Coronavirus outbreak: Israel blocks arrivals from Seoul
Al Jazeera English
Israel has turned back as many as 130 South Korean passengers of a flight from South Korea in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
It allowed only 12 Israeli passengers to disembark on the Korean Airlines flight's arrival in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
Israel has been banning South Korean and Japanese visitors after finding coronavirus infection among some South Korean tourists who visited Israel last week.
Al Jazeera's Rob Mcbride reports from Daegu, South Korea.

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  • do it
    do it

    US, Germany, and Australia did NOT block Korean arrivals at that time. Those 3 countries knew that Korea would handle the situation very well. They were right. Meanwhile look how corona infected cases increased so quickly in Israel: 7,000 cases. Now this stupid country Israel is begging Korea to send them medical test stuffs and blaming Korea again. Israel, stop whinning and never beg for any help.

  • erocenter eilat
    erocenter eilat

    You where saying...? Maybe you like to tell it to the USS? Italy? Spain? The uk? Iran? Umm we have 16 deaths.. How many you have?

  • Imran Commando
    Imran Commando

    good news Allaah ka azaab tm yahudio r nsraanio pr mro hraamio

  • simple Man
    simple Man

    I appreciate the steps being taken by Israel. May Allah save all humans of whichever country they may be because this is very dangerous virus.

    • Николай Якубов
      Николай Якубов


  • Prajyot Kamble
    Prajyot Kamble

    But why must be Koreans leaving their country wanted to go in Tel Aviv? At this moment own country is safe.

  • Isaac Riah
    Isaac Riah

    Why a holy country Israel is affected by coronavirus? Where is the Lord their God? Oh hear heavens and earth! The Lord God of hosts and the Holy One of Israel who is the Lord Jesus are angry at His people for forsaking Him. Did not the Lord your God warned you about the punishment for bringing abominations into the holy country? What are these pagan religions doing in Israel? You turned back from obeying the Lord your God, and defiled the holy land with democratic government. This plague will not stop dimishing life until all of you amend your evil doings and come back into obeying the Law of Moses and live it as the way of life, which the Lord your God commanded to your fathers. Gentile nations will suffer for this as well for influencing Israel to follow the way of life and governing laws of America. Jeremiah <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="625">10:25</a> Pour out Your fury on the Gentiles, who do not know You, and on the families who do not call on Your name; For they have eaten up Jacob, devoured him and consumed him, and made his dwelling place desolate. Isaiah 1 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth! For the Lord has spoken: “I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against Me; The ox knows its owner and the donkey its master’s crib; But Israel does not know, My people do not consider.” Alas, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, abrood of evildoers, children who are corrupters. THEY HAVE FORSAKEN THE LORD, they have provoked to anger the Holy One of Israel, they have turned away backward. Why should you be stricken again? You will revolt more and more. The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faints. From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it, but wounds and bruises and putrefying sores; They have not been closed or bound up, or soothed with ointment. Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire; Strangers devour your land in your presence; And it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers. The Spirit and the bride, Mount Zion, Heavenly Jerusalem, Gabriel riah

  • Ken Richard
    Ken Richard

    In other words, it was a con. Thanks for delivering our citizens, bye.

  • אור אורי
    אור אורי

    israel came to help for everyone

  • Meral Mohammed
    Meral Mohammed

    Stay safe Israel 🤲🏻 love and prayers from Saudi Arabia ❤️🤍

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      Much love from israel

    • Patriotic Juhuri
      Patriotic Juhuri

      MashAllah... May God bless you sister and help us in this times love from Israel.

  • Cosmic Horror Romance
    Cosmic Horror Romance

    And yet Europeans countries were not blocked.

  • Archy Cruzz
    Archy Cruzz

    That's the way to control it.

  • John Jarou
    John Jarou

    coronavirus is Israeli governments' doing. just like 911 attack.

  • avanilson nogueira
    avanilson nogueira

    paz seja em esrael

  • dor

    nuke qatar.

  • Danny Wacker
    Danny Wacker

    *This is what EVERY COUNTRY should do. Take notes from Israel, especially regarding Health & Tech.*

  • Aamir Gill
    Aamir Gill

    God bless Israel...

