Coronavirus: First children infected in Italy - BBC News
BBC News
The outbreak of coronavirus in Italy is getting worse, BBC correspondent Bethany Bell reports.
The authorities say four children have been infected, the first such cases in this county.
Twelve people have died - all of them either elderly or with underlying health problems.
Several cases in other European countries have been reported among people who have recently been in northern Italy.
On a visit to Rome, the EU’s health commissioner Stella Kyriakides said the situation was a cause for concern but not for panic. Schools, universities, museums, cinemas and theatres remain closed across much of the north.
A number of tourists have cancelled their visits. There are fears the outbreak could send Italy’s economy in recession.

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Several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, all apparently linked to the growing outbreak in Italy.
Austria, Croatia and Switzerland said the cases involved people who had been to Italy, as did Algeria in Africa.
The first positive virus test has been recorded in Latin America - a Brazilian resident just returned from Italy.
Italy has in recent days become Europe's worst-affected country, with more than 300 cases and 11 deaths.
But its neighbours have decided closing borders would be "disproportionate".
Health ministers from France, Germany, Italy and the EU Commission committed to keeping frontiers open at a meeting on Tuesday as new cases of the virus emerged throughout Europe and in central and southern Italy.

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    she getting mad old

  • Ereneste Muhizi
    Ereneste Muhizi

    Yay kids are safe >:3 but..... What about ur parents :(

  • vMxrcs -
    vMxrcs -

    Italy: Who is ready to die? China: *Still eating Bats* huh, how will we die?

  • Patty Shukla Kids TV - Children's songs
    Patty Shukla Kids TV - Children's songs

    Teach children how to stay healthy, with this video about germs:

  • Abdur Rahim
    Abdur Rahim

    And Allah keep everyone healthy

  • Petter

    a month later and now there are 10 000+ dead

  • Timothy Riley
    Timothy Riley

    Trust in GOD as the healer and not in a virus as the killer !!! Get off Facebook and get in God's book " the Bible"

    • vMxrcs -
      vMxrcs -

      That's my boy ALLAH AKBAR

  • Xavier Suarez
    Xavier Suarez

    funny how everyone saying that coronavirus is like the flu but its killing faster and they dont treat it like the flu

  • Irwin Crook
    Irwin Crook

    Can we go back in time and put Italy on a lockdown then itself and prevent it from coming to India and subsequently preventing the lockdown I am in currently

  • mogreen momoney
    mogreen momoney

    Who else use to like Chinese ppl but now dont like them anymore lol

  • Saba Khan
    Saba Khan

    Before the world map turn to red ... Turn to Allah ... Do Astagfar...😭

  • vukasin milic
    vukasin milic

    3 years later: Italy's goverment has fallen

  • Ariana fun zone
    Ariana fun zone

    bless everyone pls pray for the lives of the infected xxx xxx god bless you all

  • Eagle Family
    Eagle Family

    The great City Babylon. In 1 hour it will fall. One year from now, I wonder if this is the judgement. Time to correct yourself from sin, Italy. Put away those idols, and false belief. Know the true words of Jesus Christ.

  • Nevin Shajidaniel
    Nevin Shajidaniel

    love to the people of italy, from india. i hope we, all can get through this sadness. i am dearly missing , the world i have been living in before, i hope that the day will come, when we all can enjoy happiness, so until then , stay safe and we will support you and pray for you

  • sarom hager
    sarom hager

    italy moet van de libya de water open doen dan kan de coronavirus weg

  • God Ofwar
    God Ofwar

    3weeks from now. 5000 deaths already in Italy. Godbless and god be with you

  • anand Darlami
    anand Darlami

    why reporters are not wearing careful guyz..

  • liesha #waraboom
    liesha #waraboom

    Cant imagine how this thing happened to a very strong country like Italy. 300+ cases and 12 deaths that was 3 weeks ago since they aired this.. And now.. Really cant believe it.. #prayforItaly

  • Kaur Gill
    Kaur Gill

    i hope everything gets normal soon again and all people stay happy with their families🙏

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    Jonathan Grabban

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  • Afreen Hoq
    Afreen Hoq

    Please china people stop eating raw meats and animals....

