Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer
Diablo IV is the newest incarnation of the genre defining ARPG players have come to know and love. Hellish new features, brutal challenges, and an indisputable return to darkness lie at the core of our hard work. Take a glimpse into the terror that awaits.

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  • Robert O. Yuter
    Robert O. Yuter

    aqui viendo el juego que no corre mi pc

  • LuMnOsITi

    I know this will have no offline mode already, so downvoting in advance. kkthxbai

  • Christian D.
    Christian D.

    Hope I’m deeper stories than usual, like Baldur’s gate or divinity, it would be sick with this gameplay

  • fgh fgh
    fgh fgh

    crossplay pleeease!

  • Dank Buds
    Dank Buds

    Well at least it kind of looks like a D2 reskin and not the dumpsterfire grafix / speed play that was D3 … So +1

  • Jim Pickles
    Jim Pickles

    I'm 24 now and I've played games since I was 7 or so. I thought my interest would die down by the time I got to 18 or so but sadly to the disappointment of my parents it hasn't lol. I live a productive life and T.C.O.B. ( Even Workout lol ) but it's something I will always enjoy that I've thought about so negatively until now.

  • Ogknav

    What D3 should've been. But Blizzard goofin with them WoW graphics.

  • Balázs Nádasi
    Balázs Nádasi

    Dam... I remember counting time, how many hours can I sleep if I farm a little bit more. And then I start hearing birds singing while the sun is coming up. Here we go again

  • Jellyfrosh

    Looks like a game from a decade ago. Nice to see Blizzard is still giving unpaid interns jobs as game devs.

  • 345k

    BLIZZARD, if you are reading this: please take notes! We want the darkness and anxiety of Diablo 1 and 2 back! The level design looks good so far. The sorceress looks and moves just great. Leave it like this. The char at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> looks like a fat white Shrek. Even his wolves look like pigs. More anatomic correctness please. Don't let your model designers do drugs. .. Moreover: - fonts. Please one consistent font type and not 4 different - max 3 degrees of difficulty not freakin 16 like in Diablo 3 - rune words that you can put it item sockets - skill tree - attributes

  • Henkjan Steringa
    Henkjan Steringa

    You guys remember fighting Duriel in D2? Tping every 5 seconds, running circles trying to dodge this monsters attack? I miss those days. You often didn't really have time to correctly cast your spells, you were happy for every bit of damage you did.

  • ruins

    please don't be like d3, please don't be like d3, please don't be like d3

  • Milk f
    Milk f

    my phone is ready..

  • TerranMarineCore

    3 games I'm looking forward to. This and lost ark and lineage eternal (project tl) really want play them all and see which one I like the best

  • Onimanju

    Finally Druid is back! I wanted him so badly in D3 also I like this dark environment like in D2 so nice nice

  • fgh fgh
    fgh fgh

    visually it´s steering too much toward poe and dark souls.

  • Razori

    We just gonna ignore the fact the Sorc has the symbol of the summoning circle on her amulet?

  • K Ken
    K Ken

    this is just sad... the graphic of this trailer, both the game and cinematics is not what I expect of Blizzard. does no one notice the graphics looks like it is made by a tier 3 game dev company?

  • Lorin Lankins
    Lorin Lankins

    Druid makes his return with Lilith huh?

  • Michelle Brea
    Michelle Brea

    So, is it me or this game looks just like a diablo 3 expansion instead of a full game?

    • sylar0123456

      its you

  • PlasmaBurns

    Comes with the classes to play. If you want more it will be 19.99 or more per class. Ill pass.

  • Christian Sabado
    Christian Sabado

    This feels like a 2020 Trailer

  • Mitchell Ulrich
    Mitchell Ulrich

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but if there's going to be a Diablo IV then there needs to be a Warcraft IV

  • Littenz

    Looks crisp

  • The Grey Witch
    The Grey Witch

    What about our witch doctor with her cute zombie doggos.??? D:

  • Aki-Aki- Crystal
    Aki-Aki- Crystal

    Yey new classes

  • panic's channel
    panic's channel

    You ever notice that the A is backwards in Diablo.

  • drew cifer
    drew cifer

    When is this going to come out?

  • keanu cantos
    keanu cantos

    there’s a diablo 4 trailer get ready bois’ hope that it come out soon

  • johnperry91

    I'm going to sink so many hours into this.

  • I II
    I II

    I’m aware that I don’t work for blizzard but there’s bands like nitrous flesh and herbst 9 that really set a tone of darkness. Made me think of a town filled with npc ghosts where it was too late to save them or a town who has their inhabitants’ shadows torn from them to create dark fires. Or something

  • MrVakmix

    I have seen this trailer many times but the druid transforming into bear still gives me goosebumps. :D

  • Fred Lee
    Fred Lee

    10 years later...diablo 4 cancelled, diablo 1 remastered, diablo 2 remastered remastered, warcraft 3 reforged remastered, "do you not have VR?"

  • Twiztidguy

    Error: 37 WTF!

  • crewcutter2030

    I hope they go back to diablo 2 mechanic where your weapon determines your game play, either you do normal attacks or you cast spells, and all characters have the ability to equip all weapons depending on your stats, making it fun to make all sorts of build, like a sorceress who do normal attacks instead of spell, a paladin who maximizes negative resist to enemies then equipping chance to cast spells weapons, this mechanic was just gone in D3. In D3 your build was limited to the set items available in the game which made the game pretty lame.

