🇸🇪: Eurovision 2020 - Melodifestivalen 2020 - Top 28
The Mamas - Move
Suzi P - Moves
Robin Bengtsson - Take a chance
Malou Prytz - Ballerina
OVÖ - Inga problem
Sonja Aldén - Sluta aldrig gå
Felix Sandman - Boys with emotions
Klara Hammarström - Nobody
Jan Johansen - Miraklenas tid
Dotter - Bulletproof
Mendez feat. Alvaro Estrella - Vamos amigos
Linda Bengtzing - Alla mina sorger
Paul Rey - Talking in my sleep
Anna Bergendahl - Kingdom come
Mariette - Shout it out
Albin Johnsén - Livet börjar nu
Drängarna - Piga och dräng
Amanda Aasa - Late
Anis don Demina - Vem är som oss
Faith Kakembo - Crying rivers
Mohombi - Winners
Frida Öhrn - We are one
William Strid - Molnljus
Nanne Grönvall - Carpool karaoke
Victor Crone - Troubled waters
Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron - Surface
Jakob Karlberg - Om du tror att jag saknar dig
Hanna Ferm - Brave
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  • ESC Russia
    ESC Russia

    VOTE IN IDEAL EUROVISION: forms.gle/mtHxTo2C3LGyVJ4B6 (Part 1) forms.gle/Y85E14vKFtk2RCQo9 (Part 2)

    • Igor

      ARDALOOK voted in both

    • ESC Russia
      ESC Russia

      @ARDALOOK потому что ещё не все отборы прошли


      А почему нет Украины до сих пор?!

  • Star gamer
    Star gamer

    How can Jacob Karlberg comeback before Those Who have gone to the final?

  • Michał Jaskolski
    Michał Jaskolski

    my top5 this year: 1. Anis 2. Malou 3. Klara 4. Felix 5. Dotter So underrated :(

  • Emil Mortensen
    Emil Mortensen

    So we have a Felix fan there😆

  • Moa Lingsell
    Moa Lingsell

    Boys whit emotions sucks

  • Vixter

    felix should be 28th, i HATTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE his song, how tf can u like it

  • Vixter

    ANNA ON 18????? she should be 2nd and the mamas 1st

  • Vixter

    mhombi on 20th place?

  • Axel Pettersson
    Axel Pettersson

    Boys with emotions number one is 😡 bad

  • Axel Pettersson
    Axel Pettersson

    Paul Rey way to low

  • Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Sweden=vodka the best 💕❤️love from siberia russia💕❤️

  • Malin Pettersson
    Malin Pettersson

    This was a shit rating. Kingdom come on 18th place?? Suzi P shouldn’t be on 15 when she belongs to be last. OVÖ at 8th?And the fact that you put Boys with emotions on number 1 spot is just stupid. It sounds like he’s talking in he’s song, not singing. He can’t sing the song dude. This is the worst ratings I’ve seen in my entire life.

  • Båbe - RL
    Båbe - RL

    Like honestly, Paul Rey is so much better than he seems, but all we do while voting is vote for our favorite person and not song.

  • Saga Hedberg
    Saga Hedberg

    Is it just me who hates dotters song??

    • Isabel Wahlroth
      Isabel Wahlroth

      Yup 🤣😂

  • Lisax

    My top 3 1 Lithuania 2 Latvia 3 Estonia

  • Waterteal

    Um ew

  • M. Molina
    M. Molina

    ANNA 18TH? REALLY???

  • henry riley
    henry riley

    Dotter needs to win!! ♥️

  • OMG IS Matabush
    OMG IS Matabush

    Where is Israel???

  • OMG IS Matabush
    OMG IS Matabush

    1. Norway - 👈💞❤💞 2. Australia - 💞 3. Albenia - ❤ 4. Armenia - ❤ 5. Israel - ❤ 6. Spain - 7. Belgum - 8. Italy - 9. Latvia - 10. Greece - 11. Lithoenia - 12. Ukrain - 13. United Kingdom - 14. Poland - 15. Germany - 16. Estonia - 17. Servia - 18. Swizerland - 19. Georgia 20. Moldova - 21. Romania 22. The netherlands - 23. Slovenia - 24. Iceland - 25. Belarus - 26.Czech Republic - 27. Croatia - 28. France -

  • Anna-Lena

    I know that we all have different opinions, but honsetly. HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE OVÖ BETTER THAT TOP 10 WHILE PAUL REY WORSE?

  • Elias


  • Cleo ANDRIOT
    Cleo ANDRIOT

    I'm in love with the 19th, 9th or 6th song ! It changes to the commercial or ballad songs

  • Cianoxxx


  • krusell

    My top 3 WAS The Mamas, Anna and Malou. But now since Malou is eliminated I’m not sure anymore. Everyone likes Dotter but I’m not the biggest fan, Felix as number one tho?? Can’t agree with that at all

  • Alma Eriksson
    Alma Eriksson


  • pipsqueak677


  • GL Bolliboy
    GL Bolliboy

    Surface top 3

  • Vanna Jergeby
    Vanna Jergeby

    Boys with emotions😍😍😍

  • Henkaan

    yeah, I don't agree with this list

  • BeccisRvl

    Anna at the18th?????? kidding me? she's top three

  • Kristina W
    Kristina W

    Boys with emotions for 1#? Not so sure about that.