  • Free Palestine
    Free Palestine

    Go Corona get those murdering rats 🐀

  • Mereg Naile
    Mereg Naile

    Israel even helped the Palestinians stop coronavirus

  • Elad 5
    Elad 5

    Have a nice day from israel 🤗

  • Roy Margos
    Roy Margos

    *This is what EVERY country should do by now! What are you waiting for?! It's not a joke anymore. More action need to be done. Meantime, Israel seems like the only country who knows that it doing.*

  • Adeolu Godwin
    Adeolu Godwin

    Pls sit Italy Governments down They need a tutorial.

  • RobertoLee09

    Next is Italy (already did it), France, Germany, Spain & USA

  • vignesh k
    vignesh k

    Brilliant... Nice

  • Sturm Tiger
    Sturm Tiger

    Korea are very close finding the vaccine. Maybe work together.

  • johnboy matt
    johnboy matt

    INFECTED ISRAEL😷🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😡😡😡🥶😡🥶😡😡😡🥶😱😱⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰⚰

  • johnboy matt
    johnboy matt

    You cant stop an act of GOD mfs

  • Mike Carone
    Mike Carone

    Why are Korean's and Japanese going to Israel to begin with

    • Patriotic Juhuri
      Patriotic Juhuri

      Millions of tourists visit Israel every year...

  • Raviq Irvansyah
    Raviq Irvansyah

    Hi... I just wanna ask one Question: Is there any Israeli who are already infected to Corona Virus??

    • Yoyo Ty
      Yoyo Ty

      193 now

    • miri amichai
      miri amichai

      Raviq Irvansyah today there are 21 cases in Israel

    • Falafelpump rosh
      Falafelpump rosh

      Yes, 15 cases

  • ZULU69

    WORLD WAR Z ....hmmm

  • Mr k2 r
    Mr k2 r

    I'f this virus is man made then no chance it's getting in Israel . Israel is virus and terrorist proof. Unlike rest of the world.

  • Scott L
    Scott L

    im very upset from china They spread virus to Korea. We are all down. but still Seoul is ok.. If they were made this virus for chemical weapons, They must compensate all loses of Korea, italy,Iran ... all of the world.

  • Robin Shamir
    Robin Shamir

    Before the Corona viruse, when people were sneezing in public places, others were saying, Godbles you, Bless you,.... Now when someone sneezes in public, people say F..K you, F... You

  • bluewhale18

    Israel is absolutely correct

  • Renben Yanthan
    Renben Yanthan

    All Nations must follow Israel.

  • Nitesh Kumar
    Nitesh Kumar

    Good for you Israel

  • mistu gombo
    mistu gombo

    Finally, a smart government.


    South Korea loves and supports Israel forever! 🇰🇷🇮🇱🇺🇸🇯🇵🇰🇷🇮🇱🇺🇸🇯🇵

    • 《Rhino Ezra》
      《Rhino Ezra》

      Thx, from israel 🇮🇱💞

  • Mark jones J
    Mark jones J

    IT IS OF GOD........

  • anothername99

    Have you guys checked how many people has Korean government tested? About 46,127 until today, while, for example, Japan (which has twice the size of Korean population) did only about 1846. But the people diagnosed as positive? About 1,200 vs. about 150 (even after dropping all the people from the problematic cruise ship). Then you can calculate and compare the contagion rates. Would you feel more comfortable in a country that doesn’t conduct this test and find no patients? I feel many news so stupid. They have to first check how many tests were conducted first, also considering its population size.

  • 陆兆


    • Applelychee

      韩国人(x) 中国人(o) 中国人真是喜欢到处乱跑

  • LoveBug Loves Jesus
    LoveBug Loves Jesus

    Pepsi logo.

  • sal1984 RL
    sal1984 RL

    I'm Israeli and what can I say... I'm sorry about the tourists from Korea but this is probably the only way to prevent the virus from reaching more countries, I know there are efforts to develop a vaccine against the disease. In the future, I would always love to see Korean tourists come to Israel, health for everyone, AMEN.

