Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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  • USER_NAME1429

    What about video game e-sports online?

  • Snack

    Hey John if you wanna do me and a whole lot of other Millenials and Gen Zers a huge favour, leave the laugh tracks out permanently. Yeah it makes your show seem less funny to the masses but the some really good jokes you make actually land.

  • Ronald Quezada Jr
    Ronald Quezada Jr

    Awww yeah!! The marble run has made it big!

  • Zom B
    Zom B

    UFC had one fighter on 3 cards test positive and not a SINGLE other fighter or employee caught it from them and everyone is 100% ok and you’re acting like it was a disaster... gods I hate sheep

  • 00innerspace00

    I love John Oliver.

  • tim lines
    tim lines

    they fear ass bleach cant be had now.

  • InfiniteDarkMass

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="683">11:23</a> - Is it just me that want's to see them fighting in the surgical gloves?

  • Ducky Momo Hate You
    Ducky Momo Hate You


  • Franz P.
    Franz P.

    *cough* esports *cough* (the marble league looks siiiiiick, though :o )

  • Addie Alexander
    Addie Alexander

    I don't care who has to die, I am stuck watching 60-year-old soccer games on SEsoft!!!I lI lost a family friend to COVID-19, but even he'd on my side. I know I sound terrible but it is only because I am losing my mind without sports, playing and watching!!!

  • Abigail Hardin
    Abigail Hardin

    I would love to see the show's take on hair salons opening. Touching people is literally the job. How does it make any sense? I say this as a hairstylist who does not want to be sacrificed for the economy.

  • saibal das
    saibal das

    Talk about George Floyd.

  • godric Elkhazali
    godric Elkhazali

    Jokes are terrible

  • Emily Werling
    Emily Werling

    The Adam Driver bit had me screaming

  • transmission norfolk
    transmission norfolk

    When will u air?

  • Niklas MX
    Niklas MX

    Germany opened the BUNDESLIGA at so far it is working very good. Believe it or not, the people need "circus" to be entertained :)

  • waseem syed
    waseem syed

    Mr Oliver, this is about India. Poor people are numerously dying here and government keep failing in rescue labour and poor. They don't even speak responsibly, they are providing excuses on deaths of them. They don't even let opposition help them, government stopped 1000 vehicles of congress party of India which were sent to get back the poor labours from other states Please watch report of Ravish Kumar from NDTV to contain full information about this. I can translate for you if you want. This is a humble request, take it to global platform.

  • Colin Charsley-Groffman
    Colin Charsley-Groffman

    So what you're saying is the Premier League should be cancelled and this season's results voided?

  • Alba G
    Alba G

    I'd love if he put a laugh track but the laugh track is just a guy breathing heavily, like, huh, funny

  • Skilz 321
    Skilz 321

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1228">20:28</a> I don’t think any of us needed or wanted to be reminded of that.

  • Camilo Torres
    Camilo Torres

    Lmao at Vince's call.

  • marc phillips
    marc phillips

    My favorite part was the “yea...” by the pitchers wife.

  • Matthew Mangum
    Matthew Mangum

    Oh, by the way. John, you have to let your man crush on Adam Driver go. It’s not really healthy and can only lead you to the dark side of the force.🌚

  • uploadstuff

    i,m fine with john oliver, being batmans alfred.

  • Matthew Mangum
    Matthew Mangum

    Now I’m looking for my favorite agate, when I was in sixth grade. I kept all my marbles in a rabbit furred pouch. I can’t remember who gave me the whole setup but I definitely wouldn’t own a skinned rabbit fur pouch to hold anything in it, given how cute I know rabbits are. Besides, I’ve had 2 rabbit babies as my personal pets since that time.

    • Matthew Mangum
      Matthew Mangum


  • Gowtham Singh
    Gowtham Singh

    Hey John, Please make video on how vegan diet would help us preserve the rain forests and convert the existing farmlands into forests.

  • ScraftyPants

    I want to see Trump die. "I have to get back to work, watching cable news, bitching on twitter, and trying to get out to play golf"

  • Zakhia Mansour
    Zakhia Mansour

    I can believe that #UFSEA got acquired...

    • Zakhia Mansour
      Zakhia Mansour

      Only works if you're a lobster or a crab

  • J T
    J T

    Does anyone really believe that Presidents spend all their time working? Obama played golf, Clinton was getting his dick sucked, W was choking on pretzels, and Trump the Chump is supposedly watching baseball (fucking liar).

  • Tan Wayu
    Tan Wayu

    Just watch sports anime XD

  • Steve

    Next episode is going to be interesting. Riots + Pandemic. Fun times.

  • Raffi Fontes
    Raffi Fontes

    Osea que Chumel es el John Oliver de latinoamerica?

  • Peter Murphy
    Peter Murphy

    Thank you John

  • Señor Reyes
    Señor Reyes

    At least we got EVO

  • zdcyclops1 lickley
    zdcyclops1 lickley

    So...large crowds at sporting events could result in many of these avid fans dying? I'm having a hard time seeing the down side here.

  • Joey Bramlage
    Joey Bramlage

    I'm going to need you to post more videos. You and Animal Crossing are all that's keeping me sane during quarantine.

  • Jaden Everitt
    Jaden Everitt

    I'm sad that marble races were made out to be a more impressive substitute for sports than actual Esports which havent stopped for corona because they can be done entirely online. 😔

  • Boris Svetiev
    Boris Svetiev

    Trump, Twitter, executive order - I can't wait for the next show.

  • MikeGamerGuy

    People need to start watching League and Dota.

