Conan Learns How To Speed Skate At The 2002 Olympics - "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"
Team Coco
(Original airdate: 2/26/02) Conan learns what it takes to become an Olympic speed skater. Watch more classic clips @

  • _Caleb _
    _Caleb _

    It’s the riddler lets go

  • imALemon

    This video is 4 months older than me

  • Christopher Tong
    Christopher Tong

    "Feels like I'm wearing, nothing at all... "

  • Emile Galli
    Emile Galli

    Conan is a Jojo characters

  • A BCD
    A BCD

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="266">4:26</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="268">4:28</a> Conan..."Are you going to feel my Ass the whole time...." 😂🤣😄 Friggin Funny 👍👌

  • Remember The good ol’ days?
    Remember The good ol’ days?


  • chiku cool
    chiku cool

    I thought of Olympics ....corona time

  • ghotiish

    When I was very young I read a piece in the Reader's Digest about how Dan Jensen dealt with his sister's death and obstacles in becoming an Olympic champion. Completely caught off guard seeing him here!

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A

    Can you imagen this is two months before I was born!

  • Akuma

    That guy looks like Paul Rudd's long lost brother.

  • extralowla

    Crazy skating crazy good video! Best skates for me come when I listen to bands I like while I go, bands like *Slipknot, SoaD, Delta Parole, McR* and the like. Great rides fellas

  • Timothy Crabbe
    Timothy Crabbe

    When you scatted did you fall ime8

  • TurtleWizard

    Yuri on ice in a nutshell

  • Heewon S
    Heewon S

    Next stop: waxing!

  • Marcie Godard
    Marcie Godard

    He has a good body and prepares it in various ways

  • Garth Mikes
    Garth Mikes

    lol love Conan hahahaha

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz


  • Leni

    He looks the same 18 years later

  • An Nguyễn
    An Nguyễn

    I was one month old when he aired this

  • Yeets Mgeets
    Yeets Mgeets

    Jeez, Conan is born and raised in New England and he doesn't know how to skate?

  • K J
    K J

    Didnt expect Conan to be that hairy lol

  • davey dudely
    davey dudely

    anybody ever see or hear Conan actually be funny? never in my life, though I'm sure I must have laughed at some Simpsons joke he wrote

  • Allyanna laurel
    Allyanna laurel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> for personal use

  • Ziheng Zhu
    Ziheng Zhu

    You got the rights back from NBC hmm.


    His humor doesnt age

  • toov vollan
    toov vollan

    Who notice Conan's cheeks ? He is much skinnier now

  • Dear Sal
    Dear Sal

    kids today have new skates... yep. we were kids, and we had skates..

  • LiM

    2002 Conan looks older than 2020 Conan

  • Pun2404

    This is peak Early-00s Conan

  • Patrick Molicki
    Patrick Molicki

    cool flashback! i raced that event and remember them filming this. never saw before...

  • RainbowXD

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="292">4:52</a> pretty cool looking there tho ...

  • mijadane

    so Conan waxes his chest now.


    im glad he got his show back , i only know he lost his gig and got depressed for a while but he's happy now - new network coco ?

  • thesimsloverish

    This is so cool, I was actually born February 26th 2002 in Salt Lake City. I know that's just the air date but still kinda wild lol

  • ehjhey7

    you know you're a gold comedian when you can dig waaaay back and it's still as funny as today

  • Fish For Thought
    Fish For Thought

    dude Conan is so before his time it's actually insane.

  • DeadeyeJoe37

    18 years later and Conan hasn't changed a bit. XD

  • Isaias Morales
    Isaias Morales

    Is that... is that Olympic athlete Paul Rudd?

  • Ronald van Bueren
    Ronald van Bueren

    Conan, you just pissed off the Dutch. Alle of them.

  • cg xBEASTx
    cg xBEASTx


  • Nightspyz1

    hello <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="243">4:3</a> we didn't miss you

  • Bugra Lab
    Bugra Lab

    wow this video has too much views without comments so i just wanna write comment cuz of this.

  • The Marauders
    The Marauders

    I was born in 2002 lol

    • Chrysa An.
      Chrysa An.


    • The Marauders
      The Marauders

      really sore knee yes please, one would be nice

    • really sore knee
      really sore knee

      Do you want a medal?

  • SkumShop

    2002 XD

  • Tina Ho
    Tina Ho

    "wanna feel that?" "No"

  • Bin Chen
    Bin Chen

    Wow Conan from 18 years ago!

    • ಠ_ಠ

      @Daniel RD Irish genes, like totally opposite of Asian genes, they become old very quick and then stay about the same age forever.

    • Daniel RD
      Daniel RD

      Yes, and somehow he looks better now

  • Luke Falcon
    Luke Falcon

    Now they have "mass start speed skating" where 26 people bunch up like a marathon and go at the same time.. Could you imagine tripping with those skates on in that? You'd be sliced to pieces and there's no way they could move out of the way to avoid it

    • Jeroen Schoondergang
      Jeroen Schoondergang

      Marathon speedskating (100 and 150 laps in a peloton) has been around since the 1960's in The Netherlands. Not a lot of serious accidents happen.

