Guess That Frozen Liquid Nitrogen Explosion (GAME)
Good Mythical Morning
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Today, we're watching frozen things break in reverse slow motion and guessing what they are! Check it out on today's game, Guess That Frozen Liquid Nitrogen Explosion! Don't try this at home! GMM #1697
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  • Kansas Girl
    Kansas Girl

    Link: barks Me: oh god please no

  • Maria Polizzi
    Maria Polizzi

    you should play back your reversed action (shoulder slug) in forwards motion at the end to see how close you got!

  • LegoBrickYardz

    When you do the reverse thing to each other at the end you should then play it in reverse to see how close to a forward one you got it :P

  • Emer_Gency

    Lol every pre recorded episode references viruses and diseases!

  • Nightmare 24
    Nightmare 24

    My mom got me the signed , the lost causes of bleak creak and it wasn't sighed

  • Typhoon Cooper
    Typhoon Cooper

    because "requested by uploader" is too expensive

  • craig mckay
    craig mckay

    holy cow i got clay pot instantly

  • The_Can_Man

    I stopped the video at this moment XD <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="828">13:48</a>

  • colaboytje

    Those are not explosions.

  • RedSeve

    where can I get rhetts shirt?

  • John CenaVevo?
    John CenaVevo?

    It’s meatball and spaghettis

  • Classic Sans
    Classic Sans

    I don’t know how but I knew every thing that was smashed before Rhett and Link began to guess 🤷‍♂️

  • Dish Dude
    Dish Dude

    I got the pot before 8 seconds

  • Pin-Wu Yu
    Pin-Wu Yu

    hmm... after what happened in the previous gmm, i wasn’t expecting an “a-ok” video this soon

  • A Human
    A Human

    Anyone else ever randomly guess it really early and for some reason feel really proud of themselves? Like I guessed clay flower pot at 8 seconds and I felt lowkey kinda proud.

  • Gracie _ Dicks
    Gracie _ Dicks

    Omg I love these videos

  • Jack Free
    Jack Free

    love these episodes

  • Carter Bennett
    Carter Bennett

    Literally knew all of them.

  • Savannah Newton
    Savannah Newton

    Its aaaaaa voooozzzzzz

  • Ashley

    I'm from Florida and I can tell you those people were probably dying in the cold! Lol

  • Salad Plain Zone
    Salad Plain Zone


  • sarapasta canoba
    sarapasta canoba

    i got the pot at 8 sec, and i didnt even saw frozen

  • Lillie Gray
    Lillie Gray

    looking for the comments about BTS and there are none. i’m shocked

  • Juvi Disciple
    Juvi Disciple

    do rhett n link have a good relationship with the crew?

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson

    Get Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell on the show now!

  • Lexie Robinson
    Lexie Robinson

    I'm a little too good at this

  • Grace hello_hi
    Grace hello_hi

    When you get loads of likes do you get notified every time?

  • Grace hello_hi
    Grace hello_hi

    I saw one of your vids like two years ago then you came up on my home page idk why lol

  • Grace hello_hi
    Grace hello_hi

    Why do I feel like you guys just live in a cabin in the woods and just stay there for ever

  • The Vaderman
    The Vaderman

    Whenever these two compete head to head, I’m always rooting for Rhett. Always.

  • Apirateslifefors B
    Apirateslifefors B

    sooooooo no one is gonna talk about the fan fic episode?

  • Meagan Ramos
    Meagan Ramos

    so we're just gonna ignore the fact that they were reading smutty fanfic in the last episode? lol

  • Urban Ninja
    Urban Ninja

    i would cream R & L in this game.

  • David Solis
    David Solis

    Bruh I got tomato on second 8

  • Emmi Goes Rawr
    Emmi Goes Rawr

    Bold of them to assume we would get distracted from the fanfiction nice try 😏

  • letsjustshh


  • Dustin Nadler
    Dustin Nadler

    i think it's sad how they don't actually show the reverse version of their punch

  • ROTG, Marvel, and Star Wars Fan !
    ROTG, Marvel, and Star Wars Fan !

    I didn’t watch the last episode cuz it’s age restricted

  • dothedaft

    My god the salt in Links face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="788">13:08</a> LOL

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller

    Doesn’t Lucas kind of remind you of Alexei from Stranger Things?

