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Written & Directed by Stevie Russell
Produced by Michael Donnelly V
Starring Conor Delaney & Digby
Cinematography by Piers McGrail
Production Design by Dave Jones

I’m in the kitchen while you smoke outside
You’re careful not to let the smoke inside
I always tell you it’s poison
But I know it helps you take the edge off the day
We get a drink before it’s closing time
The one on high street with the blinking sign
All of these memories feel poignant
I won’t be there to see the snow melt away
Oh, yeah I’ve been gone on business
I’ve gotta make some money
I really feel the distance

And I quite miss home
And I miss you telling me
To leave my shoes at the door
‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Yeah I quite miss home
‘Cos it feels like poetry
When the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
Yeah I quite miss home
Yeah I quite miss home

I smell you cooking from the living room
And then I tell you that I love your food
I know it doesn’t come easy
But you know it reminds me where I’m from
Oh, I’m in another city
I got nobody with me
And it just hit me

That I quite miss home
And I miss you telling me
To leave my shoes at the door
‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Yeah I quite miss home
‘Cos it feels like poetry
And the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV
Yeah I quite miss home
Yeah I quite miss home

And I quite miss home
Yeah I missed you telling me
To leave my shoes at the door
‘Cos you just swept the floor and the dirt drives you crazy
Oh I just miss home
‘Cos it feels like poetry
As the rain falls down on the window
While you’re in my arms and we’re watching the TV

Oh I miss home, yeah I quite miss home
Oh I miss home, yeah I quite miss home

  • ocean_and_moon


  • Peter Krejcik
    Peter Krejcik

    Superb song! And the video...it's like a soulmate for it. Every time I watch, I'm reminded to spend more quality time with loved ones.

  • Alexandru Dobos
    Alexandru Dobos

    Just Perfect, amazing piano and subbass with a ''criminal'' voice

  • twilightfan1million

    FUCK that was sad

  • Ester Intan
    Ester Intan

    This is so amazing... How can you write this perfect song??

  • Louis Jeune Ganaelle
    Louis Jeune Ganaelle

    sometimes i really ask myself: who are the people who press dislike? like really ? you don't have anything better to do with your life ?

  • Elyse McSnallan
    Elyse McSnallan

    love your voice but someone has a tone like yours (lewis capaldi)

  • Nicole Bingham
    Nicole Bingham

    I’ve watched this for the 5th time in two days and I’ve cried everytime

  • LeeA - Music
    LeeA - Music

    This is the best song I‘ve heard since a long time! I guess I‘ll try to cover it

  • Kirsten Dickson
    Kirsten Dickson

    To everyone going through hart pain ...I am so sorry ..to everyone listing to this with tears in their eyes ...im sorry .. to everyone who lost their love ...im sorry .

  • Akhil.R. Krishnan
    Akhil.R. Krishnan

    Quite miss home

  • Mbalentle Ngalo
    Mbalentle Ngalo

    I just wanted to go give that guy a big hug ☹ after seeing him scream

  • Del Pilar Gonzales
    Del Pilar Gonzales


  • Eu

    Omg I cried for real lol

  • Martin Mur
    Martin Mur

    perfect !!!!

  • Miss Glow
    Miss Glow

    I lost my grandpa when i was fifteen,he was me a very special perso gor me an my family ,i love him.Then I remeber like today that again.Miss you grandpa!

  • Shadrack TV
    Shadrack TV

    Lobe u James +++******

  • Michelle Bradshaw
    Michelle Bradshaw

    He's voice is def my favourite ❤❤

  • Life is beautiful
    Life is beautiful

    How come this incredible song get only this number of views !!!! WTF is happenning to this fucking world !

  • Mylittle Sunshine
    Mylittle Sunshine

    Sorry to say this, but the dog made it 100 times more emotional. I don’t quite know why, it just kinda did.

  • Someone

    I love all your songs. I hope to hear you in person huhuhuhuhu. I love you always, James!