  • French Trench
    French Trench

    Dumpling is doing the slapping tournament just to fix his tractor

  • Kai !!!
    Kai !!!

    I so want a t shirt with all the Adam Driver jokes.

  • Randy Wyzard
    Randy Wyzard

    Come see the hoax crimes I'm exposing on FB and Minds. Criminal government and criminal media doing war crimes against us.

  • 丰Leon

    John Oliver ,你的节目要不要关心一下可怜的黑人George Floyd,你谈论的公平正义呢?

  • 100% Gamer
    100% Gamer

    I feel that a look at the riots in Minneapolis should be talked about.

  • Himanshu Yadav
    Himanshu Yadav

    UF SEA is trademarked by UFC now

  • Kasey Remer
    Kasey Remer


  • Elan Morin Tedronai
    Elan Morin Tedronai

    Congrats on UF-SEA!!

  • Colette Forsyth
    Colette Forsyth

    Great as always John

  • Adil Akbar
    Adil Akbar

    What Fauci said is literally what the UFC did lol

  • Sonic The Nicholas Cage
    Sonic The Nicholas Cage

    Please do something on pride fall

  • Saquan Jack
    Saquan Jack

    UF-SEA is a real thing now Mr Oliver

  • Is_That_Dan

    Dana is petty asf and i love it

  • Kawh

    Where can I rent a goat!?

  • October Wolf
    October Wolf

    Gritty is ruler of all

  • Hermes Escobar
    Hermes Escobar

    How much does a marble earns? Exactly! Makes no sense to pay millions a month to athletes and pay $70k a year to a nurse. I hope tom Brady, Leo Messi, Serena Williams,etc,..and etc at least says hello when you are suffering in a hospital bed.

  • albert chen
    albert chen

    Papa critical would be happy

  • TheHikingnut

    So a childhood of pissing off your mom is how you become a stone face pro ?

  • Glenn Malecki
    Glenn Malecki

    Can ya'll do one on Tik Tok?

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    How on earth does he perfectly describe esports and then not advocate watching esports? Crazy

  • Mein Name
    Mein Name

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="685">11:25</a> oh it is possible... just quarantine everybody for 2 weeks before doing events Nevermind it‘s the US they‘re still struggling with corona and testing

  • Wutzmyname Mike
    Wutzmyname Mike


  • strangecws

    Accordion hands from the Donald are the tell that he is lying or making it up as he goes.

  • Chelsea Hare
    Chelsea Hare

    The UFC is taking John Oliver's name idea for thier 'fight island' . UFSEA. I love John oliver , I'll give him credit if they don't !

  • Gary Ronken
    Gary Ronken

    Thousands of people are dying every day? Lies

  • Siddarth P
    Siddarth P

    fight island comes from bruce lee's film enter the dragon you twat

  • LukeHub

    As a dodgers fan, can’t say I’m too surprised by that “changeup”

  • Andrew N.
    Andrew N.

    Love your show, here are some tip to being a SEsoftr

  • Randy Wyzard
    Randy Wyzard

    Find me on FB and Minds to know the truth they hide from you.

  • Nathan Bunyon
    Nathan Bunyon

    As a monster from Philly I feel personally attacked

  • Pharaoh Misa
    Pharaoh Misa


  • Leon Perez
    Leon Perez

    This show could really do well with some background noise

  • PetersenPictures

    Love the marble segment! You should check out the marble movie:

  • leonard witucke
    leonard witucke


    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      @leonard witucke cry for me more.

    • leonard witucke
      leonard witucke

      @Path Evermore you obviously are. So quick to judge people you are too cowardly to meet. Have a great day.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      @leonard witucke LMFAO, yes, trump supporters are deranged, don't get emotional.

    • leonard witucke
      leonard witucke

      @Path Evermore lmao no but I can be objective and call a win a win. Don't get emotional.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      trump's deranged supporters.

  • Ramon Miller
    Ramon Miller

    Entertainment is very important in these times. But let's talk on the aftermath off the pandemic on countries that depend on America and other countries for there economies. Countries like the Bahamas and anywhere else that depends on a tourist base economy

  • Hoppy Froggy
    Hoppy Froggy

    Me: oh hey wha- John Oliver: GIANNIS ANTITTIEYOOKOMPU

  • Ben Meyer
    Ben Meyer

    “Giannis antetokompoo” 😂😂

  • Randy Wyzard
    Randy Wyzard

    All the media are lying to you about everything. Time for revolution and wiping those criminals out.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      @Randy Wyzard can you say that in german so that it sounds more authentic to your cause?

    • Randy Wyzard
      Randy Wyzard

      @Path EvermoreJustice and revolution coming.

    • Path Evermore
      Path Evermore

      @Randy Wyzard HAHAHAHA I TRIGGERED YOU AGAIN!!!! what a snowflake. more tears please, you are hilarious!!!

    • Randy Wyzard
      Randy Wyzard

      Everyone else needs to see Europa: The Last Battle. 10 video series I have posted on FB to know what the Jews and government doesn't want you to see.

    • Randy Wyzard
      Randy Wyzard

      @Path Evermore You're the only triggered one. Low IQ buffoon that doesn't want anyone finding the truth. You are a coward too, and you hide, and yap lies with your mouth.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I just watch for the weekly Adam Driver harrassment comment.

  • Kieran Conway
    Kieran Conway


  • Steven Bohorquez
    Steven Bohorquez

    With T-Mobile giving people Netflix, Verizon giving Disney+ for a year, and now with HBO max out from at&t, AT&T gives you poor service.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      I just read that UF-SEA is going to be a real thing! 😂 Great job John Oliver, even if you aren't going to get a cut. 👍👍