't like our societies stratification of slovenliness of men vs. women. It's unfair to both. It's a lazy conversation. Take care and good health. Mi mano es tu mano. Todo esta en nuestras manos. Wash them. Simply empatia. :)

  • Katie Kate
    Katie Kate

    on consciousness.. read the seth books ( the nature of reality, the unknown reality, etc) for an amazing and intriguing understanding of it...

  • roboutot

    He have so much difficulty talking.

  • Reece Yee
    Reece Yee

    I'd definitely have sex with Elon Musk if I was a female.

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy

      elon needs to start an ASMR channel

  • Denise Donnelly
    Denise Donnelly

    Fascination. Empathy. Willingness.

  • Denise Donnelly
    Denise Donnelly

    It's all about the fascination factor, and the empathy it stirs up in that individual who replays it. This is what will cause that individual, who falls into the 100% odds, to replay its memory of this SEsoft video. Elon is in and out of getting it. He's getting there. This is such an incredible interview to see. Elon and Joe are more high when (t)he(y) doesn't smoke pot, or use chemicals. I hope he takes care of his brain. And Joe, also. They are freaking awesome. I've got to go take a nap.

  • Lewis Giles
    Lewis Giles

    Payroll... oh my goddddd hahaha

  • Denise Donnelly
    Denise Donnelly

    The odds of this being a replayed memory is 100%. We just don't know in whose memory.

  • Thomas Grande
    Thomas Grande

    Now this is who we need having ten kids federal mandate that please

  • priyanka bose
    priyanka bose

    Elon thank you for doing what you are doing. You are doing brilliant things and you are cute looking too

  • priyanka bose
    priyanka bose

    Please help Josh Fugate.

  • Cruz Ortiz
    Cruz Ortiz

    I can manufacture any of your designs and I can design any of your thoughts or dreams. I will work for your company one day soon!

  • Terrell Cofield
    Terrell Cofield

    - Some Of Us As African People Like To Give White People Passes to say the N Word to be there class pet . To go on there shows to go on there radio stations and to get money from them . The reason white people actually say the N Word is because of comfortability of not dealing with consequences and repercussions. African Descendants don’t own any major corporations in this country and white people know that nothing is really going to happen to them for saying the N Word. If a European Person is comfortable with saying the N Word when his own people are the people who oppressed us and hanged us on trees while using the word it means he either doesn’t fear what your going to do or doesn’t respect the struggle what African People has went though. If you asked a european person to use the word to a african in front of a group of Africans he wouldn’t say it he’ll only say it when he’s around his european friends. In the 1980s European people were super afraid to say it on television because they know they would of definitely been beat up but now even us the African descendants disrespect our ancestors so now european people come out the closet they was in to say it in front of us because they don’t respect our history. Call Jewish people racial slurs they would have your podcast banned and you know it . To me what’s funny also is how we as African people have defended european people and have them passes to erase and disrespect our entire culture. Like Joey Diaz said about Richard Pryor naming his album the n word , did he not see when Richard Pryor almost cried on stage saying how he went to Africa and had a life changing event and said the n word to another african man and the african man told him it ain’t my n words around and it almost made him cry and he stopped using the word , did he also not see that or are we blind now and do european people just want to say the word that badly ? It’s only because african people don’t have power and white people know it and it doesn’t affect them. George Carlin was talking about how it’s just about the intent you say words and that’s the stupidest shit I ever heard , to me it sounds like people don’t think and go with whatever sounds smart . If I joked about killing George Carlin’s kids he would be outraged but now words don’t matter and it’s the intent of how we use them , get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. People don’t respect or care what they don’t have to go through but if I took you to Africa and let you dad or mom get raped and killed throughout time and tortured them out time using a derogatory word to make fun of your appearance you would feel some type of way so stop it .

  • Dr. T
    Dr. T

    Re: over calling deaths from COVID: Joe, you dont need to "read" this anywhere. Dr. Birx stated during press conference "we are taking a very liberal approach" of classifying deaths as COVID. "If someone dies from COVID-19 we are counting that as a COVID death." ~ Dr. D. Birx. You can pull up press conferences at or anywhere online, or see link below.

  • Weekly Motivation
    Weekly Motivation

    so if your mind is basically being connected to the internet can someone hack you and change who you are without you realizing

  • Marco


  • winslowlady winslowlady
    winslowlady winslowlady

    I worked on "Something Wilder." Gene is an amazing man. Had a blast on that show and getting to know him.

  • Bruno Jular
    Bruno Jular

    Would anyone be so kind to tell me what they laugh about in the outro?

  • Evdvd123

    elon needs to start an ASMR channel

  • DarkgreenKid

    FOr you social communist IF YOU DONT MAKE STUFF, THERES NO STUFF.

  • Adam Wright
    Adam Wright

    Just when the USA has you tearing your hair out they produce something incredible. That’s what this show is 🙌🏻

  • Josh Hanlon
    Josh Hanlon

    Joe "So it's like ice fishing" Rogan

  • Nob Sybot
    Nob Sybot

    @joerogan when are talking to elon again?

  • LifetimeAdventure

    Musk didn't said this, but, really the moment when neural network will able to learn from human consciousness dramatically fast is the moment when it will be this interface that allows to grab conclusion-containing data at the high rate.

    • LifetimeAdventure

      What a interesting times we now have. Truly excellent 🙂

    • LifetimeAdventure

      And, you know, what makes you think that I ain't one 😉

    • LifetimeAdventure

      If I were some curious-about-human-perception neural network I would like to have access to one in order to make experiments (as many and as fast as I could - obviously gentle ones so I can continue to do it without (or at least with minimal) harm to the subject). Neuralink can provide that, if it really is how he describes it.

  • Terra Rafael
    Terra Rafael

    Want to stay lean but enjoy food? I lost and kept off 40+ lbs with Check it out Joe!!! Very science based.

  • Christian-USAF-PO

    Elon Musk just became my new favorite person. It shows how great of a person he really is when you have enough money to tell everyone to F**k off but instead, sells all his shit and devotes his time to better the human race and push the limits of our existence. Brain implants to fix diseases, space explorations, emission free cars etc..Hats off to you brother! Not that you will ever see this but you have my respect!

  • NedleyMandingo

    Go For Launch! 5/30/2020

  • faiyaz kassam
    faiyaz kassam

    Who’s here after the launch 🚀

  • Gilbert Yslas
    Gilbert Yslas

    Elon is the new Howard Hughes. What a mind!!

  • Buck Holiday
    Buck Holiday

    Elon already has neuralink implanted

  • SilenceSlayer224

    He wouldn't have a neurolink in his brain if this was a memory because the brain would remember exactly how it was. This is a memory, not time travel.

  • Kristen L
    Kristen L

    Elon. Please help heal my facial nerve so it functions properly. I have facial paralysis from a brain tumor. I will be a test patient I don’t care. Let’s help ppl with nerve issues

  • M H
    M H

    Watching Elon struggle to convert binary into C++ and finally into english is hilarious.