Dr. Anders Tegnell - Sweden’s Decision Not to Impose Quarantine | The Daily Social Distancing Show
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Sweden state epidemiologist Dr. Anders Tegnell discusses his country’s decision not to impose quarantine in the face of coronavirus and its consequences. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndersTegnell
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  • Matt Murphy
    Matt Murphy

    Born a crime was inspirational, this push for fear is a sad thing I am sorry that you have been bought out.

  • Hearth Stone
    Hearth Stone

    All makt åt Tegnell, vår befriare.

  • Buxom123

    I am swedish and not proud of This decision sweden has made. Not Everyone is taking personal responsibility. They should had shut down the country like the world Did But insted They Worry about the economic

  • Fredrik B
    Fredrik B

    Best interview ever! Only good question that people thinking about them self ! Hope it al goes well for all countries!

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray

    "Norway and Denmark drop mutual border controls - but exclude Sweden Scandinavian neighbour barred for now because of higher coronavirus death toll The Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, told a news conference in Copenhagen on Friday that restrictions on Norwegian nationals entering the country, as well as on citizens of Iceland and Germany, would be lifted from 15 June. “Denmark and Sweden have a close relationship and that will continue in the future,” Frederiksen said. There was “a strong desire to find a solution with our neighbour, Sweden”, she added, but Denmark and Sweden “are in different places when it comes to the coronavirus, and this affects what we can decide on the border”. www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/29/norway-and-denmark-drop-mutual-border-controls-but-exclude-sweden-coronavirus

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Well, America, if you would have voted Bernie Sanders maybe you would have had a glimpse of our welfare system..

  • Chris Murray
    Chris Murray

    "The death toll in Sweden is catastrophically high..........Sweden has a development that can only be compared to the US. Other countries with high death rates are starting to get a curve that slopes downhill. This is as a result of the strict anti-infection measures implemented in almost all countries. Sweden, on the other hand, has a curve that has flattened out, but remains at a high level day after day.our situation from a global perspective must be considered disastrous. If the Public Health Authority does not address this fact, it is high time that the decision-makers in our country, government and parliament do so." Björn Olsen , Professor of Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University Bo Lundbäck , Senior Professor of Clinical Epidemiology of Lung Diseases, University of Gothenburg Fredrik Elgh , Professor of Virology, Umeå University Anders Vahlne , Professor Emeritus of Clinical Virology, Karolinska Institutet Lena Einhorn , co. in virology Marcus Carlsson , associate professor of mathematics, Lund University

    • Chris Murray
      Chris Murray

      Source for above www.aftonbladet.se/debatt/a/WbVnJL/dodstalen-i-sverige-ar-katastrofalt-hoga

  • Niklas Gustafsson
    Niklas Gustafsson

    Awesome interview Trevor!

    • Niklas Gustafsson
      Niklas Gustafsson

      @soiung toiue Did you hear the earth is flat?

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      This is all bullshit you stupid fucks. this guy hasn't got a fucking clue

  • christoffer pedersen
    christoffer pedersen

    great job Sweden - todays numbers are 36.476 cases and 4350 death sure you have chosen the right response im happy to hear that denmark didnt open its borders to Sweden but will open up to Iceland - Norway and Germany

  • Michael james
    Michael james

    I think by the date of this interview, Tegnell should have known that the number of infected was only 7.3%, not anywhere the 25% expected. This is disappointing, as, had their strategy been effective, it might have provided a model, to deal with the almost inevitable 'second wave'. Their deaths per million is the highest in Europe. I'm also concerned that the level of responsibility shown by the community minded Swedes would not be replicated in other countries. I'm wondering how this experiment is being factored into the various conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Oh! Hang on... how's about the fact that Saab and other Swedish car makers are largely Chinese owned, um and something about 5G penetration (and I mean PENETRATION!) and the cold, umm, Northern Lights. Hang on, I got it, Trump has been taken over by the Chinese, the perfect Trojan horse, who intends to use 5G to 'bring the light' (mind controlling nanobots, more like.) into the body, using 5G optic fibres. Not that the virus, which was engineered in the USA and taken to China and released by accident deliberately, even exists. FFS Sheeple, catch up. Know why the SpaceX launch 'failed',? Because Trump was there and they couldn't fool him with their pretend launch into fake space.