  • Ida Kummelås
    Ida Kummelås

    Thanks for felix

  • SK TZN
    SK TZN

    People are putting too much faith in Anna tbh. With such strong entries and selections in Semi 1 I could very easily see Anna being left out of the final again.

  • 我Nissehz

    Wait Anna Bergendahl 18? she one of the favorites to win

    • Nina Jacobsson
      Nina Jacobsson

      Anna Bergendalh ❤️❤️

  • Johnny Wong
    Johnny Wong

    1. Boys with Emotions - Felix Sandman and then the rest. Thank you.

  • Moni Meh
    Moni Meh

    I really like Felix but this is by far not one of his best songs, so I would like the mamas to win, I love their song. Cheers from Spain!

    • Erik Wallin
      Erik Wallin


    • Erik Wallin
      Erik Wallin

      Moni Meh The Mamas did won

  • Martin Wiekens
    Martin Wiekens

    What is wrong with number 7? No sound

  • Elsa Brolinson
    Elsa Brolinson

    1 vamos amigos 2 inga problem 3 Bullet proof

  • Ester Lindahl
    Ester Lindahl

    1 dotter 2 Hanna Ferm 3 Victor Crone 4 Malou Prytz 5 Vamos Amigos

  • Ester Lindahl
    Ester Lindahl

    Lika min kmt om du är svensk

  • Leo Pacca
    Leo Pacca

    Malou 😭

  • euroshopper100

    Dotter, The mamas and Sandman! YAAAS

  • A Å
    A Å

    1. Dotter 2. Paul Rey 3. Mohombi 4. William Strid 5. OVÖ (i like the studio version) 6. Victor Crone 7. Malou Prytz 8. Anna Bergendahl 9. The Mamas 10. Felix Sandman. Only my opinions, yes i know i’m weird 😂

  • Daniel Almon
    Daniel Almon

    Víctor Crone👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Mio Löfgren
    Mio Löfgren


    • Iris Alsmyr
      Iris Alsmyr

      The mamas was the winner

    • Zaq Varde
      Zaq Varde

      Dude its his opinion leave him alone

    • Fredrik Grundsell
      Fredrik Grundsell

      Dotter wins 100%

    • Tage Rosenberg
      Tage Rosenberg

      Correct. He isn't even singing

    • Tyra Lexner
      Tyra Lexner

      No he is best

  • joel svensson
    joel svensson

    I Think crying rivers is realy good, I dont think thats fair.. .. Talkinng in my sleep also realy good

  • Gary.

    I like Take a Chance the best

  • Ross Airley
    Ross Airley

    The mamas for the win

  • Ansa Iseli
    Ansa Iseli

    My top 10: 1. Dotter 2. The Mamas 3. Anna Bergendahl 4. Malou Prytz 5. Mariette 6. Amanda Aasa 7. Faith Kakembo 8. Klara Hammarström 9. Paul Rey 10. Mohombi

  • Pablo Ojer
    Pablo Ojer

    Anna Bergendhal 18? Dotter 2nd? Dotter and Anna (in that order) are the best options... on the other hand. Felix Sandman 1st, OVO 8th? Two of this year's worst songs. What kind of drugs are you taking?

    • A Å
      A Å

      Pablo Ojer ever heard of different opinions? I think that’s the drug.

  • ESC Russia
    ESC Russia

    Anna winner!❤❤❤

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan

    Mina 3 favoriter. 1. Victor Crone Troubled Waters. 2. Drängarna. 3. Hanna Ferm.

    • slxsoft

      Drängarna är 💯

  • AirellRM ESC
    AirellRM ESC

    My top 28 of Melodifestivalen 2020 🇸🇪: 28. Moves 27. Livet börjar nu 26. Inga problem 25. Miraklernas tid 24. We Are One 23. Molnljus 22. Winners 21. Late 20. Crying Rivers 19. Sluta aldrig gå 18. Shout it Out 17. Nobody 16. Alla mina sorger 15. Surface 14. Kingdom Come 13. Carpool Karaoke 12. Om du tror att jag saknar dig 11. Boys with Emotions 10. Troubled Waters 9. Ballerina 8. Piga och dräng 7. Take a Chance 6. Vamos amigos 5. Brave 4. Move 3. Talking in My Sleep 2. Vem e som oss 1. Bulletproof Not a very competitive year if we look at the semis, but I do like my top 11. The final lineup however is quite strong and the second chance round isn't bad either. I'll be happy if Dotter, Anis, Paul, The Mamas or Hanna wins :D

  • R3hab!

