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5 Best Friends and a Panda.
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  • Dude Perfect
    Dude Perfect

    You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

    • justin simpson
      justin simpson

      I’m going to your show let’s go

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      Thr3e Musketeers

      Victor 1824 same mine is Thr3e musketeers

    • Joshuquon

      This video genuinely warmed my heart

    • Rachel Seppala
      Rachel Seppala

      Hi I am a big fan and I love your channel and you guys are awesome I love how you are Christians I am one too I go to church do u go to church

    • Hasan Boy
      Hasan Boy

      Yhhjhujjkjioiuukjjihuijjikiyjiiouuhjiiihuuuuoijjjjjjj hiooiuuuuiiiiiiiuuuiii kkllllkjuinuiuuuu bikolujjjkjyuiuii

  • Brayden Kneifl
    Brayden Kneifl

    Go Dude Perfect

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    Max Masteller

    Your on Netflix and are in the documentary section and find this

  • Elyse Sears
    Elyse Sears

    I am watching this from Acton Mass.

  • lynsey Tindall
    lynsey Tindall

    lol his jeans in the first clip

  • #1 Office Fan
    #1 Office Fan

    Coby: We’re super competitive, it doesn’t matter if a celebrity is there or not. *shot to Zac Efron looking really uncomfortable while Coby and Tyler are arguing.

  • Fan John
    Fan John

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="457">7:37</a> that guy is the panda guaranteed

  • Devin Fossen
    Devin Fossen

    Song mentions that were used in this video?

  • Kevin Souza
    Kevin Souza


  • Aydison Dilworth
    Aydison Dilworth


  • Brady Olson
    Brady Olson

    People who have watched them since 2013👇🏻

  • Unicorn Morgan7 Pop
    Unicorn Morgan7 Pop

    Yooo dude perfect can you do model rocket battel 3 and 4 please i subscribed😇😇😇

  • Ghazghkull Mad Uruk Thraka
    Ghazghkull Mad Uruk Thraka

    What great people

  • Friend Of The Show
    Friend Of The Show

    10seconds in I'm like HE BET NOT😮😮Then He Missed🤣

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    Jenisha Adhikari


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    Snowy Rewind

    Jake from State Farm

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    alicia jan

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    Microtel Inn & Suites

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2494">41:34</a> it got dark real soon.

  • Alex Moolman
    Alex Moolman

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="750">12:30</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="775">12:55</a> - The reason why they will always be great...

  • Bat Fan pro xlxl
    Bat Fan pro xlxl

    So you're telling me the battle for the tour was planned

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      You are m the first youtubers that I see

  • Poison Dart369
    Poison Dart369

    This got me so emotional and really made me feel like I went through that journey with them

    • miko foin
      miko foin

      This video hit hard.

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    Nice 👍

  • Tracks AJ
    Tracks AJ

    Hey Dude Perfect, on one of your tours, can you just maybe come to Australia........ Or is that too much? Because I can’t come to America 😥

  • Arham Faruqi
    Arham Faruqi

    I still only have one question about DP: Does Panda ever feel claustrophobic?

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders


  • Betty Canete
    Betty Canete

    Follow them on TikTok it’s dude perfect

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    Wait how quarantine?

  • Stalin Suhas
    Stalin Suhas

    I'm Sooo happy for you guys I was literally crying... I felt what u guys went through. Hats off to the amazing work u guys do ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Daniel Duntavs Saunders
    Daniel Duntavs Saunders

    Okay then

  • Bryce Kaplan
    Bryce Kaplan


  • Moti Tanny
    Moti Tanny

    This legit brings a smile on my face

  • Nidhish Parke
    Nidhish Parke

    DP I am your biggest fan . I love you all . Please do a pound it noggin tour to india You got a great fan following here

  • Lucas Johansen
    Lucas Johansen

    Imagine making trick shot vids then 10 years later have 50mil subs.