  • Patrik X
    Patrik X

    Sweden's "strategy" (or rather lack of any real strategy) has proven to be catastrophic. Anders Tegnell is a slightly autistic madman stuck with old ideas and he's responsible for thousands of deaths that could have been avoided if someone else was in charge.

    • arvidzon 39
      arvidzon 39

      Actually no if you look at the Numbers, most of the deaths comes from earlier ppl home. And that isn’t his fault it’s because we where badly prepared with PPT and that comes from that Sweden haven’t been in war since like 1814 witch is like 206 years ago. So we’ve never needed to stockpile protection and stuff like that like the Norwegians and the Danish and especially the Finnish ppl. That’s a major factor to why our death toll is so high.

  • Caoimhe Willemoës
    Caoimhe Willemoës

    A few weeks ago Sweden asked for respiratory machines from Denmark and its neighbours. The only reason that these countries were able to help is because they had closed down and didn’t use all of them because of that. Swedens situation could have been compared to Spain and Italy were doctors had to make decisions on who lived and who died. It is the fact that they easily could get more machines that really saved them from that situation.... it’s important to keep in mind.

    • Thor Sørensen
      Thor Sørensen

      In fact Sweden have no medical personnel to man additional respirators. Instead of treatment with additional oxygen, the health care system in Sweden uses morphine on covid patients above 70years old, this keeps them of the hospitals as they dies very fast.

  • Makkushimu

    Do keep in mind that Sweden has the highest death toll among the Nordic countries per 100k people. This guy single handedly decided to wager his countrymen's lives on a rumor that herd immunity would spread throughout the people and prevent future infections. Except research has found no correlation in herd immunity having an effect on future infections, as some people who have had Corona have gotten sick from it again. Now what is commendable is the effort some people put into keeping social distance and how Sweden's economy is doing better than others. Sweden's approach is still ethically questionable, and anyone would be right to ask what a human life is truly worth in Sweden. Time will of course eventually tell which approach is best, and Sweden may very well come out on top here. The rest of the Nordic countries are highly critical of Sweden's approach, but in all honesty, the only answer anyone is going to get will be through hindsight. EDIT FOR FACT CHECKING: I stated that there have been cases of reinfection, but those were apparently false positives according to the WHO on May 7th. It's still too early to tell if reinfections will happen. My apologies for having dated information.

  • Peter Magro
    Peter Magro

    Why are peopel so obessed with Sweden? We are 10 million people, very very much in common with our Nordic neighbours/clostest friends.

    • Thor Sørensen
      Thor Sørensen

      The swedish newspapers are more focused on Zlatans new car and TV dance programs than some proper investigation of the reason for this complete failure of the Corona strategi. Maybe Sweden should lock down to get this situation under control.

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      what ??? fuck off ... im danish I dont want to have anything to do with you or your infected country

  • AkuraIchiban

    Sweden has failed miserably combating covid. Nothing to take example from, rather learn from their mistakes. Sweden is about "if we don't give any attention, talk about, do anything about a problem, the problem goes away"

  • John Holguin
    John Holguin

    Great Job Sweden

  • ma valuca
    ma valuca

    En español porfa.

  • aaron hiller
    aaron hiller

    Hello Sverige lyssna på Tegnell. Han är stabil, rak och rationell.

  • AngelofDethMetal

    Wow a respectable and thorough interview about Swedens policies! This is the first time ive seen a major news outlet NOT shit all over Sweden and this guy. Good job Mr Noah.

  • Theguywithyellowcap

    Trevor Noah such nice guy and polite

  • Andy Dunn
    Andy Dunn

    Imagine how many elderly we could save here in Sweden if they actually got oxygen treatment, dig deeper.

  • Brad Shymon
    Brad Shymon

    Trevor is one of the guiness galaxy record holders of uncovering BS! He should be feeling like sh*t to be bullsh*tted in such an obvious way.

  • Sofia R
    Sofia R

    As a Swedish citizen I can say that people do not stay away from each other. The other day I saw people partying at a bar. The stores are encouraging people to keep a distance as well and it's even written on the floor but people are still very close to each other! I had this lady bump into me because she couldn't wait a few seconds and her kids were coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth. So yes, an early quaratine would've been better to avoid this issue . Instead of encouraging people to stay at home it should have been more of an order for just a period of time.