  • The Pixelated Fox
    The Pixelated Fox

    This and path of exile 2 oh boy I’m have no life very very soon

  • Fredrick Shi
    Fredrick Shi

    TBH, if blizzard sell this game for 60, I think they can make graphic looks better. I don't think this is game in 2020. Graphic looks old

  • IsomP0P

    I'd love there to be a Samurai class, like a fusion of the D2 paladin and assassin. They talked about a place called Xiansai in D3, so it would be cool to have a Eastern-inspired class.

  • Ridwan Taslim
    Ridwan Taslim

    Was that tyrael?

  • Joey Rizzolo
    Joey Rizzolo

    RIP. P.O.E. Hahahahaa

  • Paladyn aka zeal
    Paladyn aka zeal

    Ok now give me that game

  • Jonnathan Arthyon
    Jonnathan Arthyon

    Excelente juego

  • Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto
    Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto

    too much cgi

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    I dont want dumb niece of diablo , i want him only him!!! bring his brothers , mephisto and baal too

  • Sikka Bleeat
    Sikka Bleeat

    Can I still play this if I don't have a cell phone???

  • Andrew Matheson
    Andrew Matheson

    So the other two classes are paladin and Amazon

  • Bergi214

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> everyone´s gangsta, until Duriel joins the chat!

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C

      Looking for Ba'al?

  • Ascencion Martinez
    Ascencion Martinez

    Hope u can play Demon Hunter and Mounk those where my FAV. In D.R.O.S3 and also is there going to be mods for D4 so I can make it fun for my self

  • Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
    Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs

    For some reaosn the combat does not look like it has much omph behind it. Need those bone-shattering blows and the efefcts of incinerating enemies like in Diablo 3, where an enemy that died to fire damage either combusted into pieces or just burned on the ground after it died.

  • Dennis Colato
    Dennis Colato

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">02:11</a>: “looking for Baal?”

    • DoubleT Gaming
      DoubleT Gaming

      @Dennis Colato oooo it is true, sorry

    • Dennis Colato
      Dennis Colato

      Yeah it’s Duriel, but when you go fight him, that’s the first thing he says to your player.

    • DoubleT Gaming
      DoubleT Gaming

      its Duriel...

  • Dylan Kho
    Dylan Kho

    I'll buy a PC once this is realeased.

  • M Clark
    M Clark

    When is he'll coming

  • Zor Razmikovich
    Zor Razmikovich

    Когда же в доте будет такая графа как Диабло

  • Hazen Clough
    Hazen Clough

    dungeon lighting system please

  • Nizm0350z

    animations look too slow

  • Ognyan WLR
    Ognyan WLR

    Diablo II > All

  • Ognyan WLR
    Ognyan WLR

    I already bought phone now i dont have PC

  • aguyfromnothere

    D3 is the best Diablo. The perfection of the skill system. The endless loot quests. The best! I hope this follows that pattern.

    • One less lonely memer
      One less lonely memer

      Diablo 2 Is the best..

    • elliiot frosdt
      elliiot frosdt

      your kidding right?

  • Sam Gonzalez
    Sam Gonzalez

    I will always think sprites look more Diablo-esque than 3d polygons

  • Ditch Weed
    Ditch Weed

    Not good enough. Looks like a 15 year old game. RDR2 and Death Stranded are 15 years ahead of this in terms of graphics and gameplay. Movement is too fast arcade like choppy and the detail/texture is embarrasingly bad. It is 2020. Not sure Blizzard realized that yet.

    • One less lonely memer
      One less lonely memer

      I can't tell if you're actually this stupid or just a troll.

  • Vicktor Sjödin
    Vicktor Sjödin

    When the official release date is coming out I hope it’s gonna be that day and not gonna be delayed like TLOU

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne

    They really need to add a halo light radius to make the game more scary. It still looks too bright and Disneyfied like D3 was.

  • Livan

    i just hope this isnt becoming another coop 1-4 player bullshit

  • 0rogontorogon

    Blizz: "By three they come..." Valve:"I'm about to end this mans whole career."

  • Victor Huff
    Victor Huff

    While it looks like a 2014 game in terms of graphics, the environmental design is still good and the new gameplay mechanics could be interesting.

  • DeadNightGenesis

    They better bring my D2 assasin back.

  • urusmomus gayus
    urusmomus gayus

    at least they got the art style right this time Still not believing they'll fix diablo with this game.

  • War Wolf
    War Wolf

    No hating and bitching from me. Im happy we get a new Diablo game.

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez

    I want a javazon now!!!

  • Chris van Zyl
    Chris van Zyl

    Love it all.. But please give us new classes. 👌💪

  • BoxyTheSpaceDog

    Path of Exile 1&2,Woltszen,Grim Dawn>>>diablo 3

  • Surge

    Need to find this music

  • Amuro Rey
    Amuro Rey

    I am just a kid but I played Diablo 3 with my father.

  • Devastation Toward Completion
    Devastation Toward Completion

    I would love to play as more than the standard character classes. Come on, I was really excited to get this after seeing the gameplay but knowing that we only have the same classes... I’m out. I guarantee if more are added they’ll be behind a pay wall.

  • LanceWong545465

    It should be released in 2013, today is 2020, failed

  • banjaman123

    Great trailer!

  • Ginno BM
    Ginno BM

    Only 3 classes ? Hope this isnt a 3 players game ffs

  • eddewit1992

    Loot, stats, skill tree, customization, dark themes, terrifying monsters and dungeons, nonlinear story lines and side quests, uncertainty. All of this better be present.

  • eddewit1992

    The game should be made for IQ level 120+

  • eddewit1992