Diablo IV Official Gameplay Trailer
Diablo IV is the newest incarnation of the genre defining ARPG players have come to know and love. Hellish new features, brutal challenges, and an indisputable return to darkness lie at the core of our hard work. Take a glimpse into the terror that awaits.

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  • Nyzma Kumala
    Nyzma Kumala

    3 hero come on blizz last game have 5

  • Frederik Petersen
    Frederik Petersen

    im born in 1996, my very first game my favorite game. cant wait

  • Fxdil Azhxri
    Fxdil Azhxri

    Better than *MOBILE LEGENDS* tho

  • Tyler Marquardt
    Tyler Marquardt

    So its just path of exile but you pay for it, and it has less classes and less abilities...

  • Sergey

    Looks great

  • 01010000011000010110110001100001

    looks like a similar enginne as D3, let's hope is more optimised than D3

  • tnv caydog
    tnv caydog

    This game sucks

  • Trav Ass
    Trav Ass


  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson

    In a game like this feel and sound is EVERYTHING. The game play should be much more Gothic and Horror in its look and sound. It should almost haunt you after your done playing it. Also I feel that the sounds effects should be focused on the creatures and not so much on the spell effects. Diablo II was great in recreating the gurgling noise of killing a fallen or the fiendish noise coming from the fetishes. It made each encounter with a new monster feel that much more unique and not just another thing to kill for loot. I already felt the mindless feel seeing the gameplay from hearing your attack spell for the 1000x time. Overall I think most Diablo fanatics appreciate that sense of dread from exploring a new area that you got from the first two series. Which bring me to my last point Blizzard should really think about revamping character death in Diablo 4. It was more or less inconsequential in Diablo 3. When the Diablo cutscene came on in Diablo 2 and he said "Not even death will save you from me" you really felt the dread of the possibility of having to claim your body without any of your armor with him still running around causing havok. Please Blizzard bring back the corpse run or at least make the player feel their own mortality.

    • illidur

      D2 had hardcore mode which was great. Dead = dead.

  • 2009Bandman

    Can't wait to see how much they charge for classes that should have been included in the base game!

  • Jorge Valdez
    Jorge Valdez

    Am i the only one that want the monk to comeback?

  • Red Rock Seven
    Red Rock Seven

    Micro transactions is coming brother, Micro transactions is coming... Got to repeat this.

  • RaZzer Beatz
    RaZzer Beatz

    Blizzard: DO YOU GUYS DONT HAVE MOBILE PHONES? Fans: No Blizzard: Ok here Diablo 4.

  • Lars Guerra
    Lars Guerra

    if only they announced assassin with lightning sentry's xd

  • CynicVash


  • k reyes
    k reyes

    2 bad Blizzard already confirmed it to be full of m-i-c-r-o t-r-a-n-s-a-c-t-I-o-n-s... I can't even spell it normally b/c Blizzard are erasing comments on this video ...

  • Lupuss1st

    Take Diablo II and make it Diablo IV...... work for me

  • Rolf family
    Rolf family

    Microtransactions?!? Are you freaking kidding me?!?!!? No! NO! I will NOT support this disgusting model! Microtransactions belong EXCLU2in f2p games! Cash shops belong EXCLUSIVELY in f2p games! PERIOD!!!

  • Arboza liyan
    Arboza liyan

    It seems Necromancer and paladin are gonna be in the dlc.

  • WelpThatHappened 64
    WelpThatHappened 64

    Will get banned for speaking freely and lose my game privileges

  • Nilanjan Naskar
    Nilanjan Naskar

    New path of the exile content nyc

  • Jebi Se
    Jebi Se

    2:14 that is from diablo 2. 2nd boss.... boo for recycling

  • Yann Bureau
    Yann Bureau

    please keep Lilith red and scary, in the game! not the clothed version who look like a disney villain

  • Poisonedblade

    I heard it's a launch title for the PS6.

  • Kevin Rex
    Kevin Rex

    im hyped

  • noelsoong777

    I'd play this on mobile.

  • Hendra Yunan
    Hendra Yunan

    Is it true that there will be no online single payer?

