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Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Atara Alyssa Cho
      Atara Alyssa Cho

      He has the DVDs- will we see the ending of Kid Nation?

    • The Pizza Girls
      The Pizza Girls

      I found the entire series of kid nation on uploaded on SEsoft by someone called Mike Sparrow

    • The Dark Lizardon X
      The Dark Lizardon X

      My boi Jimmy is the G O A T !

    • devo076

      RIDGE RACER!!!!

    • Tristan Moreland
      Tristan Moreland

      John, the whole series is onSEsoft, they. They killed john, they FREAKING KILLED A CHICKEN

  • Gamer Legend Box
    Gamer Legend Box

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="410">6:50</a> I need to remember my spot nothing special

  • Funky Lemen
    Funky Lemen

    Remember when john was on game grumps

  • The Raven Hunter
    The Raven Hunter

    This is was... awkward

  • lokkin a55
    lokkin a55

    I thought this was Schlatt

  • Shut Up Sophia
    Shut Up Sophia

    Kid Nation is actually the first "strand" type show

  • David Segundo
    David Segundo

    Johntron there’s a new flex ad

  • Tim

    All we need to do now is to track down Jared.

  • وننو تتن
    وننو تتن

    Getting bigger change your hair colour 😂

  • Crayon Berry
    Crayon Berry

    I know how to clean, since before I was ten, at the farm house my family lived in. Every saturday my dad made huge ass chore lists, inside and outside chores. So I know how to clean

    • Anime is not a cartoon
      Anime is not a cartoon

      Subscribers I neeed

  • Dusty Wolfe
    Dusty Wolfe

    You can see Jimmy go back to looking at John after looking at the floor with spaced eyes. My dude actually went through his memories and realized no one told him he was nice

  • Daddy_ Marx
    Daddy_ Marx

    Theres so much more material here, we need more kid nation videos

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    Little did Jimmy know, his escape would be the greatest decision he ever made. for all the children's souls would later be harvested by Jonathan Karsh.

  • Amy Felix
    Amy Felix

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="968">16:08</a> I just realized that the chairs have fucking plastic wrap lol

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      8:40 something it was THERMO-SHOCKINGLY-COLD

  • Just Ty
    Just Ty

    Do another happy hour


    Don’t poke the jimmy 🤣

  • tdawg135

    Cool video can you play action 52 for nes on a vid

  • Cameron Carrillo
    Cameron Carrillo

    There was probably rattlesnakes

  • StealthyPotatom

    Ive never laughed so much at a video

  • հokцƽ ρokus
    հokцƽ ρokus

    JonTron is the true MVP

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      I hope we find out what happend three years before

  • Mason Gaspar
    Mason Gaspar

    Yo can you review the whole season 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 pllllklllz JonTronShow

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Even with all this said given the chance i would have still gone on the show and i cant be alone in thinking that i would have liked to have sean more than one seasion

  • հokцƽ ρokus
    հokцƽ ρokus

    I grew up in group homes. So I understand that there are rules. But I still cant help but fear for the worst? Some people are horrible people.

  • Xavierthevan

    Holy Jesus, I just watched the 2nd episode of Kid Nation and sh*t goes from 0-100 way too f*cking quick!

  • Dosu kinuta
    Dosu kinuta

    Why his hair color change

  • young husk
    young husk

    The interview is even more hilarious than the review!

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming
    Super Fire 64 Gaming

    I just looked at your first video (9 years ago) you don’t look a day older lol

  • Shadow Foxy
    Shadow Foxy

    JohnTron can you please do a review on a movie for me if so can you thumbs up and send me a message. The movie is called National Lampoon Animal House it’s 10/10, gorgeous, one of a kind. Please and thank you Mr JohnTron sir can you please review it for us

  • Benx Gaming
    Benx Gaming

    The best JonTron video I've seen. Props to Jimmy, hope you got some of the lawsuit money.

  • Maney Holl
    Maney Holl

    Jon you should totally watch this movie called "The Stuff" its hilarious and seems like a movie you'd talk about

  • Alexander Rincones
    Alexander Rincones

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> something it was THERMO-SHOCKINGLY-COLD

  • Wild Potatoes
    Wild Potatoes

    geez that places sounds like a prison but for kids

  • Angry Santa
    Angry Santa

    I was hoping the ending would have been him asking Jimmy if he really wanted to leave and only after he did would he reveal a suitcase of cash that would have been given to him.

  • Micah H.
    Micah H.

    I like JonTrons upload schedule. It gives him plenty of time to make us quality videos, which he delivers every time.

  • Breck

    The reason why Jon likes Jimmy so much is because he was unable to love his own Jimmy without the help of Dr. Ho’s back pain belt.

  • Shawbag 11
    Shawbag 11

    Even with all this said given the chance i would have still gone on the show and i cant be alone in thinking that i would have liked to have sean more than one seasion

  • Dumm Dumm
    Dumm Dumm

    I hope we find out what happend three years before

  • Tayo

    anyone wondering why his hair is really dark brown now?