    Awul Taste im sorry for you

  • ЗиСис КаНаЛ
    ЗиСис КаНаЛ

    Не знаю как тебе но мне очень 19 место нравится

  • iiPoseidxn

    I love Molnljus. how the fk did it not go to the finals or even andra chansen 😔

  • iiPoseidxn

    I feel like Sweden almost always puts their best song in like 5th-10th place and it annoys me. yes we almost always place top 3, top 5 or top 10 at least but we almost always get voted down by other countries. I heard many cheer when Benjamin got I think 17 points from the people at home in 2018 because I’m pretty sure everyone is tired of Sweden winning. but isn’t that the same thing like with politics? we should vote for what we like. no other reason.

    • ᖴᗩITᕼ

      Det handlar inte om vad som är rättvist när det gäller länder som "vunnit mest". Jag hatar när folk ser det så.

  • HoneyCrabii

    Love to Sweden ❤️ And Hell to this youtuber

  • Copyrightbreaker22

    What we can conclude from this top is that your taste buds have bedn burned off because this list is objectively horrible. In order to like boys with emotions and habe it as your number 1. You need to throw everything that is a song out of the window. Melody: none existent, vocal tone: error:404 not found.

  • GD Redmzis
    GD Redmzis

    Splish splash your opinion is trash

  • Lewis Morgan
    Lewis Morgan

    Anna Bergendahl 18th??? Not arguing with your opinion as everyone has them but your list is unusual to say the least. Nice to see different tops though 😊


    In my opinion Troubled Waters ,Move ,Butelproff are the best songs in this year

  • Jefferson Lamas Macaronel
    Jefferson Lamas Macaronel


  • katz playz
    katz playz

    My top 28 28 ovö 27 Albin 26 sonja 25jan 24 faith 23 suzip 22 Jakob 21 Amanda 20 Linda 19 William 18 Nanne 17 Frida 16 Anis ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 15 Felix ❤❤ 14 klara ❤❤❤ 13 Mendez ft Alvaro ❤❤❤❤ 12 Simon och Ellen ❤❤❤❤ 11 Drängarna ❤❤❤❤ Top 10 10 Victor crone ❤❤❤❤ 9 the mammas ❤❤❤❤ 8 Paul Rey ❤❤❤❤ 7 Hanna ❤❤❤❤ 6 Robin ❤❤❤❤ Top 5 5 Mariette ❤❤❤❤ 4 Mohombi ❤❤❤❤ Top 3 3 Anna ❤❤❤❤ 2 Dotter ❤❤❤❤❤ 1 Malou prytz ❤❤❤❤

  • The Bricker
    The Bricker

    My favourite by far is Jakob Karlberg! He has small chances, but the song is awesome!

  • Sharnie Gujjar
    Sharnie Gujjar

    Ballerina is like Sia

  • Mr. Tinnemand
    Mr. Tinnemand

    Yeees. Finaly someone who likes Felix Sandman 👍

  • Artimex 723
    Artimex 723

    Piga Och Drang is definitely the best song 😁 Please let it go to Eirovision 😅

  • Birdstuff

    Frida, Faith and Klara were my favourites :( Sad to see them out already (Frida will most likely lose her duel, but I’d love to be wrong tho) Rooting for Anna now

  • Screamqueer

    I love Dotter's performance but not as much as Anna's, I love Anna's song but not as much as Dotter's I'm really torn, whoever they choose I just know I'll be happy and devastated at the same time (and no, I don't really see anyone else winning this, not even The Mamas).

    • DiabolicalPaperClip

      looool same. Anna wins out for me because she has the added factor of being Anna and me wanting her to make it exactly 10 years later. But I would also be satisfied with Dotterdam.

    • Vallenca

      You really summed out how I feel, lol. Dotter's song is my favourite by far, but Anna Bergendahl's performance is just really amazing!

  • Annjul

    Inga Problem weirdly slaps and I'm here for it

  • Claud Nine
    Claud Nine

    Боже, мне не кажется или хоть у кого-то Доттер не первая? Чел, как тебе руку пожать (Да, я тот самый человек, который не любит Доттер, а что?)

    • Аляксандр Ясюкевіч
      Аляксандр Ясюкевіч

      Да мне вообще практически ничего не понравилось. Самый норм чел на 17 месте, Jakob Karlberg

  • Nelli M.
    Nelli M.

    what's with the dislikes? people dislike because people don't have the same favourites as them? well lol

  • Nicolai Olsson
    Nicolai Olsson


  • Albin Mårtensson
    Albin Mårtensson

    1 victor crone 2 Paul rey 3 drängarna 4 the mammas 5 Hanna ferm

  • GłaskaczProśka 5
    GłaskaczProśka 5

    People say that Sweden is an overrated country that sends bland and generic songs *yet they want bulletproof to represent it*

    • GłaskaczProśka 5
      GłaskaczProśka 5

      Before the hate will spoil, i wanna day that i have nothing against Dotter winning, but think, don't you think you heard something like Bulletproof in your life time?

  • Iveri -Tamila-
    Iveri -Tamila-

    Am I just the only one who thinks that the AC songs are better than the majority of DTF songs?

  • Vex

    OvÖ More like OwO

    • Lisa M
      Lisa M


  • suga-free jam
    suga-free jam

    I hate Victor tbh