Brad Pitt Girlfriend's [1984 - Till Now ]
Brad Pitt Girlfriend's from 1984 till now
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Brad Pitt Girlfriend's [1984 - Till Now ]:
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  • Mihályné.Marika Krausz
    Mihályné.Marika Krausz

    💗💖💕❤💓💟💞💝Nagyon szép gyönyörű jó egészséget kívánok.💗💝💞💟💓❤💕💖🙋🌷

  • Amalie Hayati
    Amalie Hayati

    I am surprised that everyone says Brad Is handsome but for me I don’t see him handsome but normal guy.

  • Jack Mehoff
    Jack Mehoff

    I never knew he had the fever. Good on him

  • Vanessa Barreira
    Vanessa Barreira

    Pit cat💚💛💚💛

  • Tuan Adam
    Tuan Adam

    Why im seeing this at 4 am

  • Ryan Baron86
    Ryan Baron86

    Christina applegate was definitely the most attractive one out of all.


    Oh god he has army of girlfriends

  • erol cift
    erol cift

    to many cougars in his life

  • Helen Gaïl-lagher
    Helen Gaïl-lagher

    Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are both my favorites actors in the world and also Johnny Depp , Christian Bale ..!

  • Debora Bonar
    Debora Bonar

    Nenhuma mulher se mostrava feliz do lado dele, todas " forçadas". Aí volta pra " rodada" da Aniston que tá tudo certo !

  • Micky Green
    Micky Green

    Women like cars :-)

  • Ichliebedich Dankeschon
    Ichliebedich Dankeschon

    Robin Given is married before to tycon Mike Tyson the greatest boxer.

  • bili lena
    bili lena


  • Betty Krocker
    Betty Krocker


  • Cesar Espinal
    Cesar Espinal

    He got the best puzzy ever

  • Daniel David
    Daniel David

    Zionist-owned Brad Pitt´s girlfriends, were all, male!

  • Jean Bordes
    Jean Bordes

    That stupid and horrible music ruins this documentary which could have been most interesting. Too bad.

  • Leticia Cobian
    Leticia Cobian

    Don't like bad crazy you sexual people she boy

  • Leticia Cobian
    Leticia Cobian


  • Tendresse Anosa
    Tendresse Anosa

    يا لاطيف مشا مع طفلان هاذا السيد

  • Nina Brunner
    Nina Brunner

    er hatte seine zweite freundin schon bevor er mit der ersten schluss gmeacht hatte

  • Joy Ace
    Joy Ace

    To me the best one is Angelina Jolie 😬 she’s more beautiful then all of them 😬👌

  • Roger Jackson
    Roger Jackson

    He likes em yellow thick black n ghetto 😏

  • Наталья Васильева
    Наталья Васильева

    лучшей была Анджелина

  • Calvin Barrett
    Calvin Barrett

    Blessed withBeauty and a brevity of beautiful women. Crazy money and a exciting life. I built and own the life that I have I wouldn't trade even with Mr. Pitt.

  • Your Caseworker
    Your Caseworker

    Rename this video... *THE ADVENTURES OF A PUSSY MARAUDER*

  • Va K
    Va K

    ... and still unhappy.

  • layza 777-
    layza 777-

    No han salido las que tuvo de pequeño

  • Karan Agarwal
    Karan Agarwal

    He walks away when his women bear his children.

  • Nicole Lerose
    Nicole Lerose

    But, sorry, he don’t have anitinghto to do, because he didn’t Marry me 😩😩

  • Nicole Lerose
    Nicole Lerose

    He is my boyfriend, but he don’t know it❤️🤣

    • Va K
      Va K

      Nicole Lerose u fool, women like u always get divorced because u settle for womanizers who leave u in the end.

  • Lord Cartman
    Lord Cartman

    Guy:Brad how many girlfriends did you have? Brad: Yes

  • Raghunathan Manayil
    Raghunathan Manayil

    How could Will date both Rachel and Amy?

  • Anup Tilekar
    Anup Tilekar

    He looks...and eyes...just...killer....

  • Bryanna Cuevas
    Bryanna Cuevas

    Am I blind or does this guy never age

  • Ivo Nikolov
    Ivo Nikolov

    I only have one remark i don't understand the nationality of the girls wtf this stupid thing ruins all video

  • Tuxedo Cat
    Tuxedo Cat

    I always thought it was a severe lack of self esteem that he dated ugly women, but then things improved when he dated Jen. But then the home wrecker. Who would have ever gotten involved with Billy Bob’s cast offs?

  • kumar saurabh
    kumar saurabh

    Oh God.... If you exist.... Let me live a life of this Brad Pitt the very birth😊plzzzz

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens

    The man, the myth, the legend......

  • Zora Baumann
    Zora Baumann

    I'm signing up for the next girlfriend

  • Zarya X.
    Zarya X.

    And he's gey,anyway...)))