  • Adrienne Gallotta
    Adrienne Gallotta

    This is the biggest scandal in the history of time. When the man sneaks up on Israel. When the woman that will do his bidding steps into a position of power. When the church based on politics is set up. End of days Love, The comforter

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      Ummm.. You where saying...? Maybe you like to tell it to Italy... USA.. Iran.. Spain?

  • maqosle Maquuste
    maqosle Maquuste

    I don’t get it. Why people want to go vacation. When there’s coronavirus. spreading around the world like a wildfire!

  • Nguyên Hoàng
    Nguyên Hoàng

    No safe haven for Koreans and Chinese. Soon even Singaporeans and Iranians will be quarantined everywhere they go.

    • Applelychee

      However, with the white supremacist mind still in place for a long time, the chances of entry limit or entry ban in many South and West European countries, which are now steadily increasing daily confirmed cases, will be almost slim.

  • Mila Ayuhara
    Mila Ayuhara

    I am a flight attendant and apparently heading to Seoul tomorrow... I requested this flight a few days before the first known Corona case (at my airline we can make our schedule by ourself). My beloved uncle and godfather was sent to Seoul over 10 years ago workwise (worked as a programmer for my airline before I was there) and was very excited, everything was ready... but he never made it, because he had an terminal illness and passed away... So, it was a very big wish of me to fulfill his dream and take his company ID with his picture with me, like on every other flight, so he can finally be there ❤️ He couldn’t go, cause he was ill and now it seems that I shouldn’t go, cause everybody else is ill. Oh... why.

  • popcorn pop
    popcorn pop

    And now you find out the korean air air attendant that was infected travelled to los angelos and israel

  • Petr Frizen
    Petr Frizen

    It is about eight hours flight I would estimate... What did happen within this time, what compelled Israeli officials to take such measures?

  • Favour JayD
    Favour JayD

    These are the endtimes. Joel <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a>-14 Christ the Messiah is coming

  • Sursumkorda

    hope so that the virus will wipe out the entire israhell. It's correct punishment committed from the crimes committed against humanity by god's choosen people.

  • Michael Azzopardi
    Michael Azzopardi

    Don't blame them have you seen how weak their immune system is they can't even handle a light dusting with a de lousing agent without blowing everything out of proportion

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      You where saying...? Maybe you like to tell it to the USS? Italy? Spain? The uk? Iran? Umm we have 16 deaths.. How many you have?

  • james west
    james west

    What a wonder thought I wish the USA would stop in coming flights from other countries st least for awhile

  • uugoi

    What about cambodia they took in and let out ship full of corona invicted travellers. Nobody is reporting about it??

  • Greg Soberal
    Greg Soberal

    Israel is evil? Shocker

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      You where saying...? Maybe you like to tell it to the USS? Italy? Spain? The uk? Iran? Umm we have 16 deaths.. How many you have?

  • SohaiL Rehman
    SohaiL Rehman

    *Good ✔👏*

  • DPS


  • bodhisattva99

    Imagine what Israelis would say if other countries banned their entry?

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      You where saying...? Maybe you like to tell it to the USS? Italy? Spain? The uk? Iran? Umm we have 16 deaths.. How many you have?

    • yevgeni10

      Never heard of Arab Countries ??

  • Moin Jean
    Moin Jean

    Airlines and airports should be close. No one should travel to prevent the spreading of this virus.. But they don't care! They want money more than the safety of others! Oh well when they die who will benefit that money?

  • Josh。「chungus」 oop-
    Josh。「chungus」 oop-

    ppl dont understand that some ppl have their families ripped apart because they cant stay together in the same country

    • Lior Atia
      Lior Atia


  • YungDagger

    Just like world war z

  • nancy ann
    nancy ann

    W.H.O. is ran by and funded by a bunch of Georgia guide-stone, Albert Pike worshiping, globalist and are complicit in the spreading !

