Colin Cowherd plays 'Michael Jordan or LeBron James?' trivia on MJ's birthday | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
In honor of Michael Jordan's birthday today, Colin Cowherd plays a little game of trivia. Hear him answer if questions are about Jordan or LeBron James.
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Colin Cowherd plays 'Michael Jordan or LeBron James?' trivia on MJ's birthday | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Which trivia questions did you get right?

    • Jack Zhao-Andrade
      Jack Zhao-Andrade

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd 2 wrong

    • #2300Live Blue-Storie
      #2300Live Blue-Storie

      Wtf does this even mean?

    • Ray Hernandez
      Ray Hernandez

      This was actually fun. Pausing and guessing myself. Got all except the damn jersey question. I had no idea. Great video. Still dislike Joy though.

    • Southcidal Music
      Southcidal Music


    • grapplerke

      The Herd with Colin Cowherd All of them. I guess I know more about MJ and LeBron than Colin! 😂

  • First Cohort
    First Cohort


  • Patrick Molinari
    Patrick Molinari

    The most irrelevant stats ever...the only reason these stupid debates go on is to give these poor f..s a reason to work. Give it up.

  • Foster Wong
    Foster Wong

    colin is stupid, if lebron score 40 ppg in a season, his teammates will have extremely low stats and the team still loosing.

  • Man Gi
    Man Gi

    How Jordan the goat when he couldn’t get out the first round until pippen came and he got good player around him.

  • Sensai Vers
    Sensai Vers

    MJ - 66

  • Mint Blanchemoore
    Mint Blanchemoore

    It's MJ's Birthday but LBJ is still part of the topic and it seems LBJ have more praises than MJ. Seriously? Is this MJ's Birthday or LBJ's Birthday? Disappointed by this show...

  • eggstreme hotsauce
    eggstreme hotsauce

    Damn if mj didnt retired for four years his record would he miles away from lebron

  • Anonymous Unknown
    Anonymous Unknown

    Well because Lebron is more a passer


    Everybody goes crazy when LeBron does something good but when he can’t guard KD in the finals two years in a row they blame his team they dont own up to KD was dropping 30 8 8 a night MJ is the greatest every and was a top defender

  • Carter Bilbro
    Carter Bilbro

    I got more of these right

  • Edward Vazquez
    Edward Vazquez

    Colin shut up. Michael is the GOAT. Why? Simple. He played defense

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez

    I think colin might be on a roll here to prove bron is the goat

  • Meme Lordt
    Meme Lordt

    man i wish Jordan played in this generation, wouldn't have to hear this trash

  • Peezy

    Not Amy Poehler but Amy Schumer cmon joy get it together

  • Join Me Traveling
    Join Me Traveling

    Colin: lebron could have had 8 rings if he wanted to, he just prefers to give his competition a chance.

  • King Of Dreams
    King Of Dreams

    Lebron better

  • Dylan Clayton
    Dylan Clayton

    *Amy Schumer, not Amy Poehler lol

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall

    Who has bigger feet lolz

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    did she just say lebron was a cowboys fan hahahaha hes a browns fan smh

  • Sports in the D
    Sports in the D

    Kobe and Jordan style seems more effective.

  • nathan riley
    nathan riley

    Why did Colin get mad at joy at the end lol

  • Glenn Medina
    Glenn Medina

    They forgot to ask Who got the best finals record?

  • Joel A. Baez
    Joel A. Baez

    Lebron is sucks he never can be like jordan. stop !

  • Dwin 63
    Dwin 63

    who is Colin Cowhead? if jordan could just choose a superstar player like lbj did. then no body could stop him.... if he could just choose shaq or hakeem.. like lbj choose AD.

  • Vernon wroten
    Vernon wroten

    This was dumb . And my playing selfish ball got him 6X6 . And ask so got Kobe 5rings ..

  • Drew Shepherd
    Drew Shepherd

    At age 35, MJ = League MVP, Finals MVP, All Star MVP, All NBA 1st team, All defense 1st team..

  • Carlo Gabriel Avila
    Carlo Gabriel Avila

    MJ played less game in playoffs, during his time 1st round was only best of 5 while lebum james played more, 1st round best of 7. That’s a lot of difference if u count every game.

  • Jeff Samuels
    Jeff Samuels

    I prefer Jordan and Kobe’s style over Lebron and magic. Look at the results.

  • Jeff Samuels
    Jeff Samuels

    I prefer Jordan and Kobe’s style over Lebron and magic. Look at the results.

  • Anthony McArthur
    Anthony McArthur

    MJ’s buzz beaters in the playoffs were for bigger games


    She said slightly less 😂😂😂😂😂


    Lebron clutch

  • Ally Al2
    Ally Al2

    As big and as strong as Lebron is he shouldn't ever lose n he damn sure shouldn't let Kyrie Irving take the shot tht mattered the most in the game tht mattered the most. Thts the only reason I can't and wont put him past MJ. Oh yea, n LBJ played in almost double, the amount of games MJ played in.