  • Brian Price
    Brian Price

    The proper title grammar would be, Brad Pritt's Girlfriends. The possessive apostrophe "s" belongs to his name and the plural "s" belongs to his girlfriends because there is more than one. Another way to correctly title it, minding the rules I just spoke about regarding an apostrophe possessive or plural letter "s" is, The Girlfriends of Brad Pitt. And for the record if the proper name ends in "s" already we simply add the apostrophe after the "s" and not before.

  • Hollywood Info
    Hollywood Info

    I Love Your Channel

  • R.J. 2018
    R.J. 2018

    2020 - 20×× - Jennifer Aniston

  • Nick002

    Ive had more hot dinners than he’s had girlfriends


    🔥🔥 This is a wonderful movie <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> ❣🔥💖 👇👇👇👇💓

  • Don Hudson
    Don Hudson

    Don't forget he is now taking it up the ass from Tom Hanks

  • GW

    A girlfriend for per year. That’s the reason why he doesn’t need to have a social media account lol

  • De Kunstcafe
    De Kunstcafe

    Brad had more pussy than Harvey Weinstein

  • New Life Prayer Chain
    New Life Prayer Chain

    Wandering Stars

  • mercy frost
    mercy frost

    Oh so Mr.pit likes women like that? We respect him and never knew that..Then Angelina maybe was right to do away with him. We thought it was a harmony marriage. Sorry.

  • Bernal Del Castillo
    Bernal Del Castillo

    Siempre de flor en flor como las abejas pero al final de hacer tanta miel se queda solo en el panal

  • #bintang -bintang
    #bintang -bintang

    I really love he with jolie,great couple than another x his girlsfriends😗

  • Flora Glebova
    Flora Glebova

    Like all actors, Brad Pitt slept with every female co-star, considering he made a lot of movies- he slept with everybody in Hollywood.

  • Gulnara G
    Gulnara G

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="85">1:25</a>

  • Charles M Rinehart
    Charles M Rinehart

    At least looks wise, no one could compare with Applegate. Jolie=double yuck.

  • Ed J.
    Ed J.

    Honestly, considering who he is, none of these girls are that hot. His only equal was Jolie.

  • Ondrej Rabatin
    Ondrej Rabatin

    I think that Jennifer Aniston was the prettiest. But I would like to know, which one he liked the most :)

  • Dustin Clark
    Dustin Clark

    It seems like women are falling in love with him all over the place I don't get it. 🤷🏼‍♂️. Jk i'm totally heterosexual but he's gorgeous..

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="168">2:48</a> am..... how the fuck did I get here.... and why the fuck did I watch the entire vid

  • Blade Runnoir
    Blade Runnoir

    who are you? what makes post these? answer plz your friend, Columbus

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt

    I can't believe I'm watching this shit who cares who brad Pitt did many moons back or even last nyt I don't care lol bye

  • Superrandomz

    What a real life idiot, drunk scumbag. Actors really think they remain their characters when in fact they are no bodies in real life.

  • Tùng Nguyễn Xuân
    Tùng Nguyễn Xuân

    well , Jenifer relatively compatible with

  • spiralout72

    So he’s fucked every actress he’s ever worked it!

  • Ilinka Drieu
    Ilinka Drieu

    promiscuous mes are selfish and always bad lovers

  • happy I care
    happy I care

    Sigo solaaa

  • happy I care
    happy I care


  • M S R
    M S R

    Love nowadays: you have a pretty face. You get the pussy.

  • Alice Chen
    Alice Chen

    Who is next his girl friend?

  • João Paulo
    João Paulo

    Jennifer forever

  • Beni Yansa
    Beni Yansa

    Ngewe mulu pasti

  • Bayzet

    Claire Forlani in 1998?

  • Posy poodle
    Posy poodle

    Have to say, he looks happiest with Jennifer............and Brad, please lose that beard!

  • Bill Zipprich
    Bill Zipprich

    He's getting old, now we have a chance!

  • jaded

    Another Hollywood mimbo.

  • Ekaterina Staneva
    Ekaterina Staneva

    Everyone looks super hot and everything looks mega fake. How did I end up here

  • m. mache
    m. mache

    Angelina Jolie we like to see you on the runway on videos not only photos thank you say hello to Brad Pitt .Hollywood mo RAAD Artists and judges on SEsoft International? Mo?

  • Fying Fish
    Fying Fish

    Please, people may say all bad things abt angelina, but he stayed with her the longest, and noone forced him to. He’s happy with her, maybe ppl don’t see that and say all they want. But this man that could get with anybody chose to be with her, support her, and build a family with her. You know they say guys are most scared of losing their freedom. Well brad wasn’t scared when he chose to loose his with angelina by having 6 kids with her, together for 10 yrs and married her for 2 yrs. he loves her deeply and the most. He admitted that he fucked up by having drinking problems.

  • walter harris
    walter harris

    He have a type. But afraid of the all American bad boy image. African American. Angelina gave him black kids, still wasn’t enough. She’s gorgeous, check out their lips. So he drank. And play around. Gone get his wild black girl he would be fine, stop worrying about things, Robert DeNero let it all hang out. Black for life women, remember once bitten they have to sub that and drank the feeling away. Or come out with her.