  • NoyPi RealTalk
    NoyPi RealTalk

    I believe this Virus was made and invented by Chinese. Can you imagine, only .1% of infected are kids. 99.99% are adults. How could a child be miraculously vulnerable to this disease.

    • Arch Stanton
      Arch Stanton

      NoyPi RealTalk Stop being an ignoramus.

  • alison lewis
    alison lewis

    Coronavirus not really serious but I am queen because we need Marlene stuff later environment like we can’t stay around here being weird it’s not for sale it’s stuff we need

  • Belkis Mateo
    Belkis Mateo

    did no one notice the little girl leading a pack of pigeons by herself with no parent or adult

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith

    If you go on a cruise don’t complain when your screwed

  • Haitham Younes
    Haitham Younes


  • Mary Wristen
    Mary Wristen

    Children can be infected, and show no sign of the virus,but can spread it to adults.

  • Journ

    Ok so im a child , i had the virus, but I didn't die. And the reason is : kids / younger people doesn't die from it only older people bcuz there inmute system is more u healthy and ours isn't.

    • Arzzier

      @A Mor those like me with underlying health conditions

    • A Mor
      A Mor

      Most older people's immune system is weaker and young people's is stronger. But some older people in their 80's and 90's survived and some children have died.

    • Antonio Miguel
      Antonio Miguel

      Kill all these old ppl

    • 360 Ojeezy
      360 Ojeezy

      Thanks for making me feel better because I'm only 10

  • Wolf Thorn
    Wolf Thorn

    Today MAR 14th. in Italy.... 3 weeks later. 21,546 cases. 1441 dead... WTF?

  • Daniel Jonathan
    Daniel Jonathan

    Travelling vacation should have been declared, on 22th January in the whole world

  • asha masud
    asha masud

    only Allah can save us😞😞😞

    • Antonio Miguel
      Antonio Miguel


  • Mischelle Alcayra
    Mischelle Alcayra


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      Antonio Miguel


  • akbarmohammed4eva

    Don't buy Pizza and Pasta. Stay away from horse meat Italian restaurants.

    • Alessandro Cazzola
      Alessandro Cazzola

      @akbarmohammed4eva that's not true maybe you met the wrong people

    • akbarmohammed4eva

      Nothing wrong with Mexican beer

    • Antonio Miguel
      Antonio Miguel


    • akbarmohammed4eva

      you Italians hate tourist, and have been protesting for years. now you got your wish. your streets are now empty with only just fleas and ticks

    • Alessandro Cazzola
      Alessandro Cazzola

      Ahahahahah wtf man where are you from?

  • Dr Bob Gregson
    Dr Bob Gregson

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  • Manal Theret
    Manal Theret

    What are they waiting for to call it a pandemic?

    • Antonio Miguel
      Antonio Miguel


  • Lois Simmonios
    Lois Simmonios

    BBC: *theres 374 cases of Corona in Italy* Also BBC: *Sends one of their presenters there*

  • Deleted Videos
    Deleted Videos

    Mitch Noel- That’s crazy!

  • Argiros Epan
    Argiros Epan

    News logic : it's not pandemic if it's not in some few countries

  • Basilis Pavlidis Mapping
    Basilis Pavlidis Mapping

    God dammit Greece got it before turkey did

  • Ivona Mihajlovic
    Ivona Mihajlovic


  • Enormous Marketing Inc.
    Enormous Marketing Inc.

    Kids havent had a decade of meat consumption. Less likely to contract. Check it out.

  • Sunil Raj Bannary
    Sunil Raj Bannary

    Sole mistake of WHO.. not sealed China at first Alarm.. Waited until whole world get infected.. 114 countries affected..

  • Sponge

    Where’s minecraft?

  • ThePlayfulOnes

    I do hope that reporter didn't go there specifically to do that report and then come back home...

