Everything Wrong With Terminator: Dark Fate In Zzzzzzzz Minutes
This movie is just good enough to make you mad about how bad it is. For a half hour, it's ass-kicking fun, and then it goes and gets sentimental about the past and it all falls of the rails. Here are the sins of Terminator: Dark Fate.
Thursday: More unnecessary sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Dennis Cruz
    Dennis Cruz

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="281">4:41</a> the rev 9 needs his other part because the endoskeleton battery runs out

  • David Price
    David Price

    Loses all sins for the Mackenzie Davis fight scene at the beginning of the movie

  • Everyone has an opinion
    Everyone has an opinion

    lol! The T-800 isn't allowed to ever say the name 'John'. Let's hope he doesn't meet like 10% of the white male population

  • Victor Chico
    Victor Chico

    I hate movies that empower women, the movies make it so obvious to the point that it’s bad.

  • Everyone has an opinion
    Everyone has an opinion

    Also, how does Sarah Conner get 'these texts' when her phone is always in the foil crisps packet? How?

  • Exist Outside The Box
    Exist Outside The Box

    This movie can go fuck itself so goddamn hard. Feminator woke fate.

  • Chris

    Consider doing reviews for Adywan's Star Wars: Revisited & Empire Strikes Back: Revisited-complete color correction, every lightsaber and laser bolt re-scoped, 100s of mistakes fixed, and seamless new FX. Return of the Jedi: Revisited in the works right now- sesoft.info/hd/video/zKdntWxsl4uXs54 sesoft.info/hd/video/qIui06mczmiVtHQ facebook.com/swrevisited originaltrilogy.com/topic/id/9060

  • Violet Bliss
    Violet Bliss

    It sucks cause ms Davies is great in this imo. Honestly, most of the cast is good, but then there's the 6 writers thing.

  • MC IN
    MC IN

    one of the worst movies I've watched...

  • Dave Chivell gardner
    Dave Chivell gardner

    why not send a terminator back to kill sarahs great grand mother? and grandfather? when there was no weapons of mass destruction to stop a terminator? doh!

  • Boqn Dimitrov
    Boqn Dimitrov

    Единственото което дразни в последният терминатор са ордите от критикари. Нищо му няма на филма .

  • TSrikeTWM

    It doesn't help that technology is now less mysterious and the whole "ai becomes sentient and destroys the world" story has thus become less interesting

  • Svinja

    The Rev-9 is just a Stand

  • Alex

    CinemaSins author has too low IQ to understand that liquid metal guy needs skeleton guy for protection against dismemberment which happens when they are separated. And skeleton guy needs liquid metal for creative weapons. Separately they are much more vulnerable and powerless, but sometimes they need to separate to attack with a tactical advantage or when one of them is driving.

    • demerius leverty
      demerius leverty

      Alex thank you.

  • Youdontneed Tofuckinknow
    Youdontneed Tofuckinknow

    Yes this movie was so craptastic that it shit on the first two movies.i feel like they cut copy and pasted t2 with a handful of changes to the script + grrl power.

  • Kinniku Sensei
    Kinniku Sensei

    what movie is at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1077">17:57</a>?

  • STH151NicoleFan

    I think the Terminator Franchise is officially ended. No sequels will be made for Dark Fate and there’s no way Genesys will get one either. I think we can all agree that the first two films should’ve been the ONLY movies made. Sorry Cameron. You tried. They just killed the franchise long before they let you come back.

  • Devilrohx the Decepticon A.K.A Megatron’s best man
    Devilrohx the Decepticon A.K.A Megatron’s best man

    Sin Count: 10000000000000000

  • G-Man Conyers
    G-Man Conyers

    Did they get anything right? Man what a piece of SJW trash.

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison

    You can ride a bike in a factory! They do it in Amazon, for the engineers. It's so big they need to get around faster.

  • MrZillas

    I am no english native speaker. I do not understand everything. I did not watch this movie yet. But daaaaaaamn, is that bad already. CGI from Nintendo, acting from "married with children", story error404 not found, and yeah: Throw her smartphone out of the window, but come with chips bag later....... "I get these messages"...... wuuuuuuaattt???

  • Zoot 74
    Zoot 74

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="575">9:35</a>

  • Juan Ayala
    Juan Ayala

    This movie gets way too much hate. The movie was just fine. Nothing special besides the effects and some of the action. It was light years better than T3 and Genysys. Salvation was pretty rough too.

  • Russell Scott
    Russell Scott

    And another 4 million sins for what James Cameron turned into. Arnold: what the hell are you?

  • Snowyy

    First of all u are stupid kf u give sin for riding bike in factory in boeing plane factory there they travel iwth bike u stupid

  • Plague Produkshuns
    Plague Produkshuns

    The only nice character in the whole movie is the Rev-9. He says good morning, sorry about your shed, and so on the entire movie.

  • JoeysSecretLover

    The Terminator did just kill her whole family!!!

  • Zombiehunter115

    The script writes who wrote Terminator dark fate need to be terminated.