  • Annie Hendrix
    Annie Hendrix

    I did not exist when this was shot! 😂

  • Sydney K
    Sydney K

    Wall: "Light the fire within" Conan: [ badly injured and lying on a stretcher]

  • Nguyen Trang
    Nguyen Trang


  • dita anwar
    dita anwar

    is that paul rudd guy?

  • I Identify as an Attack Helicopter
    I Identify as an Attack Helicopter

    Anyone else read "2020 Olympics" at first?

    • Doubleshot

      Sammme. But he doesn't age, soooo

  • Kav Alex
    Kav Alex

    damn 2002. i was 4 years old

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I'm not a demonrat. I'm a pro-life Christian that promotes life. God is love.

    • Zachariah and the Invisibles
      Zachariah and the Invisibles

      "God is love, but the people I disagree with politically are demonrats."

  • Papa Billydeth
    Papa Billydeth

    I was there, I was four years old

    • Papa Billydeth
      Papa Billydeth

      kct787 what?

    • kct787

      How were you feel when you were described as punk?

  • Heitor

    Looks like Beaves playing cornholio

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.
    Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.

    He is the same lol

  • Nixer Doyle
    Nixer Doyle

    2002 was an excellent year for otherwise non-competitive speed skaters. The Olympics proved that sometimes, despite your natural talent and the amount of work you put in to achieve your golden dream, sometimes all you need to do is stay on your feet.

  • Angelotube5000

    Conan is the best by far, he doesn't get political, he can make fun of himself, he is the funniest and he roasted CNN also.

  • Anime Wulf
    Anime Wulf

    Before the Olympics here in salt lake, they spent 5 years prior to the event expanding the freeway lanes for it haha And during it, how a 15 min trip to walmart turned into a 2 hour drive.

    • The Silver Shroud
      The Silver Shroud

      that's really interesting that you lived through that. Glad to hear it

  • Dogzilla Squad
    Dogzilla Squad

    You need to multiply your age back and how many years will take😜🤪


    I thought Dwight was just a fictional character from a tv show but me now thinks he might actually be real.

    • GreyFace

      no one in that video acted like Dwight.... and I'm guessing you're referring to Dwight from the office

  • phan tom
    phan tom

    The origin of pink guy.... Came from here

    • Madihah Zulkifli
      Madihah Zulkifli

      frankly, i agree 😆


    He was funnier back in the day, but he is still funny though.

    • OhOhOhitzMagic #
      OhOhOhitzMagic #

      Really? I think he's just as funny if not funnier now.

  • chrislovesannick

    Why does the video look so old like from early 2000’s

    • chrislovesannick

      TheWho 83 woooooow

    • TheWho 83
      TheWho 83

      chrislovesannick look at the description

  • sandra jin
    sandra jin

    Conan really has not aged. If it wasn't for the video quality, I'd assume this footage was from a few days ago.

    • Rowan Melton
      Rowan Melton

      He wears makeup on air

    • Aldranza M
      Aldranza M

      His skin has gotten thinner (literally). But aging isn't a bad thing.

    • Second First
      Second First

      I think you need to go to SpecSavers

    • Akhil Reddy
      Akhil Reddy

      What didn't age is his comedy

    • Kickex

      That's a stretch

  • Josue Vargas
    Josue Vargas

    Crazy how this was shot in 2002 damn how time passes

  • Enz# home
    Enz# home

    lol hahahahha

  • Mitch S.
    Mitch S.

    I don’t know if Conan is apolitical, but I really hope he is. I really enjoy his content and from what I have seen it does not seem to be watered down by politics, but I could be wrong.

  • Wounded Lion
    Wounded Lion

    I always thought that donning a 5 inch high hairstyle ontop a 6 inch high forehead was about as riddiculas as a man could get,, then i saw this!

  • DGol2015

    Conan forgot to prepare his body in various ways

  • coke

    he kinda had a lisp back then the year i was born too

  • Joostin Kookel
    Joostin Kookel

    would have been better if he was pretending to not know how to skate.

  • r2dxhate

    I just got banned from facebook for 30 days because Conan licked his fingers and touched his nipples.

  • Stu Saville
    Stu Saville

    LMAO 2002 wasn't that the year Australia's Steven Bradbury the worlds slowest Olympic speed skater won gold because the faster skaters in front of him kept crashing and falling over each other in all of his heats and in the final?

  • Adam Hammack
    Adam Hammack

    Anybody wants to argue with me that Conan isn't *THE GREATEST*, just look at that effing thumbnail... The very thought of Leno in that leotard makes me vomit in my mouth.

  • LeighLovesJ

    Conan and robots, man he kills me🤣🤣💀

  • Shaoting Xi
    Shaoting Xi

    despite all, gotta admit, Conan's body was a lot more in shape back then.

    • Jirko Häkkinen
      Jirko Häkkinen

      Its almost like this was 18years ago


    Im a subscriber i never got this! 😥😥😥but this was worth the wait!

  • King Holmvik
    King Holmvik

    KING of talk shows, the one and only