    • Adam Francisco
      Adam Francisco

      Keep writing political right,, on yeah.. Death number reaches high left politician telling lie

  • Ursprungsbo

    This is all bullshit you stupid fucks. this guy hasn't got a fucking clue

  • karoscgot

    I love this interview so much

  • la vern scott
    la vern scott

    They have sacrificed the old for the young. Heartless some might say.

  • la vern scott
    la vern scott

    Over 4000 deaths in population of 10 million is alot. That works out to more than 130,000 deaths in a population the size of the US. I am not sure that Sweden has anything to teach us.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    the pandemic.

  • Liva viitanen
    Liva viitanen

    I am from Sweden and our death rate per capita has been the highest in the world for the last two days and the highest in the world seven out of the last fourteen days. My mother is a nurse at an old peoples home and they can't get ahold of protective gear, masks, suits, etc. Because Dr. Anders Tegnell the state epidemiologist has drawn the conclusion that healthcare staff at old peoples homes are not educated enough to be able to use protective gear. He publicly announced this on the news. Which is absolutely not the case! But it has lead to whole old people homes including the medical staff being infected, and allot of them have died. The health care staff is forced to work under these conditions or else they will be fired. Swedens approach to covid-19 is not based on science or common sense, it is based on cost. Money is a resource Sweden don't have right now and the Swedish approach is a reflection of that. They don't force people to go to work and schools because it is "good" for their mental health but because we don't have the recourses to impose a quarantine. They don't refuse medical staff protective gear because they cant use it but because we don't have the recourses. They don't turn to heard immunity because it's the best thing for the citizens but because they don't have the resources for any other approach. A very big chunk of the Swedish population don't trust the government, and a far larger number don't trust Tegnell. He is quite often on tv talking absolute blast which anyone fairly educated on the subject can understand. It is hard to believe because Sweden is a western first world country but there is a lot of lies, propaganda and coverups coming from the Swedish government.

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      arab world and africa

  • jj

    You need to understand Demographics and Psychographics of Sweden and America To Understand Why? Being American I can tell you we have very different behavior of our people in our populated areas. Not like Sweden. Understand the difference in Culture.

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    Hero for science and the free world! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪 Fine interview actually, I saw him being interviewed on BBC which was a disgrace.

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @Georgi Georgiev im trying to imagine your IQ number and it seems like its close to that zero you mention 🤣😂🤣😂

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @Georgi Georgiev fine look them up and you might be surprised the numbers for covid19 is worse than any other seasonal flu ...

    • Georgi Georgiev
      Georgi Georgiev

      @christoffer pedersen thousands of ppl die of virus every year but we only deliberately destroy livelihoods only in 2020.

    • Georgi Georgiev
      Georgi Georgiev

      @christoffer pedersen you like numbers? How do these numbers look next to infectious (virus) disease deaths in Sweden for the past years? You need to see the numbers in perspective. Can't compare them to 0.

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      yes the science says : 36.476 cases and 4350 death - great job im just grateful we didnt open our borders to your country

  • Peter Eriksson
    Peter Eriksson

    People in Sweden hates that idiot.

  • kallsbo

    Really enjoy your usual comedy but you should really do more serious interviews! Really well done!

  • Danny Zyzz
    Danny Zyzz

    Ok. A month have now passed. You still think its going well? :) Most deaths in the world the two latest weeks and soon only spain italy and uk is worse. And for what? The economy? Think again

  • D. E.
    D. E.

    Unlike Governor Cuomo in New York and governor Whitmer in Michigan who both forced nursing homes to take in covid patients. And a large number of deaths were in nursing homes.

  • TheyCallMe Doug
    TheyCallMe Doug

    Anders is a Satanist and a traitor to the Swedish people!!!

  • GordonjSmith1

    What a great and informing interview! I did not expect that from a US talk show. I live in Denmark (12 miles from Sweden) and certainly follow the Doctor's perspective. Denmark followed the 'lock down' route, and it has worked very well so far, but there are few, if none, critics of the Swedish approach here - Denmark could have easily tried it that way. But the situation is still evolving, and will do for some months or years. Love Denmark, but I also respect Swedish academia and democracy - but as far as using this approach in the US? Not sure, it is very context dependent.

  • tjo

    "Triple the deaths of Denmark and Norway..." Sweden has almost FOUR times as many deaths due to Covid-19 as Denmark, Norway and Finland COMBINED!