  • Leon Schumann
    Leon Schumann

    the riding bikes in factory part is quite common in big facilities

  • wxmyjnsn

    I've seen some shitty movies in my day but this is right up near the top! Sarah ( whoever the actress is) was TERRIBLE!!!!!! How in the hell did the Rev 9 get into the tanker plane and catch up? How did the Rev 9 k now where the helicopter landed at Carl's house? The acting was horrific!!! you should have just stopped sinning gave up added 10000 sins and never spoke of this movie again except with your therapist!

  • Beasty 90
    Beasty 90

    NO!! CARL!! rip XD xxx

  • Curran Frank
    Curran Frank

    I think the benefit of having the liquid and solid parts of the terminator together is fairly simple: more concentrated mass. Both parts are good, but combining them effectively doubles the terminators weight in one spot, allowing more powerful attacks. So separating them is useful for multiple opponents or outmaneuvering opponents, and combining them is good for power attacks.

  • Skaarxiong1

    piece of woke crap. rather watch porn

  • harmlessratz

    i avoided this movie like the plauge it is...glad i didnt have to regret it

  • Gejamugam Latsoomanam
    Gejamugam Latsoomanam

    Woke fate

  • Rushi Jangam
    Rushi Jangam

    Fuck u asshole ...u keep counting sins for anything

  • Thomas Travaglione
    Thomas Travaglione

    Can we talk about how she had a bigger body count then the terminator? There was only one scene where we saw him drop bodies

  • Justin Rees
    Justin Rees

    The thumbnail tells me everything I need to know about this movie.

  • austin brown
    austin brown

    Desvered more sins

  • Γρηγόρης Αράπης
    Γρηγόρης Αράπης

    Ok Sarah the woman who was put to an Asylum for being "too paranoid" and believing almost anyone was a robot sent to kill her son just casually lets a random dude aproach him. Did they even saw T1 and T2 before making this shit? Heck Sarah Connor's Chronicles adapts Sarah's character better!!!

  • Cristina Lanzanova
    Cristina Lanzanova

    Grace act like a dick because she is a dick

  • James Alliance
    James Alliance

    Terminator lore answers a lot of these questions

  • RobTunes

    "You don't know it's going to require a Hoover Dam turbine yet" Dead. "Mackenzie Davis isn't sledgehamming me in this scene" Funnier the more I repeat it. Thanks for your work!

  • Neta0 sav
    Neta0 sav

    Why tf wouldnt they just turn grace into a terminator, they know that the rev 9 is powerful as shit, the fact that grace can A:feel pain, and B: has a fatigue that can kill her if she doesn't take certain medicine.....


    Pffft when's the last time you ever seen a Mexican do an yuh thing right

  • GS Auto
    GS Auto

    And the spanish translation was wrong. It meant "no bullshit"

  • GS Auto
    GS Auto

    A propaganda film for hillery clinton and the pedo race

  • Legends never Die
    Legends never Die

    You know how people say it’s just a game dude calm down that’s what I’m gonna say to you bitch it’s just a movie dude come the fuck down

  • Kristina Johansson
    Kristina Johansson

    okay, this was way less charitable than it should have been. it's a dumb movie, but it had some fun moments.

  • sidney burch
    sidney burch

    I could see this movie failing from the farthest part of the galaxy.

  • Rupe Wilson
    Rupe Wilson

    If there's something strange In your neighbourhood Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!....

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="46">0:46</a> Sarah couldn't have keep something close at hand better than just a hand gun ........go around wearing a light jacket with some grenades/dynomite sticks under it she could throw at him then shoot with said gun Or have a gun like she had on Genesis in a duffle bag that could fry his electrical system

  • Mr. KnowBuddy
    Mr. KnowBuddy

    You know that hole in terminator 2... "why didnt they send back multiple terminators?" Well, we got what we wished for and this is a prime example of the saying be careful what you wish for...

    • Joe Dirt
      Joe Dirt

      @Mr. KnowBuddy That was just an idea based loseley on if they "just HAAAAD TOO KILL OFF" a major character it probably wouldn't be ...as severe... if they had greased Sarah and had John becoming the terminartor Hunter and eventually crossing paths with Dani and lesbobot grace and maybe have things turn out where things have been altered where her and John could be possible future spouses to each other with Dani maybe being the daughter of Mexico's president or some other high level Mexican leader or general maybe which John could use "her connections" to unite the remanets of the militaries of America and Mexico and then eventually the remains of the other major powers of the world into the single human resistance against a whole new enemy to him And as for CARL i was simply thinking what if having skynet having tried to send him back to T-1 with the T-800 that arrived there having the two working as a duo hunting down the Sarah's with one dealing with any possible cops/squat teams while the other makes a move on Sarah with any possible protector and also if one is badly damaged have a second one there to perform maintenance/repair work However have Carls time travel process get messed up somehow causing him to arrive at some point shortly after T-2 where he kills Sarah and unable to recognize young John as a higher target simply walks away like he did "which would bring up a question of mine" but I guess I'll "possibly save that for later" Maybe have the explanation for the time travel mess up be what Kyle Reese described as happening on T-1 where he was sent by John to intercept terminartor "1" that was sent and John had the facility blown up not knowing that there was a second machine skynet was trying to build up the power for sending back to the intended time and with that having T-1 playing out like it did with Kyle not being aware of a second unit that skynet tried to send back