  • Chad Dunaway
    Chad Dunaway


  • Noah Reigel
    Noah Reigel

    Slomo explosions

  • Jocelyn Studios
    Jocelyn Studios

    I am so proud I got the last one at 8 seconds

  • Rem Bernardino
    Rem Bernardino

    Back to the grind already? I expected a week break before uploading a new video after yesterdays episode

  • Directioner315

    You have to admit Rhett was an ass the day link won and the prize was slow mo slap and he refused to cooperate at all and link had to move his body.

  • edled skal
    edled skal

    I wonder if it's just hard for Link to see their slow-mo on the screen. The last one with the pot seemed easy. You could easily tell the pieces were from a flower pot when they froze it the first time. I am guessing that because it's on a smaller screen it's harder for him to tell what it is.

  • Yesenia Ochoa
    Yesenia Ochoa

    How come I'm better at this game than they are 😂😂💀

  • Austin Driver
    Austin Driver

    The only thing I got within reasonable time was the tomato

  • Patrick Vogelius
    Patrick Vogelius

    Video begins at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a>.

  • Bethany Brown
    Bethany Brown

    The frustration of guessing these a few seconds in and they aren't getting them was too much

  • manganvbg90

    Rhett needs a haircut and a shave!

  • chase clark
    chase clark

    They should do a reverse hydraulic press video!

  • Anaviv 16
    Anaviv 16

    Bts music video stream on

  • Samantha Segura
    Samantha Segura

    Yall need more practice on this game

  • lets get real
    lets get real

    It's not an explosion it's a collision smh



  • Arisa

    *Every single round Link: “what the heeck is that”

  • Duke Dunkin
    Duke Dunkin

    Stop giving link chances

    • Zain Khaled
      Zain Khaled

      Duke Dunkin the game won’t be exciting then 🙄

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez

    The team should show the actual footage reversed of the slow-mo reversed action at the end of these games!

  • unique

    Dear GMM. You have been an awesome part in my daily routine form day 1 till now. I’ve watched every GMM and GMMore episode. eventually, It took me more 1695 episodes to say it finally, goodbye Mythical Beast 2012 - 2020

  • Zoli

    I hope he smashed lots of spaghetti

  • Capt Kaos13
    Capt Kaos13

    Is that a BTS music video? Nah Lumpens uses drones not JVC

  • Denise Zimmerman
    Denise Zimmerman

    Idk how but I guessed that was a clay pot at 8 seconds. Also, are we not going to be able to watch the reverse slow-mo punch the other way around?

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    85% of the comments: “Wow yesterdays episode was crazy and I still can’t get over it.”

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      I would watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

  • ranger3347

    HEY RHETT I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT 👍🏻 but this it better on you bud lol

  • 1VampieNight

    I'm really good at this game I guessed all of them except the rubber ducky with 8-7 seconds left.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss

      Shut up guys we prefer the gloating

  • Frank Advice
    Frank Advice

    so tired of native advertising.

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      Did I just find I'm a genius at this? Or are they a little slow?

  • uwuameliaa

    I would’ve won this game so hard 😌 except I’m irrelevant

  • Yeetus Deleatus
    Yeetus Deleatus


  • Roberto Acabeo
    Roberto Acabeo

    Rhed is cheting cuz wait until the last to see the object and said what is it , for me Rhed lost.

  • Nina

    reading erotic fanfiction one day and getting a disney sponsorship the next. get you men who can do both.

  • alayna farmer
    alayna farmer

    This was a good episode but the sponsor was really weird for this channel. Like rhett and link have nothing to do with frozen 2???

  • rzeka

    This is a tough game, all I got was the tomato and the flowerpot

  • Hilal Hajjo
    Hilal Hajjo

    Bro link deserved this loss

  • Shammy Boy
    Shammy Boy

    Watching this at home on my phone. I can easily tell you I would win this game every time haha

  • Joanna

    “Still haven’t recovered from yesterdays episode?” - Random Commenter Me: NO. NO. PLEASE. D:

  • mojo

    I see gmm I see slow mo I see liquid nitrogen I click.i am but a simple creature.brill episode gmm!

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu

    Lucas is underrated, he's just a genuine human doing his own thing on this planet

  • Cringeboi27


    • Joanna

      3:51 It’s the sacred text, the vi-day-o ta-pee! Sorry, my school is doing We Will Rock You as our musical and the show is tomorrow, I can’t escape it, “I want to break freee” dam

  • G Wiz
    G Wiz

    Shut up guys we prefer the gloating