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @tjo and dont forget - the testing we have tested far more than Sweden too meaning we would have caught more cases too

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @aaron hiller mhmm it is ... 36.476 cases and 4350 death 👍🏻 haha😂 im sure we are feeling just fine here in denmark 🌸

    • aaron hiller
      aaron hiller

      @tjo U talk like corona is over tomorrow or next week. Like @gurkthebrutal said, there will be a second wave. Comeback to this comment in May 2021 and tell me the death numbers.

    • aaron hiller
      aaron hiller

      @GurktheBrutal preach

    • Patrik X
      Patrik X

      They are bigger than Sweden combined

  • Luddent

    sesoft.info/hd/video/tKOIqa2hx52prnQ please click this link to get the truth about Sweden

  • Luddent

    Sweden could have prevented the corona virus completely but this moron here said it wasn't going to spread outside of China. Sweden has not been a good example on how to handle the virus. This guy was wrong about so many things. Don't believe all these lies. Don't give our government more of an ego boost

  • Acoustic Samurai
    Acoustic Samurai

    This is what an interview should be, not like the BBC one. Thumbs up for you brother. I hope the rest of the world would come to their senses and follow Sweden's approach to the pandemic.

    • myran78

      He’s an amazing interviewer! Always professional with good questions. Love watching his show here in Sweden :)

  • Viswanath Urala
    Viswanath Urala

    Will Swedish people consider this a success or will families who lost their loved ones sue their government representatives with manslaughter? When there are 3000 plus people dead, using the word as "success" by this doctor sounds so inhuman or heartless. It could have been three weeks of a maximum lockdown or about three months of semi-lockdown. Sweden will not spread the virus when other countries would have limited the spread. Pretty lame decision to not have a lockdown, in my opinion as in the second wave, Swedes will be responsible for the next outbreak.

  • Thebe Bashaleebee
    Thebe Bashaleebee

    Trevor, thank you for this interview. Very interesting. Sweden has national healthcare and their government is supplementing pay if someone needs to stay home to feeling ill. I'm sure they have their freeloaders but the few does not concern the government when it comes to the safety of the many. USA culture and politics is so behind and screwed up.

  • Kalla H
    Kalla H

    Norway have 235 dead, Sweden have 4000🤷🏼‍♂️ Norway was closed for a few weeks and are now like Sweden, except infection and deaths though. Bravo Sweden👏

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @Shirley Hiebert not true are you a moron ? and the numbers are now -36.476 cases and 4350 death

    • Kalla H
      Kalla H

      @Chris Murray 👍

    • Chris Murray
      Chris Murray

      @Shirley HiebertThat is not correct. Norway DOES count COVID deaths in care homes: "On the 15th of April the Norwegian Institute of Public Health published data on the number of deaths linked to COVID-19 that have occurred in institutions/care homes for the first time. This has since been included in their daily report (7,8) published every day at 1pm. The most recent report from the 18th of May shows that, out of 233 confirmed deaths related to COVID19, 89 (38%) occurred in hospitals, 135 (58%) in health institutions (care homes and other institutions) and 3 (1%) in private homes. The Norwegian newspaper VG publishes detailed data on the location of all deaths, including care homes." ltccovid.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Mortality-associated-with-COVID-21-May-6.pdf

    • Shirley Hiebert
      Shirley Hiebert

      Norway doesn't count COVID deaths in nursing homes, only COVID deaths in hospitals. Most seniors in nursing homes aren't sent to hospitals for treatment. Many have DNR orders etc. Check out the over age 80 group and see how many are hospital admissions. Sweden counts nursing home deaths as well as hospital deaths. Sweden's nursing homes, which are large, were hit hard.

  • Randee's World
    Randee's World

    And this is why their death toll is so high..... reacted too little, too late.

  • TheTrollgubbe

    the only reason Sweden is not doing the lock down, is because the country simply can not afford it. Sweden is totally bankrupt dumping all the tax money on immigrants from the arab world and africa

  • Mister-T3XP Simulation
    Mister-T3XP Simulation

    The guy has killed a lots of people with his herd immunity theory, and still Trevor is very friendly with this criminal, it s disgusting!

    • Robert Keate
      Robert Keate

      Mister-T3XP Simulation I thought is was amazing that he claimed 90+ % of the population supported the governments actions. Is that true? Over 4000 lives lost , massively higher death rates than their neighbours, all for the sake of business. It seems bizarre to have such a high popularity despite that.

  • David F.
    David F.