    • Mr. KnowBuddy
      Mr. KnowBuddy

      @Joe Dirt that would be a better idea but you're still gonna piss off a shitload of fans by killing sarah and I wouldnt tamper with the older stories... I would try to expand on them.... i wanna see the terminator 3 script from 1993 or whatever year it was written

    • Joe Dirt
      Joe Dirt

      I won't go way into detail But they should have reversed it having "CARL" having been meant by skynet to make it back to 1984 with the T-800 that did arrive there but instead having some massive problem occured which causes him to arrive at some point shortly after T-2 where he kills Sarah and unable to recognize young John as a higher target simply walks away like he did I'll leave it at that at least for now cause I don't feel like getting way into a bunch of details

  • Meat Sweats
    Meat Sweats

    All the people mad about John Connor dying when this is clearly an Alternate timeline film make me laugh. It's a good movie people just bitch too much

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="628">10:28</a> I laughed at them handing her this giant shotgun alone Then she fires it and doesn't move, cus ynow vagina power and stuff Holds you to the ground even if you weigh 90 lbs

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.


  • Nadine Ireland
    Nadine Ireland

    They kill John Connor off who is THE leader of the resistance and replace with THAT girl who is not impressing me at all. Get the Fk out of here. And you CAN be too old to do this St.

  • king lina
    king lina

    EVERYTHING WRONG WITH YOUR CHANNEL IN ONE COMMENT I see your videos from time to time in my feed but just now after watching your dArk fate take I realize your so stupid...you dont even give time to analyze the movie in dept before you make this kind of declaration that its wrong..so dumb...i didnt like the dark fate..but the things you pointed out in most movies can be explained..declaring its wrong without analyzing it truly is so stupid..shows that your chanNel is just for a quick buck..

  • Punita Rajgor
    Punita Rajgor

    I hate that scene when plane fight was over and arnold showed grace that EMP is shoted down and it's destroyed

  • Dustin Chitty
    Dustin Chitty

    Dani is the WORST savior ever. I was hoping the Rev 9 would get her. Her lines abd acting was aweful the whole time.

  • FresnoCA93727

    It bugged me when Sarah said "I'll be back." That was a famous line by Arnold

  • Samuel Davis
    Samuel Davis

    Actually there are facilities where riding a bike is acceptable and very efficient as far as traveling to and from

  • ShadowAkatora

    Beginning, middle and ending.


    🔥 This was a work of art from Mendes! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="34">0:34</a> 🔥💘 👇👇👇👇🔥

  • Vinod Menon
    Vinod Menon

    Sarah says I saved 3 billion people, but the moment the Terminator killed John didn't Skynet win ? If John died then there was no John Connor to lead resistance - which was Skynets intent all along. So there would be no need for Legion since machines would have won the war.


    They should rename this Terminator Dead Franchise

  • Darth Grizzla
    Darth Grizzla

    Everything wrong with Terminator Dark Fate: 1. It was made.

  • I have never seen a naked mexican
    I have never seen a naked mexican

    Am I the only one who likes this movie?

  • Ken Rivers
    Ken Rivers

    Lol you get a like for the end voice overs alone lol

  • Jonathan Redford
    Jonathan Redford

    Hollywood inevitably ruins everything it establishes. Whether it's killing john off in this film, or bringing back palpatine in rise of skywalker, thereby rendering everything the OG star wars trilogy accomplished pointless. So frustrating. Just leave on a good note for ONCE

  • Kelsey M.
    Kelsey M.

    I'm particularly bothered by... Grace? Is that her name? Just immediately getting a perfect shot.

  • Arten Rothzild
    Arten Rothzild

    This new Future Trunks vs Androids live-action movie looks awesome.

  • ZechsMerquise73

    Jesus, how much did they pay Linda Hamilton to be in this? They clearly ran out of money when it came time to hiring writers.

  • Gift Chanda
    Gift Chanda

    ''Terminatorration''-added to urban dictionary

  • Robert w
    Robert w

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="82">1:22</a> love her feet

  • Jay Means
    Jay Means

    I did like some of the concepts tho the modified humans and the fact that Carl learned compassion it was interesting to me because the terminators could learn so as much i hated this movie it had concepts i actually like so yea

  • VariusMayhem

    You missed a sin: This movie exists.

  • jordanforever21

    Weird how the dog isn't barking at Arnold at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="610">10:10</a>.

  • jordanforever21

    This movie was whack but I think Mackenzie Davis was hot.

  • Hazem A. A. M. Awad
    Hazem A. A. M. Awad

    This was the funniest CinemaSins!!!!!