How many Chrome tabs can you open with 2TB RAM?
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  • Joven Rata
    Joven Rata

    Lowering the brightness level on a screen makes it easier to record from a camera

  • Mehmood Khan
    Mehmood Khan

    tbh i've got shocked when i see that 2tb ram omg thats huge mann i have 8gb :D

  • Connor

    This is every Escape From Tarkov players wet dream

  • Johnlongears

    next video: How many Chrome tabs can you open with 10PB RAM?

  • pinquinsam

    W8 neopets is still in the air?

  • YurBoi PJ
    YurBoi PJ

    " This has way more storage than your system" me: I have 2T

  • Nedim Mehinagic
    Nedim Mehinagic

    your wrong my memory right now is 258gb

  • Harrison Cushing
    Harrison Cushing

    You better have loaded up

  • Sigurd Aaes
    Sigurd Aaes

    I dont need sleep i need answers

  • DeNIs_DPY)

    I have 4 GB RAM and I am satisfied with them, you have 2 TB and as if I do not see that thanks ... I can help you, I read somewhere on the internet that if you give a gift to another person you will feel better ... let's see if it's true =]] I'm kidding, but if you want to help me, below you will find my email =]]]

  • عبود

    اكو عرب بالطيارة

  • Kalyan Raman.V.K
    Kalyan Raman.V.K

    8:47 is what you came for

  • 闇YAMI

    Heres a tech tip I figured out, Firefox wont save your session if you close it with more than 1500 tabs open, but will restore up to about that many. I used to always restore session and just keep going for fun.

  • Victor Perez (Student)
    Victor Perez (Student)

    at least 6

  • ninjafireball

    What happens when you close these 6000 Tabs in Firefox, and you do a "restore your previous session"???

  • Joroc

    Did you deactivated the tab discard function?

  • Crowbar

    Kid: how much dedicated wam... Linus: *2 TB*

  • Quares

    Linus how you Downloaded 2tb of Ram Jk

  • Dantelor

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Gacha Nizzan
    Gacha Nizzan

    If you're on mobile here is a fun thing to do: 1. Go to the beginning of the video. 2. Start 10 second skipping over and over. 3 Watch him say "E E E E E E E E E E E E E E"


    6.000 tabs


    0% memory. But is *Freeze*

  • Ciph3r

    -6000 tabs. you're welcome

  • OnlyOsu1

    I have 4 gb ram like 3years :/

  • Thad

    but does it run MINECRAFT?

  • Shadow Suave
    Shadow Suave

    Damn, I remember neopets 😂

  • Roberts Stašāns
    Roberts Stašāns

    And now think what it feels like to Chrome servers when millions of people open this at the same time

  • Artistic Priya
    Artistic Priya

    I was expecting a nuclear explosion after opening that many tabs🤔🤔

  • Jamesi

    And my friends told me that it is completely waste of money when I bought 32GB of RAM to my PC.

  • ArG4

    Any game dev dream:

  • SkylinegodzillaBen

    soo... Linus needs to combined all his extreme builds like the 3pb machine, 128 core cpu, 2TB of ram, ect in to the ulti pc. I know theirs probably no mobo in the world that could do that but Linus is smart enough to figure out some way to do it

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer

    how many youtube videos can you play simultaneously though

  • Youtube Pizzer
    Youtube Pizzer

    finally, a computer matched for my procrastination levels

  • Giovanni V
    Giovanni V

    Me: tries to right click My pc: loud espresso noises

  • Reverse World
    Reverse World

    in future 2TB ram is a standard entry level desktop.

  • Reverse World
    Reverse World

    i had 4mb stick in 90s

  • Soon Banned
    Soon Banned

    That would have been a great sponsorship for Onetab xD

  • GameInside

    now that's enough to play rust

  • Ptoki1

    11:40 sounds a lot like me when trying to open terraria modded on my computer

  • 황재민

    주모!!! 그다음은 알죠?

  • Water Guy
    Water Guy


  • João Costa
    João Costa

    When someone has more Ram that you have of storage on your pc RIP

  • Luke Lane
    Luke Lane

    Linus, Did you happen to catch how many threads were running under chrome?

  • ScorpioGamez

    Bruh my computer has like 8 gb of ram and works perfectly and this computer has about 2000 gb of ram

  • noob kill
    noob kill

    A Single stick of this RAM has more capacity than your entire system. This my broken my heart

  • noob kill
    noob kill

    Can i get one 😂

  • angus jones
    angus jones

    i bet with 2 terabytes you still can't run a large Minecraft server at solid 60 fps

  • ACOnetwork

    Siri, please keep up, I aam trieing to open up 6k tabs in Chrome 😀

  • Evan Quigley
    Evan Quigley

    But can it run gta iv

  • Flaz

    Literally breaking the google chrome with their BEAST pc.

  • BlakAdder

    who watching this on 16 gb less and feel sad

  • Jack's Skate Channel
    Jack's Skate Channel

    Imagine he drops it..

    • Jack's Skate Channel
      Jack's Skate Channel

      Such a Linus thing to do

  • Nikhil Prajapati
    Nikhil Prajapati

    I can Fortnite at 1000 fps

  • thingy

    Now THIS is where you need an autoclicker

  • Keylon

    i was wondering what happens if we use 100% of Cerebral Capacity then i found this video.....

  • com. memes
    com. memes

    100 years from now Apple: Let's make a 8GB RAM mobile

  • Tiny Bird
    Tiny Bird

    *A single stick of this ram has more capacity than your entire system.* The one actually hurts me.

  • Proto Propski
    Proto Propski

    I'd say 1!

  • rioaji pangestu
    rioaji pangestu

    Unstoppable force vs immoveable object

  • Nerd Psycho
    Nerd Psycho

    But how many monitors would I need if I were to pornhub that shit?