    Thank you Dr. Anders Tegnell, you and Sweden done it good. It's hard to comment what most of the World done in the last 3 months.

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      36.476 cases and 4350 death great job👍🏻

  • Hiku

    This dumbass who coughed into his hands during a pandemic press conference doesn’t care about people’s safety at all.

  • Juan silva
    Juan silva

    Social distancing comes very easy to Scandinavian people. They are happy no one can sit next to them on a crowded bus. They like their personal space.

  • Covfefe Movement
    Covfefe Movement

    Trevor, I see your career morphing into independent truth and facts for the people mixed sometimes with comedy.

  • Ann S.
    Ann S.

    “Could Sweden’s method work in other countries, like the USA?” Not without universal health care, Trevor.

  • Bunny Official
    Bunny Official

    As a young woman who is living in Sweden and has been under quarantine with my boyfriend for 2 months who has had a really bad case of Coronavirus even though he is 26 and who has had a close friend here whose Grandpa just died of Coronavirus from going to the hospital for something unrelated i'm not sure how well the system is working to keep people safe. I'm happy that there is still freedom to go places and shop but it feels like unless you keep the most vulnerable people indoors everybody will catch the virus. I myself have most likely caught it but haven't had any symptoms since my boyfriend had it and I never got sick like him. We are about an hour away from Stockholm. So maybe the herd immunity thing is working or I just have a good immune system? idk

    • Corona virus Ok BOoMer
      Corona virus Ok BOoMer

      Or your asymptomatic

  • Vincent Swärd
    Vincent Swärd

    3.36 a quarter of the population not even close 34 000 and it lives 10 000 000

  • Vincent Swärd
    Vincent Swärd

    nr 1 he is lying about everything, nr 2 3.13 half of the population lives in Stockholm????? it lives about 11 million in Sweden and 1 million i stockholm slightly less???

  • Waldgeist

    Sweden is not a example of how to do it. They are a great example of how to do it in Sweden. Higher education, less population, more trust in the government, more responsiblity towards others. It's a very special country in so many ways. What happens in a different country, look at Italy. They first did the same thing Sweden did. Encourage people to behave reasonably. They didn't. So it's proof that encouraging your citizens to behave reasonably has completely different outcomes in practise. Here in Switzerland many people don't think Corona is a big problem, but basically everyone is following the rules. So you have people complaining, but people still follow the rules, with no enforcement necessary. In Italy people had to be forced by police. People and cultures differ so much it's futile to think one approach will work the same everywhere.

  • ivor radmilović pavlek
    ivor radmilović pavlek

    Sweden's exceptionalism is a bit too high, they did this horribly... so many needles deaths, for what? Sweden has 2x more population and 40x more deaths from coronavirus than my country... in my country we would burn people like Tegnell...

  • Emelie Widén
    Emelie Widén

    He’s such a disgrace for Sweden! Swede’s have a very naive approach to the governement and they weren’t ready for a full blown sociopath to start runnig the country.

    • NBre

      @Emelie Widén I had come to believe that all Swedes worship this man :-) I share your opinion. Seen from abroad, your strategy gives the impression that the Swedes are a heartless people (and not very bright, because the risks were insane). I'm glad that the opposition to Tegnell is growing more vocal recently. He made a blunder, but his ego won't allow him to admit it. He'd rather see 10 000 people die than to say: "I was wrong".

    • Emelie Widén
      Emelie Widén

      NBre yes

    • NBre

      Are you Swedish?

  • honeriley

    Interview Dr Ashley Bloomfield from New Zealand.

  • Christina Y. Chen
    Christina Y. Chen

    Those who take vitamin C hourly, & you are 98% immune from covid-19. Plus take all 90 essential nutrients. China defeated the virus quick, because they have used Traditional Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. Most of the people who died: have lung cancer, chain smoke, drink, shoot drugs, don't take vitamin C hourly. Dr8kangas@gmail.com Herd immunity is the best path forward.

  • Janusha

    England and the US are using Sweden as an example of how shitty countries dont know what to do and how bad it can go when you dont stay at home. While in reality... Sweden is one of the absolute top ranked countries and they will come out of this perfectly fine.

  • Linda McIntosh
    Linda McIntosh

    This was a good interview Trevor Noah. It was informative and a non biased interview. That was good news reporting.