  • E. Sentosa
    E. Sentosa

    James Arthur FANS 👍

  • Xander Kingdom
    Xander Kingdom

    Ur my fav artist i love ur songs

  • shanice nyambura
    shanice nyambura

    Is it just me or does this guy really know how to play piano🙀

  • Randy Dandy
    Randy Dandy

    This song reminds me of Madilyn Bailey

  • ripplymello staff
    ripplymello staff


  • Steven Zane
    Steven Zane

    Been following this guy since he won the talent show. Absolutely stunning artist.

  • Eduarda dançarina DD
    Eduarda dançarina DD


  • Thupden Naksang
    Thupden Naksang

    Damn... I jst love yu...💛

  • Arianna Caderao
    Arianna Caderao

    Talent brouhh!💯😍🔥👏

  • King Aye Zee
    King Aye Zee

    How can you get a billion views then not even hit 7 million.

  • Agnieszka Werner
    Agnieszka Werner

    I love Your music


    My dad's funeral was on Thursday. Ever since he died I've been longing to hear his voice. I've even tired calling his cell to see if he'd magically pick up. Things haven't been the same since. I really miss my dad and this song just brings me to tears.

  • Vish Singh
    Vish Singh

    After 1D I think he and Lewis will be the greatest hit band or duo if they collab

  • Amieyra Azmi
    Amieyra Azmi

    I want to go home hm

  • uzair abdul
    uzair abdul

    How much do you want the audience to cry ? James arthur : YES

  • TROY

    what is life with out true love

  • idfc

    i love the birds it makes me feel like i'm in the forest thanks you and really good sad song!!!!!~Bill Cipher

  • Tamara Hassanin
    Tamara Hassanin

    *I LOVE YOU*

  • Nicole Gaming
    Nicole Gaming

    Who remembers where he started at, the power of love x factor 2012 ❤️ he's so good!!

  • Hans Mann
    Hans Mann

    I could feel the pain so much. It made me cry so much. It really showed how hurtful it is, when someone you really love leaves you. Your going crazy without this person... it literally kills you ....

  • solvita

    Love this song....

  • Josh Bieler
    Josh Bieler

    Terrifying nanny eyes shuttered... peekaboo played wrong, Talk nicely, exist shameless tonight... what constitutes a wedding room is... what becomes a wedding day... nanny I told her I... quite miss home right now... miss her telling me... what love, is, always will be... like a prison with white bars... gleaming ivory they trumpet... a heard of impossible giants... watching them on TV... I am watching myself... white young-ness... not old gray-ness...

  • Anilie sharma
    Anilie sharma

    He can just sing for me on sundays And I'll still love him forever ♥️ *i love your voice man*

  • Endang Sumantri_
    Endang Sumantri_

    I'm cry watching this Video 😭

  • Nepal travel daires
    Nepal travel daires

    Great song 🤘🤘

  • Taís Fernanda Lourençano
    Taís Fernanda Lourençano

    Vem para o Brasil 😥❤🇧🇷

  • Jean C
    Jean C

    I love you

  • budgi regar
    budgi regar

    Just watched a horrible apology for a stage act from Lewis Capaldi. He's a talented man, but this was dreadful, I felt out of my depth, had to swim to safe waters.

  • Ulises Rivera
    Ulises Rivera

    I don't usually leave comments on videos... But damn this is a great song and video. Well done.

  • b odon
    b odon


  • Focus_YT bOx
    Focus_YT bOx

    this song was released on my birthday, and i love the song

  • Stephanie Vaz
    Stephanie Vaz

    Se a minha vida tivesse trilha sonora, com certeza seria com as músicas do James ☹️❤💔 BR💚💚💚

  • kellie crossthwaite
    kellie crossthwaite

    This is such a lovely song. So emotional 💙💙

  • Sibti ali
    Sibti ali

    I'm away from home too. Chills, every single time.

  • Jarrod Prinsloo
    Jarrod Prinsloo

    That dog is so fucking cute!

  • אביה לוי
    אביה לוי

    Love from israel🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🌸🌸🌸

  • maybe a procrastinator
    maybe a procrastinator

    can this be a movie??? pleasssseeee

  • CharLena Knight
    CharLena Knight

    This dog reminds me of my dog and my sister is taking my dog and my dog is like my best friend. So me loosing him is like my best friend dying.

  • Katelan Stewart
    Katelan Stewart

    A home is not a home without your loved ones ! :(