  • Josiah Peterkin
    Josiah Peterkin

    I love dis woman

  • Cam Miller
    Cam Miller

    What player literally stopped all the 90's hall of famers from getting rings?

    • Kelly C
      Kelly C


  • yansjay lopen
    yansjay lopen

    ur so funny about lbj and mj 😜😜😜😜

  • Brad West
    Brad West

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> did she mean Amy Schumer?

  • #2300Live Blue-Storie
    #2300Live Blue-Storie

    I'm convinced Lebron own Fox Sports and Trump Fox

  • Ben

    everyone always uses the GOAT acronym and that's fine; most people consider jordan the "greatest" bc it's subjective and they love the aura around never losing in the finals, losing in 2nd rounds which is way better, being a hero, killer instinct whatever that is, etc. but there's a reason pat riley calls lebron the BOAT. objectively speaking, no one has ever brought more to a basketball game than lebron james

  • Bidyut Biswas
    Bidyut Biswas

    Please , you guys need to stop . Leroy never gonna be goat .

  • Moe

    If you ask me I would say Mj played basketball the right way le3-6 dont always

  • mphil

    "You're basically like Michael Jordan" "No." 💀😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="52">0:52</a>

  • East Blue
    East Blue

    At the end of the day MJ is still the GOAT.

  • michael mclean
    michael mclean

    notice how they said bill hader was funny and not amy. LOL

  • Team Breezy
    Team Breezy

    LeGoat is better even the stats say it!!!!!

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      Total stats . if that's the case Karl malone and KAJ should be the two in the GOAT debate . see how dumb that sounds ? Plus lebron has played 100s of more games than jordan , shot 1000s of more 3s and has been playing in a offensive era .

  • edward cannon
    edward cannon

    We get everyone loves Jordan I guy note!!! He couldn't win a damn playoff game until pippen but whatever 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      Like Lebron couldnt get to the playoffs till Larry Hughes arrived ?? Pip wasn't a allstar till 91 he didnt enter the league a HOFer 😂😂😂 #Casual

    • rasakiki

      At least he made the playoffs...

    • suntansuperman26

      Here’s the problem with this argument. When LeBron got swept in the Finals in ‘07 by the Spurs, LeBron fans excuse is he didn’t have help going up against the more experienced Spurs. Then they’ll turn around and say the same thing you said without realizing that it’s the same thing. When Jordan was getting beat in the first round it was his first 3 years going up against more established experienced teams, went up against the 59 win Bucks, and the 67 & 59 win Celtics. The difference between LeBron and Jordan is LeBron had to get to the Finals to meet that competition whereas it was in Jordan’s first round. It’s the equivalent of LeBron facing the Spurs in the first round.

  • Leonard Hoyt
    Leonard Hoyt

    If Lebron wanted to, he could be 9-0 in the finals. But since he plays the game the right way, he chose to be 3-6.

  • MrOunce3

    Man they try to pencil whip Jordan everyday. Lebron got the best record in the west and not fav to win the west.

  • Johnny Stevens
    Johnny Stevens

    3 point pct include wizards?doe

  • Seph McFierce
    Seph McFierce

    Colin is still comparing LeBron’s potential and perceived ability to Jordan’s actuals. 🤣

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      @Victor Unger no he is not 😂😂 still a great player though

    • Victor Unger
      Victor Unger

      LeBron is still in his prime lmao

  • Chris Henderson
    Chris Henderson

    America You Are Right MJ Is The GOAT. Why even discuss LeBron on his birthday anyways? He haven't even reached Kobe's level.

  • Jalen Davis
    Jalen Davis

    Playing the game "the right way" is whatever way wins the game. When the games mattered, who did the winning and the losing out of these two?

  • dvon1097

    LeBrons the best and most talented player, Jordan and Kareem are the greatest and most accomplished players. Lets just respect em all. Never saw Kareem play but i saw Jordans final 3 peat and his Wizard years and I witnessed LeBrons whole career since high school. I just appreciate all 3

  • E BO
    E BO

    Jordan fanboys give Jordan 100% credit for 6 rings and 6-0 but 0% blame for playoffs 1-9 without Pippen and never a winning season without Pippen. I don’t even have LeBron over Jordan but I’m just tired of these Jordanette arguments. I’m also old enough to have seen prime Jordan live so spare me the “you’re too young you never saw him play!” BS.

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      You realize bronsexuals do the same right ???