  • Mudd Bear
    Mudd Bear

    Why isn't anyone talking about how children and infants are so completely unaffected!?!! That's easily the most fishy element of this whole thing. Really looks like an engineered illness, specifically designed to only kill off the elderly. The percentage of the global economy that goes to pensions, 401k's, retirement, social security, etc. Is staggering. Looks to me like the Powers That Be don't wanna pay.

    • ImGiodarex

      Guess its just me and you thay have working brains

  • الخزرجي علاء
    الخزرجي علاء

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  • yuri z
    yuri z

    Those Facemasks are useless, the COVID-19 way smaller and the mask wont help to filter it. If you got antigas mask maybe that would work

  • Ayesha Haque
    Ayesha Haque

    Only Allah can save the whole world from coronavirus

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo

    Bloody HELL ! I'm a Northern-Eastern Italian. And sheeet.. this looks like some MOVIE based Outbreak ! Like seen in the movie Contagion. D:

  • C S
    C S

    So let’s not panic stay claim while people are dying

  • C S
    C S

    So does the hotel charge them every day

  • betlo6

    why this virus can easily spread mostly in clean nation only.

    • Reeceeboy2410

      Many rich countries tend to be urban and in Europe, lots are cold and humid. This is one of the best ways it can spread (water and person to person).

  • Russian Métropolitan
    Russian Métropolitan

    These brits must be kept out of the country

  • AMRP

    Me : lets look at the comme- Comments : *WHO*

  • Súdwesthoeke Bakhuster
    Súdwesthoeke Bakhuster

    they still say it doesnt effect children

  • Yoyoh NR
    Yoyoh NR

    After corona virus i hate china

  • D-FENS

    here's hoping my north italian narcissistic ex gf gets it

  • man av
    man av

    don't know why the hell we eat animals . this must be a lesson to all to stop eating them

  • robloxman 274abc
    robloxman 274abc

    My pe teacher went on holiday to italy so now he's been quarrentined

  • Sandro Dream
    Sandro Dream

    First coronavirus case is in Germany

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees

    Italy should just switch sides tho...

  • Michelle D Williams
    Michelle D Williams

    In America Big Orange said we don’t have anything to worry about, so I decided to watch the news from other countries.

  • Cerys McAlwane
    Cerys McAlwane

    New drinking game, take a shot everytime the woman blinks 😂

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  • Emmy Harimoto
    Emmy Harimoto

    I am sorry I think it is first child

  • Pavithra Ganesan
    Pavithra Ganesan

    Correct me if I'm wrong.. in the tittle they mentioned as first children... Guess it is first child...

  • Shivang Sundriyal
    Shivang Sundriyal

    Just waiting this virus to get to my town

  • Shivang Sundriyal
    Shivang Sundriyal

    Post - apocalypto

  • Daniel Rawling
    Daniel Rawling

    Tell em it comes from your ass

  • blue widow
    blue widow

    They should have stopped traveling in planes when the outbreak started it would not be everywhere right now if they shut down travel

  • TheFinalBoss

    CDC: 80% of people that catch it are fine People that completed Grade School: What about the other 20%😳😷

    • Art Design Hobby
      Art Design Hobby

      dead xD

  • santanisme

    First corona case now in my city, ofcourse it had to be on a close distance to my home. But we are Dutch... We (Dutch people) will never wear a face mask on the street nor shut the boarders or quarantine a city....

  • Mark james
    Mark james

    So when does the looting start.... people will go crazy if this keeps spreading.

  • Apple Pie
    Apple Pie

    It’s a pandemic - perhaps it’s time to turn from containment to acceptance and just get on with life?

  • Void Gaming
    Void Gaming

    Lucky they close school in Italy

  • Void Gaming
    Void Gaming

    I see the us turn red but were are alive

  • Sandro Dream
    Sandro Dream

    Fake map Germany and France have 10 times more infected than italy

  • Paola Babino
    Paola Babino

    No one: Coronavirus: hey b*tch

  • massy johnson
    massy johnson