  • ROARraps

    So now THIS is what late night shows used to be, and really should be if they want the public to respect them.

  • StrikeCin3ma

    This is one of the best videos he’s ever made

  • TheFrogMan

    How do we know this is a real version of Jimmy

  • advancedwarlord

    Jimmy seems like he should be a regular guest

  • Sophieperky

    Jimmy was an actual gem omg, great kid, great adult! Hope med school goes great for him!! - and that he enjoyed his big mac 😭

  • BigPapa Cheese
    BigPapa Cheese

    There’s all the episodes for free on SEsoft

  • Andrew Vrba
    Andrew Vrba

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • PacoSucks 69
    PacoSucks 69

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1269">21:09</a>

  • Abbey Grace
    Abbey Grace


  • Mrimchaelson

    Jimmy is such a treat. Adorable baby faced bastard.

  • Joshy Gaming
    Joshy Gaming


  • White Ghost
    White Ghost

    Jimmy looks like my uncle Jacob

  • Sam Dav
    Sam Dav

    I can't believe JKarsh read Lord of the Flies and thought to himself 'this would make for great television'

  • BearingFlame

    You need to interview Jared and ask what happed to him on that day 3 years ago...

  • Damitsall


    • Down Syndrome
      Down Syndrome

      Deep hug ok Karen

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      interview the kid that had the bad thing happen to him 3 years ago!

  • Birdy

    Jimmy is precious. We must protect him!

    • Down Syndrome
      Down Syndrome

      Deep hug ok Karen

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      At 19:53 he looks genuinely scared for his life

  • Yuval

    Honestly the show was actually really messed up

  • Darknorman 29
    Darknorman 29

    If they really wanted to make the show a true social experiment,they should’ve just left the kids in the town until either the producers get bored or (seeing that it’s a reality show,the producers think it would be more “exciting”)they end up re-enacting the lord of the flies.

  • Caleb Cohan
    Caleb Cohan

    The fuckin printer dude

  • Federico

    Jimmy is a fucking national treasure

  • ZvmBoii

    Jimmy *do youtube* pls

  • Daniel Fisher
    Daniel Fisher

    Why does this have so many dislikes?

  • DracoHandsome

    Oncology is derived from the Greek ὄγκος óngkos, which means something like "burden".

  • Esteban Grijalva
    Esteban Grijalva

    Get Sophia on here!

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson

    He looks like Jimmy Whetzel lol

  • Art Nerd
    Art Nerd

    I only have one thing to say: POOR JIMMY 💀

  • Chris O'Bryan
    Chris O'Bryan

    I'm not saying it's your fault, but when you sprayed the printed star and handed it to Jimmy I was laughing so hard I actually fell out of my chair and hit my head on my desk. 11/10 Paper Stars!

  • Woodrow George
    Woodrow George

    Yeah dude, fuck you.

  • thatforemankid


  • VaporWave Vibes of 1985
    VaporWave Vibes of 1985

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1193">19:53</a> he looks genuinely scared for his life

  • Querpp

    interview the kid that had the bad thing happen to him 3 years ago!

  • Nicole Flynn
    Nicole Flynn

    Anyone else think he looks like Zac Efron?

  • Ban Anime
    Ban Anime

    pause at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1191">19:51</a> and you can see jon's strands of voluptuous spit.

  • JacienV

    Just realized (and nobody will ever see this comment), the Bush's Baked Beans thing was actually done at the end of their interview. Notice that there are beans that actually wind up on Jimmy's sleeve on his wrist. There's no stain there for the entire video. Until the end you can see it when he's getting the gold star on the paper. Makes sense, else you'd be wasting time cleaning up before the main interview.

  • James The Engineer
    James The Engineer

    Y'know for a 30$ wallet you think they wouldn't put the money clip on the outside of the wallet to easily get soaked or stolen.

  • Toy bonnie
    Toy bonnie

    Do people rimadr this meme what the the fuck

  • Godessofthegoldendawn

    You should make more content maybe some reaction videos would be tight

  • Foxygamer 360
    Foxygamer 360

    Who else tried to barcode the code in the end

  • Jagged Games
    Jagged Games

    Everyone is being sponsored by ridge recently.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      I feel at episode 4 of the show they kinda stopped supporting the kids because it was pretty good. They had food and water and figured everything out

  • Carly Crowe
    Carly Crowe

    JonTron needs to track down Jared and interview him.

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug

      Jon Tron reminds me of John Candy.

  • J to the Dizzle
    J to the Dizzle

    Bruh why he look like Anthony padilla

  • Mr Imagination Studious
    Mr Imagination Studious

    Baby your a fiiiiiire work make em go ah! ah! ah! Old video reference.

  • Mr random stuff
    Mr random stuff

    Jon get the disc he has and regeiw the rest of it