  • Bálint Rab
    Bálint Rab

    This little trivia is a fine example as to why the Jordan vs Lebron debate will always be subjective. You can make the case for either one of them, it depends on what aspects you take into consideration. Regardless, basketball fans should be blessed to have seen these 2 play instead of arguing endlessly over something that can't be decided no matter what. There should be no comparison, we should just appreciate their games and enjoy while we can.

  • Denville Klockner
    Denville Klockner

    Trying so hard to discredit jordan..atm lebron is no lebron..just accept it collin

  • Mad Bway
    Mad Bway

    Who is this bi.....h

  • franchica

    Lebron's about playing the game the right way. LOL. What nonesense.

    • franchica

      @suntansuperman26 exactly

    • suntansuperman26

      The right way is whatever way you gotta play to win. So Jordan always played the right way.

  • Joab Johnstone
    Joab Johnstone

    LeBron has more clutch shots than MJ in the playoffs the only reason ppl don't know this and can not believe it when presented with the facts is because Skip Bayless relentlessly smearing him..

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      False buddy

  • skudda 2 fresh
    skudda 2 fresh

    Still talking about mj n Lebron

  • Niall Carney
    Niall Carney

    Lebron is a Browns fan

  • J W
    J W

    Just off tops Jordan had 2 buzzer beaters against the jazz. 2 against the Cavs. 1 against the Lakers and 1 against the Pistons. What are these people talking about?

  • Jerry world
    Jerry world

    They tryna make this man a salesman but not a better player

  • Jerry world
    Jerry world


  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    Colin’s comments are so ignorant. Jordan is one or two in assists by a shooting guard. Does he not understand what positions and roles used to be so for a shooting guard to be the greatest scorer of all-time while being second all-time for shooting guards in assists is phenomenal.

  • johnny hoang
    johnny hoang

    You wanna play the game the right way? Play both ends and dont flop

  • User User
    User User

    Lebron is awesome

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music

    The MJ was 50% compared to LeBron's 35% on clutch shots... Soooooo. Nice try Cowherd.

    • 1,000 subscribers No videos
      1,000 subscribers No videos

      Always wanna skew the facts 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • User User
    User User

    The astros cheated

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music

    Lebron was all about stat padding... Jordan or Kobe could've averaged more assist too if they pounded the ball all day.

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music

    Lebron has a few layups for buzzer beaters Lol

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music

    Did he just say that LeBron has always been a better shooter than Jordan? Just because you play in an era where you take more 3's doesn't mean you are better.

  • HAx2

    Michael limited himself to 30 ppg.

  • TheSmoothToad

    This is like lebron is clearly better than Mj montage lol

  • Layered Onion
    Layered Onion

    Let’s see Scoring: Jordan Rebounding: LeBron Passing: LeBron Defense: Jordan Accomplishments: Jordan It’s settled then

    • Layered Onion
      Layered Onion

      Guxrd_Up its longevity, I’m not saying LeBron’s not a good scorer but he’s played slightly longer without any major injuries (besides last year) For an example we consider Larry Bird one of the greatest scorers of all time. He can shoot from mid range, three point, and can drive But he’s not really to near LeBron on the all time scoring list because Bird played a lot less

    • Guxrd_Up

      But lebron is higher on the all time scoring leaderboard 🤔🤔🤔

  • Noah Pitetti
    Noah Pitetti

    Collin “I wear a 12” Cowherd

  • Cole Dorion
    Cole Dorion

    I’m sorry and y’all think MJ is the goat lmao LBJ would’ve bullied MJ into even earlier retirement and gambling debt

    • Lihl ' Trxp 2300
      Lihl ' Trxp 2300

      The fact you think everything they said Is facts is sad , lebron had 15 years to pass MJ , the debate was over after 2017 .

  • jeffrey woodruff
    jeffrey woodruff

    No comparison. Here's why Michael Jordan ---------------------- * Created a #DYNASTY for a Franchise (Chicago Bulls) * Undefeated Record in the Finals (6-0) * 6 Finals Rings * 6 Finals MVP's * 5 Regular Season MVPs, * 10 Scoring Titles (7 straight) * 10 time first team All NBA * 9 time ((Defensive)) first team All NBA * 1 time Defensive player of the year * Steals leader ( 3 seasons) * Dominated both ends of the court Offensively and Defensively * FInals Scoring Average Record 41 ppg * Career Scoring Average Record 30.1 ppg * Playoff Career Scoring Average Record 33.4 ppg * Finals Career Scoring Average Record 33.6 ppg. * Playoff Record for most points scored in a game 63 points. * The only player in NBA history to win a Championship with only 1 teammate averaging double figures (Pippen 19ppg) in 1997. No other player averaged more than 8ppg #lmao

  • Alex Capitan Armendariz
    Alex Capitan Armendariz

    Jordan averaged 8 assist one year but he only was give me the ball and get out of the way.... ugh too much Bron. Can’t get one day for True Goat.