  • Koort Wallien
    Koort Wallien

    Swedes are smart people. Masks, social distancing, and contact-tracing are all SNAKE OILS trying to be sold to us. Don't buy into it.drrichswier.com/2020/05/25/the-snake-oil-of-social-distancing-face-masks-and-contact-tracing/

  • Bruce Gelman
    Bruce Gelman

    You will never be able to compare the U.S. to Sweden because their level of education is so much higher on average.Science is regarded as inconvenient here and over there its regarded as truth, however fallible, at any given moment.

  • Johan Degraeve
    Johan Degraeve

    SWEDEN= 25 (twenty-five) persons per square mile. They don't need to social distancing, they are all geographical distanced. I'm from Belgium: 1000 (one thousand) persons per square mile. New York: 25000 (twenty-five thousand) persons per square mile. All three a total of about 10 million people in total. Don't compare the incomparable.

  • Laura Yale
    Laura Yale

    I have read that Sweden's constitution would not allow such a shut down. Ours really doesn't either but no one has stopped governments from doing it. Some believe that health emergency declarations allow elected leaders to allow draconian measures for 28 days but shutdowns for months should be declared unconstitutional.

    • Philippa Lodelius-Ekman
      Philippa Lodelius-Ekman

      There is a law in place, since about 2 months ago, here in Sweden that gives the government permission to shut down schools, daycare centers etc if deemed necessary. The law was passed quickly so that those measures could be taken, if it would come to that

  • Tukaro

    It should be noted that now, two weeks later, Sweden has the highest death rate in Europe and they have not come close to that immunity level they need: www.sfgate.com/science/article/Sweden-herd-immunity-experiment-backfires-covid-15289437.php

    • Tukaro

      @Schlumpf197666 The source from the SF Gate article: ourworldindata.org/grapher/covid-daily-deaths-trajectory-per-million?country=ESP~GBR~FRA~ITA~BEL~SWE If you look at the tails, Sweden is higher than the other countries you mentioned, albeit not by much. I think the difference is that your link is looking at overall stats, whereas the SF Gate article is looking at active stats; the overall death rate for Sweden is lower, and the chart shows it has a slower increase, but currently the other countries are starting to "flatten" faster but Sweden hasn't really started to flatten at all.

    • Schlumpf197666

      That is simply not true! France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain and Belgium have a much higher death rate than Sweden. Belgium even has more than twice that rate! coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

  • Jessica Johansson
    Jessica Johansson

    i think people are forgetting that south korea did not have a lock down

    • Chris Murray
      Chris Murray

      No, but they took it very seriously from an early stage. They jumped on it hard with testing, tracing and quarantining, social distancing and mask wearing, so they didn't need a full lockdown.... "“But citizens have taken it upon ourselves to stay inside. We’re very careful to wash our hands and keep our distance. Almost everybody is wearing masks. If you don’t wear masks, you get looks on the street.” www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/05/whats-south-koreas-secret/611215/

  • Brent Tollman
    Brent Tollman

    Most deaths amongst ALL Scandinavian countries. Most infections amongst Scandinavian countries. And also heading into a recession, anyway. No, Sweden was rather heartless to its own people - many of whom went into voluntary lockdown out of dismay for their government.

  • Olly Hans
    Olly Hans

    I’m from Sweden and basically what’s happening is that we will reach immunity faster. The rest of the would is just delaying the spread and therefor the death toll. As long as there are free beds at the hospital we are cool. PS: none of those hospitalized get a bill afterwards

    • Olly Hans
      Olly Hans

      F O You don’t know what you are talking about. Sweden is one of the most socialistic country’s in the world. Not liberal. And you are not answering to any of the arguments? Where are u from? Russia?

    • F O
      F O

      @Olly Hans Yeah tell that to Iceland, Norway and Japan. They went on a lockdown and it's working fine for them. Your government sacrificed 4000 people for their precious economy, they don't care about the people(not the first time either), like I bet you think you guys are doing great with your immigration policy. Your leaders are corrupt and evil. Sweden has become a liberal dystopia.

    • NBre

      Who knew the Swedes were so foolish?