  • Thomas the Dank
    Thomas the Dank

    good decision by Israel I wish our government did that but no they are afraid of china

  • Mohit Singhania
    Mohit Singhania

    Why are visiting other countries and spreading the virus

  • Cezanne

    Israel doesn’t mess around

  • ron haynes
    ron haynes

    You must turn to the true and living Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob;, repent and obey. There is no other path to life and victory. Failure to heed this warning will result in your demise. This is not a call to prayer. I'm telling you your ONLY path to salvation is my Heavenly Father.

  • Amène Beauty
    Amène Beauty

    Uh the virus doesn't discriminate on nationality

  • afnan geographical sciencesciencey
    afnan geographical sciencesciencey

    israel invented that virus.

  • Pauly

    I’m sick of the scare, so here it goes. This will be a long one. TL;DR - gimme Coronavirus. Coronavirus Challenge: I'm holding a contest because I want to get Coronavirus just to prove what a false media scare this is. If I get it (unlikely, seeing that I’m healthy & not elderly or an infant) I will document my recovery on SEsoft for the entire duration. Expect a short video. Here's what I'm willing to do: Contest Rules: One lucky person will get the opportunity to fly me out to where you live* for one night**, and you get to sneeze in my face. Winner must provide a proof of having coronavirus via signed doctor blood test or something along those lines). Winner must not have any other bullshit diseases. I don't want your herpes. * First class accomodations only. ** Winner must pay for at least one night of hotel accomodations (5 star or higher) unless you are a hot chick and want me to crash at your place. I will sleep in your bed and you will sleep on the couch. Winner must also agree to let me try on all their clothes and eat their food. Winner of the contest will receive $10,000 Zimbabwe dollars & a nice SEsoft comment from me.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    But not today maybe next week

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Ban all flights to the USA including Isreal

  • Lenin Luna
    Lenin Luna

    If Palestine gets the first case of Coronavirus, what will they do?

    • S A
      S A

      Abbas will go in his bunkers and leave the people to die

  • Jean Darnell
    Jean Darnell

    Good for Israel.

  • geeksquad smarty
    geeksquad smarty

    I contracted influenza A about 10 years ago. The symptoms were absolutely horrible. I have never felt that bad any day in my life. I didn't have any respiratory problems. My symptoms were: Elevated temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit, lethargy, aching all over my body until it felt like my bones were being hit with a jackhammer. I know I only survived because I had received a influenza vaccine 3 months before I contracted the virus. Also two days after I contracted the virus, I noticed the symptoms of the flu right away and received Tamiflu. Tamiflu is an antiviral. Lastly, I survived because I was in excellent physical health before I contracted the flu, and my immune system was not compromised.

  • geeksquad smarty
    geeksquad smarty

    Well that's real stupid of Israel. They should not have let anyone off of that plane. Does the Israeli government think that the Israeli citizens are immune to the coronavirus?

    • erocenter eilat
      erocenter eilat

      They go to 14 days qwarentin

  • nyyotam

    In fact, it could be a race against time: If the disease is not contained with all available means, including untested drugs, and it does evolve drug resistance, it could not only spread everywhere but in could also eventually increase its lethality and then do exactly as the custom Plague Inc. Campaign suggests.. Wipe all of us out.

  • nyyotam

    I'm afraid by Summer around 70% of humanity will have been affected by Covid-19. Around 2% will die. The rest 98% will recover and be immune. Seems alright at first glance, but 2% out of 9B is like 180M ppl, around twice the Spanish flu. Its either that, or that RemDesiVir proves working, and be mass produced faster than the disease spreads (AND that the disease doesn't evolve drug resistance).

  • tricao57

    better to stay in your house

  • Hidden Manna
    Hidden Manna

    China is a testing ground for what they are planning for America. Forced vaccinations. They are going to scare everyone to death because people will actually believe anything that the tell-lie-vision will tell them.

  • Jan H
    Jan H

    We should learn from them.

  • Colville Marshall
    Colville Marshall

    Like David Icke says, We’re all gonna die. Don’t get hysterical about this. It’s fear mongering so the governments of the world can take people’s rights away. Relax. Chill out. Have a drink of rye. Lol. The worst scenario , you die and get to go home.

Sig Sauer