    • Red Rock Seven
      Red Rock Seven

      It's online only, but has singleplayer...

  • Celestial Quino
    Celestial Quino

    I don’t have a gaming pc. What do I do?

  • Alexios Hubbard
    Alexios Hubbard

    Graphics look poor

  • LordRyan9999

    I bet that it wont be the last time we see that old man

  • ContactingTheDead

    *Bring Back The Auction House!*

  • Wiie Vii
    Wiie Vii

    Diablo IV : Under Mob Rage

  • Pythos Sapunov
    Pythos Sapunov

    We seem to be lacking some Liberate Hong Kong, and Winnie the Pooh in these comments for the lack of an apology they gave at Blizzcon to Blitzchung. Also Epstein didn’t kill himself

  • Santroff

    This Diablo 3 expansion looks great.

  • ShinRyuAmiYuniTsuki

    Meanwhile still waiting for WarCraft 4

  • Zack Privitera
    Zack Privitera

    This trailer has extraordinary effect on women

  • JS OD
    JS OD

    how does one get into the beta ?

  • MelonHoly SHITPOST
    MelonHoly SHITPOST

    Looks like they've learned a lesson or two from Path Of Exile!

  • Taco Taco
    Taco Taco

    Communist sell outs

  • MoonTrust

    "You guys don't have PCs ?"

  • Onyxsolo

    I get screen tear and stutter trying to watch this on my phone.

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson

    just another brainless hack n slash, nothing to see here

  • Ryan Hanson
    Ryan Hanson

    diablo 3 was so terrible.. IDK.. I don't have any high hopes

  • CisforCock

    Oh, thats nice... ...but naah - I will stick to D2:LoD.

  • Toni Stančić
    Toni Stančić

    I really hope thats not Rathma it whould make zero sense if it is, its probbably Mendeln but still its blizzard so it might be Rathma for some reason :D

  • Foozefighter

    hope there is a necromancer on its way

  • 台大仁哥


  • [S_Rock] Beats
    [S_Rock] Beats

    Releasing May 16th 2020 Just a guess.

  • blindwillie99


  • Fabiano Soares
    Fabiano Soares

    outro jogo merda em visão isométrica... nem terminaram o 3 ainda....

  • shikharraje

    Wonder what Red T-Shirt Guy has to say about this...

  • L33T Central
    L33T Central

    Wow... is it me or is the sequel looks more like a downgraded Diablo III

  • Cornelius Herring
    Cornelius Herring

    Let the games begin

  • Alexander Vorobyov
    Alexander Vorobyov

    They should add more heroes... 3 is not a enough...

    • Erick-Emil Szelitzky
      Erick-Emil Szelitzky

      They will.

  • Nighthrash Channel
    Nighthrash Channel

    Gameplay evolution look so small, this game look like a hd diablo2 but with a LOT of mtx added in it. This genre is getting zero evolution for decades. The use of terrain isnt new The one map game aint new Monster still have No hit reaction. At least it seems the heroes use their weapon instead of whatever they did in diablo3. I mean this is such the bare minimal you can give to this genre... good job doing nothing but mtx blizzard. Cant wait to have customisation being taken away for mtx sake...

  • Anthony Obiedo
    Anthony Obiedo

    Yes! Diablo 4! Now complete with microtransactions! It's what ive always wanted!

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    Blizzard's plan: When this game finally releases, smartphones will have the capacity to run it smoothly. Great!

    • Rodrigo Rosales
      Rodrigo Rosales

      I guess the Asus ROGE Phone 2 actually could, the 12GB RAM and 512GB STORAGE version.

  • Citizen Smif
    Citizen Smif

    Incredible trailer. Think I'll wait for someone to kindly compile and upload all the cinematic clips and I'll watch that thank you very much . Can't wait.

  • Nocni. Svituljak
    Nocni. Svituljak

    It will be Nintendo 64 game dont you guys have nintendo

  • John Albright
    John Albright

    We'll all be dead of old age when Diablo V comes out.

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      No more auction house, please! Or else won’t buy the game.