    • Olly Hans
      Olly Hans

      F O Did you even read? A lock down is pushing forward the problem, not a solution. Sooner or later you will open and I bet you believe the virus magically has disappeared by then? Seems like u are in denial

    • F O
      F O

      it cost you 4000 deaths and only like 7% of stockholm have gained immunity. Sweden messed up and are in denial. Just like they're about everything

  • Emma Einarsson
    Emma Einarsson

    It’s because our (Sweden) government don’t know how to handle it. You can see the results of this approach if you look the statistics. Denmark, Germany and Norwegian is doing way better then Sweden. I see the news saying 1/3 of the people in our capital will soon be infected. And the biggest thing is that sweden don’t give testing to everyone. Our government have totally lost it for a long time. And this is just proof of it

  • Mattias Jaakkonen
    Mattias Jaakkonen

    Supermarkets all over Sweden are really suffering from costumer negligence for the recommended social distancing. People are also starting to get lazy with the regulations and gather in larger groups a lot. This man is a dreamer. I am sure many people in Sweden know that as well as I do. Now, that’s the reason for him claiming that it is difficult for people to trust him.

  • Amar D
    Amar D

    These guidelines worked well in the beginning, the first few weeks. Stockholm was more or less empty, like a ghost town. Now people are starting to ignore the guidelines. It's not like before but there are plenty of people in bars and restaurants. If 10% of the population don't follow the guidelines it's enough to ruin the strategy. In my opinion the strategy is not working.

  • Linnaea Borealis
    Linnaea Borealis

    I’m a Swede and I think it’s appalling how Tegnell can sit there and say “we’re shocked over the deaths and how poorly equipped the nursing homes were” when he and the government did FUCK ALL about it. A toddler could have understood it months ago, how hard it would hit the nursing homes if no precautions were taken. And what’s really amazing is how they still don’t use face masks or anything at the nursing homes. And they don’t use it at clinics either, nor hospitals (unless they are working with covid patients). I imagine this is what this sad excuse of an epidemiologist was thinking: We have a dangerous disease that’s the most harmful to elderly, what do we do? 1) nothing, and hope the nursing homes just deal with it themselves, lol. Oh and we - as the only country in the world - don’t believe in face masks, not even people working with health care and elderly need those pesky things! 2) make guidelines for the country’s nursing homes, make sure they’re properly equipped and that they understand the risks. Focus and protect the at risk population. Guess which choice he and the government (that by the way has gone awol) chose? Still today, after this idiot has been “shocked” for months, nursing homes and clinics dealing with elderly still only use hand sanitizer at most.. For months have we fought with my almost 90 year old grandfather’s caretaker (it’s like regional ambulant nurses going around to many different people during the day, they visit him about 5 times a day) to please use face masks and to NOT be inches from his face when they’re talking to him. It doesn’t matter that he has a poor hearing, YOU CANT FUCKING BE THAT CLOSE TO HIM RIGHT NOW. Guess what?? We still have to fight for it, and it’s end of May already and almost 4000 people dead. And they’re still not using facemasks. Why? Because the idiot Tegnell says facemasks don’t help 🤪

  • MGH 505
    MGH 505

    I live in Taiwan now and they haven't shut down much of anything. Everything has been normal. Public transit is still packed, but we've been wearing surgical masks since January. All is well over here!

  • K S
    K S

    Tegnell is a liar and a psychopath

    • Neptunus9


  • Nordan Viken
    Nordan Viken

    Sweden is fantastic!

    • christoffer pedersen
      christoffer pedersen

      @F O 36.476 cases and 4350 death

    • F O
      F O

      4000 deaths does not sound fantastic

  • Jim Novack
    Jim Novack

    Trevor Noah asked some excellent questions. He is a good interviewer.

  • Alexander Ishere
    Alexander Ishere

    And the "great" result is that Sweden have more than twice the number of deaths per million compared to its Nordic neighbours, Denmark and Norway......

    • Chris Murray
      Chris Murray

      It's got even worse over time. It's now 4 times Denmark's and nine times Norway's.

  • The Shock!
    The Shock!

    Hes lying. The hospital in my area has shut down

    • krumme2

      @The Shock! okej intressant, fortfarande inte säker på vilket sjukhus du menar. Men han säger ju faktiskt "alla som behöver sjuksäng i sverige kan få det", inte något om ett specifikt sjukhus, det finns ju flera större sjukhus belägna i söderort så det är ju inte nödvändigtvis en lögn även om det är som du säger.

    • The Shock!
      The Shock!

      @krumme2 Älta, ther is a sing outside were it stand. Inga akut fall tas emot, dom borde inte ta imot andra fall då heller tänker jag

    • krumme2

      Which hospital is that?