  • krypton. JR
    krypton. JR

    There are 8 billion people in the world i think

  • Alfie Hutton
    Alfie Hutton

    What is that hype music near the start

  • XxGacha_ZachxX

    This video hit hard.

  • Faisal Faisal
    Faisal Faisal

    You are m the first youtubers that I see

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    Jacob Mewherter


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    Iker Martínez

    Mexicans (mexicanos)

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    Посмотрел всё видео, нихера не понял, но было интересно...🤔

  • SaltyDucklinGG

    Loved this video I really feel like I got to know you guys better

  • Joshua Olivier
    Joshua Olivier

    This is the best doc I have ever seen! Love you guys!

  • AltFrankie YT
    AltFrankie YT

    i could have been doing other things but instead i spent 1 1/2 hours watching this and enjoying my time

  • Cyah Ward
    Cyah Ward

    I loved it

  • Arafat Alam
    Arafat Alam

    I love you guys you guy are awesome you number one SEsoftr for me I love you guys 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • GamIngHacKer.

    lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1592">26:32</a>

  • John Flips
    John Flips

    This made my heart so warm :)

  • Dylan Eason
    Dylan Eason

    This guy only has 234 videos and 50million subscribes while other channels have thousands and have like 6 million subs

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    Nicholas Anatoly Grishin

    It is amazing how u guys can do so much I just think it is amazing

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    André Hubert

    I’ve watched every dude perfect video ever your welcome

  • C-dawg’s Plush World!
    C-dawg’s Plush World!

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="70">1:10</a>:13 Cody is wearing my favorite NFL jersey.

  • Femi Babs
    Femi Babs

    always caring

  • Pavi Sid
    Pavi Sid

    Who all going to search Asgb 4 after this ...

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    Purav Shah

    Lol everyone white

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    LG Qman

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  • Anthony McCranie
    Anthony McCranie

    Who else thinks this video is kinda sad?

  • Max Solomon
    Max Solomon

    who else began watching this thinking "i won't watch the WHOLE thing..." and ended up watching all of it!!!!

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    Nishant Sinha

    i live ijn india can you please come to india and other countries to do live tours all my friends know you

  • Jasmine Watts
    Jasmine Watts

    Imagine being a kid and seeing your face in here

  • jess. deanne
    jess. deanne

    I remember the first time I went to Dallas, it was about 2 years ago and we stayed in Frisco bc me and my best friend are from Louisiana so it was a ways there. But when we saw the dphq, I facetimed my lil sister and she absolutely cried and when she saw this video she thought it was amazing. What yall do is absolutely amazing thank you

  • Parker Roley
    Parker Roley

    What did coby do at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a>

  • TheLitDebers YT
    TheLitDebers YT


  • Jasmine Watts
    Jasmine Watts

    TYLER HAS A BABY??????? DID I MISS SOMETHING?????????? Holy

  • Marcus Sørensen
    Marcus Sørensen

    I am going to be 100% honest. I have watched these guys for years and they are absolutely amazing. I am a 17-year-old young man and I honestly got tears in my eyes about 7 times or something like that. Beautiful movie!!!


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>:31

  • AHsisKH

    SEsoft change many people life

  • Brian Owen Tio
    Brian Owen Tio

    Dude perfect you guys have been voted to kids choice awards in nickelodeon

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    asaf klein


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    Langit Anarghya

    I like coby and tyler

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    The Zhafran

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    Lava Creeps Gameszz


  • Superammar 101
    Superammar 101

    The most iconic thing of the tour was that coby won the first battle how iconic 😂😂

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    Jimmy Mase

    The only documentary I will ever watch I didn't get to go on the tour so this will do

  • Abhimanyu Acharya 24 7 10
    Abhimanyu Acharya 24 7 10

    The ones who disliked means they never like something

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    I was sad I couldn't see the show bc I live in Liverpool But I'm happy I saw this video

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    Aydison Dilworth

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    Roam The Gnome


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    Smol Munchkin Cat

    I'm almost 50 mins into this and it felt like a second :I

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    Susan Duthie

    Purple and green shirt👍