Here is why USB Type-C is AWESOME and how you can use Power Delivery for your electronics!
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In this video I will tell you all about USB Type-C and why it is AWESOME! That means I will show you the development of USB connectors over time and finally explain how USB Type-C performs in regard to speed, power delivery and alternate usage like for example outputting an HDMI signal. Let's get started!
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  • catrobase

    0:33 wait that's illegal

  • David Pulliam
    David Pulliam

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook manufactured in July of 2014, it's power supply outputs 20v@3.25A through the classic rectangular yellow Lenovo connector. Would I be able to use that USB-C sink to hook an appropriate battery back up to the laptop for additional power? I never though until now that I might be able to charge a pre-USB-C laptop with a USB-C power bank.

  • Jerry Ericsson
    Jerry Ericsson

    Cool! Thanks a million. My introduction was indeed a sad day; I was at my sisters home, some months earlier, her husband passed away, and she had just passed away herself from lung cancer, and a broken heart. Her children insured that, since I was the family computer guru I should get her computer and cell phone. So there I was 400 miles from home in a ratty little motel that had not changed since the pervert who owned it some 20 years earlier was busted for having hidden cameras in the rooms by the investigators under my supervision, trying to plug my type B cable into her Type C phone, alas no luck. When we returned home I searched for a power supply for the phone and found a Samsung charger that was advertised to charge the unit. It works great! Now, it seems most of the things I order have the type C plug and I love them. Until today, though, I only had a vague idea on how it works. Thanks a billion for sorting this out for me, you always seem to have the answer for the question I have but never ask!

  • MrQuazar

    How work config pin? I2c,V level logics, freq ? How they understand what they wants?) If chip have damages or programm mistakes, powersource can give wrong voltage on charge? If conf pin use as nc, what happend?

  • MrQuazar

    6:09 Скот, я думал откуда у тебя акцент, походу оттуда же, откуда и зарядка для РФ 😁

  • ninja proxy
    ninja proxy

    you never know any way. its the same with micro.

  • zerodegrekelvin2

    Thanks for the good tuto! I become smarter today 8-)

  • Michael Litzkow
    Michael Litzkow

    Thanks for another very interesting video. I have been amazed by how well my TS80 soldering iron works with it's USB-C power supply. Now that I look closer, I see that it's only using 9V whereas the connectors could provide up to 20V. So that makes me wonder if I could use a USB-C power bank as a replacement for the proprietary batteries on my 20V portable power tools? I'm not sure how much current those batteries deliver. Maybe it's more than 5A. Certainly there are a lot of possibilities on what you can power with 100W.

    • Dougald Hendrick
      Dougald Hendrick

      Surely it has more to do with available wattage, ie the time element when using the power the tool requires. Which is to say it will work, but not for long.

  • Nitin Katiyar
    Nitin Katiyar

    Everything goes from above my head

  • Jose Lambert
    Jose Lambert

    Thanks man!!!

  • shadowdance4666

    It’s horrible. It’s a flawed design that is prone to breaking and connectivity issues. Speed doesn’t help if doesn’t work

  • Galan Gaia
    Galan Gaia


  • CJWarlock

    I've really learned something new and useful from this video. Thanks! :) Good job. Cheers!

  • Collin

    5:00. All of that swiping for minimal scrolling. Gotta love android devices hahaha

    • Bosstown Dynamics
      Bosstown Dynamics

      That interface is designed for a screen about 5 times the size, he's using Dex

  • A King With His World, Productions
    A King With His World, Productions

    You Sound Like The “Smell Mi Finger” Character From H3h3... lol


    Now You Know Why Apple Does not Upgrade to USB type C. They are gonna Milk Every Cent out of You. Then Suddenly Out Of Nowhere BOOM New Apple Iphones With USB Type C.

  • Bad Alice
    Bad Alice

    That was great. I really appreciate you explaining all that. I love your gadgets. USB C I like it. There are too many cool gadgets out today. I'm looking at raspberry pie, crow pie. That power consumption meter of yours, I have to get one if those. I have the cell phone desk top, it's all wireless so I can lye in bed and use it like I am right now.

  • Xavier Williams
    Xavier Williams

    Why is this a video?? This must be for green apple iphone users who dont knw that usb-c is better. iPhone 12 will finally support usb-c something the galaxy has been doing for 4 years now.

  • daniel mucheke
    daniel mucheke

    Your email address??? that we can contact you privately.

    • A King With His World, Productions
      A King With His World, Productions

      daniel mucheke batmanIsHidingInTheBatcave@batmail.bat

  • SoleSamulous

    It's important to let people know that not every usb type-c cable is the same! Not all of them are rated to the full 100W and they have different USB specifications over the same connector. Also, only cables explicitly labeled for Thunderbolt 3 are going to have Thunderbolt 3 40gbps

  • Duhast beach
    Duhast beach


  • Dr. Banter
    Dr. Banter

    This is very educational. Thank you.

  • Kashif Irshad
    Kashif Irshad

    Sir Make a tetorial on toroidal tranformar start to end how can we make at home easily

  • الكتريك ميكس
    الكتريك ميكس

    Nice job

  • Amoxitl Land
    Amoxitl Land

    Very cool video!

  • Dakota Dirden
    Dakota Dirden

    I have a Galaxy S8 and it is extremely fast with transferring files

  • Dakota Dirden
    Dakota Dirden

    I love usb c

  • Reapor Of Dragon
    Reapor Of Dragon

    can you make like a DIY Logic sniffer? to salvage old lcd screens?

  • Yaroslav Panych
    Yaroslav Panych

    3:23 was then intentional reference to LoTR "The One Ring"?

  • Tamil maran world
    Tamil maran world

    Sir pls make a google home using raspberry board

  • Haitham Khayari
    Haitham Khayari

    We want more videos its already one week

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    Brocklyn Blucher

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  • Malik Kader
    Malik Kader

    What type of pens ✍️ are you using Please respond

  • Perfect Raghuwanshi
    Perfect Raghuwanshi

    Can you please make a dc current booster circuit , which boost 2amp of current to 10amp DC .

  • Chris Shand
    Chris Shand

    Can you do a video on MOV'S (Metal Oxide Varistors) and GDT'S (Gas Discharge Tubes) for things such as surge arrestors and overvoltage protection pro/cons of that method of protection vs diodes and transistors for protection.

  • Olaf Gaspricki
    Olaf Gaspricki

    I never see a data transmission of 5GB or even 480Mb/s via USB or ethernet. It would be interesting to see that speed one day ;-) It's like the ethernet over power line adapter things (PLC) They tell to provide up to 1,2GB per second but you get 4Mb in real life

  • 7thMember

    there are some usb 2.0 only usb c

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    And you're a lefty, good man.

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    Man that is some nice printing.